Five Things

November 24th, 2020

Look at the bright side: At least the Bucs didn’t get blown out (again) in primetime!

Waiting too long.

So last night in the first half, Jared Goff and the Rams absolutely bludgeoned the Bucs defense with short passes, many for receiver Cooper Kupp, who then broke tackles that turned into big gains.

After the game, Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians didn’t deny the defense wasn’t getting the job done in the first half. But twice in his postgame presser, Arians said that was fixed at halftime.

Why did the team have to wait until halftime to adjust?

True, the Bucs defense played its guts out in the second half and gave the Bucs a chance to win. That typed, whoever called the shot to change the defense (Arians, Todd Bowles?) waited too long.

Adjustments should have been made in the second quarter, maybe even earlier. Remember, the Rams, with exactly a minute left in the first half, took over at their own-19 and gashed the Bucs right and left before a Matt Gay 38-yard field goal 1 second before halftime. They led 17-14 at halftime and won 27-24.

Perhaps if those adjustments came earlier, Joe might just be typing a Victory Tuesday column right now instead of worrying if the Bucs will make the playoffs or not.

Joe isn’t sure why these adjustments had to wait, unless someone on the sideline had an epiphany walking off the field that maybe the defense should stop getting clobbered with short passes.

Arians seems to be at wit’s end.

When a head coach still cannot figure out his team three days before Thanksgiving, that’s a bad sign. And Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians confessed last night after the giveaway loss to the Rams, he is still puzzled by his team’s play.

“I’m still trying to figure that out,” Arians said when asked inconsistency all season. “At times we look really, really good and then there are times where we obviously don’t.

“I felt very, very comfortable in the two-minute drive until that [intercepted] throw. We made some plays and obviously we didn’t make enough in this ballgame – offense, defense or special teams – to win.”

Joe felt comfortable, too. Brady and the offense seemed to click in the fourth quarter. Running backs were making tough runs. Receivers were making clutch catches. And then… Arians asked Brady once again to throw deep, even though the past month he hasn’t been able to hit the broadside of a barn over 20 yards.

Pick! Ballgame.

Arians better figure it out fast because the way Joe sees it, the Bucs have to win three of their final five games to have a shot at a wild card. One of those games is Sunday against the Chiefs.

Raise your hand if you have an ounce of confidence Tom Brady will outduel Pat Mahomes. Yeah, Joe didn’t expect to see any hands either.

So that means the Bucs have to win three of their final four games to have a clear shot at the playoffs.


NFC South likely out of reach.

So now we can just about forget winning the NFC South title. The Bucs (7-4) are now two games behind the slimy Saints (8-2) with five games to play.

The important element here is that the slimy Saints have the tiebreaker. So the Bucs would have to finish a game ahead of the slimy Saints to win the division; a tie won’t do it.

The Bucs would have to make up three games with five to play. The Saints’ next three games are against the Broncos, Falcons and Eagles.

The way park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, jet-ski-losing Bucs quarterback Tom Brady has morphed into Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston (only without the deep ball touch), do you really believe the Bucs can make up three games with five to play?

Now the Bucs are looking at a wild card. And they just lost their tiebreaker with the Rams.

How good are the Bucs?

Yesterday, Joe brought word that three-time Super Bowl champion and current FOX Sports NFL analyst Troy Aikman thinks the Bucs are the best team in the NFL.

What say you?

The Bucs are 7-4. Like the Rams, the Bucs only have two wins against teams with a winning record. The Bucs beat the Packers (7-3) and the Raiders (6-4), with losses to the Saints (twice), the Rams and the Bears (5-5).

So are the Bucs a good team? Joe isn’t sure just two days before Thanksgiving. They beat the teams they should beat (losers) but are 2-4 against teams that aren’t losers.

Right now, the Bucs seem like a team just good enough to go nowhere in the playoffs. Sucks to write that, but that win over the Packers is now just a dot in the rearview mirror. The win over the Raiders feels like a long vodka-induced naughty night with a clothing-optional dancer during a-what-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas adventure.

Is this guy really a goat in 2020?

Joe has always been hesitant to refer to park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, jet ski-losing as “The Goat.” Even back to his Belicheat days.

