Make It Burger Monger!!!

November 9th, 2020

It’s Tampa Bay Burger Week, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than with the Skirted Cheeseburger and a drink at Burger Monger for just $9.99. This beast is delicious!!!

If you’re not feasting at one of the five Burger Monger locations, you are not living life. (The video below is real.) Click on through to see the full menu. Order online, too!

9 Responses to “Make It Burger Monger!!!”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    Holy crap that burger looks insane!

  2. mark2001 Says:

    At BA’s age myself, I’d have to split that with my wife, and call it the days meal. Cheddar Jack…Gooey and Crispy around the edge. 1/3 pound of beef. Yum-yum.

  3. FirstTimePoster Says:

    I have chest pains just looking at that thing. That being said, I’ll take my chances.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    LOL, a Heart Attack on a plate, but I have eaten a few of them with no ill effects!

  5. ArmchairGM Says:

    Burger Monger is ridiculously good and their fries are fantastic. The woman who manages the Safety Harbor location is a sweetheart. Cannot praise them enough. Go try them.

  6. Says:

    I would try it if they were in Citrus county.

  7. firethecannons Says:

    the hamburger is over the top the reason for all the covid deaths and sickness is obesity so get a handle on it

    that is like a whole 16 ounce bag of shredded cheese buy the hamburger and share it with someone is a better idea that way you can drink a few beers first

  8. TheRedMirage Says:

    ^^^^^^ Lighten up Francis.

  9. Frankinthe813 Says:

    After that game it’s pepto bismal Monday…