Ira Talks NFL Rule Changes, Reality Shows, Player & Media Changes Due To The Sickness, Devin White Air, A 4th QB, And Much More

May 26th, 2020

Fired up would best describe Ira Kaufman on his one-of-a-kind podcast today presented by Bill Currie Ford. The Sage has got stories, Bucs insight, NFL chatter and more with Joe.

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4 Responses to “Ira Talks NFL Rule Changes, Reality Shows, Player & Media Changes Due To The Sickness, Devin White Air, A 4th QB, And Much More”

  1. Todd Says:

    Geeze. I’m inclined to delete this podcast from my library. I’m at almost the 13-minute mark and there’s been nothing but ads and Ira-schtick which gets old after the umteenth time of trying to hard to be comedic. It’s a 42-minute podcast with 3 1/2 minutes of ads. If that’s too much for you, then Joe doesn’t know what to say. Ira telling a story is Ira, especially at the end of May of an NFL podcast. The podcast format is very much the same as it’s been since it launched in 2016. Thankfully, it’s extremely popular. Joe thanks you for not hurling a bunch of insults. –Joe

    I get the need to advertise. There’s a healthy balance…tons of podcasters do it well. I used to just fast-forward
    Come on, guys. You’re better than that.

  2. SageBaby Says:

    Tough crowd, man. LOL
    The Sage is great. More of his stories the better.
    Glad you guys do this year-round. Keep it up boys, as Ira would say. Enjoyed the football talk too

  3. Pete Bauer Says:

    The NFL has to do SOMETHING about the onside kick. With the rules as they are now, if you’re down by more than one score with four or less minutes left in the game and you don’t have all of your timeouts, you’re a guaranteed loser.

    That’s a lot of game time that is relatively worthless.

    Could you imagine that in any other sport? Down by more than one score at the end of a hockey or baseball game and you know you can’t win?

    Lessens the value of the product.

  4. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Joe wants Devonta Freeman, the last time he was good was in 2017. The Sage wants Josh Rosen, the last time he was good was in 2017 (when he was in college).