Antonio Brown Timeline

October 26th, 2020

Bucs WR Antonio Brown.

Here is a timeline list Joe cobbled together of all of the stunts new Bucs receiver Antonio Brown has found himself entangled with dating back over the last two years.

So when people ask Joe why he’s not fond of the Brown signing, perhaps this helps enlighten readers to understand Joe’s reservations of the Bucs getting into bed with the talented yet mercurial Brown, just as the team seems to have turned the corner and is a legit Super Bowl contender.

April 2018: Antonio Brown, for reasons not quite clear, decides to start tossing furniture off a 14th story balcony of his North Miami Beach condo in a rampage. The items nearly fall on two passersby, a grandfather and his 22-month old grandson. Brown claims he was not the person launching the furniture.

April 2018: Cops show up a day later to question Brown about a burglary where Brown claims thieves made off with $80,000 in cash and a BB gun (why Brown had $80,000 lying around in cash is another question). Brown freaks out claiming condo security was in cahoots with the cops to frame him.

April 2018: Lawyers representing the condo owner claim Brown trashed the condo and had “all kinds of parties and disturbances.” Lawyers also claim the furnished condo was left with wrecked countertops torn from their moorings and “burn holes and black magic markers” stains throughout the premises.

October 2018: Brown is slapped with two lawsuits over his furniture-tossing stunt.

December 2018: Brown stomps away from the Steelers practice facility because he was not named team MVP. Also, Brown had an ax to grind with his Hall of Fame quarterback. When Brown’s then-agent, oily Drew Rosenhaus, told Steelers coach Mike Tomlin that Brown would make himself available to play in a win-or-go-home game, Tomlin told Rosenhaus that Brown can go take a dive off the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

January 2019: Brown faces a lawsuit from the mother of one of his children claiming Brown shoved her to the ground in a hassle.

May 2019: After being traded to Oakland, Brown brags at a press conference he brings “accountability” to the Raiders.

July 2019: Brown decides to cut a check to pay for the condo owner’s son’s college tuition. In return, the condo owner drops his suit against Brown for trashing his property.

July 2019: Celebrity chef Stefano Tedeschi sues Brown for some $38,000 for services rendered that were unpaid. Tedeschi claims Brown refused to pay him, in part, because a fishhead Brown found in the freezer Brown interpreted as a sign that he is a target of an impending mob hit.

July 2019: Brown begins training camp with the Raiders by freezing his feet, rendering himself unable to practice.

July 2019: The day after freezing his feet, instead of being treated at the Raiders’ team facility, Brown treats himself to a hot air balloon ride.

July 2019: Brown finally practices with the Raiders but halfway through the practice pitches a hissy fit that he can’t wear his old helmet (per new NFL safety rules) and stomps away from practice.

September 2019: After several AWOL stunts, Brown takes to Facebook to claim the Raiders “hate” him because he is fined for his AWOL stunts.

September 2019: After snapping at a strength and conditioning coach, Brown locks horns with Raiders general manager Mike Mayock. Some reports later claim Brown called Mayock a “cracker” and threatened to punch Mayock.

September 2019: Brown asks for his release from the Raiders and Mayock grants it. Four hours later he signs with the Belicheats.

September 2019: Brown’s former personal trainer files a civil suit in Miami claiming three counts of sexual assault or rape.

September 2019: A second woman steps forward to claim inappropriate behavior from Brown. She also offers up text messages she claims were sent by Brown to intimidate her.

September 2019: A Sports Illustrated article claims Brown is a deadbeat and has several unpaid bills.

September 2019: Nike drops Brown from marketing obligations and severs ties with the disgruntled receiver.

September 2019: After learning of the second woman’s allegations, the Belicheats wash their hands of Brown, who didn’t last two weeks with the organization.

January 2020: Oily Drew Rosenhaus drops Brown as a client.

October 2020: Brown signs a one-year deal with the Bucs.

Sources: USA Today, TMZ and ESPN. 

78 Responses to “Antonio Brown Timeline”

  1. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    On Victory Monday, this is what you do.

  2. Joe Says:

    On Victory Monday, this is what you do.

