Buccaneers-Saints, Open Thread

November 8th, 2020

It’s a big-time game for a Buccaneers team that absolutely deserves the spotlight of Sunday Night Football.

Joe is fired up!!

Comment all game long right here with fellow fans. Be nice to each other. Be nice to Joe. And come back all through the wee hours for plenty out of this critical game.

Go Bucs!

1,191 Responses to “Buccaneers-Saints, Open Thread”

  1. #1bucfan Says:

    Let’s go Bucs.

  2. Bucsfan Says:

    Its fight night I hate the saints!!!

  3. Marc Coppola Says:

    Is that the one you refer to as “America’s QB”?

  4. The Man Says:

    Go Bucs!

  5. Marc Coppola Says:

    Strange that a guy who is third on the depth chart would maintain the moniker “America’s QB”… unless you consider America a 3rd rate country.

  6. August 1976 Buc Says:

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  7. Tye Says:

    I wish they would start ole JW so the Bucs can final benefit from all his turnovers!
    Hoping this night game goes far better than the last few…

  8. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    fAMOUS Jameis…………….I hope you play tonight so we can knock you into tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  9. MCHammer Says:

    America’s bench warmer! Logical choice for the open thread photo

  10. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Let’s hope they don’t come out flat again

  11. BucEmUp Says:

    Really big game tonight!!!

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    Anybody know if Kwon is gonna get any play?

  13. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I believe this game will be close the whole game and will come down to a few critical plays to win the game………

    The bucs have the edge……..

    But noone can ever think they can get one over on the saints and dree brees

  14. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I think Kwon is oft injured again……………….

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    Thanks Anthem

  16. JimmyJack Says:

    The key to todays game gor me is Devin White. Its his job to stop Kamara. Ive heard a lot of Bucs pundits crediting us for limiting Kamara last time and I say its not good enough.

    Alvin got two TDs on us last game and on both plays White let himself either get wiped out or misdirected. They will try to abuse White again in the redzone and he needs to step up.

    My prediction 39-30 Bucs.

  17. Adam Lakers Carolla Says:

    Anthem…you really need to start your own podcast. Quite the wordsmith.

  18. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Weather will be a factor…. If they can limit Kamara’s big chunk plays we should at the advantage with Brees used to dome life and Brady coming from blizzard country.

  19. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    GO BUCS!!!!

  20. Zwak Says:

    Great pic Joe’s

  21. Sourbob Says:

    Lets get em boys

  22. JonJohn Says:

    Look at that felon!

  23. AtlBuc Says:

    Is Godwin Playing??

  24. Miller5252 Says:

    Let have a good showing on Prime Time please. Let’s finally show that the Bucs lead the NFC south and are a team that no one wants to play. Blow out the Saints!! It’s time!!

  25. The Red Mirage Says:

    Go Bucs!!

  26. bojim Says:

    Time to make America respect you.

  27. 813bucboi Says:

    Let’s go with the south


  28. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Can’t wait. Hopefully we ball out tonight. 7-2 would look really nice.

  29. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Let’s go TB12 and Bucs! Time to show the league we are THE team in the NFC!

  30. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    Hope our secondary brings their A game! Brees aint gonna miss those wide open receivers like Daniel did.

  31. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I wonder how well Godwin will catch the ball with that modified cast on his hand/finger?????

  32. Pa Privateer Says:

    I want a solid win.

  33. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    But lets hope Brees cannot push the ball down field like all the sportscasters are saying all week long

  34. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Good food, good drink, good toke smoke. Life is good. Go Bucs!!!

  35. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The Good thing also is that Michael Thomas is not 100% from his injury….so his snap count will be limited

    We only gotta worry about Kamara on those freaking sweeps………cause he always kills us on those sweeps

  36. Buc Neckid Says:

    Go BUCS!!!

  37. Jordan Says:

    Hoping AB have a big game tonight.

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    These contenders for Wild Card in the NFC lost this week:

    Seattle, Arizona, Chicago, Carolina,SF

    Wild card for us is starting to look good…..but we need the division….need to win tonight!!!

  39. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    This game has the feel of a “must win” game for playoffs potentials

  40. Ftmyersbuc Says:

    Heavy rain coming it looks like. Hope they can finish the game.

    1 guy has covid on the raiders and its oh lets flex this earlier.

    Hurricane coming and naw lets play it as late as possible. Wtf nfl. 1pm start and we woukd have perfect weather.

  41. JimmyJack Says:

    Anthem if Week 1 is an indication Brees cant push the ball downfield. Everything they tryed on us was short/intermediate.

    Havent seen much Saints since then but I gotta assume its been more of the same. Otherwise where is that narritive coming from? If you notice the talking heads said Brady couldnt push it downfield now they have shut up about that…… Because Brady prooved them all wrong. If Brees had also proven them wrong it makes sense they would have shut up about him too.



  42. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Time to stack em up…4 wins in a row!!!

  43. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Gotta be a good deal of wind in the stadium tonight. Brady still has an NFL arm. Brees can’t throw a ball more than maybe 15 yards. As Anthem would say, “noodle arm,” but that descries Brees, but not Brady.

  44. bucs_1 Says:

    people really don’t get to excited, don’t be mad when it gets ugly fast lets be real here

  45. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Cmon Defense…………..play with fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    1st place NFC South and 1st NFC overall, with a W tonight!!! Go Bucs!

  47. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Anxious to see what Brown brings to the field.

  48. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Yeah……I was wrong………Brees has the “noodle”…………..LOL

  49. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Joe, why a photo of Mr. Irrelevant?

  50. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Cmon………………that’s the best Bucs QB EVA…………….Jaboo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Miller5252 Says:

    Let’s hope Gronk is helping Smith block tonight. Jordan seems to own Smith every time they play. O line keeps Brady clean it’s gonna be a blow out!

  52. Bucfan81 Says:

    Let’s go…let’s get this first in the Conference and division…

  53. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Jaboo does hold a bunch of bucs records……….whether fans wanna admit it or not

  54. Brandon Jeff Says:

    Ok Team, a few things to remember for this
    Important Game!

    1. Don’t beat yourselves!

    2. Focus on every play!

    3. Treat every play like it’s the freakin’ Super Bowl!

    4. Impose your will!


    Go Bucs!

  55. Georger Says:

    Does the bad weather help Brady and the Bucs or the Saints?

  56. JimmyJack Says:

    Alright boys enjoy the game. Have fun watching us stomp the Saints and take back the division(from 15 years ago hahaha). Check yall later.


  57. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    run the damn ball

  58. Daniel Says:

    I always preach caution, but Antonio Brown looks like he straight up wants to kill people. He’s going to break a long one tonight

  59. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    You know

    Brady always has a few of these balls that seem to float to nowhere?????

  60. 813bucboi Says:

    Brady a little off


  61. EA Says:

    Sh!t start as usual

  62. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    a little???

  63. David Says:

    Just listened to the pregame guys go over a highlight and show how
    A quarterback is hit in the face ….
    A flag will be thrown.

    I guess they were wrong

  64. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Always a slow start

  65. Miller5252 Says:

    Well that sucked. Getting too cute, run the ball.

  66. BuccoDav Says:

    RoJo had a good run…

  67. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    stop the sweep or swing pass

  68. rrsrq Says:

    Let’s go Bucs

  69. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    oh my lord

  70. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Typical Bucs start.

  71. BuccoDav Says:

    Devon cannot cover…

  72. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Devin white is terrible in pass coverage

  73. 813bucboi Says:

    DW getting cooked in coverage


  74. 813bucboi Says:

    We good


  75. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    dammit JPP

  76. cmurda Says:

    Devin White is being picked on. Bowles getting outcoached by Payton. Devin has a long way to go in coverage. I wish JPP could catch

  77. BuccoDav Says:

    Oh, JPP!!!

  78. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  79. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    how in da hell

  80. cmurda Says:

    Wooooow. Kill yourself SMB

  81. 813bucboi Says:

    Busted coverage on SMB….


  82. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    To Be The Man….You Have To BEAT The Man!

  83. Bucfan81 Says:

    How do you blow a coverage that bad

  84. TomTom Says:

    Game over

  85. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    what the hell was that?????

  86. rrsrq Says:

    Too easy, darn near surgical

  87. bucs_1 Says:

    told yall hahahaha

  88. Wesley Says:

    SMB blows

  89. DaBux Says:

    Oh SMB. Just unforgivable.

  90. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    23 stinks.

  91. Boltsfan17 Says:

    This defense….

  92. BuccoDav Says:

    JPP… can’t miss an opportunity like that against Brees.

  93. SRG Says:

    Too easy!

  94. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    Carved us up like a Thanksgiving turkey

  95. Miller5252 Says:

    Welcome to prime time…. again

  96. SteveK Says:

    Cmon D. Damn. Don’t get beat bc you don’t know the coverage. Let’s go Bucs

  97. 813bucboi Says:

    Still a long game….

    We in shape….


  98. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    23 has given multiple big plays every game this season.

  99. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    3 defenders jumping Kamala and that’s what happens!!!!!!!

  100. Wesley Says:


  101. EA Says:

    I thought they were gonna come out and play fast and sharp, I was wrong.
    Still plenty of time left, go bucs.

  102. rrsrq Says:

    As we saw last week, when you have a chance to make a play on defense, like a interception and you don’t, this is what happens

  103. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Jamel Dean and SMB officially are called the “TOAST BROTHERS”

  104. Davenport Says:

    Whatever defense we had 3 weeks ago has left the building.

  105. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    Awful….just awful

  106. cmurda Says:

    Sit SMB for anybody. Anybody. That’s another coverage fail by clueless and slow SMB. That’s humiliating. Get your D going Bowles. That was trash.

  107. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Defense has started slow every game this season.

  108. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Long game, but this falling behind in the first is getting real old!!!

  109. Surfslowson Says:

    Of all our corners SMB has regressed. 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  110. 813bucboi Says:


  111. Of course Says:


  112. ©MadMax Says:


  113. Will Says:

    Well that was quick. Lets go Bucs get it together.

  114. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    that was beyond terrible

  115. 813bucboi Says:

    Relax folks

    It’s early


  116. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hopefully, that woke us up!!!

  117. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    That was like POP WARNER Football terrible defense

  118. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Why can’t our offense come out with the short pass game and move the sticks?????

  119. rrsrq Says:

    I thought the DBs said the difference was communication this year, obviously there is a communication problem

  120. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    Could not have started worse if we had tried or scripted it, like Peyton does

  121. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  122. Rafterman61 Says:

    So are we gonna be outclassed tonight

  123. 813bucboi Says:

    That was on Dean


  124. Of course Says:

    Good god. Run the fcking ball.

  125. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Guess it was Dean’s f-up again.

  126. cmurda Says:

    Maybe I jumped the gun. Looks like Dean screwed the pooch. The bigger concern is the stale play calling on offense

  127. ©MadMax Says:

    My bad, that was on DEAN!

  128. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    Good Lord the Bucs look awful….absolutely awful so far

  129. Of course Says:

    Run THE BALL

  130. Miller5252 Says:

    How come when we play the Saints it always looks like a replay. Get your head out and run the ball!

  131. Wesley Says:

    These slow starts are annoying.

  132. Dapostman Says:

    As always if this OL gets handled the Bucs will lose.

  133. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  134. 813bucboi Says:



  135. cmurda Says:

    This O Line is trash under the spotlight in prime time. Off to a miserable start. Putrid.

  136. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    gonna be a long game tonight fellas

  137. BuccoDav Says:

    RoJo running hard… o-line takes another good run away…

  138. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    76 is the eraser.

  139. AtlBuc Says:

    Here we go with the penalties. Prime time seems to bring out those

  140. BuccoDav Says:

    cmurda… Joe said the o-line is just fine…

  141. Chimichango Says:

    Brady is going to take a beating all game.

  142. Of course Says:

    What a way to start a game.

    Getting outplayed everywhere.

    Basically another 3 and out. And the saints will March right back down the field.

    3rd and 14 and a swing pass?

    Lol. Wow

  143. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Terrible start both sides of the ball. I love Brady but I still don’t trust this group.

  144. cmurda Says:

    Wake up coaches. Wake up players. There’s a game happening. We are about to be in trouble fast.

  145. 813bucboi Says:

    Penalties and poor execution killed that drive…


  146. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I swear

    If the Saints score here fellas…………………GAME OVER

    ………cause we ain’t coming back…….this ain’t the giants

  147. SRG Says:

    Oh I forgot, Byron is calling plays

  148. Davenport Says:

    I cannot wait until Donovan Smith is off this team. He is a penalty machine.

  149. Of course Says:

    This team sucks during prime time.

    Just flex this team and just give them all the 1 o’clock games.
    Good god. Pathetic.

  150. bucs_1 Says:

    blowout incoming goodnight yall

  151. Anonymous Says:


  152. DoooshLaRue Says:


    We do it so well.

  153. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Donovan Smith….killing us early..

  154. 813bucboi Says:

    Relax it’s early….

    We’ll get a stop here…


  155. geno711 Says:

    TheBucsAnthem Says:
    November 8th, 2020 at 8:39 pm
    I swear

    If the Saints score here fellas…………………GAME OVER

    ………cause we ain’t coming back…….this ain’t the giants

    How soon you forget the Green Bay game!!

  156. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    This team better light a fire or it’s over before half time

  157. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Do the Bucs realize this is a real game?

  158. Wesley Says:

    Someone make a play!!

  159. jugheadfla Says:

    if we can’t get a pass rush going, let the rout begin….

  160. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    We went from the best at scoring in the first for the first 3-4 games to probably the worst since…I don’t get it?!?!

  161. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Need a good series from the defense.

  162. Of course Says:

    All those weapons and looks like NO ONE open.

    Playing in quicksand.

    Well at least I can get to bed at a decent hour

  163. Miller5252 Says:

    If you’re gonna call a play like that on 3 and 14, you might as well just go f’in home!! What a BS call!!

  164. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    we need DEFENSE geno

    do you see any defense geno?????

    cause I don’t see JACK

  165. Bucfan81 Says:

    We will win next week when we go back to 1pm against the kitty cats. We haven’t had any luck beating the damn saints in a couple years now. This shouldn’t shock anyone.

  166. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    The closest man to the ball is not always the culprit. Clearly, that was on Dean and not SMB.

  167. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Yeah, don’t throw in the towel just yet.

    I’m smelling defense tonight.
    Turnovers coming our way

  168. cmurda Says:

    Not yet in this one Bucco. O line looks like crap

  169. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    It’s the same guys every time lol

  170. 813bucboi Says:


    Take that lame weak @$$ mentality to the jags blog….

    You a clown


  171. SteveK Says:

    Let’s get a turnover!