Why? Joe saw Joe Montana in his prime, and Joe saw Roger Staubach, who was Joe Montana before Joe Montana. Staubach turned losers into winners each week more than a Lotto scratch-off ticket.

Montana? Dude may not have as many rings as Brady but he also was undefeated in four Super Bowls and never threw a pick in a Super Bowl. Neh-vah.

Now when the Bucs signed Brady, everybody was giddy. Joe was in stunned disbelief for days he was so happy. However, is the Brady of 2020 the same guy the Bucs thought they bought this spring?

Brady of late has been more goat than GOAT. In his last three games, he has as many picks as touchdowns (hi Jameis!). And Brady has totally lost any semblance of accuracy on long balls (settle down, Jameis!).

Either Brady has totally melted down with his deep passes or Father Time is tapping on his shoulder. Joe mentioned last week that Brady had just one game throwing for over 60 percent completion percentage the latter half of the 2019 season.

Brady is throwing much better than the second half of last year if you try to forget his long ball.

Whatever is wrong with Brady, AriansLeftwich is selling Brady down the river by continually calling on him to attempt passes he clearly cannot complete any longer.

That, friends, is arrogance run amok.

Of late, Brady has sure played more like a smelly, four-legged creature than a guy who has been glossed greatest of all.

No quarterback with the weapons the Bucs have should ever have as many picks as touchdowns. Joe doesn’t care what the guy’s name or resumé is.

62 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Rams defense was hitting and wanting it more, Bucs could not establish the run game, Brady was off.. again… the 3 drops by Fourntett were in a small way HUGE…

  2. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “I’m still trying to figure that out,” Arians said…

    find a mirror coach. You say you can’t go away from the run, then you do. You say AB should not be so involved, than he is. Your arrogance has taken “no-risk-it” to a whole new level (no wonder Jameis was a 30-30 man). Your defense has done the same thing game after game (slow starts), why are you not adjusting earlier?

  3. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Agree with most.
    I couldn’t help but notice, even with mask on, the shot of a cool, collect, McVeigh before the camera shot immediately after at Arians, whom had a face shield and looked like an old confused man not clear on what’s going on. We’ve seen that shot too often in games this year. I don’t see confidence on BA’s face–ever.

  4. The Coroner Says:

    The ultimate irony – Matt Gay kicks FG to beat Bucs.

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Tom Brady Winston!!!!!!

    at it again throwing deep ball picks!!!!!!…………….good job old man

  6. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe Faker will say it again

    Swap just the coaches. Bruce Arians with Sean Mc Vay and keep the exact same players/team

    McVay will beat Arians with either team

    10 out of 10 times


    Its the Coaching Stupid”

    Kobe Faker

  7. rrsrq Says:

    Not sure why BL and Arians are getting the blame for TBs errant passes, he is the GOAT, the one who recognizes defenses at the LOS, checks out of bad plays, goes through his progressions. Tab has chosen to pacify AB (kinda like 45 refusing to concede) than what is best for the team. If AB wins us games down the stretch and into the playoffs, weren’t we picked to be there without him. TBs lack of mobility with a questionable line at times (in this NFL) is a detriment. Even though he may not be getting sacked, the DBs and LBs don’t worry about him picking up a five yard first down on a scramble

  8. Roy T. Buford Says:

    BA Said: “I’m still trying to figure that out,” Arians said when asked inconsistency all season. “At times we look really, really good and then there are times where we obviously don’t.”

    Not to be out of context with other comments he might have made, Arians should cut to the chase and say “I was out coached again. That was the biggest problem.
    Other teams overcome adversity and find a way to win. I can’t seem to get us there. We create our own adversity in fact, too often.”

  9. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ rrsrq

    ………..bro………this team ain’t going to the playoffs with its inconsistent play

    so stop dreaming

  10. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Is Licht still the GM? His crappy drafted players are still running around being terrible. Dean has no business on the field and SMB is bad…did see one of Lichts guy make the game winning kick so I guess its not all bad for Licht as GM

  11. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Duthsty

    Incase you haven’t noticed……….it’s this defense that’s been keeping this team in games and helping this team be competitive………..even though they have been spotty at best on defense.


  12. Sumosam Says:

    I blame this on the coaching. They insist on going long all of the time when the short game is right in front of them. On the last drive, there was plenty of time and all you needed was 3 points to stay in the game. Why insist on going long when it wasn’t there?

