“The Sickness” Hits The Bucs

June 18th, 2020

Things just got real at One Buc Palace.

Just days after One Buc Palace was re-opened for staffers and coaches to return to Bucs head headquarters, “The Sickness,” which has plagued the globe and shutdown our nation for a period of time, hit the coaching staff.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, at least one Bucs assistant coach has tested positive and others are in forced lockdown as a prevention.

The weird thing is the coach who tested positive, he/she had no symptoms.

Joe was frightened, honestly, that Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians (67) and/or offensive assistant Tom Moore (81) might catch this bug. Of course, it seems the bug preys on senior citizens the hardest.

Joe hopes this is the only time Joe has to write about anyone at One Buc Palace getting this crap.

(Hat tip: @MattSinn.)

32 Responses to ““The Sickness” Hits The Bucs”

  1. Tampabuscsbro Says:


  2. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Opened things up too soon.

    The reasoning was that we cannot stay at home forever, which I get, but opening up too soon put us back at square one.

  3. SOEbuc Says:

    Terrif. DeSantis has to give up his season tickets. It’s scary to think of a cancelled season but these greazy grease balls in the NFL and TV that would seem very unlikely any way possible.

  4. CPN Says:

    Uh oh.

    I hope Tom Moore remains healthy.

  5. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Yeah but the sickness wasn’t going to go away.

    So how much longer should have it been?

  6. Imon Says:

    Listen carefully to Dr. Fauci. There is going to be no season, so we might all as well just accept it.

  7. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Oh no!!! The end is near!!!! Covid is back!!!

  8. kgh4life Says:

    We can lock down the country for a year and when things open back up, people will still contract the virus. Covid is already in the population it’s not just going to go away. What we can do now is mitigate it and if an effective treatment comes along in the next six months that will go along way.

  9. CitruscountyBUC Says:

    Why has there been very few deaths attributed to the common flu this year?

  10. Clean House Says:

    MRSA was bad enough

  11. Pete I Says:

    Is the coach in question 80 years or older?, in a nursing home? Have an underlying condition? Then they will be fine.

    We get so preoccupied with how many new cases we lose sight of the fact the death’s still seem very confined to a very small segment and a very small overall number. I notice the media doesn’t talk about deaths much only “new” cases.

    Hope this coach feels better soon…assuming they even knew they had it. (Asymptomatic – means they didn’t)

  12. 941bucsfan Says:

    Welp. Thanks for the pictures Brady. Thats the only time we are going to see you in a bucs uniform

  13. Bruce Blahak Says:

    It’s unbelievable, the stupidity involved in this. It’s not going away and obviously uncontainable without staying away from each other.

  14. Bucsfanman Says:

    There is still so much to learn about this thing. It is nothing like the flu where we have a century of study and data.
    Sure, we may all end up getting it. And yea, the percentage of deaths are small HOWEVER, would you be willing to chance it knowing so little?
    Common sense should, mind you I said “should”, prevail on this. It is NOT a coincidence that cases here have risen alongside reopening. I don’t care what our leadership is TOLD to tell us.
    Use your head!

  15. Buc believer Says:

    GASP!!!! Oh my God! ANOTHER person gets the sickness in which 98% of those infected recover! OH MY GOD!!! SMDH

  16. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Regardless of the prevalence of the virus, you cannot keep the economy shut down forever or there will be nothing to reopen when the great and powerful Fauci says it’s time. Since it’s said the coronavirus will be around for a long, long time, are we going to keep doing this over and over? Those of you still working may also find yourselves out of a job if that happens. Then how will you look at it? There is more at stake than just preserving ourselves. And we will never build up an immunity to the virus if we hide from it.

  17. BucDan Says:

    Do people understand that there are plenty of people that have not died that have had plenty of complications in the hospital due to the virus?

    There are plenty of people that are currently “over” it that did not have it easy while sick and during recovery. Breathing issues, extreme weight loss, brain damage due to lack of oxygen, etc. None of those patients ended up dead, but they are a very real statistic.

    Stay state out there.

