“Team To Beat”

October 27th, 2020

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Bucs are 5-2, not 10-2. Lot of strong teams remain on the schedule. Still, Joe’s having fun playoff and scoreboard watching.

The last time the Bucs jumped out to a 5-2 record (2010)  the Bucs finished with 10 wins but lost a tiebreaker for a wild card berth.

Clark Judge, who writes for SI.com, in his weekly NFL notebook, says Bucs fans shouldn’t be concerned about playoff tiebreakers. Judge types that the Bucs look every bit as one of the best teams in the NFL.

Tampa Bay is beginning to look like the team to beat in the NFC. I know, the Bucs are 5-2, while Seattle and Green Bay each has one loss. But look what’s going on here. Brady is Tom Terrific again. Gronk is Gronk again. The Bucs just added Antonio Brown to a stable of wide receivers that includes Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Their defense looks better than any they’ve had since the Sapp/Brooks/Lynch defenses of the early 2000s, with linebacker Devin White producing three sacks Sunday. And they just waxed Green Bay and Las Vegas in consecutive weeks by a combined score of 83-30. In short, the Bucs have all their bases covered.

Man, reading this made Joe just want to start chugging Big Storm Brewing beer.

With so many teams at 5-2 (including the Bears who beat the Bucs), the best way for the Bucs to secure a playoff berth is to win the darn NFC South.

A rematch against the Saints is in two weeks in Tampa. It’s a Saints team that suddenly looks vulnerable. How cool would it be to drop the hammer on Sean Payton and the Saints at home?

First thing first. Gotta knock off the Giants on Monday night.

39 Responses to ““Team To Beat””

  1. ©MadMax Says:

    “Keep your nose on the grindstone” (great song, look it up, Tyler Childers)

    I still dont think they notice us yet….I mean, I like it….stay the underdog!

    But I know who my money is on every week….and yeah, one game at a time, overestimate everyone….everyone is here to beat us, but we are the only ones who can beat us….just need to stay focused and dont get caught up in it.

  2. Buczilla Says:

    Gosh I despise the Saints. Can we make it two hammers?

  3. EA Says:

    There’s 3 games on the schedule that are somewhat concerning, saints, Rams and chiefs, so 3 out of 9 remaining games.
    It has been fun watching them play the last couple of weeks, it’s unfortunate that fans can’t be at the games, these will be some of the best bucs games to experience live as a fan.

  4. Alan Collingwood Says:

    Yes, Buczilla, the Bucs CAN make it TWO hammers. The first in Week 9, the second when the Bucs host the Aints in the playoffs!

  5. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Every game has to be played like the Raider game, never letting up on offense or defense. No more turtle offense just because we have a good lead. We have to have the mentality that if we don’t score at least 30 points we won’t win. No more prevent defense or soft coverage, make teams earn and pay for everything they get. We need to obliterate every weak team on our schedule, we’s gots to COBRA KAI THEM, NO MERCY!!! If we don’t score at least 35 on the Giants, I’ll be honest I will be disappointed because like Neo I’ve started to believe. Some of you posters also need to let go of your biases of Brady and clingon thoughts of a past qb and recognize that Tom Terrific is the biggest reason we’re where we’re at now and everything else has fallen into place supporting that move. There’s no team we can’t hang with or beat!!!!

  6. orlbucfan Says:

    Hope the Bucs remember which Ain’t cheap shot/concussed Ungodly. Payton needs to be beat and beat very badly.

  7. Chris K Says:

    I’m just sitting here patiently waiting on D.White article after he wins player of the week 😂

  8. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Good post David BBF99.
    Romps are fun to watch and after the last five or six years, Bucs fan deserve
    many more.

  9. Boston Boy Says:

    After 3 grueling games the Bucs are going on vacay with the N.Y. Pygmies. Blue skies.

  10. Boston Boy Says:

    DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:
    October 27th, 2020 at 6:12 am

    -Every game has to be played like the Raider game, never letting up on offense or defense. No more turtle offense just because we have a good lead. We have to have the mentality that if we don’t score at least 30 points we won’t win. No more prevent defense or soft coverage, make teams earn and pay for everything they get. We need to obliterate every weak team on our schedule, we’s gots to COBRA KAI THEM, NO MERCY!!! –

    Now THAT is enthusiasm.

  11. Boston Boy Says:

    Pedal to the metal Bucs.

