So, Who Is Next?

March 24th, 2021

Bucs GM Jason Licht.

So the Bucs are “this close” to bringing back the Big 8.

And no, Joe is not talking about Dan Devine, Chuck Fairbanks or Bob Devaney.

This Big 8 were the big Bucs free agents. Lavonte David, Chris Godwin, Shaq Barrett, Ryan Succop, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, Antonio Brown and Playoff Lenny.

So far, and Joe has no clue how, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht has lassoed six of the eight back for as the Bucs “Go for Two.” Now the only two still walking the streets are furniture-tossing, bicycle-throwing Brown and Playoff Lenny.

Already there are rumors the two have other suitors. Reportedly, Bill Belicheat is sniffing around Playoff Lenny. And it seems Russell Wilson is trying to sweet-talk the Seahawks into signing Brown. Some believe this last move makes no sense.

Can Licht squeeze some more nickels out of the salary cap to keep both Brown and Playoff Lenny? If so it will be one of the most remarkable offseasons a Bucs suit has had.

Well, at least since getting park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking, tequila-shooting, waffle-grilling, trophy-throwing Bucs Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady to leave Boston for a sunnier, warmer climate.

44 Responses to “So, Who Is Next?”

  1. Bird Says:

    AB over Lenny

    A dog turd over ndog

  2. Marine Buc Says:

    I am impressed. I really didn’t think this was possible but they have pulled it off. Major props to the Bucs front office.

  3. Chris Thomas from Heaven Says:

    Jenny Taft just said James White re-signing w/ Patriots fyi

  4. Marine Buc Says:

    Props also to Brady and Smith for restructuring their contracts to help make this possible.

    I hope they can still work out a long term deal with Godwin some can sign AB and Fornette next.

  5. Bucfanforever Says:

    Really want Brown back, provides insurance in case ME13 or CG14 have to take games off, and provides a dynamic that is unlike any other receiver in the NFL.

  6. Joe Says:

    Jenny Taft just said James White re-signing w/ Patriots FYI

    You had Joe at “Jenny Taft.”

  7. Durango 95 Says:

    Tweeted today by Jeremy Fowler that James White is expected to re-sign w/ the Bellicheats.

  8. Steven007 Says:

    A somewhat radical, for the Bucs at least, change of philosophy has allowed this. Not unusual in the NFL as teams like the Saints have done this for years. it’s just that we got used to the way they typically do things which would never allow for all these resignings. With the new TV deals done hopefully kicking the can down the road won’t hurt as much as it might have.

  9. BA4President Says:

    Joe, couldn’t you argue that we have already kept all of our 2020 “starters”, once the Suh deal gets done? If we re-sign Fournette, would he be starting over Rojo? Brown was the #3 receiver, which I don’t think makes him a starter, right?

  10. Richard Dickson Says:

    Keep in mind we’re probably being done a huge favor by the lower salary cap this year. I’d like to think the idea of keeping a championship team together would appeal to a lot of these guys, but in a normal year with a higher salary cap? They’d be seeing some ridiculous amounts of money being thrown their way.

  11. Baby Grace Says:

    no on Fournette!

  12. Joe Says:

    If we re-sign Fournette, would he be starting over Rojo? Brown was the #3 receiver, which I don’t think makes him a starter, right? Brown was the #3 receiver, which I don’t think makes him a starter, right?

    Seems like you are trying to split hairs to make a point.

    No idea if Playoff Lenny is a starter or not right now in March. (Does it matter?). And depending on what type of formation the Bucs consider “starting offense,” yes of course Brown is a starter.

    Be happy if Playoff Lenny and Brown re-sign! 🙂

  13. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Is Blaine Gabbert signed? Not to be a debbie downer but if Tahmmys knee presents problems, bucs kind of need someone to be the new Lyft driver

  14. Bucfan81 Says:

    Let them both walk. We have enough WR and we can draft a RB.

  15. Cainishere Says:

    The Buccaneer’s magic man has almost pulled off what many said was the impossible. No team winning a Super Bowl has been able to pull off what the Buccaneers have. Most reporters suggested that the Bucs would lose many a free agent. Jason going for the GM of the decade award.

