“Bruce Arians’ Offense Stinks”

November 29th, 2020

Targeted by BSPNer.

In case you may not have realized it, park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting, jet-ski-losing, handshake-stiffing Bucs quarterback Tom Brady has friends in high places.

And one seems to be a high profile talking head for the four-letter.

Mike Greenberg of BSPN last week unloaded on Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians, who Greenberg believes is Pearl Harboring what could be a magical Bucs season.

Why would Greenberg go after Arians? Think about it.

Where is Greenberg from? Where does he live? Where does he work? Where did Brady, the darling of NFL media, work? Yeah, northeast. You connect the dots.

For reasons unclear, Brady has fully lost his long-ball passing arm. It’s to the point that it is nuts to ask him to throw bombs.

And who is calling the plays? Well, Arians suggests Brady pretty much calls the plays. But Greenberg thinks Arians needs to tell Brady to knock it off.

Greenberg took Arians to task on the BSPN Radio airwaves.

“I feel like I am the only person in the world who watches the Buccaneers and thinks Bruce Arians should not be their coach,” Greenberg began. “You know who should be watching their games and laughing hysterically? Jameis Winston.

“Now we know why Jameis Winston threw all of those interceptions. Because Bruce Arians’ offense stinks. Bruce Arians wants to chuck it down the field, no risk it; no biscuit. He did it with Jameis Winston who had a reputation coming out of college for turning the ball over. And now he is doing it with the greatest quarterback of all time.”

Greenberg said Brady’s bread-and-butter is three-step drops and get the ball out quickly. Why Arians doesn’t order/persuade Brady to do this, Greenberg fully does not understand.

“This offense is a joke,” Greenberg said. “It is a mistake. What are we doing here?!”

Brady has thrown 56 passes of 20 yards or more this season, Greenberg claims, most in the NFL (BSPN and its research department come up with reliable stats). Yeah, Joe realizes Brady has played one more game than most QBs.

“You know what you are doing?” Greenberg said as if he was talking to Arians. “You are ruining a season that has championship aspirations.

“And those are slipping away lightning fast. Brady is throwing the ball up there like a punt. That’s not what Tom Brady does.”

The Bucs, Greenberg claims, are 31st in the NFL converting third-and-long. He blamed that on Arians always wanting to chuck it downfield. (Joe blames the Bucs too often running on first down up the middle for two yards).

Then, Greenberg came up with a concept Joe is absolutely on the same page with. Since Brady cannot throw long this month, why not scheme plays for his uber-talented receivers to get YAC instead of heave-ho’ing it with predictable, dreadful results?

Greenberg is beside himself why Arians doesn’t allow Brady to throw more short or intermediate passes to Chris Godwin or furniture-tossing, bike-throwing Antonio Brown or Scotty Miller, who with one broken tackle have the ability to house a play.

Joe says “Amen” to that.

“What’s wrong with Tom Brady?” Greenberg asked rhetorically. “I’m here to tell you what is wrong with Tom Brady is his coach.

“And if Bruce Arians doesn’t figure it out, this season is done. They’re done.”

“This Joe” is of the mind it will take 10 wins to secure a wild card berth. If the Bucs lose today, then when the Bucs return from the bye next week, they would have to win three of their last four to reach 10 wins.

Joe’s not confident that will happen the way this offense has sputtered lately.

To be fair to Arians, if the Bucs offense is so horrible, how do they score points? As Arians has said, that’s what it is all about.

41 Responses to ““Bruce Arians’ Offense Stinks””

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    Greenberg … ““I’m here to tell you what is wrong with Tom Brady is his coach. And if Bruce Arians doesn’t figure it out, this season is done.”

    B-I-N-G-O !!! (Although Greenberg should’ve added that Brady is ALSO part of the problem. And no, I don’t buy that Brady is calling all those long bombs. He obviously knows how to win, and throwing long bombs that aren’t hitting isn’t the way.

  2. Augsut 1976 Buc Says:

    It is about scoring enough to win the game you are playing, not and overall average. So Arians is ducking, not being straight forward. Why not let Brady “kill the opponent with a 1000 paper cuts”Bart Scott. Whatever works do it, if it does not work, stop, pretty simple. Like why the zone defense and get picked apart? Has the loss of Vita caused that many changes to how they run the scheme with the linebackers. It is not like Vita got to the QB alot, but he definitely ties up lineman so the LB’s can come from all angles. Whatever it takes, Adapt adapt adapt. GO BUCS!!!

