“I Never Felt Like I Was Talking To A Stranger”

May 13th, 2020

So how is Tom Brady interacting with his Tampa Bay coaches?

A Bucs coach has shed a little light.

Speaking to the pay-per-read site TheAthletic.com, QB coach Clyde Christensen shared that he and Brady were strangers to each other before Brady signed, but Christensen started working the phones upon Brady’s arrival and got so much intelligence from Peyton Manning and others that he feels like his Brady relationship hit the ground without a bump.

… I talked to Reggie (Wayne), Austin (Collie), they spent some time around him,” [Christensen said}. I had Danny Amendola in Miami. I was always curious about how he did things, how he worked, how he led. He’s very similar to Peyton, especially as the years and his experience grew. How do you handle media, workouts, pitch counts, training, a rough receiver in the huddle? I always had a lot of discussions about those things with Peyton. But after talking to Peyton and some other people, I felt like I already knew him (Brady). In the past couple of weeks, I never felt like I was talking to a stranger.

Joe suspects Bucco Bruce Arians feels the same way, given his relationship with Manning and vast experience around elite quarterbacks.

Christensen expanded on the common theme that Bucs coaches, when team rules allow them to really dive into everything with players, can’t wait to see how Brady molds the playbook.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how he can influence the offense,” Christensen said. “He’ll make it better. That’s what the great ones do. He’ll have some great ideas so we’re anxious to get his take on things.”

There’s more in TheAthletic.com piece, primarily focusing on Christensen and his career and learning about Brady.

19 Responses to ““I Never Felt Like I Was Talking To A Stranger””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Letting Brady run his own offense will be key to success……he knows best what works for him…..it looks like he will have huge input as to the plays.

  2. Rayjay1122 Says:

    What a crazy year 2020 has been. If I were asked in 2019 what chance I would give to the Bucs getting Tom Brady, Gronk, keeping the key defensive players from going elsewhere in free agency and the world would be shut down with an ultra contagious virus pandemic…..well I would have given all of that a .000001% chance.

  3. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    They’re not gonna say that Brady is pretty much directing the offense HE WANTS……

    ……..no brainer here people

  4. Matt Says:

    Accountability and Inspired. Enjoy your new Buccaneers franchise everyone! You will not recognize this team the next time it takes the field. No matter the record at the end of this season we will forever be changed for the better with TB12. Read the book The New Psychocybernetics. You will perform in line with the way you see yourself, with your self image. Our self image before this year has been the underdog pirate. We always played like we weren’t worthy of a victory like we would just try to steal a victory like a pirate. Now we will play expecting to win because we prepared as efficiently as we can and took care of the things we can control. The players fans Refs and universe knows it. The entire organization vibrates at a different frequency.

    Maybe I’m getting too deep because I’m fasting but this is the difference between the Patriots and Steelers (now the 49ers with Lynch in there) and the bottom feeders the Bengals and Browns. I’m as pumped as ever. If Russell Wilson drops a dime into Metcalf On 3rd and 15 for a TD with seconds left I’m ok with exceptional players making extraordinary plays but what I’m not ok with is a jump offsides on 3rd and 1 or a false start on 1st and goal from the 1. The stupid mental mistakes time and time and time and time again for the last 10 years. Just be mentally tough and good things will happen.

  5. Robert Says:

    dude looks 23

  6. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You may be old enough to remember…back when you were a little kid…when QB’s called the game? Did it right out there on the field. Seems like something impossible now.

    Because I grew up in grade school in a Cleveland Browns market I remember Paul Brown’s messenger guards. Brown’s manner of directing plays before the headsets and hand signals. It was considered revolutionary at the time and many still believed the QB was in the best position to make the calls. Being on the field some believed the QB had a better feel for what was going on than guys in the press box.

    IMHO there is some truth in both views. The eye in the sky obviously has a better view of the field but the QB is out there and has a feel for the physical element of the game…which team is actually controlling the line of scrimmage…is one team clearly inferior.