  16. Fred mcneil Says:

    I’d love to have AB back, but Lenny is better off signing elsewhere.
    There seems to be three excellent pass catching backs in this draft.

  17. 813bucboi Says:

    licht will re-sign everyone!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!

  18. Bobby M. Says:

    I think Brown is the priority, particularly with Godwin and Evans history of missing games. Brown was on his best behavior, very productive, Brady likes the guy…..The team was starting Rojo late in the season until he got hurt/covid. Fournette was a nice replacement but that position is not a must in the league anymore, particularly with Brady at QB. I believe Arians saying they almost had to cut him is a bit telling about the dynamics behind the scenes. Fournette could sign with anyone, he picked the Bucs…..then pouted until he was “the guy”.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Let both go!

    Brown really wasn’t great last year. Fitzgerald is out there. I would take him over Brown any day of the week.

    And so far as Lenny, we really don’t need him. Rojo could have done just as good a job, if not better.

  20. Sumosam Says:

    I have no idea why guys on this site don’t like playoff Lenny. The guy’s a stud. He was just getting his crap together at the end of the season. If he comes back Lookout brother oh, he’s going to have a great season.

  21. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    BB – Again, why Fitz when TB has chemistry with Brown?

    And, late in the year, Rojo had the hurt leg. He could not have done what Lenny did. Maybe if he wasn’t hurt… but he was.

  22. ManzielMadness Says:

    Are some of you forgetting some of Fournette’s run in the playoffs? Men that big should not be able to move like that. I love RoJo but it’s not bad to have two good backs on the roster, especially if Lenny comes cheap.

  23. Wesley Says:

    There is a salary cap right?

  24. Bucanero Says:

    It would be good if we sign both and use the draft to rejuvenate the trenches and maybe a gadget guy

  25. Chris Boyd Says:

    BB… i dunno man, AB was a stud. if you look at his stats over only 8 games, if it was 16 it was around 90 catches, thats a great year. plus throw in the fact that early on he was kinda just figuring out his role, plus the way he attacks practice was motivating to payers on both sides of the ball. If we can get him at a cheap rate, its a huge steal

  26. SlyPirate Says:

    After wrapping up Suh, Licht will turn his attention to the draft and FAs post-draft. We’ll be adding d-line depth, backfield depth, oline depth.

    My #1: Geno Atkins as a backup for the front three.

  27. c-spann Says:

    need a backup QB now

  28. Anonymous Says:

    AB > Lenny in terms of need.

    With the signing of Suh and extension of D. Smith through 2023, expect the Bucs to take an Edge rusher and an RB in the 1st and 2nd rounds — unless someone surprising falls to them. Possibly trade #32 to slide back a little into day 2. Outside possibility of a C/G or DT in the 2nd.

  29. Hodad Says:

    If we don’t sign either of them it has to be that we don’t really want them that much. There’s plenty money left to bring them back, we’re just not willing to pay what they must want. I hope they get their pay day, but the Bucs shouldn’t over pay. We have enough talent at receiver, and if Harris, or Etty fall to 32, there’s your next R.B.. I’d take either on a rookie deal then paying Lenny.

  30. Mike Says:

    I agree with Anonymous that edge rusher is a good candidate for round 1. I have a feeling the Bucs will move up a few spots to try and grab the guy out of Miami (Rousseau) if he falls to the early 20’s.

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A long-term deal with Godwin……savings in year 1 could be enough to bring back both AB & Lenny…..

    And extension for Jensen & JPP would be enough to sign all the rest….draft class, backup QB….depth players……

    Get it done, Jason…..what are you doin’ sittin’ on yo a55?……..(jest)

  32. SOEbuc Says:

    AB next. Playoff Lenny was regular season Payton Barber. Vaughn is going to start the #2 RB position. Lenny was just too much of a possible great grab in 2020.

    Trade 32. This has become a depth draft and Super Bowl teams have depth. C, CB, OT, RB, S, OLB. Not in that order BPA. We really need good DB depth.

    I think AB will show the Bucs what Seattle is offering and make a decision. Evans made it public he’d restructure right when this Big 8 business began. If it has to free up the money to get AB back, he will be more than willing to cooperate.