  3. Oh Boy! Says:

    The Bucs actually have talent this year. The COACHING is a major disappointment. Perhaps it is time to focus on draft position for next year! Time for Bruce & company to move on.

  4. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Is it BA’s fault that Brady’s long ball has practically left the stadium? No, fault him and Licht for thinking there was more left in the Brady’s tank than it appears so far. I have a strong feeling Robert Kraft wanted Brady way more than Belichek
    did. Also think Brady has favored trying to run the offense through Scotty Miller
    first and then Antonio Brown. It also appears BA was good with that in at least one game. Its kind of a letdown that both Evans and Godwin may not have the
    opportunity to repeat their 1000 plus yard seasons, IMO

  5. chummaster01 Says:

    God bless you Greeny!!! Finally the truth comes out I am a die hard Bucs convert a former Bills lifer it took a lot to fall in love with the Bucs when they were still Creamsicles , but I did it took five difficult years to finally see the Orange light through all the struggles!! And then all of a sudden I see the most talented Bucs team that Ive ever seen in my 25 years of watching the Bucs, and what is allowed to happen a pretender comes to town and fumbles the ball and now the season is wasted . I believed in Jameis but was willing to give BA and the GOAT a chance and you know what they both are who I thought they were !! I am trying to move on but every sunday I get more pizzed off even when we win I see they flaws and know that we arent going far in the playoffs. So ive decided that making the Playoffs has to be a win this season!!Go BUCS!! and take BA and Light with ya!!

  6. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Brady also needs a RB that will move the chains with sure hands and good YAC yards after the catch. Since both ROJO and Fournette have struggled at times.
    Play the rookie please, give Brady his outlet he desperately needs.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I hate to say this, but what if Realist has been right about BA the whole time?

  8. Jason Says:

    I hate to say this, but what if Realist has been right about BA all along?

  9. Hodad Says:

    Bruce Arains offense stinks! Yes it does. This team doesn’t win 10 games, and make the playoffs, or makes the playoffs at 9-7, and loses in the first round, will be interesting to see what the Glazers do at seasons end. Arains, and Licht will have some splaining to do.

  10. Jim Says:

    OK, this is the part where everyone forgets that we hired “The Quarterback Whisperer” for the sole purpose of fixing a struggling young quarterback. Arians wasn’t meant to coach the GOAT, so yeah, issues…

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Bob … As much as I’d love to see Vaughn get in there for some snaps (just to see what he’s got more than anything), I don’t think the problem is really RoJo or Fournette. BOTH are quality RBs who’ve proven at various times that they can be quite effective.

    Both can catch the ball well enough IMO. A number of the passes they’ve dropped have been lasers from 2 feet away. Many have been dump-off passes from Brady that haven’t been particularly well-designed IMO and weren’t going anyplace even if they had caught them (in some cases it was better that they didn’t since they would’ve resulted in lost yardage). Several kept Brady from eating a sack, but were still lost downs.

    RB James White was Brady’s go-to receiver last year. He caught 72-of-95 passes (75.8%) for 645 yds (with 5 TDs no less). Interestingly, his YBC (yds ball traveled in the air before catch) was 122 yds for those 72 catches; his YAC (yds after the catch) was 523 yds. ADOT (average depth of target) was only 2.4 yds BTW. So White’s YBC/reception was 1.7 and his YAC/reception was 7.3 … hmmm pretty impressive IMO.

    Compare those numbers with what RoJo has this year. (Not pretty, and less than half of what RoJo had in 2019 with Winston as his QB). Fournette is actually faring better.

  12. El Buco Realisto Says:


    Then you would be considered a man among boys for at least considering the truth!!!!!!!!!!! The “real” fans know that you do not have to like the truth, but should at least listen to the truth!!!!!!!!!

    And ole stale biscuit can run up the score on lesser teams or take advantage of a certain match up!!!!!!!! But what is his overall record!!!!!!!! What is ole stale biscuit’s playoff record!!!!!!! What is the point of bruce arrogance’s high flying offense if it takes away overall from the TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The truth is being EXPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Joe’s excuses will cover it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. meh Says:

    I agree with this offense being poorly designed for Brady. I agree Brady seems to only be effective with short and medium passes. I agree it’s nuts we keep doing the same thing that is just not working. I disagree about Winston. It didn’t matter which coach. He throws prolific picks no matter the coach.

  14. Sport Says:

    Brady not having the arm to hrow the long all would be more believable in he was underthrowing them. He’s not, he’s been overthrowing. Which means its a timing thing.

    What I’d be curiosi to know is if these BA comments are being stoked by Bradys Camp.

