“But What He Leaves Behind”

May 23rd, 2020

A member of the Buccaneers hierarchy was quoted anonymously this week by a major publication and it’s rather intriguing commentary considering the Bucs have a two-time NFL Coach of the Year leading the charge.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated published a look at Ryan Jensen’s first in-person impressions of Tom Brady, which included the following peek inside the minds running the Bucs.

In the days after the signing, I was talking with someone in the hierarchy there who said the expectation was that Brady’s mere presence would raise the bar for everyone on a talented young team, and that was more than a small piece of the logic in signing No. 12.

“A thousand percent,” this person said. “The standard just rose. What he brings is going to be, obviously, extremely valuable. But what he leaves behind, whenever that is, hopefully it’s more than two years, is equally as valuable. It’s awesome. He’s a different breed.”

This really is one of the more intriguing X-factors the 2020 season.

The Bucs’ brass is happy and quick to say Mike Evans and Chris Godwin essentially are perfect players when it comes to their commitment, work ethic and production. The regime also loves its offensive line. Hey, they keep on keepin’ the band together.

And fans are told Ndamukong Suh, Lavonte David and Jason Pierre-Paul are supreme leaders, and they’ll tell you Devin White was drafted, in part, for his leadership.

Bucco Bruce Arians also is lauded for his command of the largest coaching staff in the NFL.

So how much exactly is Brady really going raise everyone’s games?  Joe can’t answer that, but Brady is human, and operating on limited time in a new offense without the greatest coach in NFL history.

Joe hopes the Brady magic and leadership really is on a such a ridiculous new level that it changes the franchise indefinitely. And Joe also hopes the Bucs brass and Team Glazer realize that “what he leaves behind” should include a young QB that developed at The Goat’s feet.

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  1. JP09 Says:

    He’ll raise everyone’s game because they’ll simply believe they have a chance to win every game with Brady at QB. In other words, their efforts will not be waisted which in turn will result in more effort from each individual

  2. Roy T. Buford Says:

    This isn’t hard to answer and understand really. Brady is a winner. A leader. A professional. The last guy was not. The X factor is nothing new. In military channels, leadership and it being a force multiplier is taught at most schools. We see businesses trying to capture it evey day.

    The bottom line is Brady just being there with his proven record will make people want to follow him, want to please him. They will absolutely not be able to stand to disappointment him.

    He gave his all, which wasn’t enough, not to most people’s surprise. But losing Jameis Winston means 3 more wins minimum is keeping the same or better offense. Adding Brady is easily worth another 2 wins. But the X factor with Brady means another 2 or 3 after that. No reason this team can’t get 12 wins. If they make the playoffs, there is no limit to what they can do with the…x factor. Chance to host a SB and with TB12 under center. Holy cow.

    There will be no eating of Ws, no “I’m ballin’ comments.” No “Check your sheet.” No after hours very questionable behavior and questions of honesty. There will only be performance and results. Anything less than tops will not be tolerated. We wont hear “I just have to get better” week after week. Five years of wasted time finally ends.

  3. Roy T. Buford Says:

    The new 4th and 15 rule in place of the onside kick…if that happens. Can you imagine 4th and 15 with Brady, Evans, Godwin, Gronk, and Brate on the field? OMG. Maybe that’s another win there too…maybe a playoff win.

  4. Casual Observer Says:

    Maybe in 2 years, it’s Coach GOAT?

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    To discount Brady’s leadership skills and experience makes no sense……it certainly will be a positive….how much?…….hard to say but if it only raised every player’s game 10% it would be phenomenal.

    It can’t be denied that it has certainly raised the team’s relevancy and that’s a good start. Expectations are higher than ever for this team from the fans, media, opponents, coaches…..but most importantly from the players.

  6. Ron Says:

    Hopefully what he leaves us is a team full of players who have won a championship and know what it takes to accomplish and inspire others to continue the legacy. Cause one thing for sure is the players on this team their value will go up so it will be necessary for the management to field a team while other teams shop or we trade some of our top players to restock. While Brady is here many will want to play here and possibly take less, but in the end we will lose a lot of our younger players coming into their best years and have to get value from those in the draft or free agency or trades. What Brady and also Gronk will do is set a standard and hopefully we will be able to keep the nucleus of that standard and build on it as we endure players moving on.

  7. El Buco Realisto Says:


    You better check your numbers!!!!!!!! Some of the sheep are giving to much credit!!!!!!!!!! And seem to think that Belichick is just some avg coach!!!!!!!!!! And the truth is the old goat is here to throw some passes and try to break the nfl all time passing record!!!!!!!!!! And what will be left behind will be a disaster!!!!!!! Ole stale biscuit will leave a worse mess than the garbage fire he left in Arizona!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the overhyped season this year, because it will be very rough seas for years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the “no excuse” season of all “no excuse” season!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    El Suckopessimisto

    Give it a rest….hasn’t humping all the sheep worn you out yet?

  9. Joe in Michigan Says:

    To: as in, “We’re going TO the Super Bowl”.
    Too: as in “The sheep are giving TOO much credit”.
    Two: as in, “The Bucs won TWO games in 2014”.

    I hope this clears up any confusion, El Buco Realisto.

