Free Gronk!

September 9th, 2020

A Tampa Bay Buccaneers photo

Joe sincerely hopes the Bucs let Rob Gronkowski push himself hard early this season to see whether he’s the Gronk of old (like Bruce Arians says he is) or if he’s a Gronk 2.0 — useful in spots.

There’s a huge difference. And Joe believes managing this just right is a big key for Bucco Bruce Arians.

Joe does not want to the see Bucs go 4-4 in the first half of the season and think to themselves, ‘Well, we’d be 5-3 if we had really let Gronk loose against (pick a team).’ That’s not ok. Arians must find a way to locate Gronk’s sweet spot when it comes to snaps.

Not every player is effective as a part-timer. Some lose their rhythm, focus and feel for the game.

Joe just hopes the Bucs lean heavy on Gronk snaps early. It would be a shame if the Bucs play it too safe.

Heck, if they push Gronk and plan to give him the Week 8 Giants game off on Monday Night Football, Joe’s good with that if the goal is to keep Gronk from working on a short week against the Saints in Week 9.

Figuring out Gronk might take creativity and a little nerve. Saving him for January sounds great, but resting him after you’ve clinched a playoff berth or locked up the division in December sounds better.

10 Responses to “Free Gronk!”

  1. Joe in Michigan Says:

    When you say push him, are you talking 50% to 60% of snaps? Or higher? I surely don’t believe in “saving someone for the playoffs”, the Bucs need to GET TO the playoffs, first and foremost.

  2. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I would give him as many snaps as he can handle week 1. Realistically no player is healthy beyond the first week, so I’d go ahead and do everything in my power to win that game (especially with it being a division game). From there, I would definitely give him some off days, and maybe even an off game as the season progresses. He came here to play football. I know we’d love to save him for the playoffs, but last I checked it’s really hard to save someone for the playoffs if you don’t actually make the playoffs.

  3. Bird Says:

    Pretty simple to me.

    He is in game on 3rd down and/or
    When team gets inside 30 yard line. No more settling for fgs
    Especially near goal line.

    Evans / godwin/ OJ/ Gronk.
    You cant double all 4. Good luck with that size advantage across the board
    The duckaneers

  4. Pablo Says:

    Free Gronk

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Save no one……Save Gronk?… a$$

  6. james west Says:

    yep balls to the wall, all he can handle and then some, let the gronkster be a monster, and he can and should make the call, we need to jump out early and put some distance between us and the dirty taints and atlanta

  7. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Maybe Howard will step up and show out…..

  8. tickrdr Says:

    Nice picture. Some have tried to say that Gronk looks like he had lost a lot of weight/strength, but in that picture he looks absolutely massive.
    I believe the year off will have totally rejuvenated him, and therefore expect an unbelievable year for him. JMHO.


  9. Cannon Says:

    We haven’t been to the playoffs since dubya’ Bush was president…

    Put the best players on the field and play them.

  10. gp Says:

    He will be helping Wirfs at least until we know if Wirfs can handle Jordan