Pass Rush

October 18th, 2020

Bucs DT Ndamukong Suh plants Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

Some of Joe’s readers absolutely want to puke because just about all Joe talks about all year long is rushing the passer and putting the quarterback on his arse.

Today, the Bucs did that with a future Hall of Fame quarterback, Packers’ signal-caller Aaron Rodgers. Between the sacks, the quarterback hits and the picks, Rodgers was absolutely rattled like Joe has rarely seen him.

And now Rodgers’ record at the Den of Depression is 1-3.

The Bucs put Rodgers on the ground five times. Rodgers was hit by the Bucs pass rush 13 times.

And why was he rattled? He got pounded on. And he got picked, just a hair away from two picks-sixes in three pass attempts.

Today was a beautiful example of why Joe loves a pass rush. It can take the will away from a quarterback, even a future Hall of Famer.

Last week, Rodgers — he can be a whiner — was bellyaching about the turf at the Den of Depression. Joe is guessing how often the Bucs made him eat dirt today, Rodgers hates that turf even more.

Damn, Joe just loved seeing that!

38 Responses to “Pass Rush”

  1. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Is GB a paper tiger or are the Bucs that good? Very impressive performance today. There’s no reason the Bucs can’t keep it going.

  2. #1bucfan Says:

    Loved it too joe. Looking like the old Bucs D again.

  3. Of course Says:

    Where’s the little BITACH NDOG?

    Crying like the big V he is lmao.

  4. james west Says:

    oooohhhhh rrrraaaahhh

  5. jcscycles Says:

    The first half ended with Rodgers screaming the f*** word at Suh. That’s when I turned to my wife and said “Honey, we got this one in the bag”.

    If we play like this from now on, then we wil be playing in Tampa in February. Still got a lot of games to go, but damn, you gotta like the rest of the schedule. KC and NOLA are the two toughies left.

  6. JimmyJack Says:

    Even in the first two drives when they went up 10-0 Rodgers was taking hot after hit after hit.

    By the 3rdQ Rodgers didnt even look like he tell his right from his left. I i even seen him looking towards the wrong endzone searching for recievers…..That GB Quaterback was totally lost in outer space out there today……It was freaking beautiful!!


  7. Bird Says:

    No vita vea in middle cog

    So how did they combat loss
    Blitzes up the middle with lavonte and devin white

    We need to do more of that
    Especially devin white As not best in coverage so might as well send him up the middle with his hair on fire

  8. the_end Says:

    What glorious spirit being spread across the seven kingdoms as the King has truly brought light to the land again. Weenie Arm appears to be no more and the future looks bright again. The force was truly one today.


  9. Colonel_mp Says:

    Great game plan by Bowles today!

    Team spit that bad 1st quarter out and got to work..

    Great win against a team that had 2 weeks to prepare.

    Statement for the nation to see and they are about to see a lot of us in the coming weeks. Let’s ride the momentum and go on a run.

    Go BUCS!

  10. ModHairKen Says:

    Rodgers pouts. It’s why he has 1 ring. He’s always resented his treatment by the Favre lovers. The talent is beyond challenge, but his mind is his weakness. Like Jameis.

  11. Ndog Says:

    Well lookie lookie we have a defense and we are winning who would have guessed it.

    Oh that’s right me and anyone with a brain.

  12. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog whts up 🤡

  13. Of course Says:

    NDOG sits down to pee

  14. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Gotta love you, Ndog. Arrogant to the bitter end. Ndog sure loves him some Ndog.

  15. Says:

    Notice how our defense made Rodgers lose track of the play clock a few times? Hitting QBs rattles their brains. Brady getting pounded by Mack last week is likely why he didn’t realize it was 4th down.

  16. Usedtocould Says:

    ndog: America’s grumpiest Bucs fan

  17. gotbbucs Says:

    I loved Suh jawing with Rodgers. They were definitely in his head. I would love to know what AA-ron had to say back to Suh, “Stop picking on me”?

    I was happy Bowles didn’t pull off the dogs like he has a tendency to do sometimes. If the blitz is getting there, there is no reason to stop.

  18. Of course Says:

    That’s true but now we don’t have a QB that forgets which team to throw it to.

    3rrddddd string. Clipboard holder lmao

  19. Youngbucs Says:

    Lookie lookie Ndog whts our tds to turnover ratio so far this year ????!!!!!

  20. Ndog Says:

    Um our QB only threw for 166 yards and we scored 38 points what does that tell you?

    Are you people dense, this defense dominated and we could run the ball and we never got behind the sticks with penalties. That COMPLETELY changes the game. You don’t have to hold the ball, you don’t have to force it down field to get yards back you can simply puny cause the other team can’t score.

    To compare this team and last year’s team is simply ridiculous.

