“This Is A Playoff Team”

April 10th, 2020

The gang of “Good Morning Football” is stoked.

After being off the air because of the [national advertisers don’t like that word] for a few weeks, the popular weekday morning show on NFL Network returned this week and the co-hosts (It Girl Kay Adams, closet Bucs fan Peter Schrager and former TV reality star, soap opera star and Ivy League running back Kyle Brandt) couldn’t calm down because they are so excited about the Bucs’ new jerseys.

Some ex-Bucs that got shout outs from the crew were Shaun King, one of three quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to an NFC title game, and Errict Rhett.

Hey, the threesome also discussed football. Brandt said he’s ready to see the Bucs play meaningful games in January and Schrager had a matter-of-fact claim.

“This is a playoff team.”

You can see the segment below.

25 Responses to ““This Is A Playoff Team””

  1. 941bucsfan Says:

    Whats disappointing is that kay doesn’t have any hips or thighs and its flat as an iron board back there…. pretty face but a let down everywhere else

  2. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Finally …not the doom and gloom that’s been permeating our society lately. Something to actually look forward too with some excitement.

    Can’t wait for this to start.

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    Love me some Kay!

    This, to me, is how excited actual real Buc fans SHOULD be. Forget about the past. Stop crying about players no longer on the team. GET ON BOARD!
    I have always been the eternal optimist as a fan but, I believe that this team is ready to “turn the corner”. No, it’s not JUST because of Tom Brady. It’s because we saw marked improvement on a historically dreadful defense…and they are young! We have pieces in place, HOF caliber WRs, we can move the ball.
    Continue improving through the draft. Get stoked.

  4. Pete I Says:

    Cue Roger to say the sky is falling.

  5. Mike Johnson Says:

    Beware of the Hype Buc Fans. Lets wait and see. Hope is a terrible things..unless it actually comes to fruition. Them chickens are far from hatching just yet. And us old Buc fans know this from several years of losing experience.

  6. PSL Bob Says:

    Agree with Jean Lafitte. It’s just fun to be excited about football. We’ve been complaining about the jerseys forever. So, it’s fun to think about those pewter jerseys ripping up the field as Brady unloads a deep ball to Evans or Godwin or thinking about Brady hitting OJ in stride over the middle, without worrying about a pick six. Forget the pandemic for just a little while and have some fun!

  7. TexBuc Says:

    Starting the hype train and love our new “old” uniforms

  8. TheBradyBunch Says:

    This seems to be only place where the name of the virus can’t be typed out. I see it used constantly by most of the media. I assume this is true that one of your advertisers pressured you not to use it. Really weird though. Do they think if you don’t type it out nobody will know there is something going on out there?
    Joe has typed it out many times. Multiple times this week, in fact. –Joe

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Good to see some folks getting excited about what we’re putting together here in Tampa. Reminds me a lot of when Malcolm first bought the Bucs, brought in Tony Dungy & we started to turn things around. I’m hoping that last season was our 1996 (Bucs went 6-10, but they finished strong with a 5-3 second half of the season … just like we finished strong with a 5-3 second half last season).

    Back then our DEFENSE led the way, and it will again I’m convinced. Except that this time the Bucs’ OFFENSE will be a strong COMPLIMENTARY FOOTBALL partner, that can minimize giveaways but take advantage of takeaways. Turnover differential is the key. Playoff teams are strong in that area, and we will be too this season.

    We’re not through building, but we’ve got an awesome start.

  10. ArmandoG Says:


    Really? You would pass if offered

  11. TheBradyBunch Says:

    Lol Armando I think we can all rest assured that 941 will not get the offer.

  12. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Kay is awesome and has a smoking petite frame.

    You must be into “bigger” girls 941.

  13. Joe Says:

    LOL She’s good enough for Danny Amendola, whose resume is like the Derek Jeter of the NFL, but not good enough for someone slumming Tamiami Trail in Bradenton. 🙂

    (Just joking.)

  14. Youngbucs Says:

    Mike Johnson
    Says hope is a terrible thing lol
    But when it comes to Winston hope isn’t a terrible thin
    You and a couple others are all doom n gloom now it’s to funny

  15. Youngbucs Says:

    At least people can have hope now. Weather it comes to fruition or not.

  16. Dapostman Says:

    Wasn’t Tom Brady in the playoffs every year? No reason then to expect anything less. I expect a Final 4 birth or BUST!

    and if the Bucs don’t make the playoffs then the coaching staff needs to get the AXE.

    Oh and take the GM with you.

  17. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Couldn’t agree more about your observations of Kay Adams.

    And for those who didn’t bother to follow the “tweets” in response here is my personal favorite…

    “Are we just going to skip @heykayadams looking like a snack”

  18. lambchop Says:

    These 3 are a lot of fun to watch, throw in Nate B in the mix as well. Really one of the best football talk shows on any network.

    941, why do we always objectify women like it’s OUR choice to reject them? LOL. C’mon man.

  19. BA4President Says:

    Good to see that women are being judged by the work they do.

    Oh wait… there are still people like 941bucsfan.

    My daughter can’t wait to grow up, build a career, and then hear people like 941bucsfan only mention what she looks like.


  20. Joe Says:

    941, why do we always objectify women like it’s OUR choice to reject them?

    It’s called culling the herd.

  21. lambchop Says:

    No, I think it’s called being out of touch with reality.

  22. Jeff Says:

    @941 You are crazy! She’s gorgeous. Amazing personality and physique. The total package!

  23. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    A lot of guys like sick girls some of like them with curves. Free country

  24. ©MadMax Says:

    Kays got it all in the right spots. I like petite in shape women with curves. I mean if you’re into big women, go for it. Im not into cellulite with a bunch of stuff jiggling everywhere….i like tight and toned. And she surely doesnt look sick. I think thats just a cop out for guys who can only land big women.

    And yeah, i see something a lot different this time….playoff bound.


    Being a guy that likes WOMEN in general, Kay has a nice little shape!!!https://www.pinterest.com/pin/423549539947266572/