  172. firethecannons Says:

    throws a lateral in traffic when we need 14yds never going anywhere doing that defense needs to step up

  173. TomTom Says:


    It’s the offensive coordinator. He’s an idiot. Can’t call a game to save his life.

  174. Brady Backer Says:

    OmG put mike edwards on the field throw to evans and get it

  175. AtlBuc Says:

    Bowles is getting ready to warm up Brees!

  176. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    With the Seahawks loss, this game is even of greater importance. sh!tty start so far. Tim for the D to bail out the O. The O looks awful to this point.

  177. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ 813

    This is the saints

    not the crappy giants

  178. GhostofSchiano Says:


  179. Miller5252 Says:

    Let’s go D shut em down

  180. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Just awful

  181. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    OMG…………………………game over

  182. jugheadfla Says:

    secondary sucking arse….nothing new

  183. Buc Neckid Says:

    Terrible Tackling

  184. GhostofSchiano Says:

    They should have won the creamsicle unis

  185. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    The Bucs are GREAT at defending grass

  186. Of course Says:

    Just pack the dang bags and go home.

    Absolutely pathetic. And at home OF COURSE

  187. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    the Bucs players are like “can we play the crappy giants again???”

  188. Brady Backer Says:

    Deven White is just another rush backer right now he is such a liability in pass coverage but he will grow hopefully. Go Bucs!!!

  189. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    24 missed tackle

  190. jugheadfla Says:

    they should never….EVER….be allowed to play zone

  191. cmurda Says:

    That despicable defense is just a matter of heart and they have none right now. It’s the same gameplay every single time Todd Bowles. Same.

  192. All lives matter Says:

    Deonte Harris who the he|| is he

  193. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    This is embarrassing

  194. Brady Backer Says:

    Where’s the d-line?

  195. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Brees has all day to throw

  196. David Says:

    So far they look pretty lackadaisical.
    They need their collective head to get out of their collective ass

  197. jugheadfla Says:

    time to start sending the LBs and CBs

  198. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    NFL will not let us wear the cream unis because the helmets are white not pewter

  199. Wesley Says:

    Unprepared again.

  200. Miller5252 Says:

    Can we quit playing prime time games.

  201. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    DEFENSE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. jugheadfla Says:

    generous spot

  203. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    90 getting worked

  204. Davenport Says:

    This is professional football defense?
    Cant cover
    Cant get a pass rush

    Great start to the season, fully in pieces now

  205. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    GENEROUS spot there

  206. Of course Says:

    No pressure from our so called awesome line.

    Secondary not worth a crap.

    Can’t tackle all of a sudden.

    Wide open receivers all over the place.

    Looks like the Bucs of old.

    I hope Brady rips into these idiots on the bench.

  207. NDog is an idiot Says:

    Joe, your photo on this article is dooming is… its almost like he rejoined the Bucs!!! Take JayMiss photo down to change our Mojo!!

  208. cmurda Says:

    Brees attacking Devin White fiercely. Bowles needs to slide help. He just isn’t getting it done Todd

  209. Brady Backer Says:

    We miss VV bad

  210. DaBux Says:

    Uh, can we just play all our games at 11 a.m. Eastern time please? No more Prime Time.

  211. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  212. King C Says:

    If you’re going to critique Byron Leftwich you can do it without resorting to bigotry and racism. These are the same people who want Mike Tomlin fired for no good reason

  213. jugheadfla Says:

    no way he made that

  214. Buc Neckid Says:

    Another Bad Spot

  215. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    can’t tackle

    can’t cover

  216. Miller5252 Says:

    Need a stop!

  217. Of course Says:

    And this zone crap they’re playing is bullsh$t.

    Bout to turn this crap off and watch re runs of the Jenny Jones show followed by Ricki Lake.

  218. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    He did not get that but this is a wasted challenge

    Guarantee the call stands

  219. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Dumb challenge

  220. Curse of Gruden Says:

    The D will be gassed by halftime.

  221. cmurda Says:

    Dumb challenge Bruce. Payton loves outcoaching us. He takes pleasure in it. For some reason, it’s far too easy for him.

  222. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bad Challenge….

  223. 813bucboi Says:

    Bad challenge BA….

    Once again you didn’t have this team ready to go


  224. SRG Says:

    The Saints got a really good spot…waste a time-out. But who cares?

  225. Wesley Says:

    Should have challenged the very favorable 3rd down spot instead.

  226. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Defense looking shaky, plus a generous spot by the zebras. I’ll not be turning off though, some of us are genuine bucs fans.

  227. Of course Says:


    Yea why do you have a pic of a failed bust QB as the pic here.


  228. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    This is very ugly!! Both sides of the ball look like they didn’t come to play tonight!!!

  229. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Drew is such a tweeker, I mean it’s obvious..

  230. Miller5252 Says:

    Every time we play the Saints it always looks the same. Good ole kick in the family jewels

  231. Davenport Says:

    Challenging that?? Total panic move by BA. He knows that we’re getting blown out tonight. These slow starts are reminding me of the Raheem and Koetter days.

  232. David Says:

    He did not get that first down. He was stood up right at the line. But, I don’t think there’s anyway they can overturn that

  233. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Should have thrown the WHITE Flag

  234. SRG Says:

    I hope this is t going to be another out coached, out hustled, out played game.

  235. Buc Neckid Says:

    Defense needed the Time out

  236. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Bucco Brucie just wanted an unofficial timeout

  237. Rodmunch74 Says:

    We’ve got to spot them 14, then they will start playing

  238. AtlBuc Says:


  239. Of course Says:

    I’m a die hard Bucs fan but I’m not gonna watch an unprepared team that looks like they don’t care.
    Letting guys run wide open. No pressure. Can’t tackle.

    Why watch them bleed to death.

  240. Of course Says:

    Moderate me cause I called out your stupid pic?

  241. Soggy Says:

    yes david

  242. Rodmunch74 Says:

    If the OL doesn’t block this will be quick work for the Saints

  243. Buc Neckid Says:

    Finally a Break

  244. jugheadfla Says:

    wow……saved us

  245. DoooshLaRue Says:

    What was I saying?

  246. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    This might help if it stands

  247. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Now we must move the ball…..

  248. AtlBuc Says:

    David is an Expert at stripping the ball out

  249. Siege The Bay Says:

    lets goooo!

  250. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  251. Surfslowson Says:

    LVD saved the day again

  252. 813bucboi Says:

    Ok that’s what we needed

    Let’s drive


  253. EA Says:

    Aight long drive with a score here to keep our D off the field.

  254. Wesley Says:

    Unless you have a once in a decade type defense I hate hate hate zone defense.

  255. ©MadMax Says:

    YES! Weeeeee neeeded that TO!

  256. Soggy Says:

    we can not keep this 3 and out crap… SCORE BUCS

  257. Of course Says:

    Yay now we have the ball at the 1.

    Probably give up a safety because for whatever reason they are trying to make it a Brady vs Brees game instead of establishing a run game.

    So dum b

  258. GhostofSchiano Says:


  259. Siege The Bay Says:

    have some faith boys

  260. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Moderation? That’s unbelievable.

  261. rrsrq Says:

    Can we fire whoever is in the booth and calls for the challenge

  262. Buc Neckid Says:

    And Now time for a 98 yard drive

  263. Davenport Says:

    Caught a break there but, again, a receiver was wide open. Our coverage scheme depends on a great rush…. hasn’t been here in weeks.

  264. AtlBuc Says:

    R E L A X!

  265. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Huge play. However, now we need a 98 yard drive. Need to keep our DBs up close to the line of scrimmage. Brees literally cannot throw the ball more than 15 yards.

  266. jugheadfla Says:

    ball was coming out

  267. Pewter Power Says:

    Wonder when they will finally be interested in playing football. So annoying when the offense looks lost like they hardly ever play this team. They always looked scared to play the Saints.

  268. Miller5252 Says:

    March down the field. You’ve been scoring TD’s on all turnovers this year and keep it going

  269. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Can’t overturn that. Not in a million years.

  270. rrsrq Says:


  271. Buc Neckid Says:

    or another three and out

  272. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    bad play calling suckwich

  273. Of course Says:

    Let’s see if maybe we can run 6 plays this time. It’s come down to hoping maybe we can get a first down without a penalty

  274. Of course Says:

    Wt absolute fc k was that?

    Terrible play call.

  275. 813bucboi Says:

    Brady trying to force it to AB


  276. jugheadfla Says:

    should have been PI

  277. Buc Neckid Says:

    This Sucks

  278. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    fire suckwich

  279. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    GOOD GOD our offense SUCKS

  280. Siege The Bay Says:

    under threw him

  281. cmurda Says:

    This is disgusting Byron. Absolutely embarrassment like there is no gameplan

  282. Rodmunch74 Says:

    It’s over. The line cannot hold up.

  283. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Another 3 and out.

  284. EA Says:

    Sh!t play calling, defense is getting exhausted

  285. Tiltedredman Says:

    They get out of this funk

  286. Wesley Says:

    This coaching staff needs to be better.

  287. Of course Says:

    Lol. It’s literally comical at this point lol.

    Well I guess we’ll just see how bad it gets lol.

    Can’t even get a simple first down lol.

  288. Joseph Mamma Says:

    1st downs are really overrated.

  289. Bucy Says:

    Get rojo out and Lenny in he is ruining the game!

  290. Soggy Says:

    Just move the chains guys GEEZ

  291. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    CRAP – O – LA BUCS!!!!!!!!

  292. ©MadMax Says:

    We look sloppy as fk! Gonna lose this if we keep going this way!

  293. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    The Sucks Buc

  294. Bucfan81 Says:

    This offense sucks. All these weapons and we can’t even get a first down

  295. Of course Says:

    Just absolutely horrible play calling

  296. Surfslowson Says:

    Can we try.a first down instead of going for everything?????????

  297. 813bucboi Says:

    Let’s go defense

    Gotta hold em….

    RELAX…it’s still early


  298. cmurda Says:

    This O Line is not acceptable. It’s hard to fully blame Byron when the line can’t hold for 2 seconds.

  299. Daddylonglegs Says:

    Absolute garbage!!!!

  300. Wesley Says:

    Just let Brady call the plays.

  301. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Yeah………let’s bomb it at one yard line…………….StUPID

  302. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    We are flat as a pancake so far. Terrible start on both sides of the ball. Come on defense! We need to hold them to a FG or get another turnover. The offense flat out sucks, and I blame Joe for starting this thread with a picture of Jay Miss!!!

  303. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brady is rattled early….

  304. TheBucsAnthem Says:



  305. Siege The Bay Says:

    we should work some intermediate crossing routes. target mike and chris. also Tom is gonna have to trust them to make a play in single coverage

  306. Soggy Says:

    quicker routes just move the chains..

  307. Jimbo Says:

    This coach BA is terrible he is a dumb ass

  308. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Awful punt. Forgot can’t speak like adults here.

  309. From76 Says:

    So……….offensive game plan is garbage.

  310. rrsrq Says:

    It’s Jameis fault, he is telling the defense all of BL and BA plays. It is time to matriculate the ball down the field, short crisp passes, until you get a chance to go 4 wide.

  311. AtlBuc Says:

    We don’t have a game plan for the first quarter. It starts in the second quarter.

  312. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    O line can’t hold their blocks. So why can’t we be creative with chip blocks like the Saints are doing to us?

  313. Curse of Gruden Says:


  314. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Joe cursed the whole Bucs team with a Jaymiss pic

  315. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Why oh why can offenses consistently get the short pass game on us but we can’t seem to game plan for a short pass game! F the long passes for now!!!! Get a damn 1st down!

  316. Rodmunch74 Says:

    I’m a realist. Just making the playoffs is enough for me.

  317. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Gonna need another spark from the defense, as well as Tommy lighting a fire under a few asses.

  318. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Brady looks sad

  319. Jimmboo Says:

    That turnover might be no point by not getting a first Down terrible play call on 2nd down, I believe that’s our 3rd deep shot already

  320. Tackleblockwin Says:

    This O is horrible so far. Wake up!

  321. SRG Says:

    Sad to see the lack of energy, don’t they have coached or captains to light some fires?

  322. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    Brady was rattled last time we played the Saints….pretty sure it is the Saints….they are a better coached team

  323. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Help us out D!!!

  324. BuccoBrucey Says:

    Horrific play-calling and execution so far. Better get it together or this game will get away from us quickly

  325. Chimichango Says:

    Bombs into 15mph wind…

  326. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    WTF with throwing a long pass there? Just get the freaking first down.

  327. Bangkok Buc Says:


  328. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Saints are better. Period.

  329. Rafterman61 Says:

    Saints are on mission

  330. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Sorry Guys


    ……..get your anger out now and then get drunk for the rest of it

  331. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    We’re not flat, we’re getting out played. No answer for the pass rush at all and our punter is terrible!

  332. Miller5252 Says:

    The Saints play the same game every time they play the Bucs. At the end of the game Bucs coaches are going to say we have to do a better job of moving Evans around to get him the ball…..

  333. cmurda Says:

    Pinion sucks too. Can we make that clear as well. Just to top it off you get like 30 yards out of him. This team on both sides of the ball is unwatchable.

  334. DaBux Says:

    This is fine.

  335. adam from ny Says:

    team looking really terrible in all facets…

    and BA looks like a tourist on the sidelines with that weird mechanism by his belly( like a camera bag) and visor…

    get it together guys

  336. Will Says:

    We look horrible right now. Come on guys

  337. Jeff Says:

    I know its early but a win in this game would put us in the #1 spot. This team takes too long to get started.

  338. Of course Says:

    I’m calling it now.

    Blown fck ing out at home.

    They having their way with this sh$t crap team.

  339. Siege The Bay Says:

    i think the deep ball is to keep the defense honest. so even if it doesnt connect its still a threat. we gotta catch a rhythm. Brady has to start cooking, and keep mixing in the run. Plenty game left

  340. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Can’t win now

  341. Wesley Says:

    They’re just not as good as we thought. Maybe next year, maybe.

  342. Pewter Power Says:

    We come out and force a pass to AB but not mike Evans. They have no plan whatsoever for brown.

  343. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Jameis told them what to do

  344. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    This Bucs team is showing no heart

  345. Soggy Says:

    our d is going to get worn out to fast 3 and outs

  346. Wesley Says:

    14-0 incoming.

  347. jugheadfla Says:

    ball game

  348. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    NO NAME PLAYERS are catching TDs now./…

  349. cmurda Says:

    Devin White. All of a sudden not looking that special

  350. David Says:

    Damn. The Saints have come out with energy in the Bucs look like they are on their heels and indecisive.

