Expensive Snacks Duty & Gorging

May 7th, 2020

Tristan Wirfs will have many roles

As Joe awaits tonight’s NFL schedule release, Joe is determined to not let time go to waste, specifically the 15 minutes Joe won’t get back after watching a group chat of veteran Bucs offensive linemen.

The official team video isn’t exactly riveting, but Joe did glean a few nuggets that approached interesting.

A few highlights:

*The group seems to think Donovan Smith is the strongest guy in the room by a significant margin. Smith has a fancy home gym and Ali Marpet appears jealous. The group mocked Marpet for being frugal, so perhaps Marpet just doesn’t want to invest.

*Ryan Jensen says he often eats so much he hates himself. Those who follow Jensen on Twitter know his love of artfully cooking extraordinarily large quantities of meat products.

*Alex Cappa is a quiet guy but he perked up quickly to say he could jump out of a pool just like rookie Tristan Wirfs did. Marpet also downplayed Wirfs’ feat, saying he could have done that when he was younger. Jensen said he can’t do much of any jumping right now.

*Jensen noted Wirfs is making good money and will be charged with keeping the fridge and storage in the offensive line room filled with quality snacks. Cappa suggested Pellegrino, while Marpet seemed to sarcastically say there would be no hazing of the rookie.

12 Responses to “Expensive Snacks Duty & Gorging”

  1. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Cool, I am ready to read up all of the offensive line hate in the comment section.

  2. Darin Says:

    Ok I’ll oblige tampabuscsbro. I hate those guys when they lose.

  3. stpetebucsfan Says:

    If you look at the teams within the team, the units, I really like the way all of our “units” are shaping up.

    Our OL is building some chemistry and continuity. And with the addition of Wirfs I think our talent level is fine.

    Same for our defensive backfield with the maturity of the three young CB’s and Winfield…LB’s…same…DL now a solid group….

    Special teams…at least the kicking remains questionable.

    The other question marks…RB…I feel good about ROJO and the new guys.

    Backup QB. I don’t suspect anybody will ever be happy with any backup QB because there is a reason they are backups and yet when the starter goes down we expect to compare them to starters. If Brady goes down then indeed we have a crapshoot…odds grow long depending on how long.

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    ………..stocking the fridge with snacks…..hummmmmmmm

    Indeed interesting reading right here Joe

  5. SB Says:

    I don’t believe Cappa could jump out of a pool! Sorry!
    His Vert is only 26.5 on Dry Ground!

  6. SB Says:

    Marpet……..M a y b e at 30.5 inches
    Whirfs set the OL RECORD at 36.5 and Broad Jump record as well.
    Sounds like some vets feel threatened a bit.

  7. unbelievable Says:

    Sounds like some vets feel threatened a bit.

    Ha I thought the same!

  8. unbelievable Says:

    I must say, Casey has been looking damn fine in all these video interviews posted on the Bucs youtube channel recently.

  9. SB Says:

    It is not entirely Unbelievable UB~!!!!

  10. SOEbuc Says:

    Players talk is 99% BS talking to the media. It’s all smoke most the time. Smith is strong as hell. Wanna see him go up against Wirfs in the weight room. The good thing is these guys are eating and pumping every day probably to keep up some strength and weight. And the Bucs said they’ve been supplying some sleds to players for working out which is good.

    In football smoke terms, those guys are like get the F#ck out Jameis we got the GOAT.

  11. DrunkInYbor formerly SoberInSac Says:

    im sure nobody cares about me personally. But I’m happy to report I’m back I’m my home star of Florida!! I was born in a Brandon in 1980 I grew up in Bloomingdales right next to a golf course man they hated me as a kid snatching up golf balls we didn’t know better. I went to Alafia elementary school. When I was a kid there was about 15 to 20 houses and swamps everywhere, In fact my dumb arse used to throw rocks at alligators on the way to school. Also there was a HUGE landfill they eventually just covered up and built homes on!! I’m so happy to Be home and see moss again. Ok back ta bidness. These so called experts are just a bunch of donkey Pellets. Hell JOE should make up his own NFL expert commentators. Like Joe Bucs fans nfl expert joe number 3 refutes the stupid nonsensical rankings of nfl expert such and such and finds the ranking system to Be hugely biased and not factual. Seriously Joe should call themselves NFL experts and do rankings likes espm does. They got about 75 NFL experts who are more than willing to tell you what’s right and wrong and make stupid predictions that are believed because they are experts because Espm say so.

  12. DrunkInYbor formerly SoberInSac Says:

    Bloomingdale stupid auto correct