Ira Kaufman Dives Deep On What Went Right, What Went Wrong, Arians Comments, NFC South Perspective, A Hidden Red Flag, And More

October 6th, 2020

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8 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Dives Deep On What Went Right, What Went Wrong, Arians Comments, NFC South Perspective, A Hidden Red Flag, And More”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    FYI…..Bash Rojo for only 2 100 yd games……..This is the first game he carried 20 or more times…..

    Give the guy a break!!!

  2. Joe Says:

    Give the guy a break!!!

    Give Joe a break! If this guy was as good as what some *want* him to be (not what he truly is), you think coaches in their right minds would purposely pull him off the field and limit his touches?

  3. danr Says:

    @Joe he DOES have a history of being on a team that consistently goes down and has to play catchup to do to the old Defensive MVP Winston

  4. Buc Bro Says:

    I can just imagine Rachel Watson stalking, Devin White Hating, Johnny Manziel lovin, Jaboo defending, Can’t pronounce Carl Nassib’s name correctly, Bro Mosa chugging Creeper Joe with his nasally voice complaining about Ro Jo, yet again.

  5. unbelievable Says:

    Lol buc bro, you might be able to get a job with those kind of adverb adlibbing skills.

    Joe- I have been hard on you about RoJo but let me clarify: he was awful his rookie season, no doubt.

    But last year was much improved. Now he wasn’t running through tackles the same way he is this year, but he was better, and averaged 4.2 ypc. At that rate, the guy needs just under 15 carries per game to be a 1,000 yard back, which seems to be your litmus test for good running backs.

    He only got 10.8 per game last year. That’s nothing! How many “good” running backs average less then 11 measly carries per game?

    Give the kid a chance. Look what happened Sunday when he got a few more tries and the o-line finely did some good run blocking.

    And yes, the o-line is a huge factor. You’ve acknowledged yourself the push that Wirfs and Gronk have been getting. That’s been missing for the last 4 years.

  6. unbelievable Says:

    Also, RoJo isn’t getting suspended for PEDs like Barner just did.

    Really hope Fournette can go by Thursday or we’re rolling w/ just 2 running backs… Yikes.

  7. BuccYa Says:

    To your collective points on JPP and the D as a whole, I believe I’ve seen each week a different star on this defense go from meh to have a monster game the next week. Suh comes to mind, Shaq, and Devin. I’m of the mind of keeping JPP on the field IF he wants to be out there for the reason being, if Shaq or Devin or Suh are having a meh game and for whatever reason JPP has a monster game, it could be the difference of a win or loss. I think we are lucky to have this many impact players in our front four and we should maximize our chances of having any impact player going out there and maybe picking up the slack when his teammates might be having an off day. Just my thoughts

    Love the podcast! GO BUCS!

  8. BuccYa Says:

    *Front 7