Mirror Time For Bruce Arians

September 14th, 2020


Mike Edwards is going to get his butt chewed out royally this week. It’s not going to be a pleasant few days for Vita Vea. Tom Brady won’t like looking at his film, either.

That’s alright because they were among the Buc goats during the Week 1 setback at New Orleans.

Edwards drifted backwards during a Saints kickoff, leading to a critical giveaway. He’s now in danger of drifting off the depth chart.

Rookie move by veteran Vita Vea, writes Ira Kaufman.

Vea was goaded into an offside flag when the Saints faced a fourth-and-2 situation. That’s a rookie mistake, except this is Vea’s third pro season.

At times, Brady looked like a 43-year-old quarterback. This team simply can’t have that moving forward, but Brady’s majestic resume suggests he’ll take his frustrations out on the Panthers in Sunday’s home opener.

Coaches coach and players play. When things go awry, it’s the players who typically take the heat. Most of the time, that’s justified.

A coaching problem, not just a player problem, Ira explains.

But when your team leads the NFL in penalties and giveaways in 2019 and you don’t clean up your mess in the 2020 opener, that’s on this coaching staff, too.

The men and women helping Bruce Arians implement discipline and focus need to doa better job.

Since the start of last season, Tampa Bay has turned the ball over 44 times compared to 8 for New Orleans. That numbing disparity is all the Glazers should be thinking about.

Jameis Winston is wearing a different uniform, yet the Bucs are still sloppy. Tom Brady is under center, yet Tampa Bay was just victimized by another pick-6. Janoris Jenkins said he jumped the out route because he knew Tampa Bay’s tendencies from last season.

Isn’t this a new year?

Special teams play was a major issue for the 2019 Bucs, yet we just witnessed the inexcusable Edwards gaffe, a blocked FG try and Deonte Harris ripping off long punt returns.

Arians has a reputation as an equal-opportunity holy terror for accountability. The lone exception was his teflon treatment of Winston for most of last season — until Arians couldn’t stomach the mistakes anymore.

Now Arians must turn his glowering gaze to a staff charged with assimilating all this talent into a cohesive unit. There’s a long way to go.

Start with Tampa Bay’s underperforming special teams, then move on to pre-snap penalties and pass interference calls.

And while you’re at it, turn up the heat on Donovan Smith. Remind him veteran option Joe Haeg is waiting for his opportunity to protect Brady’s blind side.

Arians Vs. The Numbers

Buc fans are understandably fed up with this appetite for self-destruction. Since 2009, the Bucs have reeled off 50 games with at least three giveaways. They’ve won six of ’em.

Battling history

While it’s foolish to read too much into one downer, let’s realize the Saints can play a lot better as well. Drew Brees and Sean Payton both used the word “awful” to describe the New Orleans offense.

Heading into Week 2, the Buc offense needs more smarts and more physicality. Three giveaways and 103 yards in penalties will get you beat most of the time — especially against a club as solid as the Saints.

This is the week Arians needs to ramp up the pressure on Byron Leftwich, Clyde Christensen and special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong. Then he needs to lower his mask and look at himself in the mirror.

He needs to acknowledge he has won only 23 of the last 52 games he has coached. This hospitality has to stop now, before the Bucs dig their usual September hole.

One crisp win would change this narrative in a major way. The time is now. All-in applies to coaches as well as organizations.

Let’s see this sense of urgency we’ve heard so much about. And let’s remember the immortal words of Yogi Berra, who once proclaimed: “It gets late early out there.”

Ira with his good friend Sean Sullivan, general manager of Bill Currie Ford, Tampa’s first family of ford. Sean will help you personally in any way he can.

31 Responses to “Mirror Time For Bruce Arians”

  1. Runstuffer Says:

    Arians is a blow hard who never takes responsibility for his teams shortcomings. His teams lack discipline and the main reason Brady was brought in was to establish a winning culture. A quarterback doesn’t establish the culture, the head coach does. Brady will certainly help because he knows what a winning culture looks like, but at some point we have to hold Arians and Licht accountable for the Bucs under performing year in and year out. I realize it is one game, against a good Saints team, but seeing the same old stupid penalties and mental lapses gets old.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s a shame because we had some really good play from LVD, David, SMB, Davis, Winfield, OJ & Scotty…..
    And, contrary to Joe…..Rojo played well considering the poor Oline….

  3. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    Runstuffer, Bruce called himself out. I’d argue he’s only had one year to establish culture, though I am worried that it’s a problem we basically have a part-time head coach in my eyes.

