Bruce Arians On Antoine Winfield, Jr.: “I Think He’ll Play”

January 26th, 2021

One of the many uplifting aspects of Sunday’s pounding of the Packers at Lambeau Field was the Bucs getting the job done without starting rookie stud safety Antoine Winfield, Jr., and without safety Jordan Whitehead for much of the second half.

Joe can only imagine how proud the front office staff must be to know they’re headed to the Super Bowl knowing Andrew Adams and Mike Edwards were huge contributors.

Regardless, everybody at One Buc Palace wants Winfield back on the field, and Bucco Bruce Arians said of Winfield on his radio show yesterday, “I think he’ll play” in the Super Bowl.

Joe will take any whiff of good news and run with it. Winfield tested his bad ankle before Sunday’s game but quickly realize he could not go.

21 Responses to “Bruce Arians On Antoine Winfield, Jr.: “I Think He’ll Play””

  1. SteveK Says:

    We need the stud puppy back. Hope he and Whitehead can play.

  2. Bird Says:

    He has to play. He is our best safety. Yes – even better then whitehead.
    Plus he is a baller. Playoff and super bowl experience will only catapult him to a new level of nasty!

    May have to get a winfield and devin white jersey soon.

  3. Wesley Says:

    He absolutely has to play.

  4. Dean Bucs fan for life!!! Says:

    Winfield will play! Whitehead will play! Vea will play! All hands on deck! A pirates life for me! Let’s go win SUPER BOWL LV!!! GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. SKBucsFan Says:

    Joe you may want to put out a public service announcement:
    Do not approach a Buccaneer if you see them in the wild. They are susceptible to covid like you and me. Keep your distance!!! If you see a KC player, sure go cough on them and shake their hand after you have sneezed into yours.
    Also remind some of the players that pre-game warm-ups can be dangerous.

    A healthy Bucs team will be hard to beat.

  6. Rob Tanner Says:

    Trust this, he will be day to day until the last injury report or right before the bowl. He’s not going to let the the other team know 31’s status. We should be as long as COVID-19 doesn’t strike. (Knock on wood). I would hate missing out because of a protocol or being sick.

  7. SOEbuc Says:

    I’m hoping all the Bucs injured, with the exception of Cappa will be able to go. But BA talks a lot of BS and so when he says “I think he’ll play” still got me antzy in my pantzy till I know he’s a go. Mean while Vea has two more weeks to recover and practice. Sweet. Was getting five sacks when we had been ghostly at getting to the QB have something to do with Vea getting more snaps than I originally thought? I believe it was.

    GO BUCS!!!

  8. Robert Says:

    Missing both safeties was nerve racking. Hope he’s back. We got some ball hawks back there.

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    we need him….hope he plays…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  10. Cobraboy Says:

    Any news on Whitehead’s injury?

  11. gp Says:

    We’ve been incredibly strong with our “next man up” this year.
    That being said. Hopefully this “bye” week gets us up as close to full strength as possible.
    Sad that Cappa isn’t getting into these play-off games, his efforts this season were far from insignificant to our success.

  12. Chesapeake Bay Bucco Says:

    SOEbuc. BA does NOT talk BS. He answers questions to the best of his ability/knowledge at the the time, a straight shooter. I guess some of y’all prefer jibber jabber coach-speak to a coach that tells it like he sees it?

  13. Brandon Says:

    He is better than Whitehead… at FS… but Edwards might be better than Winfield at FS… who is our best SS? Whitehead or will Winfield be there next season? Edwards has played awesome when he’s been on the field.

  14. Devinwhiteshorse Says:

    Still wondering how was mahomes able to play after he sustained an concussion in the game before the championship. I thought concussion protocols puts you out of the game after you are injured??

  15. David Says:

    I think him and Whitehead will be play and they will be doubling Kelce and Hill over the top all day

  16. Buxszntkt Says:

    This is a case where I think no news is bad news ! If whitehead had a minor shoulder injury they would have already announced he will be fine, unless this is psyops to keep KC guessing too. Is there an injury report this Wednesday Joe ?
    Clearly if he needed an MRI it’s already done and results are in.

  17. Ericb Says:

    Devinwhitehorse : there was no way the nfl was gonna sit patty mahomie…he is the face of the nfl it didnt matter they gonna let him play…everyone just pray were all healthy AB needs ready to be good to go as well…keep our run game going and our defense keep up the intensity and knock thier heads off they are doing a great job at that…keep the motions and play action coming pur run game needs some creativity and watch. The outside sweeps and runs from KC they cant run up the middle on us but will be going outside ..and fourth downs they pass also LFGO TAMPA BAY ALL THE WAY

  18. firethecannons Says:

    Edwards and Adams combined for a double PBU to prevent a touchdown. couple weeks ago Jalen Ramsay had a temper tantrum when Devante Adams ran past him and scored. Bucs really jammed them up.

  19. Lakelandsteve Says:

    Winfield will play, hopefully Whitehead too. I thought Vita Vea made a definite impact on the NFC Championship game. Was just hoping he could get out there and get some plays in to help him get back in football shape and he surprised me. On more than one play he pushed the GreenBay linemen back into the backfield not allowing Rodgers to step up in the pocket. Vea could have a huge influence on the Super Bowl game if he can reset the line of scrimmage into the Chiefs backfield which could completely change the complexion of that game. I guarantee you the Chiefs will see that on tape and will have to account for his presence.

  20. PatsBucsfan4years Says:

    Congratulations to All long suffering Bucs Fans🍾
    Get use to it because TB12 has lots more to in the tank💥🏈💥
    Bucs Dynasty👍🏻🍺🏈

  21. Brady is a cheater Says:

    A big congratulations to Tom Brady for getting bailed out by the refs once again.