  10. K2 Says:

    The Bucs need to focus internally because most fan and media types are waiting for the big black clouds to form over the parade. They have decided to expect the worst…so they won’t be let down (again).

  11. Jeffbuc Says:

    El Buco realist and ndog I love how you guys keep saying I hope these two years are worth it. Because after these two years we are back in suckville. You do realize we have had what 2 winning seasons in 10 years maybe 5 in 20 years. So what we get two great years and worse case scenario we go back to 5-11 or 7-9. Who cares we have been awful for a long time so if we go to the playoffs the next two seasons it was a success to me or any other fan. Just two have one playoff game this year and next its a lot better than what we have been doing. And what long term great investment did we give up. If jameis was on the verge of leading us to 10 years of playoff appearances why did he get 1 million dollars to be a 3rd strong qb. If he was on the verge of being a great ten year run playoff qb he would have been signed the first day of free agency for 35 million dollars. So yeah we truly mortgaged our future by letting go of a camp arm qb. And signing the goat for two years. You guys really thing we would have a better record with jameis as our qb versus Brady. If Brady was our QBs the last 5 years we would have made the playoffs Atleast 3 times

  12. Craig Says:

    These last few years must have really sucked for the team. The offense fighting to see game given away. The defense getting a turnover and then having to go right back on the field because of another turnover.

    Sure the old QB could be friends with the whole team. It is the frailty of being human that makes friends, not how perfect they are.

    Now they have someone to look up to. Someone they watched on TV after their last games were given away.

    A perpetual winner who is still reachable by his team. An almost perfect human, other than Giselle, but a down to earth perfect.

    It will be spectacular.

  13. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I truly appreciate anyone who has a positive post on here! Thank you!

  14. Dlavid Says:

    He won’t have 30 pics !

  15. jpete Says:

    man , did jameis suck. What a waste of 5 years

  16. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Give Brady Lovie Smith etc. and five consecutive years of the all time league worst defense and nobody is going to be calling him the GOAT. Patton was a great leader, but The Beach Boys won’t cut it when you need SEAL TEAM SIX. Brady quit on the Patriots when the going got a little tough. Jameis Winston never quit on the Bucs.

  17. Rob in Land O Lakes Says:

    I was a pro-Jameis guy. My thought process going int this season was, that it is POSSIBLE to have JW3 cut down on interceptions but impossible to take a a Teddy Bridgewater and get him to throw for 5000 yards and 33 TD’s. That being said….

    You are DELUSIONAL if you don’t think that a healthy, not broken down Tom Brady is not a MASSIVE upgrade at QB.

    This is not Johnny U going to San Diego. This is not Joe Namath going to the Rams. Hell, this isn’t even Joe Montana to the Chiefs. All three of those guys had either a series of awful injuries or their play (in the case of Johnny U) had fallen off significantly. Peyton to Denver was a much bigger risk given the neck injury he was coming off of. Brady has none of that injury history.

    The hard likelihood is that after 5 years, JW3 is who he is. If he wasn’t, he would have been snapped up in free agency instead of having to agree to the joke of a contract he signed in New Orleans. If you are a Buc fan and not excited for this coming season, there is something seriously wrong with you.

  18. Bird Says:


    Yup. Nailed it!

  19. gp Says:

    Do not discount *team* attitude.
    The Bucanneers (some, even here, call us the suckanneers) have had a losing attitude for much of our franchise history. There was a brief period where a few players said “No more!” and dragged the whole team into a winning attitude. They were rewarded a few short years later with being released or traded away. This, IMO, left the rest of the team with the subconscious feeling of *what does it matter* or a reinforcement of the losing attitude.

    Even the fan base has grown to expect it.

    Jamies was chosen first overall in the hopes that he would bring his winning ways with him as much as his athletic ability. That’s a lot to pile on one, very young, athlete who was obviously unprepared to convert an entire team attitude.
    Let us all hope that Tom, with his vast experience and history, can handle making the necessary *TEAMWIDE* attitude change.
    Better yet. Lets hope that this time the winning attitude takes root and survives long after he has gone.
    Personally. I always like to look to the bright possibilities of the future.

  20. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    El Bucco Estupido, Yawn.

  21. Jason Says:

    Instead of coach GOAT in 2 years how about owner GOAT. He would bring that intensity and will to win to the entire organization just like Michael Jordan has.

    Oh. Wait. Never mind.

  22. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    El Buco Realisto……are all the sheep back in the pen now? Are you there with them? The sheep think you’re purty!

  23. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Few thoughts….first and foremost…Brady will lead by example. He’ll give some fiery talks and call guys out when they need it but these guys want that. They want to be their best.

    It’s not like Brady will make these young superstars just mentioned better more motivated players…he will show them where to set the bar if they want to win six SB’s.

  24. Confused Buc Fan Says:

    Ugh. This is a site for Bucs FANS. I’ve never been one to say “well a REAL fan acts this way or believes this” nor would I ever suggest “we have to trust that the team knows what it’s doing,” but I also don’t get people with the endless insipid negativity. But then again, I’m an intelligent reasonably well adjusted adult, so the finer nuances of being a troll escape me.

  25. Jason Says:

    Some of the trolls are occasionally funny and insightful. I happen to appreciate Kobe Faker as an example.


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