Too Handsy

October 9th, 2020

A couple of first-quarter seconds before Carlton Davis picked off Nick Foles following an Allen Robinson bobble, the scene in the photo here played out.

Davis had his hands all over Robinson down field.

The flag didn’t come out. Pass interference is no longer reviewable. And Davis scampered down the field for a big interception return after his third pick of the young season.

Late in the first half, Jamel Dean clearly grabbed/pulled Jimmy Graham’s left arm in the end zone while Graham hauled in a touchdown with just one hand. No flag.

Joe likes having physical cornerbacks, but Joe is getting very worried that they will build a reputation for breaking the rules and draw more flags. Officials/referees are reviewed by a panel following each game. Their mistakes are noted and word gets around the league quickly as to which players are offenders.

Bucs fans remember past years when Mike Evans dealt with push-off flags that some other receivers wouldn’t get. That was in part due to his reputation (which looks like it might be returning in 2020).

Davis always has been handsy and Dean trends that way, though not as much as Davis. Remember this play last year? It won a game for the Bucs and spared Dean a major humiliation

Again, Joe likes aggressive physical corners, but there is a line, one Davis dances on the wrong side of too many times.

Davis was tied for the NFL lead in penalties among defensive backs last season with nine. He already has five in 2020.

16 Responses to “Too Handsy”

  1. 813bucboi Says:

    CD is good for a PI once a game….i knew he was going to get called for at least 1…..

    dean shouldve went up with 2hands….he was in good position but he and davis panic too much when the ball is in the air…..

    bowles had trouble with the wheel routes all night……

    4th quarter 2&11 and bowles lets a RB come out the back field for 17yards….


    GO BUCS!!!!!

  2. Miller5252 Says:

    I think I can live with the handsy play over the 15 yards off a guy so when he catches it no player is even in the camera view. Don’t get me wrong they need to be careful, but at least they’re covering. One other thing they need to work on is catching the ball. Dropped INT by Dean last night could have ended the game. But all the examples of what could have won it for the Bucs proves they had plenty of chances to win.

  3. Coburn Says:

    I was worried that would be a flag… Funny enough the actual flag was bs… Received just came to a dead stop and he couldn’t stop in time.

    Also what was with the Evans OPI? Was it oast 5 yards? Didn’t think it was and looked like something that should be acceptable within 5

  4. Miller5252 Says:

    One other thing…. Did you guys completely wreck Ira last night?? Watching the game last night I wouldn’t blame him for going for it with way too many Big Storm beers! Haha

  5. Bird Says:

    I thought this article was about nsob Handsy? More like Mouthsy

    I mean nhappy today
    He is stoked today

    Everyone talks about covid and new normal
    Here is ndogs take:

    1 – pre brady. Aka jameis time- not his fault
    2- Post brady. Aka. Tommy time. Yup his fault

    He was rooting for bucs to lose. Like he thought we hated jameis so much we were rooting for jameis to lose. 😂

    At one point when bucs up he said bucs winning cause foles is garbage.

  6. Darin Says:

    Beats the heck out of a 10 yard cushion

  7. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Time to tape some 🎾 to their hands during practice to help them with the grabbing problem. CD is good for 1 PI a game just like we can expect and smith penalty and shaq offsides penalty.

    Things that make you go hmm.

  8. Goforthwface30 Says:

    I mean, sure. Yes interference is annoying. It’s just something we’re going to have to live with. That’s his game. CD is a physical man corner. Would you prefer Myron Lewis? Hargreaves? Meh, he may very well be a top 10 corner in addition to being a really good tackler. You wouldn’t call Davis a good tackler if you just watched last night’s game. –Joe He is the least of my concerns. Donovan god damn smith “ole-ing” defensive ends is top of mind. No need to preface my statement by saying: “look I like smith, look smith – I know you’re a good guy blah blah” as if you feel guilty for saying anything bad about him because your one on one interviews are blurring the lines of objectivity, but no warm and fuzzy feelings here: F that guy

  9. Bradynumber1fan Says:

    Blame todd bowles all you want but it was whitehead who for no apparent reason fakes to go in for a blitz when the running back goes straight on a wheel route..thats not coaching thats just a sorry play by whitehead in coverage. Who by the way is a huge liability in coverage..

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I guess i just don’t understand DBs committing interference so often…..don’t they realize that they are going to be caught and that makes it an automatic catch…..concentrate on the ball instead…..let the receiver have an opportunity if you have to….they may drop it…’ll be no worse off.

    Carlton Davis will improve this area of his game and when he does, he’ll be a lock down corner.

    Jamal Dean played pretty well last night but missed two Ints….

  11. Bucs Says:

    He was burned all night by Allen Robinson. Lost the game IMO. Maybe Davis and Dean should start and SMB in the slot? He’s taken a step back this season too.

  12. Bucs Says:

    Also where is Shaq? Impossible to have good secondary play with a mediocre pass rush

  13. Shoulda_Drafted_QB Says:

    Just wanna jump in here on the NDog thread….. SERIOUSLY JOES …… WHY HAVE YOU NOT JUST BANNED THIS IDIOT. This is Joe Bucs Fan not Joe Bucs Hater. Plz just get rid of this guy…… but actual truth be told he has become like a meme or comedy show

  14. Mike10 Says:

    This guys has way too many PI calls!
    How does these guys not know to simply turn and at least look back for the ball.


  15. Joe Says:


    What has he done?

    Has he used obscenities? Has he libeled people? Is he selling some snake oil?

    If his crime is he posts things you don’t want to read, well, the solution is simple. Don’t read his comments.

  16. unbelievable Says:

    Every good DB is handsy and could be flagged 10x a game, if we’re being truthful. The ones who are respected just get away with it more often.

    That said I do think Davis could still improve his technique and clean it up a little more.

    I’m not worried about Dean.