Power Running

September 7th, 2020

New besties.

You know a former offensive lineman loves a good power-running game.

And if the Bucs need to go ground-and-pound, former Belicheats, Jets and Lions guard Damien Woody says they now have their man to get the job done.

Woody isn’t quite yet ready to suggest the signing of bruising running back Leonard Fournette gets the Bucs to the Super Bowl. But Woody did say, now the Bucs have a reliable running back.

“I don’t think Leonard Fournette puts them over the top but there is no doubt he is clearly the most talented running back on that roster,” Woody said on a recent edition of “Stay in Bed,” seen weekday mornings on BSPN. “I think he brings an element of physicality that they just don’t have at that running back position.

“You look at Leonard Fournette, he is a physically-imposing player. A guy that has improved in the passing game. He had the most catches of his career last year with 76. So he can bring something in the passing game as well.

“Greeny, look, first and foremost you have to protect Tom Brady in the passing game. But I think where [Fournette] is going to find his value is those tough yards running between the tackles. Because, again, they don’t have a guy like that on their roster.”

Last season, there were a couple of games where the Bucs tried to close the game out by going ground-and-pound with Peyton Barber. It failed miserably, particularly against the Giants.

Joe isn’t sure if the plan was to take the ball out of YouKnowWho‘s hands or just to milk the clock.

If the plan was to milk the clock, then Fournette can get the job done far better than Barber. If the plan was to take the ball out of YouKnowWho’s hands, then the Bucs may just throw more in the second half because current park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring Bucs quarterback Tom Brady will throw far less picks.

So yeah, Joe wouldn’t be surprised if Fournette is used much like the Bucs used Barber last year.

Either way, Joe just cannot wait for Sunday.

Who’s going to Big Storm Brewing?

31 Responses to “Power Running”

  1. Dano Says:

    Fournette looks very happy. Joe I know you’re happy too!

  2. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Rojo is the guy…for now. He’s got the starting spot and it is up to him to hold onto it. He entering his 3rd year…nows his time.

    I do like Leonard Fournette’s running style, and he has to potential to really break out as well. If he keeps a good attitude and plays as well as he did with the Jags, we scored big time.

    The Jags have almost no talent, no oline. Because they couldn’t throw it well, teams stacked the box against Leonard Fournette…and he still had 1,600+ total yards. He blocks. He catches. He runs.

    Rojo better play full tilt this year.

  3. StatGuy Says:

    Watch the tape from last season. Dude is going to be a first down machine as a receiver out the backfield w Brady . But yeah, he can run through guys down the middle too. Having a guy that can do everything ,we finally don’t have to project our play call to the other team by which rb is in the game

  4. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Wow! which guy looks like he is 43 years old and which one is 25?

    It must be the TB12 anti age anti virus vitamin sport drink

    Kobe Faker drank 16oz of that TB12 sport drink and Kobes pecker wouldn’t go down for 3 days

    Kobe Faker

  5. Clean House Says:

    I’ll take Brady and Fournette over Winston and Peyton Barber or Rojo

  6. August 1976 Buc Says:

    They got a sledge hammer for those tough yards, inside the 5 and all those 3 and shorts coming up during the season. And Dano yes Fournette is happy and Joe and me and a multitude of Buc fans, as he slams over the goal line on sunday against the Saintts for 1 or 2 TD’S lol. And also during a highlight reel season Fournette and this team will be having. lol GO BUCS !!!!

  7. Clean House Says:

    I miss the days of the fullback. Love power running- That to me is good football. Loved Lorenzo Neal and Mike Alstott,
    Blount. Just read Neal blocked for a 1,000 yd runner 11 years in a row!

  8. Onebucdaddy Says:

    I mean ABV

  9. Fred mcneil Says:

    I agree that Fournette’s stats should look much better here.
    But, Yanno, the wife and I were lamenting that the “team from Washington has no name at all. Maybe we could call them the Washington prostitutes???

  10. Fred mcneil Says:

    We were talking more and decided Rosie odonal could be washingtons nose guard, queen Latifah at 3 technique, … all pro for sure, head giver, i mean coach could be Ellen degenerate and very offensive coordinator would be Rachel maddow.

  11. Fred mcneil Says:

    We could buy a ouija board and use Jeffrey epstien as talent scout.

  12. SB Says:

    Guys are coming here for One reason.
    What they have been dreaming about their Whole lives.
    Something they rarely have a chance at.

  13. adam from ny Says:

    raiders signed Dare

  14. SB Says:

    I like Dare ,Adam
    Joe doesn’t have any faith in him.

  15. Stanglassman Says:

    Impressive Fred. You hit yourself a triple deplorable. You managed to be sexist, racist and homophobic all in one comment. You and you wife sound like you have charming conversations. Try to stick to the Bucs talk here. You can save your political thoughts when you’re with your like minded peeps on stormwatch.

