“Probably Not”

April 10th, 2020

Bucco Bruce Arians opened up yesterday from his Georgia home.

Bucco Bruce Arians hit the national FOX airwaves with Jay Glazer yesterday and said “probably not” when asked if he’ll see general manager Jason Licht in person before the NFL Draft in 13 short days.

Arians is in Georgia now, presumably at his lake home there. He said he’ll likely fly back to Tampa on Tuesday (wear a gas mask, Coach!) and all kinds of technology and a draft board will be set up for him there.

He’s been enjoying interviewing draft prospects via technology, and Arians said it’s going so well, “it may save us a lot of dollars in the future,” referring to future draft-prep strategy cutting travel and focusing more on film and virtual interviews.

Arians talked about the need for running backs, eagerly yelling at Tom Brady, and he added that he loves the Bucs new color rush jerseys and wants a matching hat. And the head coach implied that he enjoys a good marijuana high.

13 Responses to ““Probably Not””

  1. '79 Defense Says:

    That sort of explains things. He must have been high on something when he intentionally backed up Gay for what should have been the game winning kick in the Giants game.

  2. Ivan The Insider Says:


    The Bucs need to be AGGRESSIVE in the draft to get their game-changing RB. It’s just a such high need for the them, they should take their top rated back at #14 or maybe trade down a few spots and select them there.

    Any of this talk of “They can easily get a great back in the 2nd Round” is a TERRIBLE STRATEGY.

    Swift and probably Taylor both will end up being draft by the end of Round 1. One for sure will be taken. If that happens, the other will be taken in the first few picks of the 2nd round.

    There’s always a run on a certain position leading up to a team with a KNOWN NEED.

    The entire league knows the Bucs have to draft a RB. There will be a run on backs leading up to the Bucs #45 selection of the 2nd round (middle pick).

    No way that Swift, Taylor, Edwards-Helaire, or Akers will be available when the Bucs make that 45th pick of the draft.

    Our RB needy teams that draft lower than the Bucs will make moves to get ahead of us to take a back before we get to that 45th pick.

    Trying to get a game-changing back AFTER the Top 5 or so rated backs is also a massive gamble. In any other year it’s worth taking the gamble and hoping that you find a diamond in the rough. But this is not that year. We need a game-changing back NOW or it’s just not happening. We’ll end up with some RB retreads in free agency after the draft.

    Bucs need to go Swift or Taylor in the 1st round or possibly trade down a few spots to take them at 19-23 or so.

    If not, the Bucs will come away from the draft with the #6 or worse ranked RB in this draft. Just too much of a risk that they’ll end up being a game-changer.

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    @Ivan the Insider … “No way that Swift, Taylor, Edwards-Helaire, or Akers will be available when the Bucs make that 45th pick of the draft.”

    Ivan, I hope that analysis wasn’t based on any ‘inside’ information that someone sent you. I’ve only seen one mock draft thus far that has a RB going in Rnd 1. Most teams NEED QBs, WRs, OLine, DLine, and Secondary (not necessarily in that order of course). Several NEED LBs & TEs also, but relatively few. Admittedly many teams could use a new RB, but almost all NEED those other positions more.

    There are a number of pretty decent RBs in this draft. Rnd 2 or even Rnd 3 should get us what we need. I’m still hopeful that we ALSO grab AJ Dillon with one of our Rnd 4 picks. Personally think we could make very good use of him as both a FB and a RB.

  4. PSL Bob Says:

    If one of the top 0-linemen is available at #14, they have to grab him. Can’t pass on a talent meets need pick for a RB, although I agree we need one. What about trading up to late 1st or early second round to grab one?

  5. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “And the head coach implied that he enjoys a good marijuana high.”

    In BA I trust. Perhaps this is a reason he can relate so well to the players.

  6. stpetebucsfan Says:


    As usual I agree totally with your RB analysis. My only fear is that Dillon may not last until the 4th. Perhaps with FB types not being in vogue he lasts but he’s a solid runner and has good hands at 6′ 250 with 4.5 speed. One would think that Derrick Henry’s wild success would get people to think about Dillon.