    Mr. Licht (?):

    Your coach was first made available to speak about this transaction last night. Joe spent all of last night and this morning praising your team. Perhaps you could help finance Scott Smith to purchase this site so you can control the message? Joe makes no apologies for having more traffic and readers than

  3. Lamarcus Says:

    You forgot the farting in the doctors face

  4. SB Says:

    It is so funny watching Max Kellerman squirm and try to dodge admitting being dead wrong.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You can’t blame AB for wanting to play after his suspension… can’t blame him for the Bucs signing him.
    Place the blame where it belongs…..on the Glazers, Licht, BA, (maybe Brady)…

    So, quit picking on Antonio Brown….

    If he helps us win…..I’m all in.

  6. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Grinding the Axe huh Joe? Guess what? He is a Buc now so maybe let’s accept him and judge him based on October 2020 forward. That is too hard for you though…..clearly.

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m going with Arians…

    What’d he say about signing AB?

    “You can never have enough Pro Bowl caliber players”.

  8. Melly Says:

    This is why we can have nice things. Why don’t we just enjoy victory Monday and worry about sh@t when it happens. No change is being made now doesn’t matter how much you bitch about the move.

    5-2 Booooooyah

  9. Joe Says:

    Grinding the Axe huh Joe?

    What ax? Joe wants the Bucs to win. Not sure what you are referring to?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    You wrong for this Joe…Come down off the high horse!!

  11. Joe Says:

    You wrong for this Joe…Come down off the high horse!!

    Please feel free to point out what is inaccurate about that timeline.

    People seem to quickly forget all about 2017.

    Joe doesn’t.

  12. Boston Boy Says:

    Nobody cares about YOUR reservations. You aren’t the center of our universe. Tom Brsdy and the Buccaneers ARE. AB is a great insurance piece and could allow the injured receivers to heal. If it works FANTASTIC… if it doesn’t you are where you started team wise which is a the forefront of the pack

  13. Casual Observer Says:

    It didn’t look like (to me) that we needed AB. Especially if our WRs were getting healthy – which they are. But all the Bucs talk is that if he doesn’t toe the line, he is gone. Can’t take issue with that. So just superb WR depth. Fine.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How many negative monikers will be assigned to AB before he ever takes a snap as a Buc?

    With his record, he should qualify as “America’s Wide Receiver, Pro Bowler” Antonio Brown….

    After all, he simply had a few “hassles”…..

  15. bucfanforever Says:

    Joe says he writes about what he is interested in.

    How whacked out Antonio Brown is definitely is interesting.

    Now, whether Brown’s crazy makes the Buccaneer’s better or worse, we’ll get to find out soon.

  16. mike Says:

    Hopefully, Ab sought treatment and is mentally healthy now. It seems he was pretty clean up untill the end of 2017 and now maybe 10 months of nothing, he’sin a better place… who knows? This keeps him away from New Orleans and the seahawks signing him… the only two teams that can beat us in the NFC. I would have looked for a trade, but I think its low risk bc we can cut bait at anytime

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Ha ha ha ha TBBF.

  18. Memphis Bucs Says:

    WE must have the sensitive Joe on this article. I mean really? You actually spent time looking this up. Bothers you that much huh? your(?) website, so peck away. lol

  19. Godlovesbucs Says:

    We wont be able to judge this move as a positive or a negative until it plays out. If he helps win a superbowl and doesnt push Godwin or Evans out of tampa, good move. If he blows up chemistry and the team decides to trade evans or not sign godwin then bad move.

  20. iamrhenry Says:

    Hopefully AB realizes this could be his last chance in the NFL. He is a generational talent that can flat out ball and provides good depth, however, why do I get this sinking feeling the BUCS are playing with fire? As Curly would say “We shall see.”

  21. chris L Says:

    Joe – this is ruining my victory monday!

  22. chris L Says:

    to be clear joe – i dont agree with the signing

  23. Boston Boy Says:


    Your coach was first made available to speak about this transaction last night. Joe spent all of last night and this morning praising your team. Perhaps you could help finance Scott Smith to purchase this site so you can control the message? Joe makes no apologies for having more traffic and readers than

    A lil sensitive eh. Why? He’s right. The Bucs are looking like playoff bound Super Bowl contenders and you are wheezing on and on with Antonio Brown doom and gloom. It is IRRELEVANT conjecture based on your personal bias. Worse you have placed yourself separate and apart from us fans by saying ‘your coach’. Meaning Ariens isn’t your coach. Then boasting about having having readers which is us fans. I guess if you can disrespect Brady. We shouldn’t be surprised when you disrespect us fans by calling us stupid to different ways.

