Loaf Alert

September 14th, 2020

For those who like to watch film and re-watch Bucs games many times like Joe does, the play shown in the screenshot might interest you. It’s the first play after Mike Edwards pulled a Timmy Lupus and cost the Bucs a turnover on special teams.

The defense didn’t exactly play that important next snap with their hair on fire. Joe’s microscope focused mostly on Ndamukong Suh.

Take a look on your DVR or at NFL Game Pass.

23 Responses to “Loaf Alert”

  1. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Oh man….

  2. DB55 Says:

    Well if your QB wasn’t throwing interceptions and pick 6’s then maybe the defense could hold them.

  3. Miketb19 Says:

    Say what you will about this defense but we held the Saints to some of the absolute lows of there career see below my friends
    Mike Thomas 3 catches 17 yards
    Alvin Kamara 1.2 yard per carry average
    Drew Brees 18-30 for 160 yards
    Emmanuel Sanders 3 catches 15 yards

    Now Kamara did have 51 yards receiving but 38 of those came on a gadget play with less than 2 mins in the 4th before that he 4 catches for 13 yards

    This defense stepped up big time and will have an even better game I believe against Carolina because Carolinas o line is no where near the level of the Saints

    I mean Devin White, Lavonte David, Carlton Davis, Sean Murphy Bunting, and Antoine Winfield Jr had amazing games like they were every where if the offense and special teams had held it together we should smoked the Saints and i believe will do just that week 9

  4. ElioT Says:

    Loaf alert!?

    Calling out the web developers of this here site? LOL

    You can’t make a GIF of the play and provide your professional insight frame by frame?

  5. Mort Says:

    Yeah probably should call out Tom Brady for this game. A pick six that Jameis would have thrown, but without the big plays that Jameis would’ve made.

    And Vita cannot freakin bite on that hard count that even idiot ME was screaming out before the play to not freakin bite on the hard count. They were going to punt.

    Bucs beat Bucs yesterday, and you can’t blame 3 for it this year guys.

  6. louden Says:

    say what you want,

    but spending a 3rd round pick on an overaged TE,
    while you can not expect ti be SuperBowl contender,

    is saceficing the future for if you don’t win the SuperBowl

    >>> its basically gifting the Patriots a 3rd Round pick ..

    to make it short:

    i am full of it, of this clownshow of an “professional” team..

    Jason Licht sucks @Talentevalution and @RosterBuilding

    the Suckaneers suck for a reason,
    they are the Madden21 of the teams..


  7. Bucnjim Says:

    Didn’t the D jjust get off the field? Then the special teams gives it back before they even have time to take their helmets off. Not an excuse but I’ve been there myself. Try stopping the number 1 or 2 offense from our own 20 when the game is already pretty much out of reach. The D did put up some impressive stats only to be out done by mistakes.

  8. idiaznet Says:

    Actually one thing that every one is forgetting is that Jameis did have something to do with the Bucs losing just not in the way you all think. He spent time with Dennis Allen the DC going over the game plan that the Bucs would use. You are fooling yourself if you don’t think that he did that.

    I think that had a lot to do with how good the Saints defense played against the Bucs. Gruden is doing the same thing with Dare as well. You can’t get a better scouting report than from the former starting QB.

  9. danr Says:

    rewatched that play. nothing major here. a gassed backside lineman jogging towards someone being tackled,

  10. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I see it’s safe enough to finally come out now…… DB55

  11. Craig Says:

    Ghosts of seasons past. It must have put chills in the spines of the defense to see another game with multiple turnovers.

    At least Brady admitted to himself and the rest of us that he was the problem.

    The offense will gel a lot by next week, the question is still if the defense will play the whole game.

    Special teams looked like the keystone kops.

  12. SOEbuc Says:

    Miketb19…I know right. This defense played damn well yesterday. 23-year old secondary straight up shut Thomas down. I remember when Troy said at some point, I think it was late in the first half, that the Saints hadn’t got more than a 20 yard play by the Saints. White and LVD with 11 tackles each already! This is going to be a good defense this year. That Vea jump was soo huge though.

  13. Mitch Says:

    It’s their job to keep fighting, but the special teams turnover definitely hurt all of us coaches, players, and fans alike. Brutal.

  14. richbucsfan Says:

    76 is not focused. He wants to play/doesn’t want to play. He’s concerned about COVID 19/not concerned about COVID 19. He’s for protesting/ not for protesting. He has to have a single focus…excel at his job. Hmmm, wonder if other Bucs have the same focus problems…

  15. Miketb19 Says:

    Thanks for the shout out SOEbuc
    That Vea penalty was a killer
    So was the Whitehead PI penalty even though I will go to my grave saying that should of been holding and not PI

    They have a few things to clean up that’s forsure luckily we don’t have play a QB the level of Drew Brees for about 4 weeks until we play the Packers so I hope in the mean time we work out those couple of kinks over the next month

  16. Ricky Ricardo Says:

    I have no idea what a Timmy lupus is.

  17. Howard Cosell Says:

    Ricky Ricardo Says:
    September 14th, 2020 at 5:49 pm

    I have no idea what a Timmy lupus is.

    Lupus is way better than Edwards:
    He steps up when it matters most
    and then gives a motivational speech!

    Glazers must be embarrassed…again

  18. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree completely with your first post. While SOEbuc is also correct and I always respect his posts because he’s correct…in this case with all due respect while that play by Vea is unforgiveable it doesn’t really detract from your point at all.

    Special teams lost this game if we must pick culprits…Offense right behind them…the defense stood out against one of the very best offenses in the league when our ST’s surrendered field position and our offense surrendered 7 as well.

    This group…health permitting…has the CHANCE to become the very best D in the entire league. I know everyone says that about our O…I think our O will be fine but not as spectacular as the D. Devin White is just beginning to feel his oats and LVD is as good as ever…the young DB’s showed some real ball hawking and tackling skills.

    Where is DefenseRules when we need him?

  19. Howard Cosell Says:

    Maybe “Worse-than-Timmy-Lupus” Mike Edwards?

    It’s harsh, but hey….Howard is not happy

  20. SOEbuc Says:

    No major injuries on the field except for Smith, Dean, and Edwards.

  21. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    They knew the game was over then, but at least they held them to a field goal. Plus, it seemed NO was going quick huddles where the O and D seemed to come to the line at the same time.
    I will say, after Bruce said he would lose weight last year (& clearly didn’t), I wonder what his team thinks of him when he tries to invoke the concept of “discipline”. Parcells wasn’t exactly a Greek Adonis, but he had Super Bowls under his belt.

  22. Seattle Buc is back in TB Says:

    Exactly Mort, every pop warner kid sitting on the couch was screaming dont bite on the hard count. Didnt the coaches drill that into their heads? There was a commercial break for gods sake, come on Vita! God! ( Napoleon Dynamite voice)

  23. Brad Says:

    Rewatch that pick 6. Good lord was the screen pass that was called open to fournette.