    BA has been tough on Brady publicly. Brady doesn’t like to lose, he also fiercely protects his reputation.

    Brady played below average, Goff played above average. Woods and Kupp had a free for all in our secondary. Maybe the defense can’t stop the intermediate throws because they never see it in practice.

    The underlying theme is 99.9% of us (except Diarhealist, Lost Dog TPad) want to see this teMam fire on all cylinders. They haven’t yet, but if we do, we win out. That’s the supremely frustrating part.

    Gotta say complaining about the team this way sure as hell beats scouring the top 10 college players and jockeying for a top five pick.

    Go Bucs!

    In BA I Trust!

  15. T REX Says:

    Arians and his staff are a joke. Riding around in a golf cart. LOL.

    Time to put him out to pasture. IF, big if, we can get Brady to stay another year. Arians and turdwich have to go.

  16. adam from ny Says:

    hold up…wait a minute…

    rojo out of the backfield catching balls is not really an issue…there’s a bigger issue, and that’s the game plan or how they get him the ball in the passing game…

    in his limited receptions last year from jameis, rojo was very effective averaging about 10 yards per catch with the yac…

    holy moly can that actually be true…???

    hell yeah bruh…

    so whatever arians and leftwich are doing now is no longer effective with rojo…

    remember, when drafted, the idea was to give rojo a lane, a little space to move and wiggle in, and he will burst it for good yards…

    granted he bulked up and is a banger back now, running thru the tackles as per leftwich’s play calling…


    if you scheme him passes in a bit of open space on the edges and get a block or two here and there for him, rojo’s catches will accumulate yards…

    just like last year…this is a fact yall..

    but they have stopped doing it — completely!

    go figure…rojo is and was very dangerous in space as a receiver out of the backfield…

    yet they have junked these plays from the game plan!…

    yeah tell me i’m wrong

    ps and don’t tell me he has hands of stone – we know he drops one here and there

  17. adam from ny Says:

    they have gotten away from the effective plays they used last season with rojo in the passing game…

    get him the ball out off the edges, past the first line of defense and then let him move in space with a few blockers…

    why does this no longer seem feasible???

  18. adam from ny Says:

    line evans and godwin up on the same side with gronk…

    or motion one over…

    and throw to rojo like that…

    heck you don’t even need a pulling guard with those 3 blockers…

    is this too difficult?

  19. Bob in Valrico Says:

    DR, can’t disagree.
    Agree that Some of Brady’s passes are not well thrown. In a recent game ROJO had to kneel twice to catch his passes. Although I ‘ve seen them both drop relative easy ones that could of extended drives. I will say this to illustrate why i keep saying this, if Vaughn’s skillset can approach what Charles Sims pass catching abilities were then we might see an improvement in the way Brady handles the pressure. Remember the Denver-
    Patriot AFC playoff, Brady took a real beating, but he was still poised enough to have a chance to win the game.. I don’t recall the number of errant passes that he is producing now, starting to wonder if age and the accumulation of hits is affecting him. His play against very good defenses will co0ntrol any playoff chances we have. Right now, I can’t say I have high expectations.

  20. geno711 Says:

    Are we running the ball too much on 1st down up the middle?

    I thought that has been the cry of most Buc’s fans on this site earlier this season.

    I see BA and the Leftwich team offensively as better skilled coaching staff than Dirk Koetter’s. By the way, Brady is looking bad on down field passing right now.

    I believe this coaching staff will adjust the rest of the season.

    I do still believe in both Brady and Arians. Both know what they are doing.
    If anything I might lean towards Joe’s opinion on Antonio Brown. Brady has been looking for him as a 1st read more than any other receiver.

    GO back to the bread and butter of Godwin and then Evans.

  21. tmaxcon Says:

    Those of you that still believe and have hope are so adorable…. At what point does optimism become delusional?

    So another failed kicker draft pick matt gay beats the bucs I can’t wait for raheem the dream to school BA and his clowns TWICE…

  22. dmatt Says:

    It don’t take Einstein to figure this out. Offensively, we have the weapons and ability to go toe to toe with any offense in the NFL. The problem is not the players, its the coaching. Swap out BA for Sean Payton or Andy Reid and we’re not having this conversation. As is, we use no strategies or creativity to maximize the skill set of our playmakers. I thought Dirk Koetter looked deer in the headlight, but geez, BA you often look dumb founded. The chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Beienemy would have a field day with the Bucs offense.

  23. orlbucfan Says:

    Be interesting if BAzz suddenly dropped dead. Then BL has to call the offense, Methuselah notwithstanding.