  18. JAG Says:

    There won’t be any fans in the stands……

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    Buc Believer- You willing to take that chance? Hmm? A needle full of COVID-19?
    Yeah, sure you are!
    You guys are funny with your “tough talk”!

    And ya’ll blaming Fauci are just parroting talking head nonsense. He is a SCIENTIFIC ADVISOR.
    “Economy, economy, economy…”! Have a thought of your own please.

  20. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Bucfanman, so how long do you think we should be shut down? The economy, economy, economy is what keeps this and other countries alive. What will you do when the food shortage starts? Will you tell the millions in other countries that it’s too bad they won’t get their foodstuffs because we have to save our own arses? What do you tell the thousands that have and will lose their businesses (their livelihoods)? Are going to tell them to get a job elsewhere? What job would that be? What makes you think so called essential jobs will continue to exist? Where will the people get the money to pay for their services? I’d really like to know? The only people that need to have an original thought are those like yourself who do nothing but criticize without offering alternatives.

  21. TampaBayBucs55 Says:

    “The economy” isn’t JUST a talking point, dummy. “The economy” = peoples lives. “The economy is just a talking point” is just a talking point. Do you see the irony in your stupidity or do I need to break it down further?

  22. JimBuc2 Says:

    Stop the hysteria and fear-mongering. Fact is heart disease and cancer are each five time more likely to cause death than the China Virus, and stop with this COVID-19 nomenclature. The Sickness, as the Joe’s call, it in fact originated in Wuhan, China and their leaders choose deceit instead of being forthright. This Bucs fan will not be cowed into closeting himself away, trembling in dread as the thoroughly discredited Dr. Fauci would have us to do. For comparison consider the much maligned millennial Snowflakes clutching crayons and coloring books in their campus ‘safe-room’ traumatized at the notion of reasoned debate. Do coloring books and crayons protected them from the ‘virus’ of reason? So then, do you want to be like them? Of course not. I submit, throw down the masks and social distancing and be free from fear. Life is full of risk and reward. Do you really think you can add even an hour to your life through risk mitigation? How extremely vain to think so.
    Damn the fear
    Screw the China Virus
    I want to sit next to thousands of deliriously happy Bucs fans cheering our team all the way to the Super Bowl in Tampa. Our Buccaneers will be the first team to play for the Lombardi on their own turf. You stay at home and wear a mask if you want to. Me, I’m going to the game!
    Go Bucs!!

  23. Bradinator Says:

    The statistical “deaths” are actually human beings. My wife is 54. She has type 1 diabetes (since age 5), which has lead to a triple bypass (which failed, leading to 2 months in the hospital that she cannot remember much of), and a weakened immune system. Honestly, we’ve been to the ER for the flu. For those of you “statistically the deaths are few” folks, maybe think in terms of “human beings” instead of “numbers”. That is lost in the rhetoric of, weirdly enough, politicians that you wouldn’t trust not to steal your lids lollipop (and that’s BOTH sides). My wife ain’t just a number. If she catches this crap, I already know the outcome. So if you want parrot stats, be my guest. One of those “stats” is someone’s loved one. Put your politics aside and REALLY think about what you are saying. It’s simple Common Sense AND courtesy to stay away from folks, while this is going on and there is no vaccine. The only number I give two craps about is 29, followed by the number 30. 29 is the numbers years we’ve been married come Oct. 30 is the year after. This is the LAST political (although it shouldn’t be, it’s a an illness for crying out loud) post I will ever make here. After this only football posts for me. Please read it, take the time to understand it, and really think about it before you post anything else about this subject. Those “statistical numbers” are people. Please stop making them nameless with your “statistics”. Thank you.

  24. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    Need to leave it up to people if they want to take a risk of getting the flu.
    I am sure the bucs coaches knew the risk.
    The death rate is around 00096%.

    Can’t live in fear, lets get on with it. They have you all freaking freaking about the flu. Wake up

  25. DBS Says:

    No you bad azz keyboard warriors with your me first attitudes who don’t care is the problem. You may get it not get sick but don’t care if you spread it to someone else. I see you everyday and can’t even at least have on a mask which has been proven to help stop the spread of it. You are selfish and self centered.