  12. AwshBucs Says:

    AND STILL! No props given to Devin White by you Joe.

    You had zero problems making numerous articles calling him out when he was playing solid football but not really making splash plays.

    Dude goes off for 3 sacks and you can’t even write one article to heap some praise on him. And you wonder some people think you’re a hater.

  13. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    “wax on…………wax off”

  14. adam from ny Says:

    i guarantee they get michael thomas back on the field for the bucs saints rematch

  15. adam from ny Says:

    i think devin bush went down for the season in tennessee…

    devin white was often being compared to the pitt linebacker when they both came out of college

  16. #1bucfan Says:

    YES JOE. Let’s stay focused on the giants game and not get to ahead of ourselves. Remember this giant team beat us with a rookie QB lol I know a lot of this have changed since then but I hope these boys are focused on beating the giants and not getting to full of themselves and thinking this is a easy win. Sorry I still have ptsd from all the losing that has happed in the past 12 years. Let’s go Bucs

  17. 813bucboi Says:

    we have the best defense & DC in the NFC…

    we have the best offense and OC in the NFC…

    simple as that!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  18. First Down Tampa Bay Says:


    BL is working magic!!

    We are 20/20 in scoring TDs in Goal-to-go situations, tell me that isn’t amazing!

    Trust in Byron!

  19. ocala Says:

    Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!

  20. Bucsfanman Says:

    One game at a time.

  21. Brandon Says:

    To be fair, technically only one of White’s three sacks came on an actual pass rush. The other two were just simply him being a freak athlete and coming out of coverage and beating the QB that vacated the pocket to the LOS. The one sack could’ve technically not even been considered a sack but a run for ZERO gain as he might have lost only a few inches on the play. He is very much in play for defensive player of the week due to his statistics but in reality, the only had the one sack from an actual planned pass rush.

  22. Brady Backer Says:

    Negativity all of it I’m so tired of this joe and you have now lost a browser to much Debby downer for me and that stupid Brady moniker. [Thanks for the kind words. — Joe]

  23. Iamabuc Says:

    I remember the last time we played the Giants, their QB (Jones) went primal on this same group of players. It’s ok, they were rookies. I’ll love to see him do it again. I doubt it. Our guys I bet will sure remember. Jones gonna get a ass whooping,. Book it!!

  24. O'Neilbuc Says:

    The NFC west is looking good this year I want to see our offense up against some good defenses . Because that bears game didn’t look good and I’m tired of hearing about Brady he plays good up against bad defenses . But hearing excuses when we lost against good defenses . The media always say but that is a good defense Brady played up against as if it’s ok to lose against those types of defenses . But they say he’s the goat up against the bad defenses . Dominate the good defenses then talk about how great he’s playing . The Rams beat the bears and they put up 24 points against them .

  25. geno711 Says:


    All good quarterbacks are worse against the best defenses so I get your point.

    i.e. Rodgers against the Bucs is an example.

    The good thing is that Brady and this Bucs defense can win the games against the Chicago Bears defense. They obviously did not earlier this year but I would pick the Bucs if there were any rematch in the playoffs.

    How about you?

    Are you still seriously doubting Brady and his ability to make this team better even in the games against difficult defenses?

  26. Darin Says:

    Maybe. I still think the Saints miss the playoffs. They’re getting worse by the week. I see a 3 game slide coming sooooon. Do it!

  27. PSL Bob Says:

    We will win the Division! Unless something extraordinary happens (Brady gets hurt), there’s no reason to think we won’t. Before the beginning of the season, everyone on this site, including me, was salivating at how talented we were on paper. A ton of weapons on offense and an improving defensive secondary. Well now Brady is hitting his stride, and what looked like a promising secondary has gelled, and along with the D-front 4, is now one of the best defenses in the league. Right now the biggest threat seems to be the NFC west. But don’t get too hung up on records. Just like us, every team in the division has to play the others twice. So losses for some of those teams, maybe all, will mount. It’s not unreasonable to think we might get a first week bye in the playoffs as the No. 1 or 2 seed. Hard to believe, but I think it’s better than a 50-50 chance.

  28. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Cmon NDog ! Where you at ? Why don’t you start being a Bucs fan again , and stop worrying about the past .

  29. SmoothBayRider Says:

    And that goes for O’Neilbuc too . Stop worrying about the past and start being a Bucs fan again . You guys were all Bucs fans before Jameis got here , why are y’all hating on your favorite team because your favorite player didn’t get resigned ? Isn’t that the reason he was your favorite player in the first place ? Because he was on your favorite team ?

