Tom Brady Talks Bruce Arians’ Motivation

November 22nd, 2020

Much has been made of Bucco Bruce Arians not hesitating to call out bad Tom Brady plays publicly.

Arians did it early in the season and he did it again this month, though he covered for Brady when he forgot what down it was in Chicago.

Former Brady teammate Willie McGinest sat down with The Goat for a segment that aired this morning on NFL Network. They discussed various things Bucs, including the premise that Arians is the opposite of Bill Belicheat.

Brady didn’t disagree, at least per the heavily-edited segment. McGinest noted Arians calling out his QB and Brady was all smiles about it, explaining Arians’ words nicely complement Brady already beating himself up.

“He should be pissed at me,” Brady said. “When you hear it from your coach, too, you know, it does motivate you.”

Joe always expected Brady would appreciate and enjoy Arians’ in-your-face style, and Brady noted Arians is hard on him in person.

As for Rob Gronkowski, it seems Brady legitimately thinks Gronk is breaking through. That catch-and-run against the Panthers last Sunday put a different kind of smile on Brady’s face. “When he starts struttin’ on the field, you know he’s feelin’ really good. He’s a beast,” Brady said of Gronk. “His ability has been unmatched.”

Brady brought up being a “mentor” for bicycle-throwing, security-guard-loathing Antonio Brown, and Brady said he enjoys that role.

4 Responses to “Tom Brady Talks Bruce Arians’ Motivation”

  1. Miller5252 Says:

    When you’re 42 years old and won 6 Super Bowls I really don’t see Arians telling him something he already doesn’t know he’s doing. Brady knows what to say to the media when they ask the questions. Brady’s issues are getting hit… if he’s protected he’s fine, if he’s getting rushed that’s where he and every other QB’s make bad decisions. I would think Brady, Byron and Arians sit down weekly and go over everything working and throw out the play that almost get Brady killed.

  2. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Ultimately Brady simply wants to WIN. As long as we win there will be a happy locker room with no dissension.

  3. RealBiucFan Says:

    Looking at a historic season. We can all agree that this is the best roster ever assembled in NFL history. Maybe its time the Bucs extend 5 year contracts to every player and set up Tom to win his second round of 6 rings. Kick back and enjoy Buc fans!

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    RealBiucFan … “We can all agree that this is the best roster ever assembled in NFL history.” Down Tiger down. The NFL’s had some pretty good teams through its history. This team has a number of big names … who are nearing the end of their playing days. Let’s just all hope they have another year or two left in the tank.