    They’re going to get their ass kicked if they don’t get their head out of their ass. They need some sort of pass rush.
    it’s ridiculous

  351. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Frigging awful effort. This team is so overrated.

  352. Wesley Says:

    Embarrassing. Out coached.

  353. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    ha ha ha ha h a

    game over

    get drunk

  354. Chimichango Says:

    Too easy.

  355. Of course Says:

    Just too easy

    F u c k you you stupid a s s Bucs team.

    F u c k all of you pretenders.

  356. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Come on Bucs. Get your head out of your ass

  357. GhostofSchiano Says:


  358. cmurda Says:

    Ok 1st quarter is over. Please play football

  359. DaBux Says:

    This is what happens when you’re immature and read your own press clippings bout being the “best” team. TB12 had best tighten this crap up in the 2nd half.

  360. unbelievable Says:

    Choking in prime time yet again.

    Even Brady can’t change that.

  361. Bucfan81 Says:

    Embarrassing every time we play the saints..

  362. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Devin White can’t cover my grandmother

  363. Siege The Bay Says:

    defense isn’t the problem right now. they’ve had to protect a short field multiple times now.

  364. Boltsfan17 Says:

    It’s all on you Tom. Your team decided no game tonight.

  365. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Glad to see LD54 get up and walk off. Brady looks almost indifferent on the sidelines. LET”S GO FELLAS! CERTAINLY CAN’T AFFORD TO GET ANY FURTHER BEHIND HERE.

  366. 813bucboi Says:

    Now let’s win to 2nd quarter


  367. Surfslowson Says:

    Wake uppppppppppppppp!!!!!!

  368. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    Superior coaching, game planning, and preparation on display here

  369. aj Says:

    If Rojo is benched for a drop, then Devin White needs to be benched now. Brees makes him look like a high schooler.

  370. 123urout Says:

    The bucs had a hard time stopping Giant’s Daniel Jones, what more with Drew Brees

  371. Boltsfan17 Says:

    White is clueless in pass coverage.

  372. Siege The Bay Says:

    coaches time to make adjustments and based on what their defense is showing us

  373. Kstoges Says:

    literally unwatchable I’m disgusted

  374. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    It’s time to start punching saints in the mouth. Let’s see if we can do that!

  375. GhostofSchiano Says:

    If this keeps up might be changing the channel by halftime

  376. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    Rodmunch that is not fair, your grandmother is fast, I hear

  377. ATrain Says:

    Is that the first time that Joe had put a Non starter on the thread photo?

  378. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Ballgame unless Brady gets hot immediately.

  379. rrsrq Says:

    Every since the nation started bragging on the defense, which is the same time VV went out, the defense has not been playing with any swag.

  380. Pete I Says:

    Another prime time stinker in the offing.

    Bucs have looked unimpressive in all prime time games this year. Thank God the Raiders game was flexed…

  381. Dp4life22 Says:

    Defense has been on field entire quarter. Leftwich needs to get creative and how about your dont cover WR 10 yards off ball

    Get ball to mike !!!

  382. King C Says:

    So there are moderators on this site

  383. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Getting our a$$ beat may actually be good for us……but I’d rather win….

  384. Jimmboo Says:

    Hey let’s throw the ball to AB cause he’s the best yayyyyyyyy

  385. ©MadMax Says:

    This is sht…i feed better sht to the stray cats and possums…WTF IS GOING ON?!

  386. BuccoBrucey Says:

    This ain’t a super bowl team

  387. Buxszntkt Says:

    Collingsworth has learned about the linebackers ! After calling someone Devonte White last time he now knows there are two guys and knows both of their names. Fast learner I suppose.

  388. Rafterman61 Says:

    Well offense can ya at least keep the ball long enough to give the defense a rest

  389. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The DLINE isn’t getting pressure

    The secondary can’t cover

    The Bucs coaches are getting out coached again


  390. 813bucboi Says:


    Go get drunk then….

    You just like the mutt


  391. Surfslowson Says:

    Possession time near 12 minutes to 3. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 Our offense is killing our defense because we can’t get a first down.

  392. jugheadfla Says:

    rather see Minter rather than white right now

  393. garbs65 Says:

    Wtf. So pumped for this game and we look like crap on national TV…..once again.

  394. ElioT Says:

    Very important drive.

    Gotta get points here.

  395. Davenport Says:

    Wonder what Brady is thinking. He comes from a team that expects winning to a team that can’t handle success. The common denominator through the past 20 years? The Glazers … they do not demand success and it has formed a cloud over the organization. Been a fan since 1976, its been the longest, most painful relationship of my life

  396. SRG Says:

    OK, OK, can BA start the excuses for not prepping his team, shoes untied, too windy, worried about a recount?

  397. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    You idiots keep calling out D.White’s pass coverage but never say anything when L.David gets roasted!

  398. Rodmunch74 Says:

    cmurda…Devin White never was special. Undersized, only good for blitzing, that’s about it

  399. Of course Says:

    This game is DONE.

    AND AT HOME. You’re playing a QB that can barely throw 15 yards and your pathetic stupid a s s es play like this?

    F u c king ridiculous and I’m ashamed that this is on national TV.


    I won’t be able to listen to anything football without hearing about this turd they’re laying tonight.

    My god it really sucks being a Bucs fan. They had to have this game and this is how they come out at HOME.

    F u c k ALL OF YOU!

    Can’t even get a simple first down.

    Brady 2 for f u c k ing 8


  400. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    The Bucs are getting their arses kicked in every single aspect

  401. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Didn’t the Aints try to run up the score on us in the first game? I see that left a lasting impression.

  402. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Hey Al, QB’s don’t play agains QB’s. You’re welcome.

  403. Miller5252 Says:

    Spot 14 and come back and beat by 21???? Let’s go

  404. Erick Says:

    It’s like deja vu all over again…for the 12th year. This team is always light years ahead of the Bucs

  405. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  406. jugheadfla Says:

    wtf is going on, its 3rd and 3, something quick?

  407. Bangkok Buc Says:

    What is going on???

  408. cmurda Says:

    O line has been a joke and wtf are you doing Byron and Brady. Wake up

  409. Wesley Says:

    F@c prime time games!

  410. Boltsfan17 Says:

    My god. This is so pathetic.

  411. Rafterman61 Says:

    Why in the hell are they not running the ball

  412. Jerry Says:

    This game is done. Team’s not ready.

  413. Colonel Angus Says:

    O-line didn’t show up tonight.

  414. Jimmboo Says:

    Hahahahahaha wow

  415. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    game over

    go get drunk people

  416. Rodmunch74 Says:

    They should never put them on national tv again

  417. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Where is All World Mike Evans?

  418. Erick Says:

    How about a run? And can we get a new damn punter. Guy sucks

  419. Bucfan81 Says:

    We might not have a first down by half time.

  420. Jimmboo Says:

    Waited all day for this showing

  421. Of course Says:


  422. BuccoDav Says:

    I just don’t understand this offense…

  423. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    bucs team are not ready

    go get drunk

    be happy now

  424. BradyBucs Says:

    What the hell are we doing not throwing quick short passes on 3rd and 3???

  425. Surfslowson Says:

    We need a first down Brady, what is wrong with you?????

  426. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    This is a complete and total ASS whipping

    TOTAL domination and evidently, the Bucs are OK being dominated, they seem to be indifferent

  427. 813bucboi Says:

    What is Brady doing?…

    No separation…o-line getting man handled


  428. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Where JayMiss be?

  429. Jimmboo Says:

    This game over folks

  430. cmurda Says:

    This is the pits. Coaching has been awful but Brady is in la la land. Not even close on these I’ll advised bombs. It’s effing 3 yards

  431. Soggy Says:

    D is back on the field already OH NO this might be a long night

  432. Wesley Says:

    Someone please beat the crap out of BL.

  433. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We lose our punter & we are surely cooked…

  434. Rafterman61 Says:

    I see a lot of miss tackling out there tonight

  435. rrsrq Says:

    Looks like the first game, Saints average starting field position is midfield and we can’t move the ball.

  436. jugheadfla Says:

    out coached, out played, our ref’d

  437. Of course Says:

    Bout to be 21-0.


  438. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Can we trade for Jaymiss right now


    just kidding guys

  439. Siege The Bay Says:

    defense is having to work WAY to much

  440. Rojas Says:

    Quick short slants would be nice.. that’s what drew throws to Thomas.

  441. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    The nation gets to see why the Bucs get no love

  442. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  443. Wesley Says:

    Pathetic a.f..

  444. BuccoDav Says:

    Looks like Brady is trying to prove to BL that his philosophy sucks…

  445. jugheadfla Says:

    they can’t cover worth a crap….seriously

  446. King C Says:

    No risk it no biscuit. The risk means throwing the ball down field, even if it’s more prudent to just take what the defense is giving you. It’s a Bucs life

  447. Swanee22 Says:

    Saints are much better. Their defense is dominating And Brady looks awful. Blowout if they score another TD.

  448. Elita Vita Says:

    Oh so pitiful…..Do we miss Marpet that much? Has Brown’s signing somehow affected the team? Did I wait all week for this?

  449. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Play calling is unbelievably bad.

  450. 813bucboi Says:

    They continue to attack the LBs


  451. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    hey 813

    admit…………………..ITS OVER

  452. ElioT Says:

    Damn I hate the Saints

  453. Wesley Says:

    Game over.

  454. GhostofSchiano Says:

    This is embarrassing

  455. Erick Says:

    Feel bad for the people who spent time and money to go to Den of Depression

  456. jugheadfla Says:

    Saints are far far far far far better, no even a discussion

  457. cmurda Says:

    I can’t believe what I’m seeing. These are wide open guys. Easy throw for Brees. Picking on our defense. This is unacceptable.

  458. Tom Terrific Says:

    The offense is the problem. Not a coincidence that a loser QB is at the helm.

    Get rid of the dead wait at OC.

    Defense will be worn out by halftime.

  459. Colonel Angus Says:

    Saints just have our number. Come in man, you know Hill is going to run it every time!!!!

  460. Rafterman61 Says:


  461. Sourbob Says:

    Getting whooped by gadget plays,pathetic!

  462. Boltsfan17 Says:

    This garbage team deserves to lose 50 tonight. No one cares.

  463. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    hey 813

    ADMIT……………………it’s over

  464. Dapostman Says:

    BL working miracles!

  465. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    I see the Saints smiling, laughing, screaming and their receivers are WIDE ASS open all over the field

  466. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  467. Miller5252 Says:

    Fat a$$ goose egg!! Not 1 first down and we keep throwing the ball 30 yards down the field. Pack it up please, biggest coaching staff in league and the team not ready again!

  468. Sourbob Says:


  469. Boltsfan17 Says:

    This team has no heart.

  470. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Dead in the water

  471. Of course Says:






  472. DaBux Says:

    Maybe we can have Suh deliver some library books or magazines to Brees. He’s got time back there to read.

  473. jugheadfla Says:

    literally every pass there is an uncovered WR……..Fire Bowles

  474. Jerry Says:

    Worse than week 1.

  475. Davenport Says:

    Seige … the defense isn’t working at all.

    These is Raheem level quitting

  476. Wesley Says:


  477. ElioT Says:

    I’d like to punch Collinsworth in his Adam’s apple.

  478. 813bucboi Says:

    Dean getting cooked


  479. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    hey 813

    ADMIT……………………it’s over

    this crap show is OVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  480. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Hate to call a game early, but this one is over. Good night fellas. Gotta hit the Step Mill at 5:45. No need to watch any more of this sh!t.

  481. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Can’t do sh!t on offense and the D is outplayed

  482. Daddylonglegs Says:


  483. Bangkok Buc Says:


  484. Colonel Angus Says:

    Well that was quick game. Better get ready for the Panthers next week, they gave Chiefs a run for it today.

  485. Will Says:

    Why do we play off so dang much. Smh
    Lets go guys wake up! Offense please put together a drive.

  486. cmurda Says:

    Can we just forfeit. Our defense are pretenders. Tom and Byron are getting humbled. Dean isn’t as good as I hoped. Sadly our d line is nowhere to be found. Hi Shaq Barrett.

  487. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    This is acceptable to the Bucs players, they don’t seem to give a crap

  488. ElioT Says:

    Saints are a much better team.

    This sucks.

  489. LongSeason Says:

    Saints clearly prepared for tonight are also clearly a superior team with superior coaching and superior QB.
    We will also lose to Chiefs. Lucky our schedule is soft so I guess 10-6 will be our record. I think Tampa is middling team at best.

  490. Sourbob Says:

    Have we got a first down yet?

  491. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The whole nation is laughing at the Bucs right now

  492. rrsrq Says:

    Total dominance on both sides of the ball, anybody feeling like they have a comeback in them, honestly, not me, but I hope I eat crow

  493. 813bucboi Says:


    You think like a loser…


  494. 123urout Says:

    the way the game is going fir the saints, the bucs might be able to see Jameis play,,, hahaha

  495. BradyBucs Says:

    I’ve been saying all season our secondary is what will keep us from a deep playoff run. JIMMY DEAN and BUNTING suck.

  496. SRG Says:

    Are the Bucs embarrassing or just sleeping?

  497. DaBux Says:

    Welcome back to the suck.

  498. EA Says:

    Getting absolutely dominated in the trenched

  499. Davenport Says:

    And i smoked ribs for this. Damn. I hate the good meat / bad football combination.

  500. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Did Lovie take control of the team again. The guys look Tennessee Ready.

  501. Mike in LOL Says:

    Team looks like hot garbageS I am here at the game watching and it looks like JV vs college. Not even in the same league as the Saints.

  502. aj Says:

    Can they go for 5 three and outs in a row?????

  503. DBS Says:

    No consern about this secondary at all..

  504. Siege The Bay Says:

    just put on my brady jersey. lucks bout to change

  505. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    hey 813

    ADMIT IT……………………it’s over

    this crap show is OVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    crap crap crap

  506. jugheadfla Says:

    no, zero first downs, pathetic

  507. Defense Rules Says:

    Still can’t believe that in the pre-game show, all 6 ‘experts’ picked the Bucs to win.

  508. unbelievable Says:

    Still haven’t even gotten a 1st down.

    I mean that’s simply pathetic.

    But tell us more about Byron Leftwich the offensive genius who can’t even get a single 1st down lol.

    If he thinks he was getting roasted for his bad playcalling last week, just wait til tomorrow.

  509. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Prime time embarrassment at home. Better show some life here or this might get ugly.

  510. Swanee22 Says:

    These jokers are embarrassing on National TV .. There is the blow out I said, now turn this circus show off. Saints easily Win division and go onto to NFC championship game.

  511. Red86 Says:

    We need another linebacker out there instead of Shaquille Barrett or JPP. Our coverage is predictable and horrible because of them.

