Jamal Adams Interest?

April 18th, 2020

Could Bucs land Jamal Adams?

There seems to be all sorts of rumors concerning the Bucs and trades.

To hear and read all the trade rumors, one has to wonder if Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is researching the draft as much as he’s calling other teams to work out a trade.

The two biggest rumors on Licht have him trying to trade up into the top-ten to land an offensive tackle and/or trying to unload tight end O.J. Howard. One NFL insider believes Licht has been trying to trade Howard for nearly two years.

But what about a trade for an All-Pro starter in the secondary?

Now Joe is not saying Licht is trying to trade for a starter at this moment. But the gang at Walter Football doesn’t think that’s a stretch.

In looking at a potential trade market for disgruntled Jets safety Jamal Adams, the Bucs are listed as a possible landing spot.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Darrelle Revis went from the Jets to the Buccaneers, so perhaps Adams will follow suit. The Buccaneers are suddenly one of the favorites to win Super Bowl LV with Tom Brady. They’d become the No. 1 favorite with Adams.

To think Adams could be traded to the Bucs because once upon a time so too was Darrelle Revis is like saying the Bucs could win the Super Bowl because a safety had two picks in the last Super Bowl the Bucs played in. Not sure what one has to do with the other. Relevant parties that pulled off the Revis trade are long gone from both teams.

Adams, an outspoken Pro Bowl safety, has put into motion Operation Shutdown with the Jets as he wants his contract reworked and extended. Adams is currently in the final year of his rookie contract, though the Jets surely will exercise their fifth-year option soon. He announced this week he will not take part in virtual OTAs, which are voluntary.

Could the Bucs use Adams? Hell yes! But if the guy wants a new contract now, Joe’s not sure why or how he would suit up for the Bucs unless he gets an expensive new contract.

Joe’s not sure the Bucs employ witchdoctors as accountants, as that would have to be very creative accounting to get Adams under the cap and still have room to sign rookies and dudes off the street to replace players who get injured.

Should the Bucs trade for Adams? Depends who on the current roster you want to sacrifice.

52 Responses to “Jamal Adams Interest?”

  1. Howard Cosell Says:



  2. BucAllNight Says:

    Adams to the Bucs for Howard, 7th this year and a 4th in 2021
    (This would be our Jay Ajayi trade the year the Eagles one it)

    Get er done Jason!!

  3. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Like with all trades is comes down to what you give up

  4. ItzOK Says:

    Or just draft Winfield JR who reminds me of Adams. I even may like Winfield slightly better than Simmons at pure safety spot.

  5. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Joe, your dreaming if the Jets make a fair trade for Adams with Howard.

  6. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Lmao dude you would get rejected in Madden with that trade proposal. A 7th and an underachieving tight end for the best FS in the league? You must be high. “Alldooo respect.” And no throwing in a low 4 for next year does nothing. Even if they could pull off such a heist, not sure how you can make the money work. Who do you cut? Who’s deal do you restructure? UNLESS, maybe Adams changes his stance to play under current contract for another year because of Todd Bowles and a chance to play with Brady. Sign long term next year, by not resigning Suh and maybe having to let go of JPP

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    Good teams/GM’s create salary cap space.

    Bad teams/GM’s use “cap hell” as an excuse to lose or clean house of good players because the coach doesn’t like the spotlight being on anyone that isn’t named Jon Gruden.

  8. ©MadMax Says:

    No. It’ll cost too much and he might hold out on us as well. Divas with that kind of history usually stay that way.

  9. Erick Says:

    Not going to happen. Next person on this team that gets paid will be Godwin

  10. Kobe Faker Says:

    “You win thru the draft

    This team is old and bandaged up loosely by hit or miss free agents that we are hoping to play well again for another year

    The HC offensive scheme is totally the opposite of what our 43 year old goat needs to suceed

    Belichick will be proven right again”

    Kobe Faker

  11. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Why don’t you go post on a Patriots site then, where someone might care or enjoy your comments?

  12. Mort Says:

    Howard and a 4 for Adams. Get it done.

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:

    If we’re going to spend draft capital I’d rather move up and take Simmons.

    Far less salary too on his rookie contract and incredible upside.

  14. QUE589 Says:

    If Todd Bowles give the thumbs up on this kid, make a fair trade and move forward. Adding Adams would fortify the secondary. Defense would be ready to ball against anybody.

  15. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    it’s almost as though Kobe whenever he gets on here is rooting for this team to fail.

    Also remember his prediction about Ronald Jones before opening day.

    That was a real knee slapper.

  16. Waterboy Says:

    Safety is the least important position on defense. I hope they won’t give up much if they did trade for him or commit a lot of salary cap to that position.

