“I Think He’s Got A Chance”

January 7th, 2021

Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians.

This morning, Bucs star receiver Mike Evans was on the practice field at least doing warmup drills during the open window for the pen and mic club to view.

Later, Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians said he’s not yet ruling Evans out for the Bucs’ first playoff game in 13 years.

Evans hyperextended his left knee in Sunday’s win over the Dixie Chicks. Arians had stated previously, given the less than catastrophic condition of the injury, that if Evans could practice today it would be a sign Evans might be able to play at Washington on Saturday night to open the playoffs.

“I think he’s got a chance,” Arians said of Evans Thursday afternoon. “He will be a gametime decision — he and Carlton.”

The “Carlton” Arians referred to is starting corner Carlton Davis who is battling a groin injury.

Arians said if Evans can’t go, no need to light candles for the Bucs’ offense.

“We’ve got guys who have played all season,” Arians said of Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson. “They are not Mike. But they will be good enough.”

Joe can hear the sighs of relief from all over the Tampa Bay area.

14 Responses to ““I Think He’s Got A Chance””

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    I like Arians.

    Don’t you Realist?

    Go Bucs!!!

  2. Robert Says:

    More worried about Carlton. He is needed more.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think Mike will play….even if it’s just a few downs……I think it’s important to Mike & even more important to his teammates that he’s active….

  4. bojim Says:

    Agreed bucfan

  5. unbelievable Says:

    Agreed tbbf.

    Even if he’s mostly a decoy / used to attract some double teams.

    Would love to get Davis back though.

  6. Ben Says:

    What is taking carlton davis so long to get back. Surprised more attention hasn’t been paid to this. Davis out, league leader in PBUs, could be big loss in trying to defend Washington’s quick throw offense. Any thoughts on this?

  7. Cannon Says:


    Groins are tricky to heal.

  8. PSL Bob Says:

    I agree with TBBF. Let him suit up, but I would hold him to just a few downs if any. I’d rather have him at 100% and ready to go for the Divisional round than go in at 90% and risk a set back.

  9. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Mike will play. He is a warrior as far as football goes

  10. geno711 Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    January 7th, 2021 at 12:52 pm
    I like Arians.

    Don’t you Realist?

    We will only hear from guys like Realist if the Buc’s lose.

  11. Bird Says:


    True story. I heard that ndog is in touch with Guinness book of world record. Apparently he is close to breaking the record for most consecutive days crying. He is currently at 100 days.

  12. gp Says:

    Just an aside
    Has the Hall called mike regarding his gametime gear when he broke the record for consecutive 1000 yard seasons yet?
    I mean…
    It’ll be at least 8 years before that one can be broken, right?

  13. Vadertime Says:

    Mike Evans missing this Saturday might affect the passing game by 10-15 percent. There are others that might be able to offset his loss somewhat, but not completely. I can only hope that Brady plays at the top of his ability and that the receiving corps don’t drop any balls. Go Bucs.

  14. TOM Says:

    BA. You forgot to mention AB.