No Donovan Smith? No Problem.

December 20th, 2020

Backup stands tall

Take a bow, general manager Jason Licht.

Licht’s taken a lot of punishment from Bucs fans over the years (rightfully so) but what a year he is having in 2020. Things have come together so incredibly well from a personnel standpoint outside of the Bucs’ secondary.

Left guard Ali Marpet was lost for a stretch. The Bucs overcame it.

Donovan Smith was a late scratch today after landing on the NFL’s COVID/reserve list, and veteran backup Josh Wells had a solid performance with limited practice.

Yeah, Wells had a little trouble with Pro Bowler Grady Jarrett and won’t be winning any awards, but he was more than good enough.

Heck, the Bucs rolled up 31 points, the most on the Falcons since Raheem Morris took over the team early in the season. Tom Brady threw for 390 yards. You don’t pull that off with a garbage left tackle.

Wells did the same thing last season filling in for Smith against the Lions in December.

And look at the right side of the that Bucs offensive line; it’s strong with Tristan Wirfs and Alex Cappa.

The Bucs pounced on Wells after the 29-year-old was cut by the Jaguars late last summer. Joe is very glad they did.

22 Responses to “No Donovan Smith? No Problem.”

  1. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Wells certainly played better than we had a right to expect. He certainly was not a turnstyle.

  2. Robert Says:

    No penalties equals better than smith

  3. Allbuccedup Says:

    Smith and his 14 mil looks like trade bait to me free up some cap space for Godwin or Shaq draft a left tackle 1st or 2nd round sign Wells to a two year team friendly contract. Now just beat the Lions and clinch playoffs.

  4. Stewy Says:

    It all starts in the trenches!

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    I’ll have to rewatch this – but he seemed to be giving up a good amount of pressure when I paid attention to him. He wasn’t preseason Cappa bad or anything, but from what I saw (when I was paying attention to him) wasn’t very good. But I could be wrong and just noticed him on his bad plays.

    In any case, despite what the morons who just mindless repeat what they hear on sports talk radio, the team needs Smith back.

  6. Jason Says:


    Good point, but who takes Smith and his 14mil?
    And what do we get in return, a 7th round pick and a used Jugs machine?

  7. Jedleman Says:

    Definitely missed Smith. Wells did ok. Smith has played well this year. Doesn’t matter what he did last year.

  8. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Take a bow J Licht?

    Three words:


  9. David Says:

    I know people get on Smith, but he has played very good this year. He is better than 2/3 of the left tackles in the NFL. His penalties have been killer this year.

    As for Wells, that was a slow start by the entire line in not picking up schemes and blitzes but then they settled in and they all played damn good

  10. Craig Says:

    He gave ground at a pretty steady pace all day. He also didn’t get much help with the same standard calls at the start of the game.

    He could hold up long enough for the quick passing game that finally happened with the second half. That slant to Antonio Brown got things rolling.

  11. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Hey Joez, Remember when you said half time adjustments were over rated?

    The Little General said half time was for smoking a Winston, taking a leak and eating a sandwich. And you guys agreed!

    Good grief!

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    Wells has been on the team for many years. I was expecting him to get the job done. D.Smith simply needs too much money next year to remain a Buc. We will move on and find a cheaper, maybe better, way to play Tackle.

    D.Smith is a decent LT but hes been here for 6 years and never once shown he can handle great compition. Wirfs can. Wirfs can be R or L Tackle in the future. It dont matter… . What does matter is that tge hest T on the team does the heavy lifting and he is the guy we truely count on.


  13. unbelievable Says:

    Yeah, I mean minus all the sacks, QB hits, and pressures, the line played great!

    Lol, such low standards around here.

  14. BCULAW Says:

    Brady covered up a lot in the 2nd half with quick hitters. But, that’s what you do when you have starters out – adjust the plan to ensure success. Too bad it took a half to figure it out, but a win at the end is all that matters. Next man up!

  15. Todd Says:

    Kan I just say one word?


    Never hear his name it seems. Ever.

    I watched him closely today. The dude’s playing out of his mind.

    He should get more accolades, methinks.

  16. Brianbucs Says:

    Wells played much better than Smith. PERIOD

  17. MadMax Says:

    thanks Mr. Wells!!! You did a helluva job!!

    Keep him around Licht!

  18. Tamoabaybucfan Says:

    No penalties on that Oline… holds….no false starts….

    No penalties on the defense….no offsides….no holds…no PI

    BA has done a great job of cleaning all that up…

    Also…no turnovers the last 2 games…..

    Our special teams have been playing well…

  19. Jedleman Says:

    Wells struggled. You guys have a mad on for Smith.

  20. Louis Friend Says:

    He did what backup left tackles do when they start – get their QB flattened a couple of times. That no one was killed, injured or charged with any crimes during or following the incidents is a testimony to fortune, not ability.

  21. #1bucfan Says:

    Todd your right cappa a dlll guy killing it. When he played with a broken arm last year I knew we had a steal in him. Our GM deff isn’t perfect but dam has he built a great oline that will be here to play for awhile deff the right side is set with cappa and wirf I know we payed a lot for Jensen but he’s playing at a very high level we all know marpet is a beast and has bin doing it for a long time. He too is from a small division school. Now we just gotta get that dline rebuilt jpp won’t last forever playing ever snap lol and Shaq is going to need some help with vea let’s go Bucs

  22. TheShaz Says:

    Wells is doing fine. Maybe they should retest Smith… a dozen more times.

    IMHO he has not lived up to his salary cap hit.