Ndamukong Suh Says He Plans To Play In 2021 And Wants It To Be In Tampa

February 1st, 2021

Joe just got a question in for Ndamukong Suh during the NFL’s virtual version of Super Bowl Media Day/Opening Night.

Most fans are unaware that Suh served as his own agent last winter for the first time. It was big No. 93 who sat down with Jason Licht’s right-hand man, Mike Greenberg, to hammer out a contract. Greenberg said Suh was very formidable when it came to negotiation.

Today, Suh told Joe that he enjoyed playing agent because he got everything in real-time versus a late-night phone call from his agent.

Also, Suh says he plans to do it again — with the Bucs.

Joe asked Suh if expects and is planning to play next season. The 34-year-old’s one-year contract expires next month. Suh said he plans to play and hopes it will be with Tampa Bay.

So there you have it. Suh wants to keep anchoring the NFL’s No. 1 for the third consecutive season.

Now can the Bucs afford him?

42 Responses to “Ndamukong Suh Says He Plans To Play In 2021 And Wants It To Be In Tampa”

  1. SlyPirate Says:

    Perfect scenario: Draft a DT and let Suh mentor

  2. Chimichango Says:

    Love Suh but it would be wise to get younger on the DL. IMO he has to be willing to take DL rotational kind of money to stick around.

  3. Robert Says:

    Love the guy and would not bet against him playing……..but I think he has ONE big game left in the tank and we should draft his replacement. Can’t keep all the toys.

  4. lowercaseg Says:

    Don’t mind this but not with that salary. We got more important pieces to secure.

  5. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Holy hell, this is such great news! Awesome stuff!

  6. Casual Observer Says:

    Can’t keep them all. He may be too pricey.

  7. adam from ny Says:

    keep him in the mix…

    “i’m playin’ as long as tom is playin’ for the bucs”

    tell ’em big kong suhhhhh

  8. adam from ny Says:

    what would he do after he retires anyway…?

    be the bouncer for the entire forbes 500 gang?

  9. Will Says:

    Would be awesome to be able to keep him at the right price and find his replacement to learn from him. Just as we need to find a QB to learn under Brady.

  10. NotTampaTom Says:

    Is Coach Suh possible?

  11. Frankinthe813 Says:

    Need to keep him.. He and JPP bring the intensity to the D.

  12. buxsxntkt Says:

    it’s great Suh is acting as his own agent. He and the team can afford a lower payday because he has cut out the middleman. No agent fees to pay to some dude sitting in a gorgeous office with a gorgeous view.
    One day I want to grow up and be a middleman !

  13. Mort Says:

    6 mill or we can’t afford it. Got way more important pieces to keep. LVD, Godwin, Shaq, Succup, Gronk and then maybe we talk about Suh. Good player. Don’t overpay for good.

  14. zzbuc Says:

    Agree Mort…..you have to add JPP too…..

  15. Architek Says:

    Don’t miss the real story ladies and gents – there’s a new culture in Tampa!

  16. Mtbucsfan Says:

    Hell yea I hope he stays. If it wouldnt of been for him when Vita went down the line wouldnt of been near as effective. The fact he played more snaps on dline than anyone says a lot. Plus hes been amazing in helping the younger players including Vita Vea. You dont just find that kind of knowledge, skill and drive just with anyone. Hes been nothing but a great teammate since hes been with the bucs. They let him be him and when you do that he excels. I hope him and Tampa reach an agreement. But everyone must be willing to take team friendly contracts to keep everyone. I wouldnt even be surprised to see brady rework it to free up some money to keep AB and Godwin around.

  17. Adrnagy Says:

    Keep suh 100%. Our dline and #1 run d didn’t go to the ground with vea out.
    1 – 2 yrs 12 M. No need to draft. Ledbetter , gholston are there. Maybe a DT in late rounds to develop.
    1rd QB
    2 rd pass rush
    3rd oline or LB

  18. Youngbucs Says:

    Some of you don’t pay attention in the off season jpp signed a 2 year deal.

  19. Adrnagy Says:

    Antonio brown doubtful for game ?

  20. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Suh +Barrett is more valuable to team than Godwin
    Love to have all 3, but D is more important

  21. Cannon Says:

    He’s 34, rich, and wants to wrap up a career with one or more championship rings to cement his path to the HoF.

    Suh won’t go anywhere.

  22. ModHairKen Says:

    Suh. Shaq. JPP. Godwin. Fournette.

    There is more than enough for all of them.

    But win the damn Super Bowl first.

  23. buxsxntkt Says:

    don’t underestimate Suh, having 330 pounds next to vea’s 350 pounds is a huge wall, even when he is just good. Vea will be great. If we still have JPP and Shaq with 700 pounds from Suh and Vea that combo. will remain fantastic even if Suh is just good. Hopefully he is reasonable with salary expectation, certainly he is saving lots with no state income tax in Cali, and no middle man as we noted before.

  24. adam from ny Says:

    yeah, he’s trying to get to the hall…

    a superbowl or maybe two cements the way for the big fella…


    he held down the middle of that line for almost the entire season without vita…

    life inside gets easier for suh now with vita back and lining up shotgun

  25. adam from ny Says:

    also he changed the culture of the d-line…

    along with jpp…

    brady couldn’t do that…these 2 guys did that post mccoy and kwon

  26. WiscoJoe Says:

    Maybe I’m the only one but I saw Khalil Davis flash a tiny bit in the short amount of time he’s played. I’m excited to see how this guy develops and I love the approach they took with him. Giving him some playing time here and there to develop. Also, if I’m not mistaking I believe he was called the most explosive guy in the room when camp was going on.

