Forgot How Hard Studying Is

August 6th, 2020

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Imagine going to the same place of work for 20 years.

Unless you move, you take the same roads in. You pretty much recognize a fourth of the cars on the road as people tend to coincidentally have the same daily routine as you do.

You see the same security guard, same parking spot. You see and speak with the same staffers and many of the same coaches.

Every day. Long enough for someone who was born when you started working to be able to vote.

Now, flip that. You have a new home in a new town and a new workplace. You only know one guy there and you barely know him at that. Then you meet your new co-workers and you only know one well — very well. The rest you either have met in passing or they are total strangers.

Then you have to learn the new laws of the land to complete your job.

That’s the life of park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring Bucs quarterback Tom Brady. The six-time Super Bowl winner was asked about the new challenges of coming to the Bucs and fitting in when he said something that caught Joe’s ear.

“It’s been different to have the opportunity this time to move and study my playbook,” Brady said. “I really haven’t had to do that in 19 years.

“You forget, ‘Man, that is really tough!’ Like all the different terminologies.”

Brady admitted he’s had to work “pretty hard mentally” to get on the same page as his new teammates.

Because the offseason was scrapped due to The Sickness, Brady said, conversations and gaining wisdom between himself and the rest of the offense are happening now but would have happened in April under normal circumstances.

“You adjust to the situation and do the best that you can,” Brady said.

Brady also noted that every team is in the same boat.

Well, sort of.

Most teams don’t have a new starting quarterback trying to absorb all that is new on his new team in a highly condensed training camp.

And none of those quarterbacks with new teams are 43.

9 Responses to “Forgot How Hard Studying Is”

  1. BillyBucFan Says:

    They also aren’t the GOAT

  2. Cannon Says:

    If it were anyone other than Tom Brady, I’d be concerned.

  3. Clean House Says:

    Hopefully this time next year we won’t be saying, all QBs traditionally struggle in year one of BS’s system. And none dealt with no offseason. All get a pass.

    All except The NFL leader in Total offense, passing, passing yards per game and #2 in TD’s

    Hopefully the GOAT can overcome.

  4. Clean House Says:

    After watching the press conference, and seeing TB12 discuss the mental difficulties of learning the new system, I think he would be wise to reach out to Jameis Winston for an hour a day, to help tutor him.

    Who knows it better? Who led the NFL in total offense?

  5. Clean House Says:

    Pay JW 500k or 1 million dollars to be your tutor/mentor TB12

  6. Mike Says:

    Great idea, I just don’t think that would have been ok with sheet checker 5000.

  7. Youngbucs Says:

    I don’t understand saying his age at the end you guys luv the drama in the comments lol.

  8. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Actually 43 is a huge advantage in terms of this specific challenge.

    In fact 43 is great..more experience. The questions are about his arm strength and his accuracy as he ages. If both are at 90% of his prime his 43 years of age will be well worth it. A coach on the field.

    As far as durability…it’s the NFL EVERY QB is one hit away…..

  9. Bucsfan951 Says:

    @Clean house

    “Being a quarterback, you have to be a student of the game, so now I actually get a chance to dive into that more. I actually have a Hall of Fame quarterback that I’m learning from opposed to trying to learn by myself, or use Google.”