“From The Hunters To The Hunted”

May 13th, 2020

Lavonte David was talking yesterday and he appears to be in a state of disbelief.

Like a lot of fans, he was stunned to have Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski added to the Bucs roster — and by the aftermath.

“We basically came from the hunters to the hunted,” David told The Jim Rome Show yesterday. “I don’t know how that happened, because we haven’t done much in the past years. But since we added [Brady and Gronkowski], people got us on a lot of boards to be in the Super Bowl, but there’s work to be put in first. But so far it’s been a good start.”

David talked about how primetime games are a different animal and the Bucs’ getting so many represents a major change for him.

“It does bring a little extra, you know, extra focus, extra juice to get out there and perform at your highest level to show why the NFL chose us to be on these primetime games,” David said.

“For me, you know, playing in only one primetime game a year, only on Thursday night, to playing in five, that’s an incredible {inaudible}. It’s crazy how much things can change in a year.”

Yes, some Bucs are a little starstruck and stunned by going from an unwanted quarterback to perhaps the greatest of all-time, who just happened to bring along his Hall of Fame pall who blocks like an animal and catches, too.

Joe hopes those Bucs don’t need a half a season to handle the pressure and spotlight effectively.

41 Responses to ““From The Hunters To The Hunted””

  1. 541BucsFan Says:

    The defensive young guns are gonna shine under the bright lights. Vea, White, Davis.

  2. adam from ny Says:

    the problem is that this so called “second wave” most likely to hit in the fall is going to make it impossible to play games, let alone fill the stadiums…

    they’re going through with things without pulling the chord, until they might just have to pull the plug…

    google: laurie garrett, the prophet of the plague…to get a realistic non candy coated view of what we are really looking at with covid19 in the coming months and years

  3. adam from ny Says:

    is jim rome still around…lol…does he even lift bro ?

  4. WestChap Says:

    NFL will find a way to play these games… with or without fans in stadium… with or without the state of California. It will be great to see Lavonte playing on a big stage in games that count.

  5. unbelievable Says:

    This defense better be huntin if you get what I’m saying…

    Go Bucs!

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There will be games…..$5 billion says so…..

  7. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Lucky to have so many prime-time games. It would suck to be an owner or city who just invested in new Stadium. Teams will go in debt this year with only TV as a source of income. Next year will be an interesting year for the salary cap.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    Adam from NY … Appreciate that Laurie Garrett reference. Just watched her 2007 TED talk on YouTube and it was jaw-dropping, especially about the mid-1990s & 2018 epidemics (and our responses to them).

    WestChap … I also think that the “NFL will find a way to play these games… with or without fans in stadium”. Can’t help but wonder though about the ‘quality’ of the football we’ll be seeing on TV. It seems that preparation for the first game of the season is especially demanding in the best of years. All of the extra precautions that teams will have to take this year are bound to impact various teams’ abilities to get ready for the season. Right now it seems almost impossible for individuals & businesses to satisfactorily plan for next week or next month, much less for the Fall timeframe.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Oops, make that the 1918 epidemic.

  10. Ndog Says:

    This explains part of the issue with this team. You shouldn’t need to be playing in primetime to have extra focus. Helps explain why we have been losers for so long. Isn’t getting paid millions of dollars to play a game enough motivation for you to give your best effort and focus?

    And don’t get it twisted Lavonte they didn’t choose you they choose one person and in two years you will be forgotten again because you are now playing for the football version of the Florida Marlins.

  11. Willy B Says:

    Lavonte will be in the Hall sucka

  12. Asdf Says:

    Jesus Ndog. You are so unbelievably negative. Take that sh*t elsewhere.

    You’re familiar with human nature right? It’s not shocking at all that national games motivate players to another level than regular games. That’s a mighty high horse you’re sitting reigning judgment like that.

  13. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog Winston sucks that’s all this explains.

  14. Youngbucs Says:

    Winston is like storm clouds hanging over a franchise.

  15. Youngbucs Says:

    Joe has thrown you guys another bone last article 😭it’s gonna take a week for the crying to stop. Anybody notice how ndog and oneibucs disappeared for a couple of days no surprise. There were no Winston articles during that time oneilbucs has 1 brain cell.

  16. Youngbucs Says:

    Hey ndog David is better at his job than Winston so stfu. I bet you think he’s better because you’re a meat head.

  17. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey Ndog, what team closed the house that Babe Ruth built? Yeah that’s right the three time world champions Florida Marlins. Won the last World series game in a shutout complete game by Josh Beckett. So give it up on all that Florida Marlins as losers crap. Hit me up when the Buccaneers have accomplished three championships! I do agree with your assessment of the players making a million or millions, needing anything other than to do their job as motivation to be better. I can’t really say because I am not in that tax bracket.
    GO! Marlins! GO! BUCS!

  18. ir8oldman Says:

    Wow, I thought only the incredibly weak-minded Tmaxraid hated on Lavonte. He’s a damn good player.

  19. RustyRhinos Says:

    Sorry Ndog, Florida Marlins are two time world champions! Soon to be three time if we can ever get to playball!!

  20. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Imagine trying to get hyped up for a game and your starting qb starts to talk and then proceeds to eat and lick his fingers…

  21. Ndog Says:

    Now I’m going to play hard cause I’m on TV!

    Yeah that’s exactly the kind of player I want leading my defense. Now we know why they sucked for so long on defense since he’s been a Capitan. And you people think the defense had a reason to complain? You get proof daily how weak-minded this team has been and it is mainly from the defense.

    This kinda crap makes me sick.

    Extra focus, get outta here with that weak a$$ crap.

