Bucs Need Davis Back

December 26th, 2020

Important cog.

It is up in the air if Bucs cornerback Carlton Davis will start today at Detroit. The Bucs may not need him because the Lions are awful.

The Bucs, however, do need him down the road.

The Bucs are one win from a playoff berth. Hopefully, that happens around 4 p.m. today. How important is Davis? Well, the PFF tribe pumped out stats showing he may be more important than some want to give him credit for.

Davis has 14 pass breakups.

Per the tribe, that is tied for first among all NFL corners. He also has four picks; that ranks tied for fourth. And his 62 tackles are tied for sixth-most among corners.

So yeah, Davis may get handsy once in a while. And he may not be able to cover Cheetah Hill one-on-one. Who the hell can?

That hardly means the Bucs won’t miss Davis if he misses more than just today’s game.

9 Responses to “Bucs Need Davis Back”

  1. Swampbuc Says:

    He’ll play against the Lions until the game is decided, then will not play again until next year, whether that be in January or December.

  2. teacherman777 Says:

    He is a stud. Playing hurt most of the year.

    Our other long armed Eagle from Auburn is also a stud.

    Murphy Bunting needs his swagger back.

    Cockrell? omg. I cant believe he is our 4th CB.

    We are screwed.

    We need to find 2 more athletic corners before the playoffs.

    Look at the Ravens practice squad. Steelers too. The Patriots.

    They all may have a CB with NFL level athleticism.

    Cockrell is not ready for the playoffs.

    We need 1-2 more CB’s as soon as possible.

  3. NOLES Says:

    He is our only good DB..

    Dean is sporadic & SMB appears to be regressing. He is out of position & takes bad angles in coverage which leads him to get turned around a lot. That shouldn’t happen w proper footwork and understanding of your responsibility in coverage. At least it shouldn’t happen as often as it does.

    As a DB you definitely need to have a short memory even the BEST ones get beat…. Just not that often though

  4. dmatt Says:

    I’ll take Cockrell over SMB n would take 2020 UDFA Parnell Motley over both but we decided to waive him back in October with hopes of placing him on our practice squad but he was immediately signed by the 49ers. He was playing lights out during training camp with multiple big plays n ints of Brady n others. I love his aggressive, alert, n swagger style of play. I believe he’s a steal if we can steal him back.

  5. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    dmatt… Motley got scooped up by the Broncos a week ago. He’s expected to be activated after clearing C19 protocol. So that’s not looking good

  6. Hodad Says:

    If you put the Q.B. on his arse from the beginning of the game till the end, won’t matter much who’s playing back there.

  7. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Take down Lions and sit Davis,.going to need him in playoffs. Not.need to risk further injury to any key players. Rest them all unless the Atlanta game ends up meaning something. NO ran crazy through swiss cheese Minn defensive 7. How do you score 33 points and get your ass kicked?

  8. BucDan Says:

    Cockrell played well last week and much better than he had earlier this season. I didn’t even know David was out, and all of the sacks came in the second have with the help of coverage.

    I would rather have David resting up since it’s a muscle injury. No need to force it.

  9. Fernando Diaz Says:

    Carlton Davis inactive