    I’m hoping for a hybrid of the old and the new which has existed already on some teams. BL and the guys in the box still send in the play and barring a reason not to…Brady runs it. But Brady will have carte blanche to audible out of it anytime the defense indicates he should.

  7. K2 Says:

    Arians, Brady, Christensen, Leftwich, and Moore not a bad group to enhance the playbook, game plan, strategy, and refine an offensive machine.

  8. Buc believer Says:

    Just keep the neophyte Offensive coordinator away from the play calling and trying to give the GOAT instructions on how to play and we will be fine.

  9. Hodad Says:

    I remember those days, but the game was much simpler. The personal turnover was nothing like today. Players were older back then too. What is important is having a QB today who can make the right checks at the line of scrimmage. For some reason it seems Jameis never mastered that part of the game. QB’s don’t need to call their own plays, but it’s nice if they can check to a better play. It also makes a difference if they can change protections. One of the things Jensen said he’ll need to get use to is Brady will be calling the protections not him. For as smart as Jameis was supposed to be, and a student of the game, surprising he never mastered that.

  10. El Buco Realisto Says:

    The “real” fans are wondering why do we need the self proclaimed qb whisperer and the largest coaching staff in the league and the OC when you get a QB like Brady!!!!!!!! When you get a QB like Brady or Peyton Manning he is the OC!!!!!!!! Maybe all the offensive players should all chip in and get ole stale biscuit a La-Z Boy recliner!!!!!!! With all those late afternoon and night games he can nap or fall asleep, because the elderly sleep easy!!!!!!!! And he seems to have no duties or gets in the way during game time anyhow!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s time to herd the sheep, and put them back in the pen!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jerry Jones Says:

    I’m really worried about this Realisto guy and his fascination with sheep.

    Do you live on a farm with zero women in your town buddy?

  12. Danny C Says:

    I’m really hoping for a situation like Manning had in Denver. The Broncos basically ran Manning plays and as they went along, they began to introduce the Broncos playbook as well as continued use of Manning’s favorite plays.

    If that is the case and that is what we do here, then our offense is going to be humming from the get go.

  13. Bradybru Says:

    It’s so nice that this topic is polluted with the Winston lover group. Nice comments to read.

  14. Nick2 Says:

    As long as Brady has every ability to change calls at the line of scrimmage I believe that we will have something better because from what I hear Jameis rarely did. There was some talk that whatever play was called in the past Jameis was hellbent on making it happen rather than review the defensive call and change on the fly which all great QB’s do fairly often even in the run game.

  15. Geno711 Says:


    So last week a few friends were having a debate about the Mt. Rushmore of NFL head coaches after Shula’s passing. There were a lot of opinions but my opinion was Shula, Belichick, Lombardi, and Halas with my debate of Possibly Paul Brown over Halas.

    So I read your : Because I grew up in grade school in a Cleveland Browns market I remember Paul Brown’s messenger guards. Brown’s manner of directing plays before the headsets and hand signals. It was considered revolutionary at the time and many still believed the QB was in the best position to make the calls. Being on the field some believed the QB had a better feel for what was going on than guys in the press

    With interest. Any thoughts on Brown over Halas?

  16. 813bucboi Says:


    smittys will be in your mothers den eating an ole stale biscuit sitting in a La-Z Boy recliner on SUNDAYS watching a “real” defense!!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  17. Bradybru Says:

    Can’t wait to see Brady in action in our offense. When your the GOAT you makes others better cause your that good. Go Bucs.

  18. lambchop Says:

    I can’t wait for Brady to take the same players, the same coaches, no Google, and take this team to the playoffs. Then, we can finally put the last nail in the previous QB’s coffin.

  19. WestChap Says:

    This new regime did wonders last year with what they had and have shifted into over drive this offseason. All you can hope for in May is having a credible chance to make the playoffs… check!

    All the rest is luck, fate and craziness… can’t wait to see if Brady gets to raise a trophy after a home field Super Bowl win. That would be one for the ages and, while certainly not likely, it is a possibility. Nothing like the aroma of spring flowers and NFL hope in the air!