  13. LVMYBUCS Says:

    We are a good team with bad coaching PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!

  14. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I sort of expected the loss, so I am not too angry about the game. I am angry about the season as it shows really how lousy the coaching is. Plain and simply bad coaching.

  15. Roy T. Buford Says:

    LVMYBUCS Says:
    November 24th, 2020 at 6:44 am
    “Best roster in the NFL coached by a idiots This is not a playoff COACHING STAFF.”

    Yup. Well said. Funny thing is yesterday some people were down on me for commenting about why Bucs are not getting better, why they are outcoached, why they can’t win in primetime, etc, even saying I was Ndog, etc. LOL. I guess some chose to sleep in today due to their brimming optimism about this season. One guy did admit if they lose both games coming up before the bye, they are fugged. Well, we’re halfway there. Last night was the one to get out of any of the two. Now they are desperate for a win or it will be the typical bye week for the Bucs….that is….a loss, while Bucs fans wait two weeks, watch, and hope for other teams to lose because their team can’t get it done. Deja Vu.

  16. bucsince79 aka bumaneer Says:

    We haven’t made the playoffs since 2008. I’m happy that we a least have a winning record. It hasn’t been easy to be a Bucs fan in those 12 years. We are a much better team w TB12. This loss sucks & yes I did not want Brady to throw long. There was plenty of time left to throw 5-15 yard passes & win the game. Bad Call at the end… I will ride out into the sunset A Bucs fan…

  17. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    I was thinking last night with all Godwin and Brown no playing, the ball doesn’t go to Scotty much at all and Brady had good chemistry with Scotty. Maybe Instead of Brady getting old maybe his chemistry with Brown and Godwin isn’t the same as it is with muller for throwing the deep ball.

  18. Jason Says:

    When Rojo gets 20 carries we win every time. This game he got 10.
    Why does Todd Bowles occasionally seem to run Mike Smith’s defense?
    Maybe it is the coaching. Specifically, play calling on offense and game planning on defense.

  19. Bradinator Says:

    We weren’t down by 20, what happened to the run game (other than Fournette dancing at the line of scrimmage). BTW if running backs can’t catch and the only criteria seems to be can they pass block, just put a OL back there with Brady. RoJo drops a ball, we don’t see him for the rest of the game, Fournette drops 3 in row and he doesn’t come off the field. What gives?

  20. meh Says:

    Lots of things to point at, but the 2 minute drills at thecend of the first half were the game. We bombed ours. They aced theirs. 6 point swing. That’s the game.

  21. Miller5252 Says:

    Love the Winston jabs. When Brady has 5 years in Tampa giving the ball and games away then I’ll say those 2 are comparable. Watching the post game with Arians he’s defending the play calling and is backing BL crappy calls. This team is so much better when they run the ball and throw off of it. When you don’t keep the defense on their heels looking for it, it’s a full on jail break to Brady. Bad game calling all the way around last night. Run the football!

  22. Hodad Says:

    Problem is we’re not a team, just a collection of talent. Licht has had six years to build a roster of home grown talent like the Saints, and has failed. Instead we’re a mix of star cast offs, who are past their prime, or S canned from their former teams. Add the fact that Arains, and Co. aren’t very good coaches, you have what you see. As another poster said, McVay is just a better coach then Arains. Same with Sean Payton. This team is a pretender, not a contender. It will be interesting to see what the Glazers do about it.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Maybe I’m wrong but doesn’t Brady have a choice on where he throws the ball?……Long or short….medium, dump-off?

    Sure, BL & BA should be blamed….but for me….much of this rests on Brady….

    I hardly think a projected 36-13 TD?Int is “morphing” into JW.

    This is all about expectations….

  24. Iron Wombat Says:

    Gay still missed a field goal kicking into the south endzone.

    This is a talented team but anytime coaching is the deciding factor they bucs don’t have a prayer.

  25. LVMYBUCS Says:

    I JUST WANT TO WIN OR LOSE WITH STYLE. Hey coach you cant blame the roster anymore so why not look at your staff for once.