    But then again your football knowledge is ridiculously low so that makes perfect sense.

  21. Bird Says:

    Nutsmuggler dog

    Defense likes playing for the GOAT. They have some swag now. Some confidence.
    They dont have to worry about playing against other teams offense and jameis 2 turnovers a game.

  22. Chris l Says:

    Joe I cannot speak for others but there was no play I screamed more at in the first half then the half ending launch of rodgers by suh. What a statement! And there were amazing plays all around in the first half. I don’t care about fantasy I’m a defense guy and we manhandled the packers. Pure domination

  23. Ndog Says:

    Bird simply put you know your full of sh!t!

  24. Show Me the TDs Says:

    I noticed NDOG didn’t write, “anyone else with a brain”. Haha. Hey, don’t be so tough on yourself.

  25. Bucamania Says:

    The D took Rodgers and his offense to the woodshed! Up 10-0 Rodgers was clowning the Bucs and Aaron Jones was wearing gold Elvis glasses running up and down the sideline. THAT’S when this D roared back and took over the game. This team can beat anyone. Wait til the offense starts clicking on all cylinders.

  26. 813bucboi Says:


    NO INTs


  27. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog answer the ? Whts our td to turnover ratio this year so far ???!?? And before you say it’s not the same D the we’re at the top in takeaways last year also but it didn’t matter.

  28. Sport Says:

    Lost Dog – I guess you missed all the passes over 15 yards while hauling ass out the the doggie door chasing car tires as they go by your house.

    You also probably missed Aikman saying more than once what a week effect pass Brady threw while you were licking your private parts so intensely you came up out of breath dizzy not knowing what day it was.

    I’ll remind you, it’s victory Sunday!

    Go Bucs!

    In BA I Trust!

  29. Sport Says:

    ‘Perfect pass’. Not week effect. Hah

    Also forgot to mention Lost Dog is committed to doing the the butt drag two legged crawl along the carpet until JW comes home from NO.

    In BA I Trust!

  30. Ndog Says:

    YoungBucs how many games did we have with a 100 yard rusher last year?

    BTW I don’t know who is trying to he me ⬆️ but good luck, there is only one me. But it is nice to know I’m your idol.

  31. Wes Says:

    That was the 2nd time this year I saw a Suh shove destroy the mental psyche of a QB (First against Denver). I absolutely love it when he does that.

  32. Rob Says:

    Totally agree, but let’s keep in mind that one of the Joe’s was up in arms when the Bucs took Devin White in the draft instead of a stud defensive end. Winning forgets everything in a good way, so we’ll let it slide! -:) But you have to give Jason Licht and team a lot of credit for building this front seven. This is what it’s supposed to look like! Go Bucs!!!

  33. Miller5252 Says:

    There were a couple of plays today for both David and White that showed just how fast they are. Even with Vea gone they were able to roam pretty freely and stuff the run game and tackle the ball carriers before any big yardage. Best part of the game today…… watching Suh sack Rodgers by just shoving him down like Rodgers was a little kid! It was like a Derick Henry stiff arm! Haha Rodgers was doing his best facial impersonations of Eli Manning

  34. El Buco Realisto Is a Dicko and NDogTurd is a Crybaby and TheBucsAnus and LovesJameisTighties are Trolls Says:

    NDogTurd, FU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Brandon Says:

    Nobody is gonna say it and I’m not sure what the stat sheet says but Will Gholston seemed go hit Rodgers nearly every play. He was huge in softening the QB up and making him throw when he didn’t want.

  36. Brandon Says:

    N-dogdoo says we’re winning because of D. If that was Winston in there we would have lost. He’d have thrown two pick 6’s in the first half and changed the game.

  37. Jeffbuc Says:

    It is to easy guys. Ndog doesn’t get it. That’s all jameis had to do also throw for 166 yards 2 tds and no turnovers. And we would have won more. Ndog what you don’t get is this game is where jameis would throw a couple picks give the packers a short field they score a couple short field touchdowns and were in a dog fight. If the qb doesn’t turn it over the defense can go out and ball on regular long fields. But you forget the turnovers make that one 13 yards catch for Green Bay in field goal range. When they have a long regular field that 13 yard pass only gets them to there 40 and they still need 30 more yards. This is the same defense. Minus a vita vea and add a rookie safety. I can’t help but think of what the difference would be this year. Like I always said Jameis is like the ball hog in basketball. You play your butt off on defense only to watch jamies come down and shoot contested horrible shots. Eventually your teammates are going to quoit playing defense so hard. Because they know jamies will give it right back. But when your playing with Jordan you know he is clutch and demands perfection. Every second on the court you are going to try your hardest to not piss off the greatest ever.

  38. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog talking bout a run gm excuse boy answer the ? I’m talking about decision making. I know it’s hard gotta move those goal post 🤔