  512. 813bucboi Says:

    We put a drive and score together and we’re back in it


  513. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Such overrated pretenders.

  514. NDog is an idiot Says:

    Not gonna give up with Brady as our QB…. seen him come back to win way too many times!!! Get ready!

  515. LongSeason Says:

    Will, I don’t know why our secondary plays so soft. We play much better when we play press. I have never heard of a team starting out a game playing prevent. But leave it to the Bucs. I guess we will try anything stupid a lot.

  516. ©MadMax Says:

    This D is hungover or something….fk this, Im out….got sht to do before i wake up at 4am for work….whatta sht show!

  517. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go O, get it rolling. Lot of game left and we need to score here. Get the ball at halftime, and let’s pull out a can of whoop ass.

  518. TampaTown Says:

    I’m at the game at this is horrible. Don’t you have any pride? Fight back

  519. Erick Says:

    What a fraud 6-2 team this is

  520. Of course Says:

    We barely beat the Panthers last time.

    HERE COMES 3 losses in a row. I’ll bet anyone on it.

  521. Mike in LOL Says:

    I’m not even mad about the defense. Where the F is the offense?!?! Have we got a first down yet???? Totally ridiculous!!!!!

  522. unbelievable Says:

    @DR that’s the kiss of death lol.

    Saints simply want it more.

    This looks like the team from the 1st half of the giants game. Zero excuses to play this poorly.

  523. Bobby Says:

    Not optimistic about a comeback. Looks like we were frauds. Have to be able to maintain energy to be a championship team. We come out flat too often

  524. jugheadfla Says:

    draft next year, 1st round CB, 2nd round CB, 3rd round DE, CB for all the rest

  525. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    At least I’ll be well rested at work tomorrow

  526. NDog is an idiot Says:

    BTW … NDog been banned from here???? Asking for a friend!!

  527. 813bucboi Says:


    We winning this game….

    Don’t jump back on the bandwagon


  528. SRG Says:

    Out-coached, out played, the Saints are laughing at how inept the Bucs are playing. It’s like they believe the first game was too close and really need to show the Bucs how far better they are.

  529. Dapostman Says:

    Someone needs to point that cannon at the Bucs bench with live ammo.

  530. Tom Terrific Says:

    It’s impossible to win if the offense can’t get a first down.

    Think I read that somewhere.

    Get off your knees Byron, you’re blowing the game.

  531. Bucamania Says:

    What in the F are these guys doing?

  532. TampaTown Says:

    Weren’t we supposed to come out foaming at the mouth

  533. King C Says:

    Tonight Sean Payton > Bruce Arians.

  534. Rafterman61 Says:

    They don’t looked prepared at all what a joke all those weapons and we can’t even get a first down how pathetic ! I wonder if the get up by 35 do they let Jamis come in to finish it off

  535. Tackleblockwin Says:

    This is truly pathetic. Coaching has to be questioned. They are not ready for this game.


    It may not seem like it but there is still a lot of time left .

  537. Rojas Says:

    Defense is gassed already, with these quick 3 and outs.

  538. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Serious question? Was Jameis really the problem? I see the same thing I saw last year. No heart

  539. LongSeason Says:

    aj Says:
    November 8th, 2020 at 9:18 pm

    “Can they go for 5 three and outs in a row?????”

    Maybe we can go all night without a 1st down. That might be some kind of record.

  540. Jimbo Says:

    You can blame this dumb ass coach. Fire the coach and offensive coordinator. They have all the weapons but they don’t know how to use them. They would be gone Tomorrow if I was the GM

  541. jugheadfla Says:

    holy chit…….a first down!

  542. Mike in LOL Says:

    Finally a first down

  543. rrsrq Says:

    Bowles is hesitant to blitz Brees, the defense is hesitant to play defense, the offensive line is hesitant to block and the coaches are hesitant to get this team to be physical, we are continually out physicalled by the Saints

  544. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    I’m out fellas

    have fun watching this sheit show

  545. AtlBuc Says:

    We Got ‘e right where we want ’em!

  546. Elita Vita Says:

    Would you say we are out coached? So so sad!

  547. BradyBucs Says:


    Dean & SMB are weak. Bucs were dumb not to pull a trade for a Vet corner to start opposite of Davis.

  548. Of course Says:

    Yep no way we make it far in the playoffs. Complete pretenders.

  549. Barlow Says:

    Dude we’re playing like the worst team in the NFL right now. Jets would smoke us tonight? We’re playing soft carriage offense is not keeping the defense of the field it’s a no brainer non-aggressive play equals complete complete shutdown. Hard to watch

  550. Scorps1 Says:

    What a pathetic bunch of fair weather “fans”

  551. Miller5252 Says:

    Brady 0 first downs…. Ole Drew 3 TD’s….. need someone to trip the lights like 49ers and Ravens Super Bowl but during the outage the Bucs players and coaches can sneak out and drive away. Fans should get a refund and free tickets if they paid to watch this live!

  552. Same ole bucs Says:

    Way the bucs are playing we should see Jameis by the 4th quarter for mop up duty. Bucs never show up for prime time games.

  553. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Another three and out here might be enough to spark a trump-level meltdown in my front room.

  554. cmurda Says:

    Do something now offense. This is yet another truly pathetic primetime showing. Please score a TD

  555. rrsrq Says:

    More Tyler please

  556. Gmax0522 Says:

    Offensive genius that BA guy! Throw the ball deep three times and then punt! Defense? There’s a Defense? Looks like 11 on 7 to me! Pretenders….

  557. Bucamania Says:


  558. Will Says:

    3rd and 3 and that’s the call.
    Stop punting to him. Smh

  559. Semiretirement Says:

    What an embarrassment on national television!

  560. jugheadfla Says:

    wow…..continue with the blow out please

  561. Bobby Says:

    Give Ali Marpet all the money and in infinite contract TODAY

  562. Mike in LOL Says:

    Still not too late for us to end up at the NFC South basement again

  563. Bobby Says:


  564. cmurda Says:

    I’m done. Good night boys. I’m watching Mandalorian.

  565. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go Bucs, nice grab Johnson!

  566. JimmyJack Says:

    Well im gonna chat here now because this team is a freaking joke right now. 3rd and 16 and they got a guy wide ass open for 18 yards.

    This defense has really god darn pissed me off tonight. No idea what the heck they think they are doing in coverage but every play is short and wide ass open. A big reason is our passrush is torally generic but we got mo clue how to cover anybody out there. And its always this way vs the Saints. Plenty of film to look at and figure it out. Consider me out on beliving in this defense

  567. GhostofSchiano Says:

    What the hell

  568. firethecannons Says:

    wtf this team is awful and the quarterback is not helping

  569. Siege The Bay Says:

    man wtf was that!!!!! brady is suckin it up right now!

  570. TampaTown Says:

    This is a disaster

  571. Erick Says:

    lol this team is a joke

  572. Colonel Angus Says:

    Wow, this is going to be UGLAY!!!!! At least we have 7 games left. Hope we don’t see Saints in playoffs.

  573. GhostofSchiano Says:


  574. Sourbob Says:

    98 to 3 final

  575. Mike in LOL Says:

    Team has no heart tonight at all. The crowd had more fire at the start of the game than any of the players. Now the whole place is a graveyard here tonight

  576. AtlBuc Says:

    We got this y’all!

  577. JimmyJack Says:

    And the OL cant never blick this team. I hate sift team and the Bucs are one of em. Blame nothing but the OL for thix offensive performanxe.

  578. 813bucboi Says:

    One play at a time…

    Let’s get a stop


  579. SteveK Says:

    Shoot, good play by Davenport- of course it’s on Smith.

  580. cmurda Says:

    Lol. Bruce is like I don’t know. Well I do Bruce. Byron sucks

  581. spicoli Says:

    What’s going on with TB?

  582. Rafterman61 Says:

    Can they throw in the towel in NFL football

  583. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Hey Joe, how come my last comment was moderated? Care to point out what I said that was so worthy?

  584. SteveK Says:

    Hope we can land a sack and hit on Brees. Less comfortable and get a pick or something

  585. Mike in LOL Says:

    I have never been to a game as bad as this in the first half. What the actual F am I watching

  586. jugheadfla Says:

    phuck it….put in the third string and don’t get anyone injured

  587. Pewter Power Says:

    This game is over. You won’t suddenly have an offensive explosion against this team while also shutting down their offense. Byron leftwich is trash to have these weapons but unable to get a first down in an entire quarter. Defense was exploded last week. No way we win the division and lose this game. If the road has to go through New Orleans we know how it will work out

  588. Bucfan81 Says:

    Damn we need a mercy rule for when we play the saints. Atleast we know we are not super bowl material. We might not even be playoff material.

  589. AtlBuc Says:

    We haven’t blitzed yet

  590. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    How come our defenders are always a yard or 2 away from their receivers?

  591. SteveK Says:

    Hit Brees in the mouth.

  592. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    I’m blaming D. Smith.

  593. BradyBucs Says:


    Tell me again how Jamel Dean is great. LOL

    I told you he was a weak link that needed to be replaced by a vet corner.

  594. Colonel Angus Says:

    Hill ran it again, what? Didn’t see that coming

  595. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Soooo bad

  596. Gettinthebucs Says:

    Welp I can go ahead and shut it down tonight😂😂😂. Same ole bucs! We’ll probably get a wildcard but won’t really make it far. The saints have our number this year.

  597. cmurda Says:

    Todd. Your not any better. Stop with Devin White in coverage. He’s bad at it. Really bad at it. Lack of heart in Tampa. Brady is going to go on a killing spree at halftime

  598. BradyBucs Says:


  599. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Go Bucs lol 😂 f’n kill me

  600. SteveK Says:

    Our offense can’t sustain a drive and the defense is getting abused. No pass rush and the corners are sucking. Good time to start playing better right here lol.

  601. AtlBuc Says:

    I still think we are going to win!

  602. Colonel Angus Says:

    Waited all day for this sh!t?

  603. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    The only chance we have is if Winston gets in the game

  604. King C Says:

    Payton gets a lot of criticism for Taysom Hill, but it shows why

  605. Soggy Says:

    DAM 28-0

  606. ElioT Says:

    This is embarrassing.

    Totally out coached, out schemed, out played.

    The horror…

  607. jugheadfla Says:

    seriously, why is Bowles not blitzing the LBs and CBs at this point, whats the difference, they can’t cover anyone anyway

  608. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Antonio Brown signing has cursed our franchise?

  609. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Time to start pulling players

  610. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Ugh. The game is as bad as the moderation on this site.

  611. Will Says:

    This is ugly

  612. Shayne Allard Says:

    Fu*king pathetic

  613. Miller5252 Says:

    I hope they put 50 on the Bucs tonight. What a joke!

  614. Bucs_Fan_Orlando Says:

    28 – 0?

    Good luck with that. Keep Tom heathly for next week, moving on.

  615. Mike Johnson Says:

    Straight up embarrassing. And on national TV..for all to see.. We suck. New Orleans was and is ready. Their coach is ready. Smart move with the no-name Hill. He is tearing us apart. How bout our 50 million dollar man. This is truly an A..Whippin!

  616. SteveK Says:

    What an ass whopping. Going to watch every second.

    Hope they can show up now. This is bad.

  617. Surfslowson Says:


  618. ElioT Says:


    Lol – that’s a good one.


  619. Bama Says:

    Imagine paying money to attend this abortion..

  620. Buxszntkt Says:

    May have to let the misses switch the game to the hallmark channel for one of those Christmas specials !
    Pathetic !
    At least Collingsworth finally learned our linebackers names, last time he thought it was one guy names Devonte White.

  621. King C Says:

    When I saw that all of the pundits in the pregame picked the Bucs, that’s never a good sign

  622. 813bucboi Says:

    this is on BA….

    how can the team be this unprepared to play


  623. BucfaninMi Says:

    I’m out

  624. rrsrq Says:

    I’m out…

  625. SRG Says:

    Absolute embarrassment.

  626. jugheadfla Says:

    mark my words, Winston gets in at the end of this game and throws a TD

  627. DerrickBrooksGOATLB Says:

    This might be the worst first half of Bucs football I’ve seen in five years. Worse than anything Jameis put together.

  628. Buxszntkt Says:

    Yes, perhaps I should sell my chiefs tickets, they seem to be going for a nice price on stub hub !

  629. JimmyJack Says:

    Brady Bucs Dean is a young improving player. Loads of talent. Hes mot getting replaced. Your idea is horrible wanting to give up on good players. I stand by what i said…….Let me guess you probably also wanted to give up on Davis halfway through last year.

  630. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    I agree Jughead, it is professional malpractice at this point or insanity to suddenly expect what has not been working to begin working

    EFFING BLITZ, at least go down with a bang, you might just knock someone out of the game

  631. Rodmunch74 Says:

    48-7 keep it moving. Brady was brought here to put azzes in the seat but the virus messed up the Glazers plans.

  632. Gettinthebucs Says:

    Gotta face facts. Payton is a better coach than BA. We’re getting killed on dink and dunks!

  633. THE AB EFFECT Says:

    This is karma for signing AB when he was not needed

  634. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    This^ is getting really annoying lol.

  635. jugheadfla Says:

    seriously, did the pundits not watch the Giants game? why would you ever pick the bucs?

  636. SteveK Says:

    Offense needs their heads out of their asses. Defense can’t catch a break when the offense is three and out or turning it over. Wake the hell up please!

    Thank goodness we got the turnover of cook. That may be the play that keeps us in the game (if we can capitalize).

    Wow Go bucs!

  637. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    This is mid 90s level bad.

  638. Bucup Says:

    National Embarassment. Thanks a lot unprepared, uninspired, weak minded Bucs…all of you.

  639. Show Me the TDs Says:

    What’s on NETFLIX?

  640. Kstoges Says:

    I have never EVER been so mad at being a bucs fan F this franchise F everyone I’m sick to my stomach this actually hurts

  641. From76 Says:

    This team did not come to play. Brees did.

  642. Bucamania Says:

    AGAIN. Why is Bowles not bringing the LB blitz? They cannot cover.

  643. 123urout Says:

    Did the bucs think that because we got AB that this will be a walk in the park? I dont see any urgency in bith offense and defense

  644. aj Says:

    Evans, Godwin, AB, Gronk. And you have to throw to Miller, Johnson and Rojo.

  645. spicoli Says:

    Well we have them right where we want them

  646. Elita Vita Says:

    Just so sad. I need to find a new hobby. Stargazing, Canasta, Pinochle….something!

  647. cmurda Says:

    Same Saints team. Literally not anything different. The difference is Byron is a joke. A joke.