  24. Mr. B Says:

    Chemistry on this team is developing nicely. We don’t need this a hole on this team. We have enough talent. Don’t worry though , I have a feeling this guy will implode before he ever even steps on the field.

  25. geno711 Says:

    Well put together Joe.

    But I am happy to say that despite all that good work in your time-line, that I am excited that we are daring to be a greater version of ourselves.

    Since the financial concern is not an issue here, we can definitely risk it with him moving forward.

    Glad we made this move.
    AB or an old broken down safety that you were pining for. Glad we are getting AB.

    Devin White over Josh Allen with his 4 tackles and 2 sacks this season. Glad we did that.

  26. Joe Says:

    Worse you have placed yourself separate and apart from us fans by saying ‘your coach’. Meaning Ariens isn’t your coach.

    Joe does not work for the Bucs and never has. Nor is Joe related to anyone who works there.

  27. SlyPirate541 Says:

    The timeline shows a history of erratic violent behavior. The Bucs should get AB tested for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). It’s not uncommon for BPD to start in a person’s 30s.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    Don’t you people know by now?

    Joe loves the negative.

    LOVES IT!!!

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The only timeline I’m interested in is When is AB able to begin practice with the Bucs?

    Conspicuously missing…..

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Where is the AB poll?

    Or…..will we see it after two weeks of Joe’s AB bashing?……sort of a tainted Jury pool…..

  31. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Is Brown a bigger scumbag than Winston or myriad other players throughout NFL history? Perhaps we need some kind of scale to measure it with. From all-round good guy Barry Sanders at one end of the spectrum to Aaron Hernandez at the other. A sort of lifestyle-power-ranking.

  32. Boston Boy Says:

    ‘Joe does not work for the Bucs and never has. Nor is Joe related to anyone who works there.’
    Neither do we (fans). Seems like you have got so full of yourself that you missed the point. ‘JoeBucsFan’ is supposed to be a ‘Fan’. Not a atmosphere draining hater. You negatively address players. You separate yourself from the fan base. Are sarcastic t fans who are in line with your doom and gloom. What about the JOY of winning and looking good doing it. Being rated the #1 team in the NFC. The Bucs improving week after week. Appreciating going from a nowhere no time soon team last year to a Super Bowl contender with our (the fans) improving coach. Bruce Ariens.

  33. Andyt Says:

    Idgaf about any of his pass transgressions he was fine when the Steelers were winning, it will be the same this time brown signing just won us a super bowl

  34. Gencoimports Says:

    I appreciate Joe’s concerns. Hopefully Tony Robbins did enough of a Jedi-mind trick on AB so he will behave.

  35. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Well, you left out from 2013-2018, he was the best receiver in football.
    You are correct, Joe, Brown’s behavior has been unstable the last 2 years . Could be concussion related.
    The Bucs are, IMO, taking a low risk, high upside potential chance- they can easily cut him if there are problems .
    I remember Charles Haley and Michael Irvin having some not so angelic episodes in their youth.

  36. Boston Boy Says:

    ‘Are sarcastic to fans NOT in line with you doom and gloom’
    – if you had an ‘editing feature it would be nice.’-

  37. lambeau Says:

    Joe–the competition is Pete Carroll, Sean Payton, Andy Reid, John Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin–all of whom have been all in on thugs over the years. Proven bounties, rape, assault, even murder–AB’s just a little eccentric.

  38. coverdeuce Says:

    Second chances are just fine with me, but some of y’all seem to be way too alright with fourth, fifth, and sixth chances as well. Idc if he’s not a choir boy, but he’s gotta mesh with the team – and more importantly, focus on his mental health. I mean I’m not a doctor, but something is clearly off with that man.

  39. August 1976 Buc Says:

    I do not know what your personal issues are with whoever in the Bucs organization and really do not care. The Buccaneers are playing the best overall I have seen since 1976. Finally not just defence but on offense too. It is a great time to be a fan. It is like you are bringing personal issues here, why. I am a fan that enjoys football. Yea drama sells but this seems like something between you and the Bucs. Do we really need this. It is like you put this up for spite. I do not know, it just seems that way. So anyways it is awesome to see the Buccaneer Juggernaut get rolling, and they will get better, and with the AB icing on the cake. The NFC championship rolls through Tampa this year.