  33. Keir Says:

    Maybe Lucky Tommy can get the most out of Aldon Smith! Get him on the cheap, probably a lot of gas still in that big tank!!!!! Just saying Joe…Why not?

  34. William A Greenfield Says:

    With so many needs filled and Buccaneers a popular place to play football by many NFL Free Agent players thanks to Tom Brady. Should the Buccaneers consider banking their draft picks. Could the Bucs trade their 32nd 1st round pick this year for a 1st round pick next year plus pick up some later round picks this year in the process. Chances are that the pick while not guaranteed as to where the pick would be in the first round would be further up the draft than 32nd. Doing this for the 1st round and 2nd round for a couple of years while we have TB to help recruit free agents might be a way that the Bucs could capitalize even more on having a player like Brady. It would help the Bucs now and into the future. Imagine just how much the Bucs could manipulate the draft for years in to the future by having so many pics to trade to desperate GM’s who are trying to keep their jobs

  35. Itzok Says:

    Get AB first. Lenny isn’t that crucial a I’m fine with Rojo. Draft a RB in the second or third round who can catch. We need one to replace Rojo next year when he is looking to get paid anyways. I wouldn’t be mad if the Bucs Got the RB from bama

  36. Gerry Ortiz Says:

    Antonio Brown only played 1/2 the season and his production was low due to the circumstances. He should be back next year with Brady to light it up for the entire season and a second Super Bowl then he might think about another team once he assumingly overcomes court in December. Being a winner with 2 years removed from any incidents which Brady can help him with and multiple Super Bowls and no court liability hanging in the way; This will bring his liability risk down and in will come multiple offers bidding on his services driving his price up instead of just Seattle. This is the best card for him to play.

  37. Danny C Says:

    I actually prefer Fournette over AB. We got Scotty and Tyler Johnson. We also Gronk, Brate and Howard. We’re not hurting at receiver, but Fournette would immediately be the #2 RB where AB would be #3 and sometimes #4 depending on the package the offense runs. Fournette is more valuable. At least for me he is.

  38. Darin Says:

    No clue how? It wasnt licht bozo. Tom Brady are the two words you’re looking for. Licht has the easiest job in the league until Tommy leaves.

  39. fern Says:

    No on AB we are loaded at WR and I want to see more snaps for Miller and Johnson
    Lenny can comeback its good to have competition.

  40. Hodad Says:

    Big difference between first round talent, and second, third round talent. Don’t know why fans want to trade the pick, for guys who might not make the team. Not to mention the fact that you get a 1st for 4 years, with the 5th year option. Is having an extra draft pick really worth trading out of the 1st round?

  41. BucEmUp Says:

    Lenny is replaceable. I’m telling you Licht sign Duje Johnson, he will be every bit as good as Learnard Fournette. The guy was third in line in Cleveland and played for the freaking TEXANS last season. He will be cheaper and just as good.

    Sign Brown, and if you can’t sign him, let Learnard Johnson step up. Put the extra money into more O-line help. Dont overpay Lenny. Again TRY and keep Brown but he is still a liability…dont forget that.

  42. BucEmUp Says:

    Fern, I agree Miller should explode with more playing time and experience with Brady. I aint stressing either one of these signings. We got the guys that count.

    Keep drafting good. Need corner depth, need dline depth, need oline depth. Need LB depth….maybe another safety.

  43. Brandon Says:

    Y’all will be shocked. It will be Gabbert. We have no healthy QBs on the roster. He knows the O better than anyone. Gabbert it is.

  44. Redhot Brady pirates Says:

    AB will come back. It’s a question of when?
    Congrats to our BUCS organisation. Their work is remarkable.

    We need a back up QB who knows the system. Gabbert did very well last year when he had the chance to replace Brady. BA like him, Brady seems to like him, and he will not cost a fortune.
    To spend a good draft pick for a QB is not necessary. Brady almost never missed a game anyway,… except for a knee injury once, and he was out for a year, if I am correct. Otherwise Brady was always there, no? The guy is incredibly reliable.

    The core is back! We will be in for a repeat!
    Go Bucs!