  17. Killian Says:

    Leonard Fournette being shopped per ESPN.

  18. Swampbuc Says:

    Normally Wlalter Football is reasonably solid.

    This is maroonity.

  19. WhatTheBuc Says:

    You can’t pay a safety 16-18 million per year which is what he wants. That would be incredibly stupid for a position that has little value over replacement.

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    Hmmmm let’s see. Add a All-Pro player to our secondary? Can’t even imagine why so many of y’all are against it.

    The trade value is the easy part. We’re making out since we get a great player. The salary is the tough part. We will have to give up something……..You gotta consider what our plans are for the secondary. Todd Bowles might have a better plan that will be better for the future.

    I’m sure there more then one option to bolster our secondary. But ya gotta admitt adding Adams is a darn good one.

  21. BucsSuperBowlChamps2020 Says:

    Some of you guys are insane this dude is one of if not the best safety in football if we were to trade for him no doubt we can cut some dudes and restructure other deals to make the space I think we’d have to trade OJ a fourth and fifth of this year and a second or third for next.

  22. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I didn’t realize that Adams had 6.5 sacks last year. I read his NFL Combine bio, it said he’s “A natural-born leader of men”. The leader our secondary needs.

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    @Waterboy … “Safety is the least important position on defense.” Not the case in Todd Bowles’ defense. A veteran Safety would end up being the ‘field general’ of the Secondary.

    WhattheBuc … You make a great point that there’s no way we can pay a Safety $16-$18 mil a year (Jamal’s asking price?). Right now he’s making a little over $7 mil in his 4th year, but he wants a big payday. And very likely will get it if he plays his cards right. Bucs can’t afford any more big paydays … next year we’ll be in roughly the same shape we are right now, but we’ll have to pay Chris Godwin if we expect to keep him. We’ll also have to pay LVD if we keep him, plus Shaq, as well as pay a replacement for Suh. And those are only the high dollar guys.

    It’s nice to dream, but sooner or later it all comes down to ‘Show me the money’.

  24. geno711 Says:

    Jamal Adams is the best combination safety in the league. If we can get him – anyway we can. Then get him.

    He is good defending the pass. He is good in run support. He is good rushing the passer. There is no better safety.

    I think the most ridiculous thing here are people thinking we can give up Howard and a 4th rounder to get him.

    He is better than Mike Evans. He is better than Chris Godwin.

    I would trade Chris Godwin for Jamal Adams in a heart beat. One will be a Hall of Famer. The other will not.

    If it takes a lesser price of trading our 1st rounder and Howard to get him. Then do that.

    Never satisfied: Adams’ disappointing 40-yard dash at the scouting combine — 4.56 seconds — didn’t sit well with him. He determined what he did wrong — poor technique out of the blocks — and he decided to do something about it. He asked for help, calling on two friends from school, LSU sprinter Tremayne Acy and hurdler Morgan Wells. They refined his technique, and he responded by cutting his time to 4.33 seconds at his pro day.

  25. Buczilla Says:

    I’m steering clear of any other team’s players that are looking to “reset the market” and are b!tching about their contract with two years to go. If this guy were the second coming of Ronnie Lott, I could see trading for him and giving him whatever he wanted. I doubt that the Jets would trade him for anything less than our first round pick and this guy is good, but no Lott. Not worth the hassle unless we can get him for a third and Howard. Not realistic at all.

  26. BUC CHEEKS Says:


    Trade Godwin??? Are you HIGH???

  27. geno711 Says:

    Buc Cheeks.

    I get your disdain. I am a Godwin fan. Just more a Jamal Adams fan.
    Have you watched the guy at all. You have to love him if you have seen him play.

    I agree with Buczilla.
    Ronnie Lott is the king of all Safety play.
    If I were to have two safeties, it would be Lott and Ed Reed.

    I have a feeling in the end if there were three on my team, it might by the end of his career be Jamal Adams as the 3rd guy.

    Just my opinion, it may be with rose colored glasses. But there is no denying his elite ability. Just how much someone values his elite ability.

    I would guess 99 percent of Buc’s fans would disagree with me about Jamal Adams being better than Chris Godwin. But ask yourself this. How many Jets fans do you think believe that Chris Godwin is better than Jamal Adams.

  28. SOEbuc Says:

    BUC CHEEKS…Licht was asked about resigning Godwin this year and he said they’ve already got that set aside.

  29. Costa Rica John Says:

    We might be able to trade Brady straight up for Adams and then re-sign Winston. Lol joking folks

  30. geno711 Says:

    I would love a defense for the next 5-6 years with Vita Vea, Devin White, Shaq Barrett, and Jamal Lewis. Those guys would feed off of each other and I see 4 guys that just love to play football.

