NFL To Erase Half Of 2020 Preseason; Report Claims Bucs Will Lose One Home Game

July 1st, 2020

Weeks ago the NFL prohibited its teams from practicing against each other during training camp, and today changes caused by “The Sickness” reached a new level.

Weeks 1 and Weeks 4 of the preseason have been eliminated, per various reports, but is reporting that the NFL players union has to agree to that — or to having any preseason games at all.

The politics and the business side of things will work themselves out. Tonight, Joe is more interested in celebrating with Bucs fans who will get a refund on at least one preseason game.

The Bucs were scheduled to be at home for Weeks 2 and 3 of the preseason but the Miami Herald is reporting that every NFL team will only host just one home game in preseason. So schedules will be reworked and released soon.

Of course, it’s unclear whether there will be any fans at any games.

Regardless, if you’ve got an inevitable refund coming for a meaningless game, Joe is sending you a virtual high-five.

24 Responses to “NFL To Erase Half Of 2020 Preseason; Report Claims Bucs Will Lose One Home Game”

  1. Imon Says:

    Some will call me a Doomsayer from Hades, others a Sage. Whatever you want to call me go ahead but that still won’t convince me that there will be a 2020 NFL season. Goodell and company can scramble and reorganize and reschedule all they want. Aint happenin’. No chance. Zilch. Zero.

  2. mark2001 Says:

    You have to admit one thing…the league is doing everything in its’ power to try to have a season this year. I hope we can….however…it doesn’t look extremely good right now. Imon…I hope you are wrong…but I wouldn’t bet against you.

  3. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I see where the Supplemental Draft was canceled. I was hoping at one time that some of the prospects might get in on this, and the Bucs could use a pick in 2021 to get somebody to help this year (a pass rusher to learn from JPP and Shaq). Gotta wait now.

  4. PSL Bob Says:

    As I’ve said several times, two preseason games are fine for the starters. They only play 1 full game in the regular preseason anyway (1/4 in Games 1 and 2, 1/2 in Game 3, and 0/4 in Game 4). Bad for the UFAs and bubble players, but I have a strong feeling teams will be able to keep more than 53 players on their rosters, or at least expand their practice squads. That will provide more depth in the event that any of the starters catch the virus and have to be sidelined for two weeks.

  5. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I hate to be the negative loser here but this has really killed my enthusiasm for the 2020* season.

    I agree with Mark that the league has done everything in it’s power so it’s nothing that they’ve done. And I’m not saying we won’t have some kind of season…it’s just that an SB with a huge * just doesn’t hold the same meaning. I wouldn’t mind if we eat the SB’s and move them all back one year.

    This season is going to produce a weird champion unless there is a dramatic change in direction of the disease.

    Treatments are improving and IMHO that’s where the quickest solution lies. Vaccines are controversial..don’t always work…therapeautic treatment can be very effective…didn’t cure AIDS but has certainly controlled it.

    I’ve seen reports recently where the rate of morbidity is coming down because of improved treatments like steroids.

  6. Tc Says:

    First it was the hall of fame game, then it is half the preseason games, I got a bad feeling.

  7. Imon Says:

    @Mark2001 believe me, I would like nothing more than to be wrong as I haven’t missed an NFL weekend for over 40 years… but the direction this pandemic is taking IMHO makes this season a completely lost cause. The league has no choice but to be ultra-careful on virus transmission which basically means a couple of players infected and the whole team is going to be on shutdown. How is it imaginable to play a schedule that way when you don’t know until the morning of the game if the other team is even going to be able to take the field? As much as the league management itself may be delusional at this time, the likelihood is that this season is gone. Sigh…

  8. Cainishere Says:

    I apologize . . . I seem to have missed this little nugget.
    I just discovered, that Brady promised Chris Godwin a Super Bowl in exchange for his number 12. Brady pulled a Namath prediction? Hmm
    Could possibly see 8-10 game season

  9. Buddy Says:

    Joe you are out of you mind if you think for one single second that tight wad cheapa$$ TEAM GLAZER is going to refund one penny of the Bucs fans season ticket packages that they paid for. Those Misers are going to hold onto that cash tighter than they did from the cash they got from their bar mitzvahs.