  16. SB Says:

    Joe……Too much work is not a bad thing some times

  17. adam from ny Says:

    he’s not on the team because in the end brady didn’t have any faith in him…

    what’s not to like about dare?

    good team guy and worked very hard…

    he was like avis…he tried harder…

    problem was he lacked real nfl caliber talent…

    dude had like almost no moves…

    no juke, spin or wiggle…nothing…that’s why he’s gone…

    wish him well – gruden will prolly terrorize him lol

  18. adam from ny Says:

    the inside joke at one buc place was:

    once they figure out how to pronounce his name, we’ll get rid of him…


  19. Stanglassman Says:

    I hated to hear we already lost our speed back Ray Calais to the Rams. Dynamic playmakers hurt to lose.

  20. adam from ny Says:


    if the dude turns out to be a shifty tarik cohen type it’ll be a pisser…

    all you can hope is that he kinda sucks…lol…

    the rams pounced on him and plopped him on their 53 fast …

    they were scheming way back on him then

  21. James Taylor Says:

    Leonard Fournette gives them that ability to play physical football running 12 personnel or finesse running 11 personnel with Scotty Miller and Lesean McCoy or a blend with 12 and RoJo or 11 and Rojo or Fournette. This gives them that guy they needed for short yardage football and they still have the personnel to play a variety of styles. People fret about how long it will take for Brady to learn how to play with all of these players, but I think he is just so smart and so meticulous it will be like James Bond getting some new gadgets from Q. He’ll figure out how to use his personnel and utilize their talents at just the right moments in the game. It may take a full season before they figure out how to use the full complement of talent, but that is a good problem to have. This team is deep and versatile and game planning for them will be a nightmare because there are too many talented weapons to key on any one or two players. You can’t sell out on the run or the pass or shift coverage to Evans or Godwin or Gronk without giving Brady an opening to exploit. Unlike the dream team in Cleveland last year Tom Brady is every bit the leader necessary to run such a high octane offense.

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    If he’s the best RB on any given week… then feed him the ball. Simple stuff.

  23. ItzOK Says:

    CAN WE Get a COUNTDOWN CLOCK to kickoff.

    Christmas comes in 6 days and NFL Redzone’s Scott Hanson is my personal Santa Clause

    Give me the early present on Thursday night

    I don’t care the opener is an away game Please fire the f*cking cannons from Ray Jay

    F*ck the Kung Flu. Football is here.

  24. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Arians SAYS RoJo has the starting job (for now). What does RoJo represent right now?
    – One of the worst running attacks in the NFL last year. Leads the way on an awful squad (Dare, Peyton, and himself) last year.
    – Has proven he is NOT (yet) the “go-to” guy in crunch situations. Do we feel good on 3rd down and 4 if RoJo is in the game?
    – He has had NO pre-season time to prove he’s anything more than what he was last year.

    So he can be easily yanked as the starter in the first quarter of the first game. I hope not, because it means the game may not be going well and I want him to show up big for the Bucs now and later. But I think it will be Fournette in the backfield more than likely as the season rolls on. The 5th overall pick who has owned up to that.

    Also, why would Arians put out an “honest” depth chart out going into Week 1. Keep the Saints guessing. They have nothing to go on (no preseason video) other than what they hear.

  25. Buczilla Says:

    After fretting for years, we finally (at least on paper) have legitimate threats at running back. Happy as a mofo. 😜

  26. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Unlike with Winston, when Brady goes back to pass I don’t know in the back of my mind there is a good chance a tragedy is about to happen.

    Given Brady has always been the opponent for the past 20 years, I always felt like the wasp sting was coming. It’s nice to have to not have to worry about either of those feelings this year.

    It’s also nice have a RB squad that we know has the proven capability and experience to catch the football, and a QB who has the accuracy to get it to the receiver.

    While I think we may expect fewer “spectacular” pass plays (where “spectacular” does not always mean a good outcome) and a lot more consistently effiective plays using the RBs, that in the end, will carry the day.

  27. Clean House Says:

    Just grow a pair Licht and BS– Rojo sucks, cut him now

  28. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Clean House

    Lo Neal. & Alstott. Now there is something we can agree on. Lo was way underrated, and literally helped Mike bust out.

  29. lambchop Says:

    Tom’s arms look freakishly long in that pic. LOL. Maybe it’s just his posture.

  30. Stanglassman Says:

    Lamb chop- I think Tom just got that right arm replaced by a guy that’s 5’10”.

  31. mark2001 Says:

    Clean…here is the point about ROJO. He has worked his backside off the last couple years, and deserves a chance to reap the benefit from what he earned from his hard work…a chance to start. If he falters, we have guys behind him that can pick up any slack…thankfully. But if you don’t give a guy like that a chance, for their hard work to pay off that much, it isn’t good for team cohesion. After all…Fournette doesn’t even know the playbook yet. It is an ongoing competition throughout the year…may the best man win.