  648. Bucfan81 Says:

    Knowing our luck they will troll Winston out after halftime and he will throw 4 TDS just to run it in. Normally I am pissed when we lose but I expected it just didn’t think it would be this bad.

  649. Miller5252 Says:

    Biggest coaching staff and another egg by the Bucs. How can you not be ready to play a prime time game for first place in the division. Show a heartbeat at least. Send the meat squad in

  650. MDFree Says:

    It’s the curse of Jameis

  651. THE AB EFFECT Says:

    Karma for singing AB.

  652. Jimbo Says:

    Kstoges I totally agree. They need to fire aliens and the office of coordinator

  653. BradyBucs Says:

    Jimmy Jack, Dean has been beaten far more than he’s made great plays. He’s a terrible NFL corner so far. Game is too fast for him. He does need to be benched or this team is going nowhere.

  654. 123urout Says:

    lets go offense,, bring some life !!!

  655. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Best defense is to take a knee and run the clock out

  656. JimmyJack Says:

    123 AB is a nonfactor when Brady is pressured every play. For that matter so is Evans and Godwin

  657. AtlBuc Says:

    Yeah! Another First down

  658. jjtixs Says:


  659. Mike in LOL Says:

    What a joke

  660. Bucamania Says:

    Saints came to play and the Bucs didn’t. I’d love to know why.

  661. TBoy Says:

    No this is the AB Curse

  662. Of course Says:







  663. Mike in LOL Says:

    All this talent and they have no idea how to piece it all together

  664. jugheadfla Says:

    there is no doubt Payton > BA

  665. cmurda Says:

    A first down. Wow. Thanks AB

  666. 813bucboi Says:

    D.smith has to be replaced


  667. Bucamania Says:

    Another dump off for 2 yards with 3 pro bowl WRs.

  668. JimmyJack Says:

    Its every play. Brady is pressured every freaking play. Yall thinking this team was SB primed……almost sold me……But it not gonna be this year. You cant get through a whole playoffs when your OL c a.c n get pushed around like this. Eventually you will run into a DL that can take it from you.

  669. Will Says:

    Wow. Maybe we can beat them the 3rd time we play them in the playoffs.

  670. Siege The Bay Says:

    throw the ball to mike evans

  671. Jimbo Says:

    The Bucs have a plan to wear out the Saints offense

  672. Colonel Angus Says:

    Is Evans playing?

  673. jugheadfla Says:

    is anyone on this team even playing?

  674. EA Says:

    As much as I hate to say it Sean Payton has made BA his b!tch in 2 seasons.

  675. Kdawg Says:

    Antonio brown curse hits Tampa

  676. JimmyJack Says:

    Will how are we gonna beat this team when both our lines are getting manhandled every time we meet? Better wait til next year to remake this OL so we can have a chance

  677. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Brady doesn’t like big receivers. I said a couple of weeks ago we should have traded ME for a high draft pick or a quality LT. I’m sticking to it.

  678. Anonymous Says:

    We v are being totally out coached and out classed

  679. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Hey Of Course, stop talking about going to bed and go to bed

  680. jugheadfla Says:

    35-0 at halftime

  681. 813bucboi Says:

    What is Brady doing

    Did he forget what down it was


  682. Bangkok Buc Says:


  683. JimmyJack Says:

    Brady hit times on that failed drive.

  684. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Team has no heart or character. Bunch of quitters and Arians is exactly who I thought he was.

  685. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here comes 35-0

  686. Seemore Bucs Says:

    Total humiliation. AGAIN!

  687. Jimmboo Says:

    Not the first time we have turned the game off by halftime as a buc fan lol

  688. cmurda Says:

    Under siege. No pressure in Brady. One of these teams has an O Line. My Bucs hopes have once again been welcomed back to reality.

  689. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Brady looks scared as heck in the pocket.

  690. Surfslowson Says:


  691. Colonel Angus Says:

    About to be 35-0. Maybe a true beat down is good? Kinda like the Raiders did to us in 99. Trying to find something here to keep me from smashing my tv.

  692. Siege The Bay Says:

    Tom Brady is absolute garbage today. Im fuming right now. I still think we have plenty time. please just get it going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  693. JimmyJack Says:

    Brady hit 6 times on that failed drive

  694. ElioT Says:



    I’ll start:

    • What does Cinderella say when she gets to the balls?

  695. spicoli Says:

    Why is Devin White 1v1 on a WR???

  696. BradyBucs Says:

    GENIUS to go for 40 yard plays instead of just 1st downs.

  697. Miller5252 Says:

    Need 6 so let’s go for 45…. rub the Bucs noses in it!

  698. SteveK Says:

    Let’s go D!

  699. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Pinion could have pinned them deep there, 40 yards is about his distance.

  700. garbs65 Says:

    I’d like to say that I can’t believe what I’m seeing….but it’s the Bucs.

  701. Eric Says:

    Completely outcoached, outschemed, and outclassed

  702. Randy Says:

    We are an embarrassment right now

  703. Mike in LOL Says:

    So frustrating man I thought this year was a different Bucs team

  704. cmurda Says:

    No pressure on Brees I meant. Brady is under siege. Saints are a far better team. I thought we were better

  705. aj Says:

    Time to get Godwin out and protect that finger.

  706. Davenport Says:

    Wow. When was the last time we were down 35 at half? Well, at least we’ll all get some sleep tonight. Pressing record.. i’m out!

  707. Rojas Says:

    Should of punted.. now it’ll be 35-0

  708. SteveK Says:

    Bucs need to get on the board.

  709. Chimichango Says:

    ME is getting less and less targets. Why is Godwin playing with a bum hand? The AB signing should off set the loss of CG.

  710. SRG Says:

    I guess how bad the Bucs looked/played last week wasn’t a fluke

  711. Eric Says:

    Terrible punter, defense, offensive scheme, special teams and coaching

  712. Rafterman61 Says:

    Man you know Carolina is gonna be watching this game film just chomping at the bit waiting on next week.

  713. Randy Says:

    35-0 at the half?

  714. Jimbo Says:

    Why would you throw the ball deep there you only needed 4 yards you’re moving the ball

  715. 123urout Says:

    Why is the bucs using the same style of defense and offense they use against the Giants and use the same thing against the Saints…. BL and Bowles need to start becoming creative

  716. TampaTown Says:

    Where is the run defense

  717. Miller5252 Says:

    Post game conference with the coaches and players should be epic!

    BA, what went wrong tonight? Haha

  718. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Gutless quitters.

  719. cmurda Says:

    LVD. Devin White. Does anybody even have any heart?

  720. SteveK Says:

    Nice time for a sackfu

  721. TampaTown Says:

    Or pass defense

  722. JimmyJack Says:

    Siege dont blame Brady. He was hit on the first play of the game and has been pressured on every drop and getting hit all game long. And when we tryed to run the ball OL lets us down with a penalty. Now we can’t run because Bress up 4 scores and every play has a wide open reciever.

  723. Sourbob Says:


  724. View from 132 Says:

    Leftwich is terrible. Not losing sleep over this mess. I did my time in the stands at RayJay watching unprepared Bucs teams get their ass handed to them.

  725. Mike in LOL Says:

    SOB Same Ol Bucs

  726. J Dubb Says:

    Evans looked open on the third down throw to Godwin. It seems like Brady doesn’t ever look his way and you can see the frustration with Evans’ body language creeping in.

  727. Seemore Bucs Says:

    It is like target practice for the garden gnome.

  728. Tackleblockwin Says:

    The Bucs do not believe in 4 game win streaks.

  729. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Bucs have been completely exposed. Frauds.

  730. Buc1987 Says:

    Worst display of football I’ve seen from any NFL team in quite awhile.


    Defense sucks.

    WTF does Mickens keep running it out of the end zone only 2 yards deep on kick offs? I want to punch him in the friggin head every time.

  731. 813bucboi Says:

    Bowles can’t do anything tonight


  732. Elita Vita Says:

    How is this even a 2nd place team?

  733. Mike in LOL Says:

    I at least felt like we had a good defense coming into tonight even if I had my doubts about the offense. But this game has proved that neither side of the ball is ready to actually compete at a high level

  734. Rafterman61 Says:

    The YUCS are back!

  735. JimmyJack Says:

    2nd and 12 and theres a wide ass open reciever 12 yards down field. What kind of freaking coverage is this?

  736. 123urout Says:

    The Bucs are playing uninspired

  737. EA Says:

    I thought the Giants were a decent team who played hard last week, I guess Giants and bucs are both bad.

  738. Joseph Mamma Says:

    I like the Saints in this one.

  739. Rodmunch74 Says:

    It’s Winston fault. That’s what worked in the past.

  740. Jeff Says:

    I hope some team sees Leftwich as HC material and takes his awful butt from us. He is as clueless with this offense as Lovie was implementing Revis into the defense.

  741. Of course Says:

    I wish fans were allowed to ask questions during the press conference

  742. Will Says:

    This is a complete beat down.
    Why is BL calling deep passes instead of just moving the chains.

  743. Rafterman61 Says:

    Well I know they are not gonna beat KC

  744. Of course Says:

    Yea I don’t understand how anyone likes Byron.

    He hasn’t been good ever more than a game or two in a row.

  745. Buc1987 Says:

    Winston relieves Brees in the 3rd….

  746. Daniel Says:

    I understand they have been on the field a lot, but I do not understand what Bowles is doing. All goddam week, everyone in the business said you pressure Brees and man up across the board. If you sit in zone he will dink and dunk all night … and that is exactly what the hell is happening.

    To beat the best you have to be aggressive and we have come out with this conservative ass game plan. Terrible job. Go hit someone in the f**king mouth!!!!!

  747. Will Says:

    If this keeps up there will be a Winston sighting

  748. 813bucboi Says:

    Let’s get a score offense


  749. Seemore Bucs Says:

    Is it 1976 again????

  750. Chimichango Says:

    Pity FG

  751. Randy Says:

    No worries guys, there is still time for the Saints to score again…

  752. Rafterman61 Says:

    It’s AB he’s a bad oman

  753. Surfslowson Says:

    A stop, no a drop

  754. JimmyJack Says:

    I usually defend Leftwitch but this game is poorly planned for. Its not like we didnt know going in the Saint DL can give us fits. And theres no play design to take their passrush out of it.

    I get it we are running the biskit offense but you gotta have a little sense as to which matchups are good and bad for your team. This is a matchup league

  755. cmurda Says:

    Lol Jeff. See BL as a Head Coach. I appreciate that. I needed a good laugh

  756. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Remember how shocked the league was after the GB game? That’ll be the league tomorrow. Don’t get too high and don’t get too low. It’s a marathon season.

  757. NJBucsFan Says:

    Well…sometimes you get your ass kicked. Put the backups in, live to play another week.

  758. Bucup Says:

    BA and coaching staff are horrible. They havent outcoached anyone yet. The players pulled off wins in spite of them. No idea how to prepare a team to play. Giants game exposed them and tonight is way too obvious they are awful. And that Offensive coordinator of ours is dumb as they come.

  759. Of course Says:





  760. Mike in LOL Says:

    Most people leaving now to beat traffic

  761. 813bucboi Says:

    Wow Brady


  762. JimmyJack Says:

    And the Daints thrashed us without having to push the ball downfield.

  763. Randy Says:

    Hell yea go bucs!!! lets see 38-0 in the first half, can they do it?

  764. Wideleftandright Says:

    I’ve never seen them look so pathetic and have never in 40 years seen. Them come back from 31 down.

    I’m going to bed screw this !

  765. Buc1987 Says:

    Bring in Gabbert!

    I’m shutting this game off.

  766. Surfslowson Says:

    Wow, wow wow wow wow wow, I love the Bucs!!!🤦🤦🤦

  767. Bucup Says:

    Winston is Laughing his Ass off

  768. Soggy Says:

    I do not know this team..

  769. BCULAW Says:

    Typical Bucs prime time performance. Game is too big. You can change the QB, but the results are the same. It’s a f-ing Bucs life.

  770. EA Says:

    Karma of signing Antonio Brown is biting them in the a$$

  771. Rodmunch74 Says:


  772. Bucfanforever Says:

    I hope they forfeit the second half

  773. TampaTown Says:

    Am I having a stroke? Is this really happening? Hello ?

  774. JimmyJack Says:

    Of course youre a sore loser

  775. Miller5252 Says:

    Hahahaha what a joke! Still the basement of the South.

  776. SteveK Says:

    U. G. L. Y. We ain’t got no alibi. “Laughingstock” engaged!

  777. UKbuccaneer Says:

    @NJBucs fan – exactly. No trophies handed out for a week 9 win no matter what the score.

  778. Mostinconsistenteamever Says:

    We are the most inconsistent team in the NFL

  779. Bobby Says:

    Really embarrassing. Just pitiful and no excuse for it. You either want to win or you don’t. Bucs are just happy being second place all the time. Wouldn’t surprise me if Carolina and Atlanta kick our ass too.

  780. 813bucboi Says:

    BA BL and Bowles failing tonight


  781. cmurda Says:

    I love you Tom but I don’t know what planet he is on right now. Payton so thoroughly outcoaches this franchise every time with ease. This is by far the worst I’ve ever seen. Put Blaine in there. This is gross

  782. Mike in LOL Says:

    Mid-game bold prediction time: Winston will score more points than the entire Bucs team tonight.

  783. Elita Vita Says:

    Arians, Leftwich, Bowels, are all leading the Saints into a false sense of self confidence! Any moment now the Bucs are going to pounce!!!

  784. Of course Says:

    Pull the starters. Admit defeat. Swallow your stupid egos and pride.



  785. Craig Says:

    I didn’t know Marpet was so impotent, guess he is. Brady isn’t himself without him. Hope halftime changes the game.

    Why is our defense standing on the other side of the first down marker?

    It is going to be a long game

  786. Bucs_Fan_Orlando Says:

    I’ve got a great idea keep forcing the ball to AB who doest know the playbook yet.

    Even better do it during a hurry up. Second Int is on Tom not AB who doesn’t know the routes because Tom is trying to force it to him.

    This is what AB cancer look like.

  787. Buc1987 Says:

    Did the Bucs come out ready to play tonight?

  788. Chimichango Says:

    Lol mercy kneel. Embarrassing.

  789. adam from ny Says:

    are they doing this on purpose…?

    never seen anything like this…


  790. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Saints showing some mercy……surprised……

  791. cmurda Says:

    This is not solely on any one player or coach but a collective fail. Bruce should be slapped for this s show right now. No excuses

  792. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Please just forfeit

  793. EA Says:

    Well at least the get the ball to start the second half, wait no?

  794. SteveK Says:

    lol, can we make some halftime adjustments. What the hell was that?

