“I’m Not Sure Why Guys Continue To Sit On Him”

February 3rd, 2021

The Bucs sort of have a secret weapon in plain sight.

NFL defensive backs don’t always show wide receiver Scotty Miller much respect, even though he appears to be Tom Brady’s BFF. They even had special dinner together before training camp, Joe learned this week.

Bucco Bruce Arians was asked about coverage of Miller on deep shots today and shared his surprise at how teams don’t always respect the little guy from Bowling Green State University.

“Yeah, I’m not sure why guys continue to sit on him,” Arians said. “After 20 weeks you’d think there’d be some respect about his speed (laughs). I’m sure there will be Sunday.”

Joe hearkens back to an interview with former NFL wide receiver and current Bucs assistant coach Antwaan Randle-El, who talked about Miller’s elite deep-ball tracking and his speed being tops on the Bucs roster. Joe has heard the same from Bucs players, as well.

Joe hopes the Chiefs keep the apparent streak going and disrespect Miller’s blazing speed. Chris Carter thinks it’s tied to color; Joe thinks it’s tied to all the other Bucs defenses have to worry about.

34 Responses to ““I’m Not Sure Why Guys Continue To Sit On Him””

  1. Coburn Says:

    Well if they try to double him or something then Evans or Godwin will be singled..pick your poison really. Then or course there is brate and gronk

  2. Robert Says:

    TB will get him paid like he does all he other WR, even if it means they have to move on. Dude’s got skills!

  3. Coburn Says:

    Hard not to like the little dude. So many track stars that can’t catch a cold… But he seems to actually have pretty good hands

  4. ClodHopper Says:

    Hes becoming a national star the last week and a half. He wont be under estimated ever again.

  5. Robert Says:

    GWH! and the GOAT!

  6. Weebs10 Says:

    I just have no doubt that we are going to win on Sunday

  7. Hodad Says:

    I don’t think it’s a lack of respect, I think it’s more like teams can’t afford to double him with all the other weapons we have. Just like we’d like to put three guys on Hill it’s just not possible.

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    I was listening to some local sports talk in Green Bay so I could hear them cry, and boy did they, it’s really fun listening – I highly suggest going back and listening to post-game podcasts. Anywho, they were talking about Scotty as just your try-hard white WR who is slow, and they were mystified how King, who is a 4.4 guy, could get beaten by a slow tiny white kid. This was former Packers players saying this, guys who you’d assume pay at least some attention to the game. So it’s sort of surprising that Millers rep hasn’t made it around the league – but when you have Evans and Godwin and AB and Gronk and even Brate on the team, and Tyler Johnson making the big catch against the Saints, I guess Scotty gets lost in the mix.

  9. August 1976 Buc Says:

    KC will not be caught sleeping on Scotty after the NFC championship game. That play will be used by coaches around the league as a coaching tool for years to come. GO BUCS!!!

  10. David Says:

    Sometimes it absolutely is tied to color. It’d be called racism if it was reversed, but whatever.
    On Get Up! Ryan Clark talked about how the comparisons to Welker, Edelman, & Amendola are because of color and ignorss as my. He said Scotty Miller is not like those guys at all because he is way more speed. Different type of WR.
    He’s right, Although I wish they would use him on shorter routes in the slot little more to see if he can bust one

  11. bojim Says:

    For a guy that small, good ball tracking skills are a must. Steve Smith had them too.

  12. Jonny Says:

    There were multiple plays against Green Bay where Miller was running an out route or a crossing route and he was wide open, but Brady looked elsewhere. We need to look at Scotty as a Welker-Edelman type all down WR and not just as a surprise deep threat. Chiefs blanketed Bills wideouts including Stefon Diggs. Speed and agility are the only way to disrupt their offense along with a run game.

  13. firethecannons Says:

    not sure why he is not running kickoff/punt returns

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Miller has another 2 years left on his rookie contract…..no problem with him getting paid….

    As far as Scotty is concerned…..you mentioned it….it’s his tracking ability coupled with his speed…..his tracking of the deep balls coming in is amazing….