  10. Joe in Michigan Says:

    There are better owners in the NFL, but I wouldn’t classify the Glazers as cheap. They actually spend money, look at the salary cap, the most coaches employed on a team in NFL history, firing coaches that deserve to be fired with years left on their contracts. Going by all of that, I doubt they screw the ticket holders over.

  11. Pryda...sec147 Says:

    I hope I get a refund my seats are in the first 8 rows ! I hope I get the whole amount back and some !

  12. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Whole amount back and then some? For pain and suffering?

  13. Todd Says:

    The “Sickness” is a hoax. The NFL season is simply in the wake of all the fake numbers. The hospitals are empty. Always have been. If you’ve had the cold or flu in the past five years, you’ll likely test positive for Covid.

    More testing equals more positives equals a greater denominator to the “death rate” numerator. The stat is currently a .026 death rate.


    The only virus you can catch is the one spread by watching TV.

    I wish people would wake the F up.

    Research Agenda 21 and “The Great Reset” (World Economic Forum) to find out what the global agenda REALLY is.

    Nefarious folks running this world.

    You can’t catch a virus.



    Google it.

  14. SufferingSince76 Says:

    The thought of no college or professional football this fall is depressing as heck.

  15. Bucfan81 Says:

    We finally get a HOF QB and have everything in place to make a run and the damn Covid Happens.. It’s a Bucs Life for sure.

  16. mark2001 Says:

    Todd..guys that act like this is a hoax, and take no precautions to try to avoid spreading it by leaps and bounds are posterboys for the people costing us the professional sports seasons. World order conspiracy, Med providers reduced to huckster real estate/ used car salesmen, hoax, hoax..hoax..their favorite four letter word…sigh…

  17. mark2001 Says:

    And BTW…flu is a different virus. And wouldn’t test positive. 20% of colds are corona viruses, and could show positives. But the symptoms aren’t the same as corona symptoms and under testing protocols shouldn’t be tested. So you are forwarding a bogus reason for the testing positives. There could be some, but far less than those with the virus that haven’t been tested. CDC says could be ten times the existing cases. When will guys go to websites with real information before spouting fools gold phrases?

  18. Craig Says:

    I am glad that there are some people that the sickness hasn’t affected yet. It really isn’t a hoax and the autopsy reports prove that it is nasty. I hope all of you, and your family and friends, can stay clean as this thing works its way through the world.

    At least the NFL has a plan and we needed some hope that something would happen for the good. Still hearing reports that the NFL is modifying helmets to be COVID free.

    That and chartered airplanes makes an NFL season possible.

  19. bucsfaninoregon Says:

    I nominate Todd’s post as the Most Delusional Comment of the Day. Brady has GOAT, Todd has the MDCD trophy.

    Todd….”Research Agenda 21 and “The Great Reset” (World Economic Forum) to find out what the global agenda REALLY is.” I’ll leave it up to fiction fans to look up Agenda 21, but it sure looks scary. Don’t worry about the virus, but be sure to worry about Agenda 21. Fear, fear, fear please.

    Todd…..”You can’t catch a virus.” I guess that whole polio thing that we all got vaccinations for was all a conspiracy. Was this revealed in Agenda 21?

    I second thought, I nominate Todd’s comment as MDCY.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    There is medical researchers now think the by killer in the coronavirus is TB. That is why kids under 12 fo not get hit as hard.
    China has been dealing with a TB for a while.
    SARS, MARS and Coronavirus all look 99.999 alike and guess what TB looks just like them. The latest treatment for coronavirus is TB treatments.

  21. mark2001 Says:

    Anonymous…LOL…TB is caused by a bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Covid 19, Sars and such are Corona Viruses. TB bacteria looks like rice and is bigger 2-4 microns…Covid 19 about .125 microns. Scientists have known the difference between a virus and bacteria for about a hundred years. Where do you guys get this stuff? DT’s brain?

  22. mark2001 Says:

    Corona virus vs. TB bacteria… as similar as a cow is to a horse. Please… stop the nonsense.

  23. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    ^^^^ Tom Brady is the latest treatment for coronavirus? lol

  24. bucsfaninoregon Says:

    Mark, it must be in the water. How can an adult in 2020 say that the virus is given same symptoms as TB, therefore, it’s the same as TB? Treat the same, I guess.
    If this type of thinking is typical of Buc fans then maybe my long held belief that Hugh Culverhouse is responsible for the “Bucs’ Curse” is misplaced.