  795. JimmyJack Says:

    Can we play the short week? Somebody give me a excuse quick

  796. Tackleblockwin Says:

    This is a historically bad game for the Bucs. I can’t think of a worse first half than this, and I’ve been a fan since 1981.

  797. Eric Says:

    Probably the worst football performance I’ve ever seen

  798. Randy Says:

    Saints show some mercy

  799. SRG Says:

    We’re all mistaken the Bucs play the Saints tomorrow night…Who you gonna believe me or your lying eyes?

  800. Colonel Angus Says:

    Good night folks. Time to watch something else. Saints own us, have 7 games to get this “all star” cast of WRs in sync. Terrible performance from all phases of the team tonight. Truly embarrassed in prime time.

  801. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Don’t come back out after halftime

  802. Chimichango Says:

    Elita vita
    Lol. Love the confidence but no. Just no. Get some Z’s man. This one is over.

  803. CPN Says:

    Saints just destroying the Bucs.

    A clown show this Bucs team is.

  804. Mike in LOL Says:

    Nothing but boos today from the crowd as that sorry team made their way into the tunnels for halftime

  805. JimmyJack Says:

    Winston getting ready yall

  806. Bucamania Says:

    I AGREE. Bench all of their asses. Pathetic effort on a national stage for the division.

  807. Rodmunch74 Says:

    @JimmyJack, blame Winston

  808. BCULAW Says:

    There’s a lot of game left, guys. Still have a chance …… To get shut out and beat by 60.

  809. Bucamania Says:


  810. Randy Says:

    I feel bad for the fans who paid ridiculous prices and are sitting in the rain.. the home team should be boo’d off the field

  811. Jerry Says:

    Possibly one of the worst games i’ve seen in years.

  812. EA Says:

    We have to lower our expectations, you buccaneers are not who we thought they were.

  813. Miller5252 Says:

    Being a fan of the Bucs you’ve seen some bad games….. this has got to top them all. Winston should get some clean up time tonight.

    Hey Joe, what can you write tonight that doesn’t need to be said in 5 or less words??? Do you even waste your time writing anything tonight or just put out to lunch on your website?

  814. Colonel Angus Says:

    And the Den of Depression name remains for now.

  815. Siege The Bay Says:

    Brady ruined my week. Tonight was unacceptable. If this was Jameis yall would be ready to kill him. I’m not putting that on the coaches alone. The team has shut down, and it starts with Brady. He’s been horrible from the start. If the defense is getting pressure you have to roll out the pocket. He’s apparently too old to move his feet. Defense is getting shredded. we’ve missed so many tackles. it’s unacceptable. Across the board this is a disgrace. Im still hopeful for the second half.

  816. King C Says:

    For the record real fans are not done with the Bucs. This is just the flip side of the Green Bay game. Sports come with highs and lows. Just remember you are never as high as the highest win and you’re not as low as your lowest loss.

  817. UKbuccaneer Says:

    If Winston comes in, who cares? Let him have his freaking super bowl in week 9. He’s just another irrelevant dude.

  818. Of course Says:






  819. Buc1987 Says:

    Jimmy…yeah prolly so…but I’m not watching this game anymore.

  820. EA Says:

    I wish Payton throws winston out there in BAs face, pathetic.

  821. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    We need more coaches! Maybe a coach for each player!

  822. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Stay in the locker room please. I never thought we’d see a game like this again. Soooo, last week they were looking past the Giants? Who are they looking towards this week? It’s all good. It’s a game. I’m done ranting. I feel better. Go Bucs! Wake up dammit!

  823. Miller5252 Says:

    Prime time, against division rival for first place of the division and this is all you got?!?! Worst game I’ve ever seen Tampa play!

  824. BCULAW Says:

    Feels like the loss versus the Raiders back in 1999. Just a complete whoopin.

  825. AtlBuc Says:

    My fantasy team has only 37 points!!

  826. cmurda Says:

    A good humble buttwhooping might be necessary for this team to
    move forward. Beating the Saints will be necessary. Why it’s this easy for the defense and the offense to get sandblasted is beyond me but it’s an indictment on this coaching staff. I don’t understand how you could have zero points at halftime with the talent of this offense.

  827. JSmalls Says:

    BA is absolute trash…. How much more talent do you need? Lead or get the F out the way!

  828. SRG Says:

    What’s next? The Saints are through embarrassing the Bucs, they understand they are at least 31-0 points if not more. So the question becomes will the Bucs even score in the second half and make it and equally embarrassing 41-14? Or shut down and absorb the psychological beat-down.

  829. Barlow Says:

    Bunting is always a second behind with an occasional lucky exception bc pass rush. Bad game plan and zero rush to make brees uncomfortable. Easy game for the price of crap saints.

  830. adam from ny Says:

    i’m guessing this is:


  831. cmurda Says:

    We had the Packers game now this one. I guess it’s anybody’s guess what this team is made of.

  832. Jimbo Says:

    All the chokes coaches suck. Alabama would Kill the Chokes tonight

  833. Mike in LOL Says:

    At least the food is still good albeit overpriced as hell

  834. Erick Says:

    What a total kick to the nuts this is. I don’t care if they finish the season on 7 game winning streak. Can’t really consider yourself a Super Bowl contender if you can’t even beat a divisional foe. They better hope they don’t see the Saints in the playoffs, if they’re lucky enough to make it there.

  835. Buczilla Says:

    Geez, we are taking a sound beating. This team has too much talent for this nonsense, but it’s not over yet. Lol, not looking good, but anything can happen.

  836. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Suck it up & take it out on the Panthers next week…

  837. Jimbo Says:

    It’s AB’s fault they chokes didn’t need him.

  838. BCULAW Says:


  839. JimmyJack Says:

    Of Course…..based on your response I will stand by my sore loser comment.

    And dont preach now much losing youve seen muchambo. Like its exclusive to you. Im 40 and a lifelong Bucs fans so im not impressed at all at how much beating you took and still here. We all fans of the same team dumbass

  840. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Giants game exposed them. They were out played on offense, defense and special teams and out coached on offense, defense and special teams. Brady was missing open receivers all game. Same ol same tonight only they’re not playing a 1-7 team

  841. Jimbo Says:

    The Panthers will beat the chokes next week. You don’t think they’re watching this blow out lol.

  842. UKbuccaneer Says:

    King C Says:
    For the record real fans are not done with the Bucs. This is just the flip side of the Green Bay game. Sports come with highs and lows. Just remember you are never as high as the highest win and you’re not as low as your lowest loss.

    ———— exactly. I’m watching here in the U.K. at 3am. I’ll be here to the end, grab a couple hours sleep before work. I’ve seen worse bucs teams than this before and I will again in the future. It’s a bucs life.

  843. Bobby Says:

    If this doesn’t wake this team up nothing will. Unfortunately it may be too late.
    The Saints will take the NFC south and we’ll have to fight for a playoff spot. How do you have an off night against your biggest division rival in your house? I have to admit, maybe bringing AB in wasn’t a good idea. It’s not his fault but when you mess with chemistry sometimes you have a bad reaction

  844. Weebs10 Says:


  845. Elita Vita Says:

    Perhaps the Glazer family might wish to sit down with Licht, Arians to find out what in heaven’s name is happening with this team and implement an action plan as to how to correct this.

  846. JimmyJack Says:

    87 i cant chat and watch footba like yall so when im here its cause i pretty much given up. Still paying attention its just divided. Honestly this chat is more entertaining to me now.

  847. SteveK Says:

    LFG Bucs!

  848. Miller5252 Says:

    What do you even say to team like this at halftime??? Let’s go home??

  849. Mike in LOL Says:

    Ya I agree Jimbo, definitely not an NFL caliber team today. The giants would have demolished us just as bad, it would have been 24-0 rather than 31-0 at the half

  850. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    When we won the super bowl we lost to the saints twice too. Not saying we are going to the super bowl but if we can get there would make this loss feel better rubbing it in the aints faces. That being said the last few games have showed me this is not a playoff type team.

    I hate the Aints !!!!!!

  851. bojim Says:

    I’m thinkin OT. Seriously, it’s like everyone is confused including the coaches.

  852. Jimbo Says:

    I can’t wait to hear the Call in show on WDAE after the game. Michael Clayton is going to blast the Chokes.

  853. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    Five pick 6’s and a second half shutout by the D! Bucs win 35-31!
    You heard it here first!

  854. JimmyJack Says:

    Bobby we can rebound, run the table and still take the division. Unfortunately after this game it looks very unlikely. Id think somewhere left on our schedule we will run into a DL that csn push us aroud like this.

    Not to mention our lack of passrush…..TBH I have my doubts we can beat the Panthers next week after this.

  855. Miller5252 Says:

    The Den of …… what??

  856. aj Says:

    Let Evans get some garbage yards in 2nd half. Brady starting to understand why you still throw to him when he is doubled.

  857. Jimbo Says:

    What do you think the final score of this game is going to be? Will the chokes even score?

  858. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Does TB hate ME?!?! I know that sounds stupid, but with the addition of AB, I really thought ME would be targeted more.

  859. Barlow Says:

    So what is the game plan in order for there not to be thousands of remote controls broken tonight? Saints start the second half we could use two touchdowns quickly splash play immediately.We really need splash players immediately. I don’t even now

  860. Tackleblockwin Says:

    This team still has no offensive identity.

  861. Curse of Gruden Says:

    BA’s halftime adjustments should get us back in the game.

  862. ElioT Says:

    Totally outclassed in all phases of professional football.

    This is the wrong kind of complimentary football.

    Payton is light years ahead of BA and BL.

    Embarrassment on all levels.

  863. cmurda Says:

    Carlton Davis playing 15 yards off. This was the halftime adjustment Todd?

  864. JimmyJack Says:

    Im with AJ…..get the ball to Mike Evans. At least do something in this game and get Mike closer to his 1k record.

  865. Seemore Bucs Says:

    Greatest comeback in team history? Maybe? Please?

  866. Chimichango Says:

    The whole bucs team need a pep talk from tony robins.

  867. stpetebucsfan Says:

    So I just stopped by to see if anybody has jumped off the Howard Franklin yet?

  868. cmurda Says:

    Is it fair to say we can pump the brakes on the elite defense talk. This defense isn’t even competent

  869. AtlBuc Says:

    Still giving cusions

  870. Jimbo Says:

    What would a real coach do?

  871. Dlavid Says:

    We may see Jamies make his season debut here in his old home !

  872. Of course Says:

    All these weapons and stars and this is the worst half I’ve ever seen.

    This team has raised the bar on beat downs. Since 1987 this was the worst half of football I can remember.

    And albeit with HOF players all over the field for the Bucs. I’m astonished at this I really am. I would’ve never thought they would would just lay down like a sack of potatoes.

  873. Bucamania Says:

    Wow look what happens when you bring pressure Bowles! Why in the world would you think a soft zone would beat Brees? WHY?

  874. cmurda Says:

    That was a nice play. Wow. We finally got pressure

  875. Bucamania Says:

    Has Rojo ever broken a tackle on a dump off?

  876. cmurda Says:

    ROJO. Make a dude miss man. My goodness. Playing terrible

  877. Jimbo Says:

    Where are all of our great so-called great receivers

  878. UKbuccaneer Says:

    That was great, but Joe would have preferred a sack, of course.

  879. Of course Says:

    Lmao pulled his groin lol.

    Great. Just what they needed.

  880. cmurda Says:

    1 yard line Byron. Run the GD ball in on first down

  881. Bucamania Says:

    Oline getting OWNED

  882. Jimbo Says:

    The goat is the goat tonight. And not in a good way

  883. Of course Says:

    Just kick the field goal losers

  884. 123urout Says:

    do some play action!

  885. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:


  886. Jimbo Says:

    Lol what a joke

  887. Of course Says:

    Lmao told ya.

    You stupid losers lol. Should’ve just kicked the field goal on 3rd down lol

  888. JimmyJack Says:

    Quick point……Should we stop taking the ball first every game(not sure if we won coin toss today)?

    At this point of the season its just mot working. We are 3 and out every 1st drive.

    Dirk Koetter used to defer everytime only to gag up a lead every game and it drove me bananas.

    Not that itd make a difference in a clown show like today but I say its poor coaching to keep doing what dont work.

  889. Bucamania Says:

    What a joke

  890. ElioT Says:

    Wonderful play calling Byron.

  891. Bangkok Buc Says:

    We suck tonight wow!!!

  892. cmurda Says:

    Gronk. Lol. R u frigging kidding me. This is dumb. FIRE BYRON. Wtf are you doing. 1 yard line dope.

  893. Jimbo Says:

    Lol what a joke it’s time put the backups in including the QB

  894. SteveK Says:

    Such a joke

  895. Chimichango Says:

    What kind of play calling is this?

  896. LA Bucs Fan Says:

    Wish Mike knew how to attack the ball

  897. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Impotence on display…

  898. Dapostman Says:

    BL working magic!

  899. 813bucboi Says:

    GRONK dropped it


  900. 123urout Says:

    BL is not a creative OC.

  901. Bucamania Says:

    This is historic sucking with this roster. Epic failure.

  902. SRG Says:

    That’s embarrassiin embarrassing, four attempts from the one…

  903. SteveK Says:

    Awful football

  904. Surfslowson Says:


  905. Will Says:

    Ru kidding me! Gronk has had some crucial drops this game

  906. JimmyJack Says:

    St Pete come hold me

  907. Soggy Says:

    can’t get in from 1 yard CMON

  908. Curse of Gruden Says:

    I’m done boys.

  909. Siege The Bay Says:

    Gronk how do you drop that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a good play

  910. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Truly suck! Just got done showing goal to goal stats and they lay a goose egg!

  911. Bucamania Says:

    Way to show up and show out Bucs

  912. Mike in LOL Says:

    Can’t score a single point wooooooooow

  913. Bucfan81 Says:

    Damn it’s laughable bad. Like if you can’t even get 1 yard to score you just suck. Like damn do a QB sneak.

  914. SRG Says:

    Is the t too early to clean house?

  915. SteveK Says:

    Do it again D.

  916. cmurda Says:

    A low percentage fade on 4th and goal. This is idiotic. This is literally how to blow a game. Run the ball 4 times Byron. That’s the dumbest play calling.

  917. Mike in LOL Says:

    This is so embarrassing. I have never booed my bucs harder than today. I hope they’re miserable with themselves tonight.

  918. LongSeason Says:

    I still say this is karma for signing another criminal.
    This team is getting what it deserves.
    Fans don’t deserve this, though.
    I’m going to go get a ream of paper and some lemon juice and have more fun than watching this.

  919. Of course Says:

    Lmao it can’t get any better than this lmao

    I love it. What a team of losers lol.