  40. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Am I the only one excited about these formations?…..I don’t think so!!!

    4 Wide with Gronk……..Evans, Godwin, AB & Miller
    5 Wide with adding Tyler Johnson…

    Simply putting AB on the field will make our offense better…..and I believe BA…if doesn’t fly straight….he’s gone!!!

  41. Vico Says:

    He has brain damage.

  42. Durango 95 Says:

    Joe is not digging this AB signing one bit at all.

  43. Allbuccedup Says:

    The bucs are showing the fans that character doesn’t matter. With a list like that Joe why in the hell would they sign him. I believe its all Brady, if he says jump Licht and Arians how high.

  44. AwshBucs Says:




  45. Craig Says:

    If the Bucs want to give away free money, I’ll take some. That is all they are doing here; Brown will never play a down.

    He’ll find some excuses and then the NFL will ban him for not showing up in court for the intimidation charge.

    Wasted money on wasted talent.

  46. Davenport Buc Says:

    Shortest of leashes, cut the reps for Evans & Godwin to rest injury – point to start a fully healthy playoff push over the last 4 games.

    If AB even looks at someone funny, cut him loose. There’s only upside here

  47. CotneyLynch33 Says:

    What a horrible signing for an absolute SORRY individual !!!! Have some class Glaziers !!! Can’t believe some fans think this is good, why bring this distraction to your football team when something is finally going right! Sorry to John McKay for stooping this low, we have a good team built John and now we brain fart !!

  48. Bucco Joe Says:

    Great research! facts are facts…

  49. vic robertson Says:

    Insurance policy! This kat will not be a starter weekly. Im not too worried about him being a cancer- plenty of guys to punch him in the mouth in the locker room. I mean, does anyone really think evans is going to put up with this fool being a fool.or BA? we will see, but i will take him as insurance policy. lets see how this plays out. And in regard to the spin- welll what do you expect? everything in society is spun these days. joe, you spin with your adjectives . if someone didnt know who tom brady is(say what???) and the first thing they read is home invading down forgetting etc etc, is that not spin? to a degree. my point- who cares what the office says. the office isnt on the field. the players get the wins and the losses. let the boy hang himself-mand if he doesnt great. but i cant see anyone letting him infwect the team. joe without this blog my bucs news would be far more boring- keep it up!!!

  50. August 1976 Buc Says:

    I can remember when Josh Freeman was here and they signed Vincent Jackson to a 55 million dollar deal, and we heard it is all 5, and giving Jameis weapons. When Jameis was here they were all about “Weapons for Winston.” So what is different now? It is all about 12, and getting players that Tom believes in on the field of play to win a Super Bowl. Something Tom knows about more than any QB in History. If Mr 6 rings wants him, so be it. It is AB’s last chance and he knows it. GO BUCS!!!! SUPER BOWL EXPRESS IS ROLLIN BABY!!!!!

  51. Clean House Says:

    Lame article- didn’t even bother reading your toxic timeline

    If the guy turns his life around, good for him,
    If there is something truly illegal, let courts decide upon it

    Civil suits w no criminal charges are extortion plain and simple

  52. Cobraboy Says:

    Maybe AB stole Joe’s lunch money…

  53. Show Me the TDs Says:

    I thought it was a timeline for AB to arrive, practice, and play. Glad I didn’t read this tripe. Should change the name of the site to Joebucswhiner, Joebutthurt, or maybe somethational Enquirer or People Magazine

  54. Joe Says:

    Do us all a favor and give it a rest.

    Why? Was signed a couple of cancers like DeSean Jackson and Swaggy Baker a good thing? Three years later the Bucs introduce a guy into a perfect locker room that makes those two look like Mother Teresa, just when this team turns the corner.

    And Joe should applaud that??? The hell!!!

    And don’t give Joe this BS Brady will set him straight. Brady already failed trying to do that in New England.

    Just curious, do you win the lottery each Saturday because you want to?

    If you don’t want Joe to be honest and are only looking for propaganda, please stick to

  55. AwshBucs Says:

    Also if I recall, AB didn’t make the Patriots implode. He was cut due to off the field allegations that have still yet to be proven true.