  26. CChead Says:

    Out of 60+ offensive snaps, Bucs only put players in motion 6 FN TIMES. Who does that? WTF

  27. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Hey Joe or anyone please answer this for me. What would our record be or our team look like on the field if we had a coach like Bill Belichick, Andy Reid, Pete Carroll ect. Im telling you guys until they face the fact that a X QB doesnt make you a good OC thing will not get better. You have to have a play book that complaints the player(s) skill.

  28. Conte Piscateli Says:

    This team is lacking coaching that is the difference between being bad teams and good teams. Good teams create game plans to attack weaknesses and cover up their own. This team never has a new game plan for a different opponent offensively or defensively. Yes the defense makes good second half adjustments but it’s like they never saw any tape on the team before the game. We run the same tired 15 plays on offense and play soft zones for the first half of every game. It works against bad teams because we have more talent, but any team with talent is going to make us look bad if they have a GAME PLAN!

  29. LVMYBUCS Says:

    CChead Says:
    November 24th, 2020 at 8:26 am
    Out of 60+ offensive snaps, Bucs only put players in motion 6 FN TIMES. Who does that? WTF

    Let me answer that for you, lol lol a dumb as OC that thinks he can coach because he was a QB at some point in his life.

  30. LVMYBUCS Says:


  31. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ CChead

    You’ve been listening to 620 WDAE this morning…… 🙂

  32. SOEbuc Says:

    Who else would it be than the $40 million man getting worked on the left side all night. They showed clips of how the pocket kept collapsing and ur boy Donovan Smith was there every time. RT in the second round.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    “Whatever is wrong with Brady, AriansLeftwich is selling Brady down the river by continually calling on him to attempt passes he clearly cannot complete any longer. That, friends, is arrogance run amok.”

    YES, “Arrogance run amok”. That could become my favorite line Joe since Rhett Butler uttered his famous “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn’.

    Brady was 0-for-3 on deep passes in the 1st half, PLUS 2 more incompletions that drew Pass Interference calls totaling 45 yds. Brady was 0-for-4 on deep passes in the 2nd half … and TWO of those were intercepted & returned for 43 yds.

    So on the night he actually threw 9 deep passes, none of which were completed, 2 of which were intercepted/returned for 43 yds and 2 of which drew PI penalties for 45 yds. Those 9 plays gained us a total of 2 yds. One of Brady’s 2 INTs led to a Rams’ TD (they got it in Bucs’ territory) and the other INT killed our last drive with 2 mins remaining.

    AriansLeftwich is bent on proving that their ‘Bombs Away’ philosophy is still relevant today even with a 43-year-old GOAT. YES, “arrogance run amok” is VERY appropriate.

  34. SOEbuc Says:


    “Out of 60+ offensive snaps, Bucs only put players in motion 6 FN TIMES. Who does that? WTF”

    Bad OC like Leftwich. He’s a joke. Audible out every play so we can get a win Tom.

  35. 813bucboi Says:

    rrsrq Says:
    November 24th, 2020 at 7:20 am
    Not sure why BL and Arians are getting the blame for TBs errant passes, he is the GOAT, the one who recognizes defenses at the LOS, checks out of bad plays, goes through his progressions.


    2MIN drill we expect brady to make smart decisions, find the open man and deliver an accurate ball….

    brady did none of that with 2mins left….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  36. Steven007 Says:

    Underneath passes were open all day. The final drive should have been nothing but dink and dunk. Plenty of time on the clock. The long shot to Brate when we should have been bleeding the clock to either win or tie the game was inexplicable.

  37. Steven007 Says:

    813, I’m not a BL hater like some. But I don’t understand the long shots when they are not working in the game. Particularly when we want to run some time off the clock and are easily moving the ball with short passes that are open all day.

  38. Pewter Power Says:

    You keep giving this defense credit for some reason. The yac, the third down conversion rate the team looks lost in zone coverage. The defense was supposed to be the reason this was a championship caliber team. That defense is average especially when it matters most. Just wait and see.

  39. SOEbuc Says:


  40. Phred Says:

    This game is won or lost in the trenches. Our O-line is mediocre (at best). Our D-line cannot pressure a quarterback who has a decent O-line.

    If you can consistently pressure a quarterback with your front four, you win. If you can’t, you lose.

    The absence of Vita Vea is noticeable.