  24. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Let’s not forget the sieve that is the defense….with its “stand around and watch “ tackling, and social distancing coverage.

  25. Joe Says:

    Are we running the ball too much on 1st down up the middle?

    After four games with everyone hollering about how the Bucs always run on first down, Joe went through the play-by-play of all four games (at the time) and found that exactly 50 percent of the time the Bucs ran, 50 percent they passed.

    So Joe didn’t write a story on it and hasn’t gone through the play-by-play again (that would take a long time for 11 games).

  26. Pewter Power Says:

    The offense doesn’t stink the play caller is directly responsible. It’s ridiculous to total up all the missed deep throws and say that is the reason for losing. What has he missed the last 4 games 20-30? It’s seriously exaggerating that stat if he is leading the league in passing attempts per game at 43. Maybe leading the league in passing attempts is the problem.

    At 43 who thought that idiot leftwich would go into a game and only call 5 run plays. Are you trying to say that the coach saying Tom Brady calls plays it was his idea? Brady wanted to run the ball 5 times against the Saints when he was getting smashed every time he dropped back oh ok yea I believe that.

  27. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    I agree. Arians and BL are ruining a championship roster with their stubborn insistence on following BAs idiotic dictum of “no risk it no biscuit”. Guess what Bruce: Brady got to the biscuit factory 50% of every season he’s played and won 6 of them. You’ve got one playoff win. Let the man do what he’s good at and adjust your offense to increase the probability of winning each game. It’s not 1970 man.

  28. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    The clowns up here blamed it ALL on Winston, but it’s also on BAs offense simple and plain. You all cried about YAC that it was because of his inaccuracy but yet he had at least 3 td passes of over 65 yds with 40 YAC, 2 to Godwin and 1 to Evans maybe more. How many does Brady have this year??? Hoq many slants or crossing routes do they call??? From what I’ve seen alot of passes have no YAC designed in them, or maybe receivers aren’t fast enough to get separation. Winston’s biggest problem were the turnovers but some of those Arians and Justin Watson had a hand in. Arians is trying to make Brady into something he’s not and Brady’s trying to prove he vm can be…….. a risk taker. They both need to stop their Tom foolery and go with what Tommy Boy does best. Just like in the movie Fahrley didn’t succeed until he did what he did best. Brady won’t either in this offense until they do.

  29. stpetebucsfan Says:

    We seem to have lost the forest for the trees. We are a good team that beats bad and average competition but has not crossed into elite status.

    We’re pretty danged good but not great. Joe pretty much laid that out before the season…get in position to win ten games…make the playoffs and see what happens. We are on schedule.

    The real question it seems to me is what does 2021 look like. Brady threw too many awesome passes…some long…many with his tight spiral and unbelievable touch to appear washed up. Our offense schemes on the other hand seem to still be evolving.

    So if the offense was set up EXACTLY to maximize Brady’s talents…how far could we go. How many draft picks are we from being a serious SB contender?
    We need another home run pick on the OL like Wirfs and absolute monster pass rusher and then simply the return of Vita Vea to good health. Vea alone will change the D and add a couple of draft picks and who knows.

    Meanwhile I’m enjoying this Buc’s team. I do not feel cheated as a fan. And even though the odds are against them I like the Buc’s chances today. I just hope we play to our capability and avoid stupid penalties and missed tackles.

  30. UKBuccaneer Says:

    It’s easy to say ‘The coaching is wrong, don’t throw deep’ – so then change the frickin’ play at the line.

  31. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Trolls must smell blood in the water because they’re back with a vengeance, but continue with the same stale takes. Of course they didn’t have anything to say while the Bucs were winning. C’mon, Bucs! Make ’em go away again!

  32. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    As long as they play the Packers or anyone from NFC East they have a chance to win a playoff game.

  33. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Well maybe not the Gmen

  34. DR Says:

    Bruce Arians is a buffoon. I don’t care how bad your team is playing or how badly you’re trying to “keep it real” -what do you have to GAIN by throwing your QB and others under the bus?

    If you had an interpreter next to the podium to sort through his self-absorbed blather, you would hear: “I know I’m a bust and can’t call the right plays, but darnit, it can’t possibly ever be my play-calling at fault, it has to be the QB’s fault. No matter how many dropped balls or missed tackles and swiss-cheese defense we’ve morphed into in the last 4 weeks, that has to be TB12’s fault because he plays defense too!…(offside chatter) “what’s that? He doesn’t play defense? Doesn’t matter, our losses are all at his feet. I’m perfect. Couldn’t possibly be that I’m washed up and my inability to adjust to wildly different schemes is at the root of the problem.”

