Brady Completes 4-Of-7 Deep Throws; Mahomes Goes 4-Of-8

November 30th, 2020

Deep ball returns

The sky is falling. Tom Brady can’t throw the long ball anymore! He’s washed out.

That was the featured song of last week, which certainly will be off this week’s playlist.

Legitimate stats were everywhere after Brady had a horrible Monday night throwing deep against a superior Rams defense. After a strong start to the season on long throws, Brady was in a terrible slump, batting 3-of-30 on passes traveling through the air 20 yards or more past the line of scrimmage, per official NFL NextGen Stats data.

Well, yesterday Brady did what most professional baseball hitters do when they’re in a long slump, he broke out of it.

Per NextGen data, Brady completed 4-of-7 deep throws with one touchdown and one interception. The longest was 39 yards past the line of scrimmage, hitting Chris Godwin in stride with pressure in Brady’s face.

For perspective, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was 4-of-8 on deep balls yesterday with two touchdowns and no picks.

For more perspective, Rams Jared Goff yesterday was 1-of-6 on deep throws with an interception. Mike Glennon was 1-of-6 in his start for the Jaguars. Matt Ryan was 0-for-5 throwing long, despite the Falcons rolling up 43 points on the Raiders.

Yes, this is just a bunch of rather useless numbers. But Joe is so pleased they exist. Another week of hearing that Brady can’t throw deep might have driven Joe insane.

16 Responses to “Brady Completes 4-Of-7 Deep Throws; Mahomes Goes 4-Of-8”

  1. Hodad Says:

    We lost again at home to a better team. That’s all that matters.

  2. EA Says:

    Fans cheer for their favorite team to win, of course they’re gonna complain when he’s 0 for whatever on deep throws against the Rams and throws an int deep to seal the loss.

  3. BillyBucFan Says:

    Take away a bounce off a helmet for a pick and it might be a different game.

    Also, waiting until T Hill sets records in the 1st quarter to bracket him was a pipe dream for Bowles.

    He made Carlton Davis look terrible on an island.

    Winfield had zero bearing on that game, even when Bowles blitzed him from 20 yards away. LOL.

    He didn’t make it 5 yards before PM threw to a vacant spot from the shift.

  4. 2020 Year of the GOAT Says:

    Byron Lostwich is like a 5th grader out there calling plays…… yawn ! Forest Gump could do a better job.

  5. Ed Says:

    The pattern that has emerged is that the Bucs are unprepared for their opponents early in these last 3 or 4 games. The damage that failure to keep the games close in the first and second quarters is disturbing and much falls on the coaches with their stale game plans.

    No team has been able to effectively run the ball vs the Bucs, that should be to their advantage but it has exposed a very weak secondary that offensive coordinators have consistantly attached.

    Offensively, our starting receivers get little seperation in the early part of the games. The vertical game that Mike Evans excels in didn’t work in the first half and the game plan stunk. Once Tom Brady began calling plays in the hurry up offense they clicked. They need more hurry up and precision earlier in games to stay close and then in second half dominate. Can’t keep giving up 17-20 points early and not being able to keep it away from the opponents.

  6. Bobby M. Says:

    This team has looked erratic since Brown came on board…..reminds of the first 3-4 games of the season. Its like we’ve started over with our chemistry on offense. I think the bye will give us time to recalibrate…hopefully the upcoming opponents allow us to develop some rhythm and momentum.

    We’ve won the games we should and lost two playoff contenders. We have beat good teams…..the Packers are solid….Raiders are solid…..we’ve hung in there with the best teams despite playing terrible on both sides of the ball. There’s plenty of positives to build off of. My biggest concern is the secondary….i’ve stated this since probably week 3 or 4, but they’ve been exposed and there’s no masking it. They cant cover man without getting beat long…..everyone is taking us deep. They cant go zone because we get picked apart. We will likely go as far as the secondary allows us.

  7. ModHairKen Says:

    Some good observations in these posts. Now it’s on Arians to fix it. The easiest part of the schedule is coming up. Win 2 and in. Lose to Detroit and get fired, Bruce. Period.

  8. ben green Says:

    its ur coach. it’s painfully obvious he has to go. if winning a superbowl is ownership goal that is. the team is unable to game plan week to week. this was the game to run the backs 30 times. but ba would rather start chucking deep balls with 2 deep safteys. if you had a great o line that may work. the coaches don’t put the players in situations to succeed.

  9. Bill M Says:

    Too easy to blame Brady this game. Fact is he repeatedly got smashed just as he threw . Saints, Rams and Chiefs all focused on collapsing the pocket. Bucs coaches need to game plan for this. More short routes, quick throws, cro@ing patterns, rub routs etc. Rams killed us with the quick short routes. And it negates hard rushing pass rushing. Three losses in a row with the exact game plan. Brady has been blasted three games in a row. Time to change the play calling! Before Brady gets killed.

  10. Youngbucs Says:

    For perspective maybe you should let the other half of the joe know 🤔

  11. Pewter Power Says:

    I’m confused because you were one saying that he shouldn’t throw the deep ball, it was a complaint of yours not it is just the stats saying it? I’hmmm how Weird

  12. Ge Fit Says:

    The D yesterday in the first and late 4th quarter cost the buccaneers the game! Maybe if they made a stop on Kansas city on its last drive they could have won!
    Plus the coaching sucks !

  13. unbelievable Says:

    Winfield was probably the most disappointing player on defense yesterday.

    He was insanely late coming over to provide help time and time again.

    He’s just a rookie, so I won’t kill him over it. But he had a lousy game and his overall play has really taken a step back these last few weeks compared to the first half of the season.

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    But the fake news narrative all week was that Brady can’t throw deep, he was like 0-325 throws throwing deep* (if you don’t count all the pass interference calls).

    The only pass that was a really bad throw was the deep ball to Miller, Brady threw it like Evans was running the route and would go up and get the ball or at least make sure it wouldn’t get intercepted. Instead the little fella Miller just stood there helpless and watched the corner get the ball while he did nothing. Brady has to do a better job of knowing who is running the route and who is going to fight for the ball. That throw is a good play if Mike is running the route since it’s going to be a catch 1/3 of the time, a PI call 1/3 of the time or Mike is going to break up the play and prevent an INT 1/3 of the time. With lil’ Scotty Miller, if you underthrow it all, it’s an INT 80% of the time, and a defender dropping an INT the other 20% of the time.

  15. Rod Munch Says:

    unbelievable – Coverage, as a safety, might very well be the toughest position in football. Also, coming out of college, coverage at the NFL level was his biggest question mark. However without knowing the plays I wouldn’t put it all on Winfield, and on half the plays where I saw the safety coming in late it wasn’t Winfield at all. In any case Winfield should be playing strong safety and we should have someone else with better coverage skill playing free safety. Winfield is a lot like John Lynch in my mind, not a great coverage guy — and remember, Lynch took years before he was good enough to be in coverage. Even if you don’t like the Lynch comparison and want to look at Ronde, he did nothing his rookie year as he sat and learned, and at corner which is an easier position to learn.

    In any case I think Winfield will be get better in coverage, he’s too good of a player not to improve, but it’s asking a lot of a rookie to be an all-pro at safety his rookie year. Well, except if we took had taken James over oft-injured Vita…

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    I am..LMAO here at the title of this article. Now..Who won the game?