  41. Defense Rules Says:

    Oh and BTW, Rams last night rushed 20 times for 37 yds total (1.9 YPC). Good job Bucs defense. Goff passed 51 times with 39 completions (76.5%) for 376 yds, 3 TDs & 2 INTs and he wasn’t sacked. He threw a total of THREE deep passes all night … and TWO of them were complete. Rams run-pass ratio was 28.2% … not exactly balanced football but their game strategy worked.

    Bucs rushed EVEN LESS … 18 times for 42 yds total (2.3 YPC). Good job Rams defense. Brady passed 48 times with 26 completions (54.2%) for 216 yds, 2 TDs & 2 INTs, plus he was sacked once. He threw SEVEN deep passes on the night, TWO of which were intercepted PLUS 2 more than got PI calls … and completed NONE. Bucs run-pass ratio was 26.9% … not exactly balanced football either. And oh ya, the Bucs game strategy was non-existent.

    Bucs had a chance to make a statement on Prime Time National TV that we’re a contender. We’re not. Wasn’t pretty.

  42. Defense Rules Says:

    @813bucboi … “2MIN drill we expect brady to make smart decisions, find the open man and deliver an accurate ball…. brady did none of that with 2mins left…”

    Face facts bucboi. AriansLeftwich AREN’T putting Brady in a position to maximize his strengths & minimize his weaknesses (yes, 43-year-old QBs have weaknesses). They’re both hell-bent on proving that their ‘Bombs-Away’ strategy is still relevant in today’s NFL, but it’s not. We have the talent as a team to play excellent BALANCED FOOTBALL, but their game strategies are pulling us away from that. The two of them are the WEAK LINKS on this football team.

  43. Steven007 Says:

    DR, I read recently that for the majority of Brady’s career he is always read his progressions from short to deep. Now he is reading them from deep to short. I think the simple change in him reading his progressions the way he always has will prevent the errant long throws. I’m sure it’s not quite as simple as that but it certainly seems like it.

  44. Augsut 1976 Buc Says:

    In the words of Bum Phillips when talking about Don Shula and Bear Bryant.
    “He could take His’n and bet Your’n and he could take Your’n and beat His’n”

    Hey BA, you are better than this. If Sean McVay was coaching this team, they would be playing better. Come on BA, run the plays that Tom has been doing well for 20 years. Do not complicate things.
    There really is no reason for this team to be up and down like this. To much talent. It is a kids game.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  45. Conte Piscateli Says:

    Did anybody notice the sky didn’t fall while D Smith was out of the game? Dude is not worth the money he is being paid. He is a mediocre left tackle with a high ceiling that he will never reach because of his inconsistency

  46. bojim Says:

    BA/BL are too fricking stubborn.

  47. unbelievable Says:

    That’s total nonsense.

    Jameis could actually hit deep balls. He was 4th in the league last year at passes over 20 yards.

    Brady isn’t even in the top 16.

  48. Coburn Says:

    They played Brady style offense in first half.. even with empty formations… Then come out in second half and suddenly decided they’re going to run Arians and Lefty’s YOLO offense for some reason

  49. unbelievable Says:

    Newsflash: Leftwich sucks

  50. 813bucboi Says:


    brady isnt seeing the field and he’s inaccurate…..he’s starring down his target instead of working thru his progressions……combined with his safety outlets(rojo&fournette) dropping passes…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  51. 813bucboi Says:


    BL would have something in common with your mom IF he actually did…

    brady lost the game last night…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  52. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree…

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  53. Defense Rules Says:

    Steven007 … Actually I think it is as simple as that. Brady got into a groove playing one way his whole 20-year career, and now The QB Whisperer sats “Psst, GOAT, I need you to turn your way of doing things around 180 degrees”.

    In the words of Dr. Phil … “And how’s that working out for you?”

  54. Defense Rules Says:

    813bucboi … “brady isnt seeing the field and he’s inaccurate…..he’s starring down his target instead of working thru his progressions.”

    Just out of curiosity, are you talking about Brady or Winston? Kinda seems to me that the same exact things were said about Jameis last year. Also kinda seems to me that Jameis had a banner year when it came passing yardage … and INTs. And oh ya, kinda seems to me that Brady is following in Winston’s footsteps in those 2 areas.