  56. Cobraboy Says:

    It would make an excellent feel-good story if AB turns his life around and becomes a solid citizen as well as a great player.

    That is what Buc fans should be cheering for, not tearing the guy down.

    How many here recovered from some colossal f@<k ups in their life? Should they be nagged constantly, or be given a chance to prove their worth?

    It's one thing to complain about a signing. It's something completely different to bitch and moan for days on your soapbox.

    I did not like Talib's behavior from Day 1. But he went on to become a solid player and teammate. As did the Honey Badger.

  57. Joe Says:

    I did not like Talib’s behavior from Day 1. But he went on to become a solid player and teammate. As did the Honey Badger.

    Personally spoke with Talib after he went to the Broncos. He told Joe that he ran out of rope with the Bucs and he didn’t blame the Bucs or the Glazers from moving on (he loves the Glazers).

    But let’s not compare to Honey Badger or Talib to Brown. He got run off three teams each with Super Bowl-winning coaches in the span of a few months. He quit on the Steelers and quit on the Raiders.

    That’s not even factoring in his off-field antics which make Talib look like child’s play.

  58. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Joe you do not what will happen just like everyone else. You seemed to know how it will go. What if he actually turns his life around. Who knows, but I can not sit here and predict the future. You seem so sure that he is a train wreck waiting to happen on the Bucs. You do not know what will happen like everyone else. I believe he will help, if Any drama he will be gone. I am not going to hold his past against him. He walks into a prove it situation. We will see. GO BUCS!!!! SUPER BOWL EXPRESS IS ROLLIN BABY!!!!

  59. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Sounds to me that AB has issues with girlfriends and Baby Mama’s.

    How many immature black men who are raised in the hood run into these problems when they get too much money. Every body comes at them with their hand out making all kinds of crazy demands. Maybe he made too many promises to these crazy women.

    Yeah, every time I go to AB’s house, he rapes me. Here’s the solution, don’t go to his house.

    Why are the Raiders allowing players into the Cryogenic Chambers with out strict supervision?

    Winning is the best deodorant!! 5-2 baby!

    I guess you don’t remember all the behind the doors drama from our last Super Bowl team?

  60. Bucsfan77 Says:

    From how Joe is beating this drum I am more inclined to think he is actually Ndog, he praised Winston with positive monikers while giving Tom Brady pure negative ones, he harps gloom and doom while rarely writing a pure positive article. While I love this site and read it multiple times a day checking for new articles about the team I’ve followed for 40+ years, I am tired of the constant flow of negativity from this Joe. We finally have the most complete team in the NFL, I appreciate calling out bad for bad, but enough is enough Joe. Obviously you are one of the Winston nut huggers also, so do all of us fans a favor and go report for the Aints. You claim this is a Buccaneers fan site, but your writing is constantly a Buccaneers flame board.

  61. 813bucboi Says:

    havent seen joe this talkative since JW was released…lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  62. Cobraboy Says:

    So Joe is to AB as Ndog is to Jameis.

    I guess everybody gets a burr in their sandal from time to time…

  63. miken Says:

    dec 2018 and Sept 2019 are unforgivable

  64. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    Yeah, Joe, and it was a total embarrassment from the Tampa Bay media that Tom and Bruce were asked more than one question (about a guy who may be our 3rd or 4th receiver) after the second straight massive win. You founded this site on being the “fan”, NOT part of the pearl-clutching media, but you’re too deep in the trench to see how far gone you are.
    Victory MONDAY. I didn’t bring up Sunday, did I.

  65. Bucsalltheway Says:

    Dez bryant would have been a ok option as well…passionate diva less hassles lol

  66. mark2001 Says:

    If he acts up we will give him the VH3 treatment.

  67. #1bucfan Says:

    I’m with ya joe. Not a fan of his. Hopefully he has changed for the better.

  68. anthony Says:

    Joe is sassy today!
    Maybe a little bitter because he’s starting to realize how much a waste of time this article was.
    What’s the point? Why are you justifying why you don’t like Antonio Brown? Is anyone trying to convince you otherwise?
    In reality, no one cares whether you like him or not.

  69. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey Joe:the troll known as Boston Boy is back. Is it being paid to stir sh1t up?