    But I agree completely about not needing a 1st rounder..1 maybe two might go in the first round but we have ROJO…if we got Dillon…the there are a number of backs who work besides Taylor or Swift…Perhaps Dobbins goes ahead of our pick but there’s CEH…Akers and others who would be excellent as the third part of a three headed monster, who I believe will be available for our second round pick.

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:

    BTW I’m not sure I care that the entire league knows our needs…we know every other teams as well..but what does that knowledge do other than perhaps prompt a swap to move up ahead of a team if you’re CLOSE ENOUGH to the spot to clinch the pick.

    Teams are not going to base their selections on trying to harm an opponent…they are going to be drafting for THEIR needs…again other than perhaps inspiring a team to trade ahead of us if we’re going to take an OT or RB that they truly covet it doesn’t matter.

  8. Swampbuc Says:

    BA enjoys the edibles – no doubt, he’s a child of the 60s! He’s probably enjoyed a few other recreational medicines also.

  9. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    I think picking a RB at #14 would be ludicrous.

    There are 6 RB’s that could be the 1st one taken and there’s not a big difference between them.

    Some say that Edwards-Helaire is the best but he really bombed at the combine running a very pathetic 4.6 in the 40. While Cam Akers was probably the #6 rated back and he absolutely blew everyone away at the combine.

    Antonio Gibson is probably the back with the most upside since he has so few reps at the RB position. He’s a converted WR but a natural at the RB position. Gibson may work well in partnership with Brady. Gibson will be there in the 3rd round and maybe even the 4th.

    I say the Bucs should trade back with Philly for their #21 and #53. Use #21 to get the best OT on the board, like Josh Jones from Houston. Then use #45 for Jacob Eason QB and then #53 to take the best RB on the board. Then use the early 4th rounder to take Gibson or AJ Dillon if they’re available.

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    I Hope the Bucs are smart about this draft. If who they want is not there in the 1st, trade back and get 3 for 1 in the 2nd.

  11. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    use our first next year to trade back up into round one if we need to.

    we need both an OT and running back. we are making a hard push.

  12. Pryda...sec147 Says:

    BA my hero 🦸‍♀️

  13. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    Our two money players at the running back position in the draft is AJ Dillon and Clyde Edwards Helaire. Dillon would make our running game more physical on third down and red zone situations. Edwards Helaire would boost our special teams and running back depth. I said from the jump for about two weeks now let’s get Edwards-Helaire and Dillon by Round 3. We can trade down in the first for extra picks but I rather take a chance and see if Ruggs is available. He would solidify our punt and kickoff return and gives us a deep receiving unit. We get Ruggs that would give us 5 set WR for many years to come. Plus OJ and Brate are going to be used more as well. I would love to see more third down and short yardage situations where Auclair is out there blocking and contributing on special teams as well. We gotta get better at special teams this time around to complete the team. We have a kicker and punter as well as our key guys who make plays on tackles and blocks but we need some elite level return speed for kickoff and punts. I’m starting to warm up to the idea of drafting NT from Utah as well. Would be a great additional fit next to Suh and Vea also could push Gohlston to rotate with Nacho which would fill out the front seven. Drafting a true Guard is going to be key in this draft as well. Cappa played great but once he truly healthy he should be moved to RT and Haeg should back up Smith and Cappa in case of injury or they get lucky and unload D. Smith they ain’t bringing him back next year trust me. They draft a true small school guard and another CB. I feel they should sign a vet safety like Reid and let him start next to Adams allowing Whitehead and Edwards the opportunity to develop more on special teams until called upon. BA needs to trust Licht and his track record for drafting offensive lineman late in the draft . There are great prospect out there that will be available late. Ruggs will be a luxury though and like I said if he’s not on the board in Rd1 trade down and acquire more picks. I would target Edwards Helaire and Dillon by trading back in to the second round though.