“So Impressive”

March 16th, 2021

Talks Bucs free agency.

Look, there were many, many NFL analysts who talk for a living who had no idea how the Bucs were going to be able to keep their Band of Bucs together.

The cap was too tight and players could make so much cash elsewhere. The Bucs already had their ring (or second rings). They could go out and hit the payday from other teams.

So far that hasn’t happened. Playoff Lenny has yet to sign with another team and word is park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, handshake-stiffing, jet-ski-losing, biscuit-baking, tequila-shooting, waffle-grilling, trophy-throwing, Bucs Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady is pulling on Playoff Lenny’s heartstrings to stay.

Ndamukong Suh and Ryan Succop are still out there, too.

(By the way, is it just Joe who is spooked that Bill Belicheat reportedly is trying to woo Playoff Lenny to New England yet seemingly is willing to let this James White walk away? Isn’t that a tip-off we should all heed?)

Speaking today on “Good Morning Football,” seen and heard on weekday mornings on NFL Network, closet Bucs fan Peter Schrager basically said all of the Bucs free agents that stayed show the power and influence of Super Bowl-winning Bucco Bruce Arians and Brady.

“They probably looked at their situation and said, ‘Eh, this is so fun and we are winning and we are great. I like that coach and I really like that quarterback,” Schrager said.

“When Lavonte David agrees before hitting free agency and Shaq Barrett agrees before free agency and then you get Gronk which is the icing on the cake, on top of [tagging Chris] Godwin, that is so impressive.”

Schrager believes each of the four aforementioned players could have gotten more cash if they tested the market.

Yeah, Joe senses the players know this is a good situation, but Joe sort of thinks there is a hidden factor in the players coming back.

Joe has learned since launching this here website in 2008 that in the NFL, never, ever underestimate the power of egos. There were guys who coached the Bucs in the past who were good guys but they thought they were Don Shula II. They really believed they would win because of their superior football knowledge. They were quite literally blinded by their own egos.

So Joe wonders if players’ egos are a factor in the Band of Bucs staying put? They probably believe they could repeat as Super Bowl champions and go down in history as one of the rare teams in modern football to pull that off.

After all, the Bucs have the last quarterback to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

You can see and hear Schrager’s take below on how the Bucs are keeping so many free agents.

38 Responses to ““So Impressive””

  1. Steven007 Says:

    Hey Joe, if we heeded that tip off you mentioned above then we would have never gotten Brady as our QB. Wasn’t the narrative supposed to be the fact that the pats let him get away meant he was no longer any good? But that narrative has always been flawed. going all the way back to when they let Richard Seymour go. And what about Chandler Jones? He has arguably been much better since he left New England. There are other examples as well.

  2. geno711 Says:

    If it were a defensive player that Belicheat was going after I would be concerned.

    But lets see his last 5 years on obtaining and evaluating offensive players is for sh**.

    Other than offensive line, Joe, tell me who on offense that BB has hit on in last 5 years.


    Steven007, you are right, Welker, Woodhead, Qatson, Butler, Wilfork, Vrabel etc. What happened to AB? The missing link. Bucs are going to need him to repeat. Lenny, not so much.

  4. geno711 Says:

    I don’t know if my last comment was moderated because I put in our site leaders name but basically I am not concerned with Bill Belicheat’s evaluation of offensive players that he may value Lenny more than White.

    Other than offensive lineman, please name the offensive talent that BB brought into New England that was successful in the last 5 years.

    I will wait.

  5. PassingThru Says:

    New England has had quite a bit of success despite giving up on some pretty good players too early. Obviously they didn’t feel that the players they let go didn’t contribute to winning when compared to next man or adding someone else at another position for the same dollar amount. I’m sure there’s a model there, though Belichick and Ernie Adams are silent about it. Whatever they’ve done, it has worked out well.

    The glaring exception in my book is Brady. I think letting him go had more to do with hubris and Belichick’s ego

  6. Swampbuc Says:

    I’m with you on James White, Joes.

    I think he’d remind us of the 2020 version of LeSean McCoy. Lenny is so much better, people want to bag on his pass catching but forget that he also made some clutch CLUTCH catches in the playoffs (4th down at Lambeau anyone?) and ran like a pissed off bull after he caught it. I’d pay more for Lenny than James White for sure.

