“It’s All Manufactured Pressure”

December 10th, 2020

Favorable matchup ahead for Ali Marpet and the Bucs’ offensive line

It’s common knowledge that the Vikings, the Bucs’ Sunday opponent, have a garbage pass rush.

What is unique, however, was hearing their head coach/defensive guru talk about it last night.

It’s Year 7 for Mike Zimmer as Minnesota head coach. He’s the guy Team Glazer should have hired back in 2014.

Last night on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Zimmer was asked by Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian about how the Vikings used to have a monster pass rush with many known names just a couple of years ago. Polian wanted to know if the Vikings can still generate four-man pressure or whether they’ve thrown in the towel on that and must get creative.

“We really have to be more creative [to get pressure],” Zimmer replied. “We’ve got so many young guys. It’s all manufactured pressure,” Zimmer continued in a dejected tone.

Rookie DE D. J. Wonnum (three sacks) might evolve into a strong pass rusher, Zimmer noted, but he missed last Sunday’s game and was limited in practice yesterday with back and ankle injuries.

However the Vikings decide to defend the pass on Sunday, per Zimmer, they recognize it’s an uphill battle. “Like with [Tom] Brady, he’s so hard to move off the spot anyway. So we’re going to have to a mixture of coverages and pressure looks and things like that You know, I’m sure he’ll figure them all out because that’s who he is.”

Zimmer went on to rave about Brady’s movement in the pocket and to say he doesn’t see age-related change in Brady’s play.

“I don’t see a whole lot of difference, quite honestly,” Zimmer said.

6 Responses to ““It’s All Manufactured Pressure””

  1. VABucsfan Says:

    So in other words, if Brady is under constant pressure Sunday, we can kiss the playoffs goodbye!!

  2. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Interesting note on D. J. Wonnum…He was taken with the 117th pick in the 4th Round, the pick the Bucs traded San Francisco to move up to take Tristan Wirfs.

  3. Joe in Michigan Says:

    *to San Fran

  4. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Guess we’re in the same boat. Only guy we got doing any pressurizing of opposing qbs is Mr Defensive Entertainer JPP. Not even 2019s NFL sack leader is doing much in that department. Kissin Cousins and Dalvin Alvin the chipmunk Cook gonna have good games against our d. After a week off they’re still going to be tired but also rusty. How Tom and da boys can put up enough points to cover that

  5. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Yes, we SHOULD have hired Zimmer. He worked miracles before he went to Minnesota, and is an awesome coach.
    Suddenly, Minnesota has real playoff hopes, due to their win over Jacksonville, and we are in their way. A victory over us will make them 7-6 and us 7-6 too, but they will own the tiebreaker, if they beat us Sunday.
    We are a far more talented team, so we should win.
    Go Bucs !!!!!!!!!!

  6. PSL Bob Says:

    I’m always nervous about these “must-win” games. It’s the Bucs, so I’m programmed that way. However, for some reason I feel good about this one. We should win this game, and I think we will. I can only hope it’s in decisive fashion. Something that will get us on track through the final 3 games and into the playoffs.