How Not To Make A Playoff Push

December 2nd, 2020

Solving issues.

As Joe is confident you heard in the recent “Ira Kaufman Podcast,” one of the Joe’s does not like how this Bucs team is playing at a critical part of the season.

And the same Joe does not want to hear lectures that the math says the playoffs are all but a lock. Those numbers don’t see how the Bucs are playing, which is bad.

Playoffs? Hardly a lock to “this Joe.” Yes, “this Joe” is in full-crisis mode. And after hearing what former Super Bowl-winning general manager Scott Pioli had to say about how a team should be playing this time of the year.

Prepare to suddenly become ill.

Pioli, appearing yesterday on “Good Morning Football,” seen and heard weekday mornings on NFL Network, had this to say about the Raiders’ choke job against the lowly Dixie Chicks.

“As you are ending November and beginning December, the last thing you want to do is not continue to build momentum and not ascend.”


That’s exactly what the Bucs have done in the month of November, playing their worst ball of the year. The Bucs have lost three of their last four in spectacular fashion.

They began the five-game month of November with a woeful performance against the Giants and but for one game, the team hasn’t improved much if at all.

You still wondering why one of the Joe’s is freaking out?

Bucs coaches better find a solution during this bye week. Joe doesn’t expect the Vikings for one second to roll over for the Bucs.

Get it together guys.

11 Responses to “How Not To Make A Playoff Push”

  1. Clean House Says:

    Rah will get one or two from us

  2. Augsut 1976 Buc Says:

    Football all comes down to winning the Line of Scrimmage, on offense and defense. With all the talk from A-Z about this team and Brady. The bottom line is on offense they are not consistently winning the line of scrimmage. Dirty jersey for Tom and they are not very competitive, clean jersey for Brady and they can compete with anyone. In the Saint Game the Bucs started with 4 “3 and outs” and in the Chief Game it was 3 I believe. If they would score points on their possessions they would be at least be competitive. But lately they look terrible on offense. With a shaky defense, that is playing in fear, at least in the secondary, the Bucs have to score early, if they do not score points early, then the Bucs are in a world of hurt, and maybe not playoffs. They have to score points just to keep up, at least then they could win a few track meets. Again this goes back to the O line actually winning up front to give Brady time to be Mr 6 Rings. When Brady has time, we all know he slices and dices up defenses. When he is not given time, he looks like a 43 year old QB, that is getting beat up. GO BUCS!!!!!

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The loss of Vita Vea has hurt our pass rush greatly…..

    Brady is shaky at the start of games….looks uncomfortable in the passing game…..struggles…..then starts to warm up….

  4. UKBuccaneer Says:

    A win in September counts the same as a win in December. Remember the 2009 super bowl Saints and Colts? How did they finish the year? With starters on the bench, losing badly.

    Momentum is one of those things like clutch – a media term that people think is important, but doesn’t hold up to much actual scrutiny.

  5. ClodHopper Says:

    I haven’t heard the podcast yet but it’s safe bet which Joe it is. 😂😂 The “doom and gloom” Joe?

    I’m close to where you are, Joe. I think we make the playoffs but go 0-1 in the post season unless we get the NFC East for the first game but that looks unlikely. We’re the worst good team in the NFL

  6. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Yes, the loss of Vita Vea hurts, but ALL teams have injuries and the Bucs have again been very fortunate in that department.

    IMO, we are playing worse. I believe if we played Green Bay now we would get our a$$es handed to us. On offense, we have an ALL STAR team. They are NOT past their prime like Gary Payton and Carl Malone, they are in their prime. Why are we not more in tune? How do garbage teams like the Bengals and Chargers have a rookie QB look so good? How does a mediocre KC defense hold the Bucs offense to a 0-17 score? or even only 24 pts for the entire game? And only BL can keep Rojo to under 100 yards, not the opposing team; but of course BA will point out we need to run the ball more – who’s in charge BA??!!

    But the Bucs need more time to get in sync. Like Tenn last year with a new ‘washed up’ QB who did not start playing until well into the season, but went to the AFC Championship game – SO TIRED of all the excuses!!!

    Bowles is a very good coach, but I now find him to be stubborn. I used to coach and many coaches are too smart for their own good – they do NOT adjust for who they are playing. Sound like Bowles? Single cover T-Hill?! Allow Jeff Goof to throw for 365 yards?! Yeah, thats a winning formula.

  7. Jason Says:

    Isn’t it the job of the coaches to put the players in the best position to succeed?
    Are our coaches doing their job?

  8. Potato Chip Says:

    I am strangely optimistic based on what I saw in the 2nd half of the Chief’s game. They showed they can compete with the team that is believed to be the best in the league. August is right, however. It’s all about the line of scrimmage. Keep Tom clean, they win. Let Tom get hit, they lose. One thing I saw is that Ariens QBs typically throw a lot of interceptions and also get sacked—-and sacked ALOT. A change in the offense where they look to play Tons style of short and intermediate passes and also using play action would work wonders here when they’re facing teams that have a strong pass rush. The Oline can’t give Tom enough time to execute those long passes consistently against those types of Defensive lines. Let him get the ball out quickly when they’re facing them. Seems he does fine when the Oline can keep the pass rushers at bay, but not those tough lines. Then there’s also the defense, which needs to be a little more flexible also.

  9. ClodHopper Says:

    That quote reminds me of Peyton Manning and Andy Reid. So many times while Manning was with the Colts and Andy Reid was with the Eagles they peaked too soon and blew it in the playoffs.

  10. OldBiscuit Says:

    The Joe that keeps referencing Justin Herbert as an example for why the lack of reps in the off-season is no excuse for poor execution – I have one question. What is the Charges record again?

  11. unbelievable Says:

    Wait, so going from 6-2 to 7-5 is NOT trending in the right direction ?

    Ya don’t say…