  31. geno711 Says:

    Jamal Adams. Not the old running back.

  32. Afo Says:

    @Geno, you’re very funny, he’s a good player but Bucs can’t afford him to because of his pay will allow us a lot next season, we will need to pay Chris Godwin, Suh replacement, Shaq and Lavonte. He’s a luxury we can’t afford

  33. JimmyJack Says:

    Geno your right. Folks must be tapped in the head to think Jets take a underperfming TE and a 4th for an All-Pro. Not at all rational.

    And I would much rather trade our 1st round pick then Godwin. Which they’re gonna want the pick anyway.

    Trading Godwin doesn’t make any sense. If we trying to win this year we should not be giving up stud players. Give up the draft choices.

  34. CPN Says:

    If the trade is right, I would go get Jamal Adams.

  35. Adrnagy Says:

    We .. wanting Adams ? Trading for a all pro safety no way. Licht is focus in trading up ! using all assets to get a RT. Smh.

  36. ©MadMax Says:

    Ashtyn Davis in the 3rd if we miss on Simmons….


  37. BucEmUp Says:

    They better start thinking about 2021. Nww peices take time to gel and no pracrice time.is going to show when the season eventually starts.Just hope they make.sure to.retian everyone for two.seasons not just one

  38. destinjohnny Says:

    since jason blows 80% of his picks… why not

  39. Ata Says:

    Adams, swap 1st round picks & a 4th



    Shaq is getting the 15 mil we’d need to sign Adams long term. Shaq franchise tag has $0 dead money. NY is looking for a edge defender.
    Draft Chaisson rd1

  40. REDZONE BA Fa Says:

    Win SB NOW is the MANTRA at Bucs Palace based on signing a 42 yr old QB for next two years with a 68 yr old head coach and GM on the bubble.

    All decisions to win now in draft and FA > will happen. The future is NOW for the HC and GM.

    Brady wants a new experience outside of BB, to enjoy football and win. Bucs give Brady his playground to experiment. BA is jacked to have his new top-shelf toy, and needs to deliver a SB appearance.

    2020 challenges are same for all teams, so no excuses, BA!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    “The Buccaneers are suddenly one of the favorites to win Super Bowl LV”

    Best part of the article.

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “The Buccaneers are suddenly one of the favorites to win Super Bowl LV”

    Best part of the article.

  43. FactTeller Says:

    What you guys FAIL to realize is teams are getting smarter and would much rather get SOMETHING vs letting a player walk and getting nothing in return….

    Its easy to sit up here and say someone is high Yada Yada yada

    But did you see what DeAndre Hopkins (Top 5 WR w 2yrs on deal) just got traded for??

    Howard + 6th + 2021 3rd EASILY gets this done.

    Remember players take LESS to play w Brady & shot at SB

    Plus he and Bowles know and are fond of each other so I can see his price coming down.

    Restructure Brate, Gholston, Jensen maybe one other and make this HAPPEN!!

  44. ©MadMax Says:

    @Fact….Nice, I can see that…..just dont like his diva BS

  45. ©MadMax Says:

    Words being spoken tonight! yA’LL KNOW!

  46. lowercaseg Says:

    A 1 year rental would be a dream scenario, we would be legit contenders

  47. ©MadMax Says:

    Just get it done before the draft so we know where we are….thats all im saying….soooo much to be focused on!

  48. gofortheface30 Says:

    Factteller – you using BILL O’BRIEN as a reference point does nothing to strengthen your case. He was universally panned. You’re high too. You provided an exception to the rule as an example, the Jets still have all the power with Adams having another year or 2 on contract – they can and will demand fair market value

  49. Allbuccedup Says:

    Trade our 14th pick for Jets 11th then our 1st round pick in 2021 and OJ Howard for Jamal Adams that’s about the only way to get it done. Then the hard part coming up with about 15 mil a year to pay him. That’s a lot to give up but to get a 24 year old that’s already a two time pro bowler that’s about what it’s going to cost.

  50. TOM Says:

    The big problem is the Bucs have no $.

  51. Pigsueybucsfan Says:

    Rather see us trade for tackle Williams from Washington then get the best player on our board regardless keeps us from drafting for need and reaching for one player in draft whether it be a ot,rb,db,dt best way to build though the draft. GO BUCS

  52. Clean House Says:

    These people are out of their minds- Super Bowl favorite?!?
    They do this every year so they have something to talk about.
    Last year it was the terrible Browns to disappoint against their nonsense.
    We haven’t made the playoffs in over a decade. Teams take time to gel and become winners. We don’t even have a proper off-season. I would welcome Jamal Adams. And I would love to see a super bowl run. Not holding my breath.