    You sit on Scotty…..Mike or Chris…….you can’t double all three….

  15. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Edleman has been discounted for years and still is. SB MVP, 2nd to Rice for receiving yards in playoffs. 3 SB rings but no respect. NFL top 100 players once and never sniffed the pro bowl. It could be a race thing but Miller under the radar is a great asset for the Bucs. The only way you can defend Bucs is the same as KC get to Brady cause they can’t defend everybody.

  16. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    “Joe thinks it’s tied to all the other Bucs defenses have to worry about.” Jaymiss agrees with Joe.

  17. OBF Says:

    Can’t wait to see him catch a crossing route or any shorter route in stride ~~~~~~~~~~~ to the house!

  18. TampaTown Says:

    Well according to racist Cris Carter it’s because he’s white. Yeah he said that and is still not canceled , yet another double standard

  19. dvashun Says:


    I haven’t seen the Cris Carter segment so I may be missing the way he said that Scottie is not given credit for his speed because he is white. But, based on what I have read here, the statement that DB’s don’t give him credit isn’t a racist statement, it is an observation.

    For example, if I am in a store and I notice a mother with two children, move her family out of the store as she eyeballs a group of Latinx teens then later tell my wife the story. I am not racist for observing the incident.

  20. Brady is a cheater Says:

    Tampatown is the real racist. People of color can’t be racist dummy. Throw Tampatown out, enough of his race baiting

  21. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe Faker performed a scissor lock hug with his legs just like Brady

    to a 65-year-old Liberian at the Lakeland library

    Kobe was locked up for 3 days at Sheriff Grady Judds jail cell”

    Kobe Faker

  22. Clw JB Says:

    yeah, Evans & Godwin on one side, gronk/brate in the slot with Miller wide – how do you double everyone? you cannot – add AB and TJ to that mix and oh my

    If the opportunistic playoff D shows up, this is going to be very, very fun

  23. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Brady is a cheater, your the moron White is a race : White: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

    That being said I believe Carter meant small white receivers, because I have to believe all DB’S respect(ed) Kupp, Thielen, Jody Nelson, Decker etc or they would of been burnt.

  24. IrishMist Says:

    The next time a black DB tries to tackle him low, Scotty should jump over him. They’ll never be expecting that.

  25. Wesley Says:


  26. Cannon Says:

    I think it’s a simple matter of picking your poison. The opposing defense can only double so many receivers…

    On that Scooter bomb against Green Bay, one really has to doff their cap to the play design. Miller was in a tight bunch formation, which signaled to the CB that he would be running an inside route.

    He guessed wrong.

  27. Beej Says:

    Scooter is like an Ike Hagins who can catch

  28. BillyBucFan Says:

    Rewatched the earlier game against KC again and I don’t think Hill has 100 yds in this game, unless maybe you combine runs.

    Mahomey won’t have near as much time in this game.

    Some really lucky throws late from the sideline.
    He won’t even make it outside the hashes IMO

  29. DoooshLaRue Says:

    If NAMBLA had a football team that would be their favorite picture.

    Just sayin…
    It looks inappropriate……

  30. TampaTown Says:

    Ohh wish I could have been back sooner! Guess what Brady?! I’m not white! And I’m a girl not a guy

  31. TampaTown Says:

    And racist is racist no matter what color you are

  32. Delawest Says:

    TampaTown, took the red pill today.
    Jim J. & Hustler 45 thanks you.

  33. SOEbuc Says:

    We need to trade Miller next year. He’s not Hump or Edleman. Bucs gotta build through the draft. We have a lot of young talent that will be asking for huge Bucs within the next four years.

  34. Buxszntkt Says:

    Maybe Miller will be a great decoy Sunday. Go route draws CB and safety to his side for help, now you have ME, CG, and a TE to cover. Of course if Scotty is open he’s an option but I’m sure Honey Badger and all will be trying to ensure they don’t get embarrassed the way GB did.