    Kinda gets me wondering if MAYBE it MIGHT be THE OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY & SYSTEM that AriansLeftwich use to develop their play designs, their game plans and to do their play-calling. Just asking for a friend …

  55. Old Sombrero Says:

    As crazy as this sounds I think they have too many options in the receiver position. Rams shredded them with two receivers. Meanwhile we have Godwin, Brown, Evans, Gronk running routes and a few times nobody is open. I would’ve liked to see Scotty Miller running seam and post routes to allow for underneath passes for YAC.

  56. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m with TBBF. BA and Leftwich certainly bear some responsibility but this is on TOM BRADY.

    Everyone keeps talking about BA’s bomb’s away offense as if he’s forcing it down Brady’s throat. Perhaps Brady has wanted to be free to throw the ball deep his entire career. Perhaps this is Brady pimping the long game to BA as much as it is the other way around.

    Bottom line…let’s be honest. NOBODY is going to tell TOM EFFING BRADY where he can and cannot throw the ball. HE is the one who is uncorking those rainbows instead of taking the shorter higher % throws.

    Perhaps this is the real Tom Brady…a Darryl Lamonica wannabe. LOL

  57. stpetebucsfan Says:

    BTW Sorry for the dated reference for you younger guys.

    Darryl Lamonica was a two time AFL MVP.

    He was nicknamed “The Mad Bomber” due to his affinity for throwing the long pass in virtually any situation.

  58. LakelandSteve Says:

    Come on, it’s not all on Brady. Our defense sucked, playing a looooooose zone the first half. Even though we weren’t ripping off 20 yard gains I thought Ronald Jones had some positive runs early which allowed Brady to go play action. Brady is excellent on play action. So why did we see very little of Ronald Jones in the second half. I know Fournette has this great resume but at least behind the Bucs O-line RoJo is the much better runner. The Rams really were expecting the run when he was in the game as well. Instead even though we never were behind by more than one score it appeared that we had decided we were just going to drop back and throw the ball. You can’t put any quarterback in that situation against the Rams D-line and expect great outcomes. And, I need to mention as well even though we had people playing out of position on our O-line, everyone held up pretty well except you know who, Donovan “Whif” Smith. I am so tired of seeing Brady go down and who is standing right there to pick him up, good ole Whif. Why is he standing right where Brady got hit or sacked? Because it was his man hitting or sacking Brady. Sure, Brady looks like a rookie at times throwing deep which I don’t get because we were completing those early this year. But this wasn’t all on Brady like some are suggesting

  59. Harold stone Says:

    I think Buccaneers will beat the Chiefs because the Chiefs defense isn’t no where near as good as the RAMS so that mean Brady will a lot ore time to throw drown field and CONNECT

  60. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey DR, I respect your comments and visit here cos of you and a few others. However, I am calling horse crap today. I could only listen to 3.5 quarters last night. What I heard made me glad I have low BP. Brady, the goat, lost this game. Arians, too. Why is it Brady throws a pic, Rams run it back to TB37 and they score 7? JPP who ain’t no spring chicken, picks one off and Bucs get it down to between the 20-30 yard line of the Rams and goat can only score 3? Goat threw another stupid long bomb to Bryant which cost us possession. This Bucs team is owed these final 5 games by Arians and Brady. Devoted fans will see.

  61. Defense Rules Says:

    orlbucfan … You’ve gotta help me out and be more specific about WHICH horse crap you’re referring to (my wife would tell you I’m full of it). Brady was awful in last night’s game; if that’s what you’re referring to I agree with you totally. As I said earlier … “43-year-old QBs have weaknesses”. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Tom Brady or Darryl Lamonica (yup, I caught that one StPete). His long bomb is TERRIBLE, and yet he keeps throwing it, over & over & over.

    Those deep throws lost us the game last night: 7-out-of-7 incompletions with 2 INTs, one of which led to a Rams TD & the other that ended any chance we had to tie or win it. And that’s been happening all season.

    Forrest Gump’s mama was right … ‘Stupid is as stupid does’.

  62. unbelievable Says:

    Again, the failure is on all 3 of them:

    – Arians
    – Leftwich
    – Brady

    They all FAILED at their jobs last night. Which they have now done every time we’ve faced a good defense.