    I love to hear with all those with an IV of Haterade going how “it’s Tom’s fault that a team put up 40+ points on them.” Really? So he plays defense too? Morons. Look at the end of the day, him throwing bad deep balls isn’t unexpected. When you have no one truly open (lack of separation) or the other team just has a better defense than your offense – GO WITH THE SHORT GAME.

    Wouldn’t think this is rocket science but apparently to Bruce (Bad Attitude) Arians, it must seems like reprogramming the Space Shuttle. Fire his behind before Brady walks at season end and go to a team with a coach who actually knows what he’s doing.

  35. Les Says:

    Did yall see the last td. Drive from brady? That is vintage brady! Short accurate pass, then boom hit the long ball!! Not go deep all the time! That is bradys game ! Thats how it is done, right down the field!! Were the hell was that the whole game??!! Crappy coaching is the problem! Stubborn coach who does not play to bradys strenth! He only won 6 super bowls doing drives like that but not good enough for ba?? Stubborn ignorance! Bradys fine! Coaching sucks!

  36. TjBoston17 Says:

    I’m very proud to finally seeing our fans realizing that Bruce is not head coach material at all! ! Look at his resume period- so Winston threw 30 pics & BRUCE blamed him!!! No sorry lame it’s you and your inability to actually coach a team period! Look at Tom’s resume without a receiver core that he has now- 9 superbowls with average receivers and Jones caliber rb’sand has been extremely successful period. He is a under center rb in backfield with quick slant receivers – Scott Miller- brown-play action with quick screens, slants & perfect utilizing of TE’S THEN NOW YOU ARE IN HIS WHEELHOUSE PLAY ACTION – KEEPING DEFENSES HONEST THEN TAKING SHOTS DOWN FIELD – CATCHING DEFENSE SLIPPING FOR TD’S OR BIG GAINS! THIS IS WHY TOM WON MORE RINGS BEEN TO 9 SUPERBOWLS WITH NON HALL OF FAME RECEIVERS OR RB’S! HELL LOOK AT TOM’S PATS THE LAST 2 SEASONS HE BEAT KC IN CHAMPIONCHIP GAME THEN SB WITH NON STARS AND EVEN LAST YEAR HE HAD ANOTHER WINNING SEASON SO WHY CAN’T HE DO THE SAME WITH THIS TEAM BECAUSE BRUCE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE A HESD COACH PERIOD

  37. TjBoston17 Says:


  38. Muzammil Usmani Says:

    I am a Patriots fan and i want to see Tom Brady succeed. I know vertical offense never wins Super Bowls. Brady’s west coast or spread offense in New England won his six super bowls. Legit, Tom Brady has more credibility than Bruce Arians.

    If you let Brady do his offense, then Bucs can win the Super Bowl. Bruce and Brady must find common ground or else it is going to the sewers. Bruce must adapt and Brady should decrease the turnovers

  39. Randall Ward Says:

    Bruce,If I was in the same position as far as coaching Tom Brady it’s really easy just watch what Tom was successful at in New England film history watching it may get you to have a game plan that he would feel comfortable with.On the coaching of Defense that is a totally different story!!

  40. Randall Says:

    Hi Joe I just posted an idea for Bruce and his coaching team to try out after looking at some New England Patriots films. I also needed to say that I am here in Foxboro Massachusetts and I am a season ticket holder here. I have been watching Tom Brady and Coach with Josh McDaniels form and well run machine. I do know that this team was always ready for the team that they were going to play.This is being prepared for the battle it’s not being done in Tampa Bay Buccaneers I not saying that Bruce is a bad guy but pointing the finger on what they are doing wrong then work on it till it’s 100% . I just feel bad that Tom Brady is being run over due to not being prepared for the next team that you are playing. I just feel that you need to change these things and then watch what happens you will be satisfied with the results.But if you don’t want to change then it’s time to change things in Tampa Bay.This team is not being prepared by the coaching staff that puts them on the field to win!!!

  41. Parker Trebor Says:

    Simply stated, the Bucs defense is not defending. Opposing team’s run plays are too successful, defenders cannot play off pass catchers and expect measurable success. Provide quicker safety help on speedster receivers.

    Tom Brady was not born to throw the ball into the next county. He is a master at reading defenses and getting the ball out quick to the slot. Hey BA why do you think Brady won all those Superbowls; just maybe he knows how to run an offense and does not need any micro-managing.