The Return Of The “Four-Man Rush”

January 27th, 2021

Early this season, it was said often that the only teams able to take down the Bucs would be those with a successful four-man pass rush.

That theory held for a while. If Tom Brady didn’t have time, and the opposition had seven guys in coverage, it was a toxic combination for the Tampa Bay offense. (Then the Bucs’ offensive line improved.)

So given all that, Joe finds it ironic that the Bucs’ four-man pass rush is what propelled them to the Super Bowl. The rather dormant pass-rush unit exploded on Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.

Rodgers was dumped five times and the pass-rush clearly got in his head, much like it did back in October in the Bucs’ blowout victory in Tampa.

Bucco Bruce Arians was gushing during his radio show on Monday about the quality of the Bucs’ four-man rush, emphasizing how often it was the four-man unit Sunday rather than Todd Bowles’ renowned blitz-happy scheme

Joe gives a ton of credit to Arians for being so focused on managing Jason Pierre-Paul’s health through the season. JPP has a knee issue many would consider chronic, and Arians always is working to figure out — and adjust to — how to get him to gameday at 100 percent.

Whatever Arians and trainers did this season worked masterfully. JPP didn’t miss a game, played about 90 percent of the snaps, made the Pro Bowl, and was a two-sack beast against the Packers. And just think about how great this extra week off before the Super Bowl is for JPP.

With Vita Vea back and injuries to Chiefs starters on their offensive line, there is legitimate hope that the Bucs’ defensive front can dominate in 11 short days.

If the four-man rush can pull that off (you know the run defense will thrive), then Joe suspects the Bucs will reach the top of the NFL mountain.

17 Responses to “The Return Of The “Four-Man Rush””

  1. Miller5252 Says:

    I give credit to Vita for Sunday. The first 2 snaps he was on the field both JPP and Shaq got sacks. That push in Rodgers face made a big difference. The other thing I have a question on that I’ve heard a few players talk about this year is the TB12 team helping player heal up. Belicheat kicked them out of the building and it sounds like Tampa is embracing it. Does it really work?

  2. Bird Says:

    But but …vita vea is just an average NT with no real stats. He is nothing to talk about


    Rodd munch

    Who tells people to jump off st pete bridge when they disagree with him or to get ebola injection from needle


    Of course vita vea has something to do with it. Go back and watch the game. When someone dared go single against him he drove that player into the ground. When he was doubled , he still pushed the pocket into the QB lap. With suh and vea good luck choosing who gets single. That leaves QBs 2 options …try and escape left or right cause they cant really move up in pocket. So jpp and barret were feasting. Go back and watch game. Rodgers had to dump 2 in ground cause def ends were taking him down

    If DBs can stick their man for a few seconds , our line can get after mahommes. Unfortunately, he is slippery. However , he will be without their stud left and right tackle.

  3. atlBucs Says:

    We can definitely see the effect of VV’s return. He got the GMF’s angry run award based on how he ran his man backward into the backfield!

  4. BucRob Says:

    I’m reading Brady’s book The TB12 Method and if the players are using his techniques for muscle pliability it should lessen injuries.
    Go BUCS!!!

  5. Kentucky Buc Says:

    The TB12 guys obviously help lessen injuries and hasten return time after an injury. I suspect they were vital in getting Vita back on the field along with his own work ethic.

  6. 813bucboi Says:

    VV was a huge force up the middle….even my wife said, “damn, it takes 2 people to block #50 and he’s still pushing them back”…lol…

    then she asked if he was a rookie….lol…no darling, he’s just been hurt…lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  7. Sourbob Says:

    Would love to see VV run in a TD in the SB

  8. The Daily Coroner Says:

    The difference-maker – Vita Vea.

  9. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Nothing better than a fierce Bucs pass rush! Vea pushed the Packers Center back like he was a WR trying to block him…The Chiefs Center weighs about the same, around 300 pounds to Vita’s 350 pounds. I like it!
    During the first game, was Tom Brady was jawing with Chris Jones? Or am I thinking of somebody else? I heard that Jones threw a punch at the end of the Bills vs. Chiefs game, but I haven’t actually seen it. Jones sounds like he’s a Cam Jordan-type player.

  10. Joe in Michigan Says:

    *Was Brady jawing with Jones?

  11. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Bottom line is with V Vea back, it is letting Bowels run the Defense the way he likes. With all due respect to Mclendon and Roches, they just do not bring to the table what the resident Rhino Vita does. GO BUCS!!!!!

  12. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I have rewatched the game twice. Once was all focus on the DL
    Vea was Ragdolling guys. He was pancaking them. If he had more lateral movement he would have gotten to Rodgers twice himself.

  13. The Red Mirage Says:

    Vita is the difference maker.

  14. Mike Says:

    Vea certainly hasn’t lost strength, so that is awesome! I was worried he would get pushed around a bit after not playing for so many months, but it wasn’t an issue. Now hopefully he can work on improving stamina over the next few weeks and be ready for a full 60 minutes of football.

  15. Cobraboy Says:

    After VV went down, the Bucs tried to compensate with blitzing. The success, outside a few exceptions, was marginal and the DE’s suffered.

    Getting Vea back healthy is YUGE. In the case of Mahomes, Vea should force Mahomes outside…hopefully into the arms of a DE. Film shows he often escapes forward into the pocket, and THEN to the side.

  16. David Says:

    The same thing happened with the Saints. They didn’t get the sacks because Brees gets rid of the ball but he was under duress with a lot of pressure most of that game. Instead of sacks, it came in the form of interceptions.

    Mahomes holds the ball like Rogers, I expect lots of pressure and a bunch of sacks. Especially if they can spend the day double teaming Kelce and Hill. If he is under duress and cannot find those two options… That’s their whole offense.

  17. unbelievable Says:

    Vea is the reason the 4 man rush has returned.