  27. Bucamania Says:

    Suh needs to stay. Hell yeah. Run it back 2021!

  28. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Suh’s a very savvy dude.

    I can see him pulling a Bobby Bonilla move here.
    This way he would receive “guaranteed” annual installment payments over however many years.

  29. Bird Says:

    His 1 yr deal this season was 9.25

    Would he take 7.5 and if no then let him ask around other teams and we will see if can match
    We have upper hand now. He wants to rings for HOF considerstion

  30. Cobraboy Says:

    Folks kept trying to kick Suh out the door.

    Suh WANTS to be a part of the Bucs.

    I suspect he’ll do a friendly deal to stay in Tampa. He won’t give his services away, but he fully understands the cap and his age.

    (I’d rather have Suh in the RoH than Mr. Softie any day…)

  31. David Says:

    LVD, Godwin, Shaq, Suh… I believe they will all sign and return to the Buccaneers.
    Brown will move on but we got Johnson and Miller.
    Fournette will move on.
    But with a full off-season with Brady I am positive Rojo and Vaughn will block and receive better.
    Besides, Rojo is by far the better runner

    These guys back with a few new draft pics…
    And a full training camp with Brady…
    Next year could be historic

  32. m0j0 Says:

    Would like to see him come back for another year. Maybe they do a 2 year deal that’s cap friendly this year.

  33. CalBucsFan Says:

    I trust the GM, HC and DC to make the right choice regarding bringing Suh back, they know better than anyone of us how much he’s got “left in the tank” and what it will take for him to say yes.

    Right now, it’s all about Super Bowl Sunday in 6-more days. The rest is secondary.

    Lets go Bucs!

  34. DaBux Says:

    I am totally down with drafting a DT at 32 and having Suh mentor him.

  35. Zoocomics Says:

    I realize he aint getting any younger but the idea of simply drafting his replacement next season is easier said then done.

    People tend to forget that Suh is a generational player…was so when he was drafted, and honestly he has exceeded those expectations despite the lack of huge sack numbers… he’s a beast, and best of all? He’s an iron man. The guy hasn’t missed a game… that is remarkable. When you think about the probability that a lineman will go down at some point in their careers, which when that happens, is wasted money… Suh is worth almost every penny teams have paid him…lol, with the exception of that Miami contract.

    Enjoy these moments and conversations Bucs fans, they don’t happen often. One more game go!

  36. doolnutts Says:

    It will be tight but I think we will come up with the space. If anyone leaves this team it won’t be because the bucs were not competitive in their offer. We will be restructuring folks like Evans to free up some cap space.

  37. J$MCSports Says:

    Bucs gotta be able to keep the vets and bring in young guys who can step up behind them. Maybe D. Smith does a new deal in a opt out to save the team money and Gronk and Lenny take a pay cut moving forward as well so Godwin gets a decent deal. Idk if Rojo could be flexed on the rookie deal. Nacho Nunes should definitely be brought back as well. David should take a cut as well he and JPP and Suh all should be around $8mill. Win or loss we gotta capitalize and continue to build finish this dynasty Arians is building. We get some young guys in the draft on defense again and draft on the offensive line again as well. We did good with Wirfs and White recently. Maybe we find a great edge rusher in this draft as Joe has said for years in the first round. Go Bucs lets win the Super Bowl. No wagon fan here either I know Spygate happened to us.

  38. Sumosam Says:

    With VV hurt, Suh held up the D line. This duo is excellent together. Suh still is terrific and he has always has been a great player. I wish he could retire here. Hall of Famers know when to retire and if he wants to play another year here, I hope he gets the opportunity.

  39. fish Says:

    Suh is a cat that you keep. he has a jpp effect with the other dline guys. he is a very hard worker and plays a ton of snaps. he is still very effective especially with vita vea in the line up. The bucs are not going to be able to keep everybody but he is worth it. especially if you plan on drafting another d lineman to learn from him. I love godwin but he will get 20 mil a year and that will just be to much. you cant pay 40 mil for just 2 wr’s.

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    Does anyone honestly believe that the Bucs would’ve had the #1 run defense this year if not for Ndamukong Suh? And without that, does anyone really believe that the Bucs would’ve had a Top-10 defense this year? And oh ya, without a Top-10 defense, does anyone really think this team would’ve been good enough to win 11 games and make the playoffs?

    Yes we NEED to replace Suh … but not in 2021. Far too many other NEEDS on this team coming up. NEEDS that will have to be met by a very limited salary CAP in our case.

    Re-signing Suh is a no-brainer. Bucs are paying Donovan Smith $14 mil this year. They’re paying Shaq even more than that. Heck Gronk signed for $10 mil. All three are making considerably more than Suh’s $8 mil. If the Bucs were smart, they’d offer Suh exactly what he made this year and then thank their lucky stars if he accepts it. If he doesn’t, I wouldn’t blame him.

  41. Defense Rules Says:

    J$MCSports … All good ideas, but I have trouble envisioning Super Bowl winners like Suh, JPP, LVD, D Smith, Gronk, Fournette taking pay cuts. Actually I have a lot of trouble envisioning Fournette even re-signing with the Bucs next year (we can’t afford him, nor can we afford Antonio Brown).

    Our window is 1 more year, then all bets are off. I’d keep as much of this team together as I could (within what the salary CAP allows) for 2021 and hope for the best. After Brady retires, so will Gronk, and they’ll both have to be replaced. Players like Suh & JPP will also have to be replaced. And guys like Godwin will need to be re-signed, for hefty paydays to be sure. Let’s enjoy 2020 & 2021 then worry about the years that’ll follow later.

  42. Geno711 Says:


    You are always so on point.