  4. zzbuc Says:

    Some mistakes makes perfect sense on week one with new high caliber QB, no sync, even some interceptions, some wrong routes, I really don´t have a problem with that on the first game of the season with no pre season games…
    Even more I am far from surprised with yestarday loss, again makes sense…..
    what I do have a big problem is with Donovan Smith plays AND ATTITUDE, that´s a big time problem for me……Makes me furious…even more, I give him one more chance….I am not asking to be a beast…I am asking to show some effort, but sometimes with this guy, seems to be asking a lot……

  5. Iamabuc Says:

    Agree with Christopher….I believe Arians has delegated so much he’s losing touch with the players….. we’ll see…I still believe in the team getting better..just a couple of more games together….Always Go Bucs!!!!

  6. HeyItsAdam Says:

    I have struggled to describe the brand of football the Bucs have beeb playing since 2008. “appetite for self-destruction” is the best term. They have the tools to hang with ANYONE in the league… but tick-tock… you, as a fan can hear it coming, like a train in the distance. That drive killing false start. The pass interference when you have perfect position. The running back calling with a WR on an end-around…. SOMETHING that will de-rail the success and the lack of being able to put it behind them.

    It’s the “Appetite for Destruction.” Ira said it perfectly. “Welcome to depression, baby…. you’re gonna cry.”

  7. Mike Johnson Says:

    Again I say, this Buc ownership was hoodwinked by Arians into bringing an over the hill Brady and injury prone Gronk to the Bucs. They took the bait and gobbled it up. Give Bellacheat credit, he knew toms time was coming to an end. What made you think a 42 yr old beat up vet was going to take this team to the promise land. I was against it from the jump. Arians is no longer hands on. He wants the easy coaching life. His health is not that great. But brady is just about done. He is the GOAT of xmas past. He has had a great career. But his skills are eroding. When the pocket collapsed last night, He looked like St Nick movin in slow motion. Worst move this franchise has ever made. But wait until he gets injured. Enter the dragon..Gabbert..Not.

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    Yeah but Vita can run a 5.1 40… and he’s FAT! That’s amazing for a fat guy. I mean it’s not as fast as most defensive lineman, but considering how fat he is, it’s amazing!

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    Jeez, I see the doom and gloom d-bags are here today. Cheer up douches, the Panthers will get smashed this week and you idiots will then be talking about how this team is a shoo-in for the SB.

  10. doctor_berto Says:

    This offense will suck until Leftwich stops calling plays

  11. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Curious to see what his son said on his latest Pod Cast about the Bucs dumpster fire yesterday.

  12. Iamabuc Says:

    Why is it that hardly anybody wants to addres the elephant in the room….yes, “The Byron Leftwich play calling predictability”…..this been happening since last year and continued this season. Even Cameron Jordan stated that their defense knew the ball was going that way on that first Brady interception….Something needs to change quick if this is “The Year”….Com’on Man!!

  13. Etzel Says:

    Arians heavily supervises the playcalling. Idk why everyone wants to point at Leftwich like drunk grandpa isn’t in his ear all game.

  14. DB55 Says:

    Russell Wilson didn’t break any rules I mean he spent less time with his teammates in the offseason and still went 31/35 and 4 TDs. No excuses from a guy who is not the 6x goat god savior 43 yo qb.

    Bucs gave away the future for two tired old guys who’s best days were behind them 3 years ago. Even gronk said he retired bc Bill was going to trade him to the Lions. Gronk got hit once and was done for the game.

    You people crack me up.

  15. DB55 Says:

    Brady was killing plays (audibles) all day and they we even less effective. Too bad this isn’t the AFC East and he doesn’t have 3 yard routes to throw. Now he’s playing with the big boys and he’s not fairing too well.

  16. Nosetackle Says:

    Perhaps Kieth Armstrong isn’t the right coach for the position ?

  17. stpetebucsfan Says:


    But Sean and Drew have been together a long time and in all that time they have yet to develop a shred of class…well if you drop the first cl perhaps.

    “Drew Brees and Sean Payton both used the word “awful” to describe the New Orleans offense.”

    That comes across as whiny little beotches. How about the Bucs D was faster and tougher and kicked their arses! And that despite our O being truly “awful”.

    And then trying to run up the score…I hope this game gets deep into a lot of Bucs crawls.

  18. HC Says:

    Time for The Hail Mary Offense. This means The Long Bomb on every play down 1 to 3. Punt on 4th. Either complete incomplete intercept or interferenence.

  19. Says:

    Would love to see Arians personally take over special teams

  20. HC Says:

    To DB55….