  30. Tom Says:

    Thank you the entire OLine for keep Brady upright.. Especially D Smith……

  31. Mike Johnson Says:

    Be mindful and careful of the early hype buc fans. Many are piling it on heavy. Better hope Brady can stay erect for 3 more months. Its not as easy as it sounds. Remember, we have Arians pet, all world Gabbert backing him up.

  32. O'Neilbuc Says:

    Smooth I think that every one is happy about the team winning . I know if you say anything about Brady that doesn’t line up with the media than you are wrong. Look our defense is good again we can finally run the ball again . I just don’t make Brady the only reason why we win . Brady is Brad Johnson he has a supporting cast now that Jamies never had . We change the playbook on offense for Brady wich I’ve been saying that Bruce Arians offense is trash . This year would be good and that’s fine with me . I’m having fun watching us win . But that bears game I didn’t see Brady play well up against good defenses . When we get to the playoffs who do you think we are going to play . The playoffs is a different season and all those teams play hard .

  33. tickrdr Says:

    BTW: Brady had 55 yards of completed passes during ONE offensive series vs. Chicago, but all lost due to STOOPID penalties.

    Bucs beating Bucs, with lots of help from the referees during that game, and yet still nearly won that game.

    You (and NDog, and Clean House and Mike Johnson and BigHog etc. etc) may not want to give him any credit but TB12 has thrown 15 TD passes against only 1 INT in the last five games.

    But those leads didn’t help the defense? And the precision of those passes didn’t help the receivers? And the improved passing game didn’t help the rushing game? And the quick decision making didn’t help the OL? Give me a break!


    BTW2: TB12 has 18 TDs and 4 INTs on the season.
    TD/INT ratio is 4.5 (JW3 never had even 2:1 in five seasons)
    TD percentage is 6.7% (JW3’s best season was 5.3%)
    INT percentage is 1.5% (JW3’s best season was 2.5%)
    TD% – INT% = 5.2 (JW3’s best season was 1.8)
    BTW3: The QB with the highest number for TD% minus INT% is often MVP.

  34. tickrdr Says:

    Did my post go into the ether?
    Didn’t receive the usual “post in moderation” notice.


  35. SmoothBayRider Says:

    I think you have to consider who Brady was throwing to . Any chemistry he had built with the starters might as well have been thrown out the window . I’ll give him a pass for the stagnant offense against one of the better defenses this season . Hell , Aaron Rodgers and the packers offense looked worse against us than we did the bears .

  36. Shecky Says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the difference between regular season and playoff football. Eye-opening to Brady I’m sure; he needed to hear that.

  37. geno711 Says:

    Oneilbuc does not apparently still believe in Brady:

    Here is an old post of his insight:

    Oneilbucs Says:
    March 20th, 2020 at 8:48 am
    Man all this Brady stuff is going to hurt us in the next year are 2 . Why don’t yall realize this guy is 43 years old when the season starts . B.A. is destroying this team and yall still don’t see it . What makes yall think that Brady is going to come in here and ball out ?

    I did not give much credence to ONeilbucs knowledge base then nor do I today. He may watch Bucs games but he just does not see what is apparent to the rest of us Bucs fans is that this team is better with Tom Brady and Bruce Arians – I am glad we have them both.

    Oh by the way on this site on March 30th, he also said that the Bucs would be the laughing stock of the NFL. I am sure that he will keep quiet on that prognostication.

  38. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    They’re going to lose to the Giants if they are thinking about the saints!! They are all really young guys and this could all come crashing down quickly if they lose focus!!

  39. O'Neilbuc Says:

    Geno711 number 1 it was said that it will be the same offensive playbook from last year . The first week in the season it was the same offense and we lost . They changed the offense to a New England offense wich they should have . The offense should have been change last year for Jamies but he refused to . Now we run the ball a hold lot more . Jamies only had 1 runningback to rush for a 100 yards twice in 4 years . And the truth is that Brady haven’t looked good against top defenses and that’s a fact . We brought in 4 runningbacks plus Gronk and now A.B . So this is a different team on offense and now we have the number 1 defense in the NFL and that’s what I’m most proud of most about this team . And remember all these guys are on 1 year deal and we have no plan for the future . I like Rosen with this playbook on offense . It’s still superbowl or bust !!!!