    Brady knows James White is available, but he’s trying to sweet talk Lenny into staying.

    What does that tell you? Any of you genius wannabe GMs think you know more than Tom and Bellycheat, who would both rather have Lenny than James White?


  7. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Love Lenny. Hope he’s back. If not go watch the tape on JW and then tell me he’s not worth having. Word has it he wants out of NE to be near his mom. It’s not either or to me. If Lenny bolts for the money JW is a great backup plan.

  8. Steven007 Says:

    There’s no doubt that Lenny is a better pure runner than white. there’s also no doubt that white is a much better receiver. Problem is, if you have white out there on third down you’re pretty much telegraphing a pass play the majority of the time. With Lenny there’s at least a 50-50 chance it could be run or pass.

  9. Erick Says:

    I’m the guessing the Joe that doesn’t ever watch the Patriots wrote this.

    James White doesn’t fit into that offense anymore, mainly bc Newton (like Winston did) struggles to complete to his RB for whatever reason. He is the absolute perfect 3rd down back for Brady. Would be such an upgrade to this offense with Rojo on 1-2 downs and White on 3rd. Also, will come at a cheaper price.

  10. DaBux Says:

    I thought Bellicheat said TB12 was washed up?

  11. Kentucky Buc Says:

    White is a much better runner than some are giving him credit for. No he’s not playoff Lenny. But regular season Lenny ??? With that being said I’m pulling for Lennies return. I’m a little more worried about Seattle snagging him than the pats but you never know.

  12. Buxszntkt Says:

    Joe, Belicheat may just be retooling his group to fit his offense. Can Cam make as good use of White versus a more pure runner in playoff Lenny. Lenny caught a lot but he juggled a fair amount. Brady is confident in White’s catching out of the backfield and he’s likely an upgrade on Lenny as far as that goes. If he’s more of a threat to catch out of the backfield he’s likely more of a threat to run, since teams can’t be sure which it will be. To top it off if they are covering both options on the RB , CG or TJ is open in the slot.
    Prior to last year Lenny’s stats on catching out of the backfield were lower than expected by situation and down and alternate player. You likely recall which stat site that comes from , I think it’s the site you hate.

  13. Buxszntkt Says:

    Erick, should have read your post before typing my last one, lol. Agreed !

  14. SB Says:

    Did we really just sign OBJ? And extend JPP?

  15. David Says:

    I know this is not the place… I just saw a picture with some stats on Instagram so I thought I’d share-
    Aaron Rodgers since 2005- 89 interceptions
    Jameis Winston since 2015- 88 interceptions

    😂 wow

  16. HeyItsAdam Says:

    I can’t stress this enough: players know the difference in playing HERE or a big-market, high-tax blue state, too. You want to play in NJ or CA or CHI? You want to pay their crazy SALT taxes?

    In Florida, the only “salt” is around the rim of your margarita.


  17. Buxszntkt Says:

    Belicheat forgot his days in Cleveland. TB covered up all of BB’s faults, let BB achieve at a higher level then he would have with Bledsoe and whomever may have replaced Bledsoe had TB not existed.
    Great defensive mind , now we see what he does with a team when he doesn’t have an all time great covering up his many errors.
    The Patriot Way, lol. Seems lots of players are not so keen on the prideful Patriot Way post TB. Although it started with Amendola didn’t it, a player noting how great life can be when you get out from under the dark cloud of Belicheat.

  18. Bird Says:

    Ummmmmm joe

    Belicheat let brady walk so not sure about white comment

    Uummmmmmm joe

    Brady makes everyone around him better…just like white

  19. 74 Bucs fan Says:

    HeyItsAdam – actually laughed out loud on Bazinga! Thanks Sheldon!

  20. SOEbuc Says:

    This was a Super Bowl winning TEAM this year. That’s what the greats are. We had 35 ppg and ended a top five defense. And Tom is the ultimate leader of this locker room. Everyone strives to work and play hard watching his preparations for never ending championships. Trade 32, draft guys with future starting abilities for depth and knowledge year one. C, OT, DT, Edge/OLB,CB.