    It will slowly dawn on them in a couple games when the Bucs are 0 and 4.

  21. stpetebucsfan Says:


    No doubt Russell Wilson is great..perhaps second only to Mahomes but I didn’t realize we gave away any chance to get him.

    One game and we’ve given away the future? Really? If Brady plays as poorly as JW we’ll get another high draft choice to replace them both.

  22. RustyRhinos Says:

    It is not looking like the coaches at One Buc are earning their 5pm cocktail gathering daily. Has it? Coach Arians is who I believe said that if their jobs are done they do not have to stay late and they can all have a 5pm ish cocktail. You know with one of the largest coaching staffs in the NFL. Why is it the results of their hard work that they keep putting on game film, do not look like the superior type of deserving game film cut ups to be having after-work
    staff cocktails?

    Our ILB’s ROCK! 45 & 54 are a tough combination with 90 & 58 as OLB these guys can move.

    Hat tip to Brees & Coach Peyton. Didn’t like the rubbing it in our noses plays. But if I was on the field, that would be my Huckleberry all day, every day, until we play them again. Talk about self driven motivation. I wish that was contagious. Ain’t that right Highway 76? Better know as the Olè Express.
    Bring on another week of learning to destroy other teams together!
    Here kitty kitty kitty.
    Go Bucs!!

  23. Destinjohnny Says:

    He got out coached Sunday

  24. JameisAlmighty Says:

    The Bucs coaching has been bad for years. Why would it be any different. What we are seeing is a slower less accurate QB continue the awfulness of the laughing stock of the NFL. I’d take a sizable bet that there are people on this board who could do a better job than Licht, Ariana, and Byron Sandwich.

  25. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Pretty bad performance for one of the largest coaching staffs in the league. Licht specializes in drafting some dumb and lazy players. Turnovers and penalties show a lack of discipline and bad coaching.

  26. Hoops Says:

    It’s a shame the bucs are wasting Cam Brate’s talent. I feel sorry for him.They might as well trade him to the Cowboys if they come calling and get something for him if they’re not going to use him. 7 snaps is pathetic.

  27. gotbbucs Says:

    Largest coaching staff in the NFL, and it has resulted in the most poorly coached team in the NFL. Arians will never pull the plug, but Leftwich doesn’t have the imagination to be a great offensive coordinator in today’s NFL.
    The days of sitting in 12 personnel and hammering the run off tackle over and over again died in the early 2000’s. Yes, we have decent TE’s, but Gronk looked like a shell of himself, Howard still looked like an underachiever, and I barely remember seeing Brate.
    Just like last year, there was no rhythm to the offense. It was one long drawn out three route pass play after another. Brady has spent 20 years making quick decisions and getting the ball out and Leftwich spent all Sunday calling deep digs and deep seam routes.
    Scotty Miller could probably be a great chain mover if Arians and Leftwich have enough sense to let Brady do his thing and quit forcing him to read the stupid play card on his forearm.
    There’s too much riding on this season for the coaching daycare to carry on. Bowles had the defense ready to play. The offense looked completely overmatched, which is absolutely ridiculous given the players on that side of the ball.

  28. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    Not ready to panic, unless Bucs lose to Panthers at home. I can only identify maybe 2 D players on Panthers that can threaten the Bucs offense.

  29. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    What a revelation that every first year QB struggles in BA’s biscuit offense. Regardless of resume? Perhaps a pattern for a BA offense?

    Tompa Brady may have more INT’s and pick 6’s combined this year than any time in his GOAT career. Is it Tompa? BA? BL?

    Will our Bucs 43 yr old QB survive past 10 games in BA offense with BL calling plays as if Tompa is a sprite 25 yr old QB? Will Tompa take over play-calling on the field to preserve his health? So much intrigue, drama and soap opera for next 16 weeks.

  30. Kimbo Slice Says:

    I like Bruce Arians, but the more I look at him, the more I see his flaws. That Cardinal team he got had been to the Super Bowl before, so he didn’t have to do much in implementation.

    Same with that Colt team. It just had a new QB that was considered the best of a generation talent coming out during his interim stint.

    The further they got from that Super Bowl core that was in place, the more he looked like an 8-8 type of coach like a Jim Fassel or something because his teams that he actually puts together are undisciplined. Yesterday looked like his last year with Palmer when he looked fried, and his offensive system was the reason he looked that way because QBs take too many hits in it.

    I don’t know. If they lose to Carolina this week, it’s going to be a long year.

  31. Bucy Says:

    Rojo being rojo, tripping on his shoe laces every down. Come on Lenny we need ya bro!