    I am off the wagon and will not be back on. This team sucks.

    All these toys and this is the result. F u c k all of it.

    I don’t give a f u c k what any of you say. I’m done rooting for this sh it franchise.

    Byron you suuuuuccckkk.

    Arians standing there looking like a fat lost idiot that doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.


  920. unbelievable Says:

    Soft as fck

  921. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Wow 6 yard run

  922. cmurda Says:

    You know they are running the ball as does everyone in America and this weak D Line still gives up 5 yards

  923. Scorps1 Says:

    Jimmy Jack we lost the toss and the saints deferred.

  924. Bucamania Says:

    It’s not easy to suck this bad

  925. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Wow 3rd & 4

  926. cmurda Says:

    What humiliation by Byron. Arians won’t let his girlfriend go so we are stuck with incompetence. Awesome

  927. 813bucboi Says:

    I concede

    Singed Trump


  928. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Bucs should just run run run punt. Brady and receivers look terrible. No need getting any players injured.

  929. JimmyJack Says:

    3rd and 5. Wide ass open reciever for 7. This is a trend. Nearly every third down we just arent guarding the sticks. Dont matter if they need 8, 5, 12, or 16. Im just not understanding this coverage tonight.

    Can blame the passrush for some of the success but the coverage tonight has me scratching my head.

  930. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    3rd & 17 completion coming up

  931. 813bucboi Says:

    Very disappointed


  932. JimmyJack Says:

    Scorps thank you

  933. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    They still got 30 yards on drive

  934. Buddy Says:

    Bucs D couldn’t stop Jesuit offense tonight. LOLOLOLOL

  935. Miller5252 Says:

    Done watching this garbage… no idea what the Joe’s can even write about after this garbage.

  936. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Tomorrow the sim will still shine, the world will still spin. It’s not like the bucs haven’t been blown out before. Bring on new things week. Can’t let this game define a season. Don’t get too low.

  937. jugheadfla Says:

    Saints are SB ready

  938. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    The worst special teams in the NFL

  939. Rodmunch74 Says:

    At what point do you put the reserves in?

  940. Bucamania Says:

    Put in the backups. Maybe they want to play.

  941. Mike in LOL Says:

    Let’s see if the Bucs can score a point

  942. SteveK Says:

    Good stop D!

  943. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Leftwich, Bowles and Brady = Mulligan. 6-3 is still fantastic. Just not ready or the big stage yet. 7-3 next week.

  944. Bucamania Says:

    Most Disappointing list will be 53 long this week.

  945. UKbuccaneer Says:

    McAfee’s overreaction Monday is gonna be freaking hilarious tomorrow.

  946. JimmyJack Says:

    UK a big part of the depression is how poorly the Bucs perform in Prime Time games…….Im not sure if we got another prime time game to Buc that trend…..if not the next possible chance we get is……gulp…..in the playoffs

  947. Of course Says:

    Come Brady and Byron let’s see if you get a nice 3 AND OUT

    You F ing losers

  948. Rodmunch74 Says:

    I want a shutout. That will a first for Brady

  949. bojim Says:

    I think they may lose.Hung with them 76′, i’ll stay tonight

  950. buc15 Says:

    Wow. Bowles was playing alot of prevent D in the first half. WTF? Is he high?

  951. Bucamania Says:

    Lattimore OWNS ME13 but can’t cover AB.

  952. SRG Says:

    Strange but true: the best Bucs player is Antonio Brown

  953. JimmyJack Says:

    Brady was pressured on that last completion. We cant matchup against this team

  954. Bucamania Says:

    Yes, soft zone BS from Bowles tonight. Great idea Todd.

  955. Mike Johnson Says:

    Sad Sh.. guys. 31-zip is what we use to call a skunk back in the day. I will not watch the rest of this..custers slaughter. National TV embarrassment. saints are the best team in the South division. They have beat us outright 2 games. That hard but its the truth. Look at Brady. He is blank. Not in the game. Our team was not ready for their biggest game of the season thus far. Sportcenter gonna have a field day berating us. BUCLIFE Baby!

  956. Of course Says:

    This team doesn’t deserve the playoffs and honestly after they way they play tonight I don’t want to watch them in the playoffs and get embarrassed so I OFFICIALLY HOPE THEY DONT MAKE THE PALYOFFS.




  957. unbelievable Says:

    They actually got a stop.

    If only they hadn’t let them score 31 points already, it might actually matter.

    Also that last interception Brady threw was terrible.

    Apparently AB is the only guy who can catch

  958. Jimbo Says:

    I’m sitting here thinking instead of going out spending so much money on players they should’ve spent it on coaches and not these high school coaches. I hope BA leaves next year, he sucks as a head coach.

  959. Mike in LOL Says:

    Let’s go Tampa Bay Suckaneers

  960. Bucamania Says:

    Throw another dunp off for 2 yards

  961. BDub Says:

    Turned it off. No mas.

  962. Mike Johnson Says:

    good night grace. having my last beer before the 4th qTr starts. tUNING TO THE MOVIE CHANNEL. buclife.

  963. Mike Johnson Says:

    good night grace. having my last beer before the 4th qTr starts. tUNING TO THE MOVIE CHANNEL. buclife.

  964. Soggy Says:

    Good get AB some practice, nice catch

  965. Chimichango Says:

    I have to practice my defense for work tomorrow.

  966. JimmyJack Says:

    Pressure is coming from everywhere. Not just the edges. We are getting pushed around up the middle……I guess the one small glimmer of hope is getting Marpet back. Maybe just maybe we c as n roll extra help on this Jordan.

  967. cmurda Says:

    O line. You’ve been awful all night. Come on

  968. 407buc Says:


  969. 813bucboi Says:

    BA did a horrible job having this team prepared


  970. Jimbo Says:

    This just in Brady sucks when it comes to playing good teams.

  971. Bucamania Says:

    Donovan Smith sucking per usual

  972. 123urout Says:

    bucs ol is week

  973. Bucamania Says:

    Get Brady out

  974. cmurda Says:

    Draft a left tackle Licht. Donovan Smith is inconsistent garbage

  975. Mike in LOL Says:

    Why do we still have our starters out there? I would keep the o line out but march out Gabbert at this point. Make the o line take more punishment

  976. jugheadfla Says:

    Donovan Smith with the sack……lololololooolol

  977. unbelievable Says:

    Donovan Smith just sacked Brady.

    He literally plays for the Saints when we go against them n

  978. Seemore Bucs Says:

    An absolute atrocity.

  979. 813bucboi Says:

    Take Brady out….

    Put the entire 2nd string in…


  980. cmurda Says:

    Yeah seriously save Brady’s life. Nothing is happening tonight

  981. Jimbo Says:

    The Saints have their boot on the Chokes necks

  982. JimmyJack Says:

    Deja Vu

  983. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Why has Brady not been pulled yet. Moronic! Smith isn’t even blocking and gonna get Brady killed. Watch patty move his feet.

  984. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    I am as diehard as a Bucs fan can be!!! But I’m laughing my butt cheeks off at how bad this is. Work is going to be hell tomorrow, I’m public enemy number one

  985. Mike in LOL Says:

    Woohoo hood job Bucs another interception!!!

  986. Bucamania Says:

    OMG. End this already

  987. aj Says:

    That is classic Jameis.

  988. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Donovan Smith sucks.

  989. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Gronk sat there and let him intercept it

  990. SteveK Says:

    Donovan smith getting abused. 😞

  991. 813bucboi Says:

    Damn…Brady gave up


  992. Soggy Says:


  993. cmurda Says:

    That’s offsides twice in a row. Refs are like no we are ending this trash. Tom is just beaten down tonight. The team and coaching were humiliating. It happens. It’s just one loss. Bounce back hopefully against Car.

  994. Jimbo Says:

    Hit the showers Tommy your night is done

  995. Seemore Bucs Says:

    Blaine Gabbert time, unfortunately.

  996. DBS Says:

    WTF. That was a Jameis type pass.

  997. BDub Says:

    We need to be calling Miami and seeing what they want for Fitzpatrick

  998. Of course Says:










    ITS OVER. BOUT TO LOSE 3 in a row.



  999. SoFloBuc Says:

    The left side of the line sucks!!

  1000. Rayjay1122 Says:

    This team is a fraud. I hope they get shut out. Screw the Bucs.

  1001. Rojas Says:

    D Smith needs to be cut after this game. He gave up basically 3 sacks back, to back, to back.

  1002. Bucfan81 Says:

    Well I thought before the game started I would lose Fantasy football cause the guy I am facing has Brady. Looks like I will win now.

  1003. Bucamania Says:

    Brady looked off from the get go

  1004. Snook Says:

    5rh slow start in the last 6 games. It’s a problem now.

  1005. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    My ex texted me “Go Bucs!” Thought I had that crazy B!tch blocked🤷‍♂️

  1006. SteveK Says:

    Need a new LT is Smith can’t play against the divisional foes. This is bad.

  1007. cmurda Says:

    Donovan Smith. The definition of maybe average. Maybe decent. Maybe bad but never predictable. 👍

  1008. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Actually that was a good pick. If they failed to convert, Saints would have gotten more yardage.

  1009. Greg Says:

    I am going to lay a big chunk of that last series at the feet of Donovan Smith. F that guy. He’s a slug. He reminds me of Gerald McCoy. No heart. He wants the money but he doesn’t really want to play football.

  1010. SRG Says:

    Tom wants to go home, maybe retire. The Bucs curse has arrived with all the weight of the history. Even if the Bucs win ten games ever year from now on they’ll only have as many wins as loses in 2068.

  1011. Will Says:

    76 giving up sacks as usual. Can we agree that he can’t play against quality Dline.
    Get Brady out of the game Smith gonna get him hurt.

    We looked like crap 2 games in a row but against the Saints that can’t happen. Jameis will be in for the Saints in the 4th quarter. We’re not ready yet maybe the 3rd we play them if we make the playoffs we’ll beat them.

  1012. Rodmunch74 Says:

    I’ll say it again. Was Jameis really the problem?

  1013. J Dubb Says:

    Man, this team sure does lay eggs when it comes to prime time games…that’s on BA, he has to get his team prepared cuz playoff games are prime time

  1014. Mike in LOL Says:

    This team is a disgrace

  1015. Dapostman Says:


    Do you understand going for it on 4th down? You don’t throw the ball away on 4th down. You take a chance on 4th down.

  1016. Jimbo Says:

    That looked just like a Jameis pass lo. Brady must be taking pointers from the crab man.

  1017. CPN Says:

    Brady looking like Winston out there.

    He just lobbed that out there like “I HOPE I GET SOMEONE”

  1018. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Pressure on 4 straight passes, and one of the Joe’s laud this ol. Please get out of here with that weak mess

  1019. Bucamania Says:

    Shaq Barrett made play. Dude is 20 lbs overweight

  1020. Jimmboo Says:

    Somewhere Winston is eating a W

  1021. BDub Says:

    How is Donovan Smith still playing football and not bagging groceries at Publix?

  1022. 54sTheMike Says:

    Can’t wait for the TB Times Winston vs Brady week 9 comparison article

  1023. Seemore Bucs Says:

    Death, taxes and the Bucs and their fans being humiliated nationally.

  1024. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Jimbo Says:
    November 8th, 2020 at 10:36 pm
    That looked just like a Jameis pass lo. Brady must be taking pointers from the crab man

    LMFAO, sad but true

  1025. Mike in LOL Says:

    I hope we get shut out too. I hope Winston comes in and throws another 2 TD against us too

  1026. Jimbo Says:

    Rod no, it’s Enept coaching, You take a coach who has really never done anything and you make him the head coach.

  1027. Jeff Says:

    What position are we looking at in the first round of next year’s draft?

  1028. BCULAW Says:

    The Saints are better. Biggest difference is O-line IMO. The Saints O-line is outstanding in every phase. Ours is just not in the same league. Oh, and their offensive scheme is innovative and unpredictable. Ours is not. Result is predictable. It’s a Bucs life.

  1029. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Guess Hill playing rest of game. He’ll have a 100 yards rushing and 100 yards passing

  1030. Mike in LOL Says:

    And to be clear I am in no way bitter about cutting Jameis, just we suck soooo bad I would love nothing more than for my Bucs to get a few gut punches while they’re down. Maybe then they won’t be so damn soft

  1031. SteveK Says:

    Hoping to fall asleep and not watch this garbage anymore, and will be super disappointed if we are completely shutout. Good luck everyone and go Bucs!

  1032. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Ha I meant to copy…

    Jimmboo Says:
    November 8th, 2020 at 10:37 pm
    Somewhere Winston is eating a W


  1033. Bucamania Says:

    They better not burn this tape. Every player needs to watch every painful play like we did.

  1034. ©MadMax Says:

    Washed up, its over….beaten down done and splattered….and at this point, why bother


  1035. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Sad but true

  1036. BDub Says:

    Got a Pewter #12 Vapor Limited XXL jersey for sale. Any takers? I’ll even throw in a Red Gronk jersey and free shipping.

  1037. Athlete Says:

    SoFloBuc…. nope it’s only the best QB to ever touch a football!!!

  1038. Dapostman Says:

    This OL shows up some games and some games they don’t. I don’t care who you have at QB or skill positions. If your OL doesn’t get it done it ain’t gonna happen.

  1039. ElioT Says:

    Cam Jordan was right when he said they’d feast for three years after Smith contract extension.

    What an absolute punch in the nuts this game is for all things Bucs.

    Total domination.

    The Saints are better than the Bucs at… everything.

    All of this on a weekend where a lot of games went our way, we can’t even look competitive.

  1040. Jimbo Says:

    They don’t want to play for these coaches you can see it on the field. Come on call in show. Let’s end this crap show right now. I think they can put the ball in the 1 yard line and the chokes still wouldn’t score

  1041. rrsrq Says:

    Look at the bright side:
    Seahawks, Panthers, Bears and Cardinals lost – but if we play like this ieven a wildcard birth won’t matter

  1042. Bucs_Fan_Orlando Says:

    The pick at the end of the Third by Tom was smart.

    He threw it up with the idea maybe we catch it, if not maybe they do and it’s like a punt. He took one for the team there. Had the Def been smart they would have swatted it down instead of catching it for a lose of field position. Pretty clever in the heat of the minute.

  1043. Jimmboo Says:

    Hey we shut them out … in the third quarter

  1044. the_end Says:

    @Mike in LOL

    I agree. When the lights are on, this team pisses itself.

  1045. SRG Says:

    Not ready for prime time

  1046. cmurda Says:

    No heart. Bowles has gotten worked in every way. Our coaching staff gets no pass for this atrocity. That’s gross

  1047. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Hahahaha r U f’n 4 real

  1048. Seemore Bucs Says:

    Wide open. They just aren’t even trying now.

