Jaylon Smith, Eric Kendricks, Lavonte David & Bucs Top-100 History

July 27th, 2020

Yes, NFL players voted and the results say Cowboys inside linebacker Jaylon Smith and Vikings inside linebacker Eric Kendricks are each better than Lavonte David.

This is sure to spark another collective temper tantrum among Bucs fans who feel David has been screwed repeatedly for various honors and awards.

NFL Network popped the season premiere of its annual NFL Network Top-100 Players series last night. They rolled out rankings from 71 through 100.

David was 100th in the 2020 balloting performed during last season. Smith ranks 88th and Kendricks is 83rd.

After the many alleged Pro Bowl snubs for David, is it time to accept that David isn’t as good as Bucs fans think he is? Joe might go there, but look what happened when Jeremy Fowler of BSPN recently surveyed 50 coaches, players and executives to name the best inside linebackers in the game: Lavonte David ranked second.

Below you’ll see the history of Buccaneers and ex-Bucs on the NFL Network Top-100 from 2011 through 2019,

David was nowhere to be found for the past three years after checking in at No. 53 following the 2015 campaign.

Bucs & Ex-Bucs On NFL Network Top 100 Players Of 2019 (following 2018 season)


Gerald McCoy (#75) — 2018 with Bucs. Panthers in 2019.
Jason Pierre-Paul (#65) 
Mike Evans (#53)


Ndamukong Suh (#61) — 2017 with Dolphins. Rams in 2018.
Aqib Talib (#53) — 2017 with Broncos. Rams in 2018.


LeGarrette Blount (#80)  — 2016 with Patriots. Eagles in 2017.
Jameis Winston (#57)
Ndamukong Suh (#55) Dolphins
Gerald McCoy (#52) 
Michael Bennett (#46) Seahawks
Aqib Talib (#37) Broncos
Mike Evans (#29) 


T.J. Ward (#68) Broncos
Gerald McCoy (#63)
Michael Bennett (#59) Seahawks
Lavonte David (#53)
Ndamukong Suh (#40) Dolphins
Aqib Talib (#34) Broncos
Doug Martin (#33)
Darrelle Revis (#24) Jets


Michael Bennett (#90) Seahawks
Mike Evans (#75)
Lavonte David (#56)
Desean Jackson (#50) Redskins
Brent Grimes (#38) Dolphins
Gerald McCoy (#28)
Ndamukong Suh (#24) — 2014 with Lions. Dolphins in 2015.
Darrelle Revis (#17) — 2014 with Patriots. Jets in 2015.


Brent Grimes (#95) Dolphins
Aqib Talib (#79) — 2013 with Patriots. Broncos in 2014.
Tim Jennings (#74) Bears
Desean Jackson (#63) — 2013 season with Eagles. Redskins in 2014.
Vincent Jackson (#44)
Ndamukong Suh (#40) Lions
Darrelle Revis (#37) — 2013 with Bucs. Patriots in 2014.
Lavonte David (#35)
Gerald McCoy (#28)


Dashon Goldson (#96) — 2012 with 49ers. Bucs in 2013.
Gerald McCoy (#92)
Logan Mankins (#82) Patriots
Tim Jennings (#69) Bears
Darrelle Revis (#67) — 2012 injured with Jets. Bucs in 2013.
Doug Martin (#57)
Jason Pierre-Paul (#55) Giants
Vincent Jackson (#52)
Ndamukong Suh (#40) Lions


Donald Penn (#97)
Carl Nicks (#76) — 2011 with Saints. Bucs in 2012.
Desean Jackson (#71) Eagles
Logan Mankins (#64) Patriots
Ndamukong Suh (#38) Lions
Jason Pierre-Paul (#24) Giants
Darrelle Revis (#5) Jets


Josh Freeman (#86)
Mike Williams (#83)
Dallas Clark (#78) Colts
Ndamukong Suh (#51) Lions
Logan Mankins (#39) Patriots
Desean Jackson (#29) Eagles
Darrelle Revis (#8) Jets

4 Responses to “Jaylon Smith, Eric Kendricks, Lavonte David & Bucs Top-100 History”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Forgot we had TJ ward lol… man seems we haven’t had a good safety since TJack

  2. Ra'Shad Says:

    I watch the countdown to pass time. However, last night I did get upset because David being ranked at 100 is pure bull. But i had to realize that ever player does not participate in filling those surveys out during the season. But his numbers show that he has been snubbed for years.

  3. Sport Says:

    Prime time games this year will give attention to our stars this year. He’ll be recognized properly as a result.

    In BA I Trust!

  4. Buczilla Says:

    It’s not fair to David, but players on bad teams don’t get recognized unless they play up north or for the cowboys (no their name does not deserve capitalization). The only off ball linebacker that can compare to David is Wagner from Seattle and he has been overrated for years. It sucks, but at least his bank account isn’t underrated.