  70. AtlBuc Says:

    Its one thing to report the facts however, there is animus here and that is clearly seen in your information. You not only pointed out “facts” but you added your own negative narrative by adding such phrases as
    “Brown freaks out”, “Stomps away from the Steelers practice” ,
    “Brown brags at a press conference”,
    “pitches a hissy fit”,
    “and stomps away from practice”,
    “snapping at a strength and conditioning coach”,
    “Brown locks horns with Raiders general manager Mike Mayock”,
    “article claims Brown is a deadbeat”.
    Why the negative spin? Unless, of course those are not your words….

  71. Joe Says:


    Joe has never and will never write AP style on this site.

  72. Section 219 Row A (pre-pandemic) Says:

    Words are like weapons, and Joe definitely has his take. It’s sad that this is the take away from a great start to the season. More like Joe Bucs Hater Gaslighter.

  73. Sesteprenelicus Says:

    Wasn’t there also a bad incident with a moving company?

  74. anthony Says:

    Again, Joe. What’s the point of this article? Should we all vote AB off the island? Oh, that’s right. Our opinion of AB does not matter to the bucs org.
    Why type this up? Okay, you convince some people to join you in the negativity party – then what? You guys all call each other on Tuesday evenings to gossip? Why bash someone like you did? What’s the goal? Doesnt change that AB is joining the bucs. Help me understand that you have a better reason to rake someone through the coals other than just flat out wanting to be negative. And no one here is mistaking these posts as AP work.

  75. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:


  76. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    The comments in here and acceptance of a piece of trash like this is the problem in this country!!! PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY is gone in this country and it’s not coming back unless we hold people like Brown accountable for their actions!! And that means NOT offering him a million dollar job….. You people going along with it do you REALLY care that much about football!!?? You care enough about winning that you would let your child cheer an root on a guy like this?? You people are the problem!!! …. I don’t agree with a lot of stuff you write Joe and it’s mostly because I just don’t think you know personnel as much as you think you do…. But that doesn’t mean I won’t come read your stuff!!! But as much as I don’t like some of your stuff this case in particular has NOTHING to do with football and EVERYTHING to do with values and morals!!! Brown is a horrible human being and any one of you hypocrites that will go out and complain or protest racism and mistreatment of woman but at the same time give excuses for this scumbag because “ooohh we are going to play such good football” you are hypocrites and should look in the mirror!! You are the problem in this country!! This guy is the definition of a racist sexist human being but oh no, he can run fast so don’t lock him up and while you’re at it let him abuse woman and get paid MILLIONS for doing it!!!….. Keep telling them like it is Joe!!! I have your back on this one all the way because you are RIGHT!!!! Even if he wins keep the same attitude for him!!! This guy has to be a choir boy for at least 3 years before I don’t consider him a sick person!!!

  77. Boston Boy Says:

    This site should be renamed JoeButtHurt or JoeIrrelevantBuc. You do a chicken little on AB. Then when we didn’t buy into your irrelevant whining you got butthurt and spouted more irrelevance. I.e.- You don’t work for the Buccaneers, you font write for AP (whatever that means). How about some facts and stats on the Buccaneers. How about some praise and yays for their hard work and improvements. Before you had 6 comments per blog. No one cared about the Buccaneers so no one noticed the personal bias, the doom and gloom whining over what might possible irrelevance maybe could possibly happen, the snide gossip labeled as facts, the out of touch replies to contrary comments. WAKE UP.! Better yet GROW UP. Be objective. Recognize good things, be effusive in praise and faint in condemnation. These athletes sacrifice body and soul. All of them, not just ones who talk to you. Tampa Bay is in a good position. You have a likeable owner. A likeable head coach and likeable players. But your ego needing us all to bow down to your personal bias is out of control. They, the team and the players, especially if the are experiencing success, is the story… NOT your personal bias against players.

  78. Ftmyersbuc Says:

    All this whining cause the guy got in a hassle with a uber dri….i mean condo owner and personal trainer. Im sure somewhere deep down inside Joe you can find some way to get over it. If only the bucs had a sexual assaulter on the team before so you could reference how you got over it, hmmm.

    Anyways you can keep being hurt about the signing or get over it, either way he’s here and what’s done is done. The ship has sailed Joe. Whining on the dock is not bringing it back either. Wooosaaah, deep breath, now let it go and move on.