  1049. Bucamania Says:

    This team does cr@p the bed when the lights are on. Just pathetic.

  1050. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Embarrassing oohh I dropped the ball but it’s okay got a guy wide open!!!

  1051. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    This is so embarrassing

  1052. JimmyJack Says:

    Cmurda…..D.Smith is very predictable against the Saints. And he is always bad. He quite literally is the biggest thing standing in the way of us winning this division let alone compete for a title.

  1053. Los Says:

    This team is trash, lost to a sorry bears team, got the giants game gifted to us, and now getting crapped on by a team with a coaching staff that knows how to prepare. Just outclassed in every phase.

  1054. Bucamania Says:

    Saints came out to rpove a point and the Bucs cowered. Embarrassing.

  1055. Dapostman Says:

    I hope I never see these red uniforms again. Wear white or pewter.

  1056. Bucamania Says:

    BA just over there mouth-breathing

  1057. Soggy Says:

    Hard to forget this beat down

  1058. Mike in LOL Says:

    Come on TD Saints

  1059. AtlBuc Says:

    They fell for the Ol’ banana in the tailpipe trick, again!

  1060. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    The Bucs are like roaches, when the national spot light comes on they disappear!

  1061. AtlBuc Says:

    And again.

  1062. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    2 offsides in a row

  1063. Pa Privateer Says:

    What is sad, is that this looks like the same ole bucs on National Television…..

  1064. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    38-0 coming up

  1065. ModHairKen Says:

    It’s one bad game. That’s all.

  1066. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Brady has never been swept by division opponent. That’s what happens when you play in a weak division

  1067. Will Says:

    Well the trolls will be back out this week.
    BL needs to get creative with this offense. Can you imagine what Eric Bienemy who’s do with these weapons. Smh

  1068. cmurda Says:

    I was really singing Deans praises as a shutdown CB. This one hurts. This is like the Seattle game all over again. We should be credited with 2 losses for this game.

  1069. Will Says:

    Well the trolls will be back out this week.
    BL needs to get creative with this offense. Can you imagine what Eric Bienemy would do with these weapons. Smh

  1070. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    That’s what happens when you come to the Bucs it happens ALL the time!

  1071. JimmyJack Says:

    This sucks. Somebody come hold me.

  1072. Soggy Says:

    payton still coaching his team to score a td,

  1073. Of course Says:


  1074. 123urout Says:

    Overrated defense

  1075. alaskabuc Says:

    Fire BL

  1076. cmurda Says:

    LVD and this defense need accountability. Heads need to roll inside that locker room. This should never be allowed to happen again.

  1077. Mike in LOL Says:

    We are so bad it’s laughable

  1078. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Winston never looked this bad

  1079. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Comfortably numb

  1080. JimmyJack Says:

    Wow even David sucks out loud tonight

  1081. 123urout Says:

    Looks like America’s backup QB will be playing in the saints next snap.

  1082. Mike in LOL Says:

    I’m rooting for the saints now too in the stands. I just want my Bucs to leave with the worst possible feeling ever

  1083. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    This has felt like an out of body experience

  1084. Bangkok Buc Says:

    When was the last beatdown worse than this???
    Prime time when we think we are a competitive vs a division rival. Ouch

  1085. Athlete Says:


  1086. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Most defenses get stronger as the season goes like the Aints but not ours. They’ve been fronting as a top rated defense all season

  1087. Of course Says:










  1088. ElioT Says:

    This performance is inexcusable.

    This is no ordinary loss.

    I hope that locker room is as solid as they seem because the Saints are making a mockery out of the Bucs.

    Total b*tch slapping beat down.

    It’s clear who the best team in the NFC South is…

  1089. SoFloBuc Says:

    Super Bowl team?? What a joke, they can’t even play a decent game on nationals TV without embarrassing themselves!!

    Super Bowl? More like Super Bums!!


  1090. Pirate Bay@TB12 Says:


  1091. JimmyJack Says:

    Dang i forgot i can listen to Deckerhoff. Doesnt matter if its in sync on a game like this

  1092. AtlBuc Says:

    Why do I get the feeling that we are trying not to show the Saints anything? Its like we’re playing vanilla offense and defense.

  1093. SRG Says:

    The roaches comparison earlier was really excellent

  1094. Mike in LOL Says:

    So what is everyone thinking on these last 8 games. 2-6?

  1095. Jimbo Says:

    If I was at this game I would demand my money back what a fraud of a team.

  1096. ElioT Says:

    This might be the worst game of Tom Brady’s career.

    Total failure on every level of this team.

    They all should be ashamed.

  1097. jjbucsfan Says:

    You f-IMG cry babies, still complaining about Jameis. Lol- this is your boy. TB12 has no chance with Leftwich and with DS76 at LT.

  1098. Rod Munch Says:

    Who is the fruit pretending to be me in here? What a douche.

    Anywho, who were the idiots telling me this was a great defense when I was pointing out that this is nowhere near a great defense? Looks like I was right again.

    Oh well, next week I expect a beatdown, except it’s @Panthers, and games in Carolina are always boring dullfests, so even if they win, it’s going to be like 19-16 or something. Then we have the Rams and Chiefs, so they had better shake this off quickly.

  1099. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Wow a 1st down!

  1100. MudslideMiddleton Says:

    Gotta wonder if the Antonio Brown signing hasn’t already had an effect. I would think not, but as soon as we sign him, the Bucs lay absolute eggs in back to back prime time games? Showing no signs of passion in either game. I’m starting to wonder if the only person that wanted him on the team was TB12?

  1101. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Top 5 in the NFL in talent, Bottom 5 in coaching.

  1102. JimmyJack Says:

    Lol just turned on Deckerhoff…..1st call got the name wrong……Marvin Davenport gahaha …….this guy. He is so awful its entertaining. So sorry i didnt turn on radio earlier.

  1103. Rick Says:

    I don’t understand what I’m seeing here, the analogy that comes to mind is this. If you were to enter a 1972 VW Beetle into the Daytona 500 your going to be blown off the track and embarrassed beyond belief. With the weapons and talent on this team we should have that competitive super car to win the race, yet we now look like that 1972 Beetle and with 2 flat tires 😡

  1104. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Wow no one open

  1105. cmurda Says:

    What in the heck are you doing Bruce. This horrible O Line is going to get poor Tom killed

  1106. Jimbo Says:

    They miss Vita Vea terribly. This clown they got from the Jets is terrible

  1107. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Figured it was intentional

  1108. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Even the old timer creamsicle Bucs are laughing at this bunch.

  1109. Soggy Says:

    just run the clock out boys

  1110. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Locker room problems? I think it is a real possibility.

  1111. Will Says:

    Why is Brady still in the game

  1112. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Brady won’t make it to the end of the season

  1113. Of course Says:






  1114. Mike in LOL Says:

    Why the hell is Brady still out there

  1115. jjbucsfan Says:

    Keeping Brady in huh? Nice BA

  1116. Soggy Says:

    better get brady out of the game

  1117. cmurda Says:

    Lol. I want Bruce fired for leaving Tom in the game. Why Bruce?

  1118. Jimbo Says:

    Boy he looks like Winston

  1119. ElioT Says:

    All these weapons!


    – We’re going for a field goal? LOL

    That’s it, I’m bringing it back…


  1120. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    What weapons???..

  1121. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:


  1122. Soggy Says:

    were coming back we got 3

  1123. cmurda Says:

    That right Brees. Suck it. You didn’t shut us out. That kick showed some heart.

  1124. 123urout Says:

    YES!!!! 3 points on the board…. GO BUCS !!!!!

  1125. Bangkok Buc Says:

    No shutout

  1126. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Surprising he made it

  1127. Mike in LOL Says:

    Wish we would have missed the field goal. Our team deserves a 0 on the scoreboard tonight as that would match their effort perfectly

  1128. Jimbo Says:

    Cmurda because he is a terrible coach. The Jets would have beaten us tonight.

  1129. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    They need to pull the starters, especially Brady.

  1130. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    As if this week couldn’t get any worse… Now this lol 🤐😱🤢🤡🔫

  1131. Jimbo Says:

    I was hoping that kicked woukd have been blocked or he would have missed it

  1132. BCULAW Says:

    On the board! LFG!!!!

  1133. Bucfan81 Says:

    You can have all the talent in the world but if you can’t coach it and you don’t know how to use it then this is the results. Dolphins have the same record with half the talent the Bucs do.?

  1134. SRG Says:

    Anyone remember the beat down the raiders gave the Bucs in Oakland the year they won the super bowl? Somehow they survived. I’m afraid that the Saints have shown that pressure on Brady leads to forced mistakes. Obvious. The odd thing about this game is how the Bucs haven’t come close to Brees

  1135. Mike in LOL Says:

    Should have been shut out tonight

  1136. SoFloBuc Says:

    Jimbo Says:
    November 8th, 2020 at 10:55 pm
    They miss Vita Vea terribly. This clown they got from the Jets is terrible

    True That!!

  1137. Athlete Says:

    There hasn’t been a more embarrassing loss ever. The best quarterback in the history of football. Hall of Fame receiver in Antonio Brown. Mike Evans is Pretty good..Chris Godwin is pretty good…?????

  1138. 123urout Says:

    That monday night game screwed uo the timing of our game. They did not get enough time to practice. The whole week was just a walkthru

  1139. AtlBuc Says:

    At least this isn’t the playoffs.

  1140. Will Says:

    Brady has looked terrible the past 2 games.
    Hey everyone the real Donovan Smith is back. Lol get him off this team.

  1141. BCULAW Says:

    Bad things happen when this defense plays soft coverage. Add that this offer since scheme is so vanilla and predictable, and we get outcoaxhed every week

  1142. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Welcome to the Bucs Tom. It’s been like this a looooong time.

  1143. Jimbo Says:

    Why are you pooch kicking the ball lol. This game is better than watching the Three Stooges

  1144. SRG Says:

    Now I’m at really adding insult to injury…Jamies returns.

  1145. SoFloBuc Says:

    Here we go:(

  1146. Mike in LOL Says:

    Let’s go Jameis

  1147. Seemore Bucs Says:

    Jameis in. The humiliation is complete.

  1148. 123urout Says:

    Jameis might help the Bucs here. Throw us some interception buddy !! hahaha

  1149. Mike in LOL Says:

    Jameis about to out score the Bucs offense as a 3rd string QB

  1150. BUC CHEEKS Says:


  1151. AtlBuc Says:

    Their Boo Boo squad is moving the ball on us!

  1152. UKbuccaneer Says:

    Who cares if they want to put Jameis in. Payton is a petty, childish guy. No trophies awarded in week 9.

  1153. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    GHOLSTON lol

  1154. Mike in LOL Says:

    Y’all about humiliation

  1155. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Wow wow wow somebody shoot me

  1156. Seemore Bucs Says:

    If Jameis gets a TD and Brady doesn’t….

  1157. Mike in LOL Says:

    Talk* about humiliation

  1158. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    I’m about to choke Chris Collinsworth through the TV

  1159. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    At least Jameis could escape pressure Brady can’t

  1160. Jimbo Says:

    Arians Looks like a dumb ass on the sidelines

  1161. Seemore Bucs Says:

    We can never be taken seriously until we shut that idiot Can Jordan up.

  1162. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    We know they’re running and still can’t stop them

  1163. Seemore Bucs Says:

    Cam Jordan

  1164. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    I’m not gonna be able to sleep

  1165. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    And now I’m under moderation… I’m sick Joe!!!!!! 🤢🤮

  1166. Seemore Bucs Says:

    Game was over at the coin flip.

  1167. Jimbo Says:

    Turn out the lights, the Saints crushed the Chokes. Turn on WDAE after the game. Listen to Michael Clayton take the Chokes apart.

  1168. Mike in LOL Says:

    Let’s go Jameis – score a TD so you can outscore the entire Bucs team tonight!!!

  1169. AtlBuc Says:

    You know Sean Payton wants Jamies to score a TD

  1170. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    We’re gluttons for punishment, we’re Buc fans

  1171. Soggy Says:

    Joe is going to extra need help this week writing this team articles suckness

  1172. SRG Says:

    Imagine what a well coached team would be with these weapons?

  1173. ElioT Says:


    *34 years old
    *2021 Free Agent

    *33 years old
    *2021 Free Agent

    *31 years old
    *2022 Free Agent ($12.5 Million Cap Hit for 2021)

    *29 years old
    *2022 Free Agent ($5.5 Million Cap Hit for 2021)

    *27 Years old
    *2021 Free Agent ($15.828 Million for 2020)

    *25 years old
    *IR for 2020


    We basically have JACK SQUAT on the D-LINE for 2021!!!!!!

    The O-LINE isn’t looking much better.


  1174. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    The Tampa Bay Chokeaneers

  1175. Soggy Says:

    they are having mercy on us how sweet

  1176. Armando Says:

    Notice Arians looked like Biden trying to remember if he running for the Senate or prez

  1177. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    26-0 and now the fewest rushes in NFL history

  1178. Seemore Bucs Says:

    Fewest rushes in NFL history with 4. Yikes.

  1179. "Kick Touda Gooch" Says:

    See ya next week.
    Lost my voice again.
    Yelling like a felon.

  1180. Soggy Says:

    were still breaking records

  1181. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Even the NFC East teams haven’t lost this badly

  1182. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Is it over, I’m awaiting more torture

  1183. Rodmunch74 Says:

    Brady is going to have a lot of lows here

  1184. Jeff Says:

    I just think we need to send Arians back to his Georgia lakehouse.. he can’t get this team, ready. Chargers, Bears, Giants and tonight. Give a real coaching staff a chance with this bunch.

  1185. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Hahaha! Glad my pops down in Sarasota turned it off of at halftime! Dodged another heart attack

  1186. Rodmunch74 Says:

    At least Jaboo made the games exciting even if he threw the ball to the other team. The Bucs are creative when it controls finding new ways to lose.

  1187. "Kick Touda Gooch" Says:

    Thread best part of game time.
    Fan since “76”
    Well get um next week .

  1188. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    These BUCS r hell! Nothing new. PLAY FOOTBALL!!!!!! GD it

  1189. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    ✌️Out… I’m pissed!!!

  1190. SRG Says:

    Those guys were so unprepared I lay this on the coaching. It’s almost like anything they did was wrong, offense defense special teams all displayed no ability to catch, tackle, block, throw, etc. if all the players are out of position all the time, it’s coaching. This is the second week in a row with clearly the same issues. This does nothing t bode well for games against well coached teams. Which means a struggle with thirty one other teams.

  1191. Saintsfanlol Says:

    haha gg bucs Saints all the way