  26. SufferingSince76 Says:

    I am over 60 and I do care, Sir. I, also, wear a mask though it is hard to breathe in it in the hot and humid weather. I, also, care about the people affected by the shutdown. Do you?

  27. DBS Says:

    I Wear a mask and distance. Go to your local store and see how many are not and refuse to social distance. We are under mandatory mask law in Gadsden County Florida. About 50% are violating it. Dollar General where I live in my town does not post it and lets people in. Winn Dixie enforces it.

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    Why does the “economy=people’s lives”? Our food sources, electricity, water, garbage, and other services have been moving since the inception. Money and lives are not synonymous, nor are they symbiotic. Our so-called “economy” is a shell game. If it weren’t for the fact that it was effecting the 1%’s bottom line, nobody would care. Half of you don’t even know what you’re talking about, frankly.
    I mean isn’t that what we’re saying when we say the economy is more important than people’s lives? Money is greater than life?
    Ya’ll can say what you want when it doesn’t effect you directly. You KNOW for a fact that you’d be singing a different tune if it were a loved one.
    That’s OK though. I’ll be the “dummy” who just decides that taking small precautions is common sense for me and my family. Maybe, hopefully, this whole thing will just blow away and all of you closet economists can be proven right.

  29. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Bucsfanman, you didn’t address any of my legitimate questions from any of my posts. Explain please how the economy is a shell game in detail. Your so-called 1% is still 3.5 million people. Plus, if you think that things will keep humming along while the world is shutdown for long periods of time and not producing goods and services you are delusional. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you still have a job that you think is untouchable. Or you have plenty of your own money so you aren’t affected. Tell those that need to feed their families to suck it up and stay home.

  30. Jerry Jones Says:

    Mother nature will weed out the ignorant so everyone save your breath. Those who believe they can just hit the bar, gather in groups anywhere they please with zero precautions, will get what they deserve because they refuse to be responsible. Do I want anyone to contract this virus, absolutely not, but I don’t have the cure for stupid.

  31. Bucsfanman Says:

    76- I have no delusion that a shuttered economy is tenable in any form. I don’t wish ill, economically or otherwise, on anyone.
    What I do know is that while the vast majority of us comb the ground for crumbs, the 1% grow. We are unwitting slaves to a system that keeps the most money in the pockets of a few hands.
    The economy shouldn’t be the benchmark for a healthy America, its people should. Our definition of “success” is attaining things. It’s about experiences. Frankly, we don’t care about people anymore.
    For the record, I am NOT wealthy. I am a garbage man, in simple terms an essential service. Hardly “untouchable” IMO.
    I cannot choose not to work for money. I NEED money to buy food. I NEED money for transportation. I NEED money for insurance. I NEED money for education. In short, mine and 98% of us’ sole purpose in life is to get money. So, why? We can’t take anything with us when we die. Almost everything we buy is intentionally obsolete in just a few years after buying. If you’re lucky, after 60 years of working, you might be able to retire nicely. If you’re lucky.
    But if you don’t go to work, you can’t feed yourself, house yourself, even communicate.
    We don’t make a lot of stuff in this country. It’s actually cheaper to export resources to have another country manufacture which we then import. The food you speak of never stopped being shipped overseas. In fact, it threatened the supply here.
    Our benchmark for success is flawed. Money should not be our measure, likewise our economy.
    I don’t have the answers. We have a flawed system run by millionaires, at the whim of corporations. That just isn’t right to me. No single life is worth sacrificing for an economy purely based on greed.
    Like I said, it’s not the economy, it’s the people we should be protecting.
    I started my rant yesterday at the thought that some are willing to sacrifice the lives of Americans for the economy. It’s a flawed opinion. In the context you placed it, I can respect your argument.

  32. unbelievable Says:

    Bucsfanman you’ve been on fire lately good sir!

    You have far more tolerance for the uneducated / willingly uninformed Bucs fans than I do.