  22. Chris l Says:

    I’m less worried about them being star struck. We’ve been through this similar in 2017 and we have more veterans now. We don’t have knuckleheads. They are ready

  23. Bucsfan951 Says:

    David is happy he doesn’t have a qb who will turn the ball over 35 times a season. I’m sure there’s nothing worse than doing your job, going to the bench for a well deserved break, and then having to go back on the field bc your qb just gave the ball back to the other team. ON YOUR OWN SIDE OF THE FIELD, NO LESS!

    If you don’t agree with me, I’m sure you love doing extra work at your job due to an incompetent worker. Thank god the 5 year experience is over with and he’s someone’s problem now! Hopefully some of these fake Bucs fans leave with him.

  24. mark2001 Says:

    Ndog…I think we sometimes forget these guys are all young men. Yes..it shouldn’t take prime time to get them motivated to play their best. But having the entire nation watching them, their skills on display, it has to have an effect on them one way or another. It has been many decades since I was that young…but yes… I can see how it would motivate them.

    That being said, you would hope that paying the guys millions would bring out only their best behavior and work ethic on and off the field. But history tells us that isn’t always the case. And I think that is why Gruden said you have to love the game, love playing it, and love trying to be the best. Because after the first or second contract, money itself isn’t nearly the motivator when you already have a dozen million in the bank.

  25. Ndog Says:

    There is a reason the best coach in the world says “Do your job!”
    It doesn’t matter who your QB, RB, LT, TE, K or WR is just go out and do your job.

    And I love the 35 TOs excuse, then what was the problem the other 4 years? Or what was the problem when were there was 1 or less TOs last year?

    Exactly nothing for that right other than being weak-minded and admittedly not playing with that ” extra juice” or “extra focus”.

    Why don’t you do yourself a favor and look at our defensive rankings over the last 5 years and then look at the offensive rankings maybe then you will see why we have been constantly losers.

    Capitol Collapse anyone?
    Daniel Jones anyone?
    Seahawks anyone?
    Teddy Bridgewater anyone?
    Devonte Freeman anyone?

    This list goes on and on but sure blame the weak-minded horrible defense on the QB, it makes you look really smart. Freaking idiot.

  26. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    The 2nd wave what a joke, just in time for the election and forcing everyone to mail in ballot.

    Its a scam

  27. D-Rome Says:

    I remember when Jay-Miss folded like a cheap suit in Prime Time.

  28. mark2001 Says:

    Buddha…obviously you aren’t a believer in science…or have ever looked at the history of pandemics. Your choice…but burying ones head in the sand has never been a solution for anything.

    I think we will have a season…it just might not involve many or any people in the stands this year.

  29. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Yeah, I guess some people forget that Winston has been the most turnover prone quarterback since entering the league. All while still missing games for crotch grabbing and injuries.

    Some people use their opinion as facts while I use facts as facts. I guess that’s what separates the weak minded from the strong.

  30. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I guess some people forgot that 64 interceptions thrown by Winston have been in bucs territory. 64 times the defense had to come back on and defend a short field.

    Again, if you don’t agree with me, I’m sure you love doing extra work at your job due to an incompetent worker. Thank god the 5 year experience is over with and he’s someone’s problem now! Hopefully some of these fake Bucs fans leave with him.

  31. Youngbucs Says:

    So Ndog Winston did his job last year you’re a fool point blank. Winston is a journeyman QB if his lucky.

  32. Youngbucs Says:

    Bucsfan951 don’t hit them with real facts he’ll just type a bunch of bull changing the subject.

  33. Youngbucs Says:

    64 ints in buc territory i mean god help us!!!!!!!

  34. Jeffbuc Says:

    Ndog for someone who thinks there so smart. It sure doesn’t come across that way in your posts. Maybe it’s clouded with hatred. Every buddy in life steps up a little when something is bigger it’s human nature. When the cave men were hunting rabbits they probably were focused and got the rabbits. But when a bear or a mammoth was being hunted I’m
    Sure they had extra focus for the bigger game. If your a limo driver and your driving the prom kids you pay attention do your job. But when you pick up Gisselle and Tom you step your game up. And if you pick up jameis Winston you social distance and put a jack strap on so you don’t get crotch throttled

  35. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete Says:

    This honestly made me tear up a bit…

    Look at at Lavonte finally getting some national airtime!


    Good for him, what a great time to be a Buc.

  36. Ndog Says:

    So one question of Jameis is a guy “who we just couldn’t win with” them why do people love Lavonte David so much when he has been here longer and has lost even more?

    Could it be that is what you are told to think?

    Silly me, I know you can’t answer that question cause you have to wait for the media to give you the answer first.

  37. jmarkbuc Says:

    Lavonte David didn’t throw multiple interceptions in multiple games, or grab a crotch and lie about it, or lick his fingers on TV. Or make 60million…..

  38. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Youngbucs Says:
    May 13th, 2020 at 9:15 am
    Bucsfan951 don’t hit them with real facts he’ll just type a bunch of bull changing the subject.

    Right! There is one poster on here that brings up penalties and how Barrett was second(?) in off side penalties.

    Little does that troll know that his qb, Mr google, lead the league in penalties committed by a qb.

    But he’ll bring up the defense and let’s face it, the defense has its own problems. There’s no denying that! But again, to have to come back on the field, 64 times in your own territory, has to be a *oner killer.

    I guess my only question is, does he eat W soup while on google?

  39. Bradybru Says:

    Ndog you sound pathetic. There you go Debbie downer, never fails. Go away, you sound like jaymissy again, bitter, ugly blame everyone attitude. You pollute every topic with jaymissy the looser. Ndog=jaymissylooser. Go look that up on google, what a idiot.

  40. teacherman777 Says:

    LVD for Defensive Player of the Year!

    Go Bucs!

  41. 813bucboi Says:

    somebody please take this mutt out to the woods and take him out of his misery…lol….

    poor fella…still thinks JW is a starter…lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!