  21. David Says:


    The high tax blue states definitely play a factor. When you’re talking something like Shaqs contract, the Buccaneers can offer 1 to 2 mil less

  22. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Typically having Belicheat want one of your players ( Fournette ) is ominous…but boy has a lot of the shine come off him as a player evaluator since he took a 14 million dead cap hit with Brady. White was always a receiving/3rd down type…he’s a better fit with Brady than Newton. I also think pursuing Fournette a bit of a way to get back at the Bucs. Last season must have been excruciating for Billy Boy. 🙂

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    No state tax in FL. No more lock down. The weather and water sports. And what price can you put on winning and having fun? GMC might add good depth and veteran minimum and he loves it here. I’d like to see G play with Suh and win again. Kinda cool. Time heals wounds

  24. Buc You Says:

    I may be mistaken, but I think if you play a game, lets say NY, you are subject to the income taxes of that state for that games paycheck. Can anyone help me on that?

  25. shecky Says:

    The “Belicheat” thing is sophomoric and tiresome.

  26. Tom Sumner Says:

    Hey Man.. the bucs are in the window…. the time is now…I know what tb12 is thinking…3 more two LFG!!!!! 10… A RING FOR EACH FINGER!!

  27. Leighroy Says:

    White for Lenny is a false choice. It’s really White in exchange for McCoy. I for one would like to see another restructure and bring in both!

  28. Winny Testaverde Says:

    An emo with the “handle” Shecky calling others sophomoric? The comedy writes itself around her oftentimes!

    Suh, Succop, Fournette/James White are on the list/radar.

  29. Jeffbuc Says:

    Yeah joe do t be spooked by a coach who let Brady walk to sign newton. If you haven’t been paying attention Belicheat is under 500 coach without Brady and is all world coach with him. Cam newton couldn’t hit a receiver in the numbers last year it was awful but yet great to watch such a look at me first and struggle so much but still celebrate a 6 yard run for a first down. While being 2-9 for 11 yards and 2 interceptions. So I don’t know mankins worked pretty well for us also. Jones has been an all pro in Arizona. And he it always seemed he made average players great runningbacks included Rex burkhead. Until this year then he just had a bunch of average players. WEIRD wonder what the difference could be.

  30. Brandon Says:

    I’d rather have neither Lenny nor White. Draft a RB at #32 and get him under contract for five years. Have him catch passes and come off the bench this year and battle with Vaughn to start when Rojo gets big bucks as a FA and leaves.

  31. Adrnagy Says:

    Sign a. Peterson. He will run angry and hungry for a Ring. Plus , give him a hand with his -$4M net worth

  32. Swampbuc Says:

    Leighroy – great point.

    Adrnagy – you continue to provide more stunning examples of ignorance with every post. Congratulations, you’re winning at something.

  33. Issac haggins Says:

    Vaughn Looked Great !!

  34. Mort Says:

    Damn, shots fired at Schiano right there!

  35. Adrnagy Says:

    Keep drinking toilet water from your mom house. Bandwagon

    Swampbuc Says:
    March 16th, 2021 at 11:39 pm

  36. MarkR Says:

    At 240lbs, there is no one in the NFL stronger and faster than Fournette other than Derrick Henry. As a receiver he has mediocre hands but Rojo’s hands are worse & make him unmanageable as a 3rd down back. Hope they keep Lenny.
    JWhite is a pure receiver who would change the nature of the offense, but who knows – maybe for the better.

  37. SOEbuc Says:

    Draft a RB in the first round when we don’t use our good #1 RB and Vaughn has good potential as a hard hitting third down back. He’s an amazing pass blocker and has decent hands that can get up field after a catch. RB in the first is crazy.

  38. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Belicheat is being revealed as a mere mortal w/o Tom Brady.
    Yes, he is spending lavishly in free agency because he knows he must win, in New England.
    Those fans are not used to losing, or to watching their ex quarterback down here winning super bowls.
    The New England fans can’t take their anger out on Bob Kraft, since he owns the team.
    But, if Belicheat don’t start winning, watch them turn on him.
    I am old enough to remember how they ran him out of Cleveland, and the same thing can and will happen if he don’t win this year, up in New England.