April 8th, 2020

Talks Tom Brady and the Bucs.

In every significant offensive passing category last year, with the exception of one, Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, bested Tom Brady.

When it came to completion percentage, Brady beat out Jameis 60.8 to 60.7.

But in a number some believe is the most important in football, even more important than points scored if you can imagine such a thing, Jameis beat Brady there, too. Jameis had 33 picks and Brady had eight.

It seems Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians considers picks more important than total points. Less picks, that is.

So in the words of Super Bowl-winning coach Brian Billick, Arians is rolling the dice. Billick said Arians is wagering that fewer picks will lead to many more wins.

“If those eighteen less interceptions can buy [the Bucs] three, four, five more wins, put them at 11 or 12 victories, that makes them a solid playoff team,” Billick said.

Billick added that there is one way to find out if Arians’ gamble succeeds or fails.

You can find out what that is in the NFL Network video below.

64 Responses to “Gamble”

  1. Colonel_mp Says:

    33 or 30 picks? C’mon Joe, got to proofread

  2. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    Dead Horse.

    We’ve all seen what more points, more yardage and more interceptions got us.

    A Big Nothing Burger.

  3. Pete I Says:

    Jameis had 30 Interceptions not 33. But who’s counting?

    XFL QBs have jobs.


  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Understand what Baldy is saying about it being ‘a gamble’ but I would think that last year was much more of a gamble than this year is. The gamble then was that BA could ‘Fix Jameis’. BA lost the bet, and Jameis lost his job.

  5. Jean Lafitte Says:

    interceptions bad, Jameis bad, Brady good

  6. Waterboy Says:

    You also have to take into consideration Tom’s locker room presence compared to the state of the locker room last year. I’d be curious to know how much faith the guys in the locker room had in Jameis and if they were fine accepting his positives and overlooking the turnovers. Getting rid of Fitz so that Jameis wouldn’t be looking over his shoulder told me all that I needed to know. That told me that going into last season there were already some guys that weren’t totally sold on Winston any longer. The physical talent is there but the in-play decision making just never improved during his 5 years.

  7. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    Would you like your nothing burger with or without Pick-els?

    Next order please.

  8. Pete I Says:

    We had 15 hits! And pitched a no hitter!

    How many runs did you get?



    And we lost 2-1

    Guess there were some meaningless stats in that box score.

  9. Youngbucs Says:

    Yawn Brady is Better point blank period even at age 43

  10. Wombat Says:

    They paid 5M less for a decent replacement QB that suddenly filled the stadium and increased revenue probably two fold!! It’s a businass guys, the Glazers are in it for the money. I have no problem with this marketing ploy, it’s a win win….

  11. Bird Says:



  12. Robert Provan Says:

    Joe, it seems you just can’t let go. After building Jameis up so much – America’s quarterback who was then “demoted” to Mr Entertainment or something. The romance was fading.

    Sometimes in all great romances we just to accept the facts that it is over, let go and move on. Clinging on just leads to more heartache.

    If Brady had been in a Bucs shirt last year with that defence and those receivers we would have been in the play offs. If not more.

  13. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Clearly that last guy, Wentzton or whatever his name was, was carried by a corps of top-notch receivers, something Brady didn’t have. I will add that is one thing all 32 NFL teams very likely know, among other key facts about the ex-Buc paper cutout QB. Which is why no one is screaming to have go play for them. To even suggest that someone even closely eclipses Brady, the GOAT, is lunacy.

  14. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Brady’s teams win 12 games every frickin year
    Less turnovers = longer offensive possessions = less opponents’ offensive possessions = more points scored= less points allowed

    Brady is an upgrade, not a gamble

  15. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Clueless phrase of the week. NDog couldn’t have said it better:

    “It seems Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians considers picks more important than total points. Less picks, that is.”

    That statement would get any employee working for a reputable media outlet laughed out of the job. How about the whole world, with the exception of a Joe apparently, knows that consistently high INTs will never allow consistent winning. Winston merely proved what the world knows it with gobs of points and yards.

    (here come the idiots to blame the run game and kicking problems in futile effort to cover for Winston).

  16. Hethrew 30 Says:

    ^^^Lots of points and yards mean nothing when you give the ball away numerous times per game.

  17. Travis Aldrin Says:

    Everybody loves to neglect context with Jameis. Keep complaining about his horrible December, but leave out no Mike Evans or Chris Godwin almost the whole month. And all these, “Brady is going to need a better O-Line and a 3-down back” stories for the Bucs drive me insane, cause that’s what Jameis needed for 5 years! The same pieces they’re going to add to help Brady are the pieces Jameis needed to take the pressure off his passing game and reduce picks anyways.

  18. JP09 Says:

    You forgot the Wins stat, Brady also top the other guy in that category. Oh yeah and playoffs, Brady was there too. Did I mentions Wins, a Brady led team will always have more wins. Don’t be surprised when Brady throws for 5k, 40tds and 10 or less INTs. Again he hasn’t had weapons like this since he had Moss, Gronk and that crew

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    Dude Joe……Ya know I love you but come on. In every significant passing catergory? What? That’s a joke?

    I do agree with you when you say INts aren’t the end all be all but they and TDs are the two most significant stats……..Ok, now I’ll go read the rest of the article but that first sentence is a Trainwreck.

  20. Sarasota Garey Says:

    Winston lead the league in pick 6s

  21. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    At what point do some of you realize JW led us nowhere. Nowhere. Why do you want to sign a guy who wants 30M to continue to lead us to the NFC South basement?

  22. Pete I Says:

    No Travis, no one neglects context , just no one cares.

    It simply doesn’t matter any more, Jameis is still looking for work and 2 XFL QBs are not.

  23. JimmyJack Says:

    Travis not fair to make it about December. Winston has had the same exact set of problems for years. It even goes back to college. Yes he didn’t have no receivers for a month. What about the other 59 months geez……..And don’t even mention in December Winston had no business throwing some of them passes that got picked. Where’s your context for that?

    Not having two receivers not only ignores what Perriman did but is also the latest in a long line of excuses. Most of us were done with excuses in December. December 2018 that is.

  24. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Mr. Excrement , America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston…is not in the NFL…can’t find him on any roster

  25. R.O. Says:

    Unfortunately everyone needs to be prepared for the reality there will be no Football. College or Pro…

  26. TheBradyBunch Says:

    If the Bucs had held out they could have signed Jameis for 15-20M. Stop saying $30M. His agent was doing his job by starting the negotiations from a high point. Nobody was going to pay $30M. Now if they had brought back Jameis for say $18M, they could have picked up a stud safety in FA or maybe signed Clowney to have the best defensive line in football. I am excited that Brady is here, but there were some reasons to consider negotiating with Winston to bring him back for one more year on the cheap. At least for two years the Bucs will be relevant again and the expectations are sky high. I am good with all that. I have a feeling in four years when we are in QB hell again with Mike Glennon 2.0 we might regret this. We mortgaged the future in 2002 and won a SB. Anything else than a repeat of that in 2020 will be a disappointment.

  27. Ndog Says:

    Travis Aldrin

    This guy ⬆️ gets it.

  28. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    I liked Jameis and wanted him to succeed, but he was right if he fixes those int’s to league average he would be a scary good QB. After 5 years though, The Bucs decided to move on, I wish Jameis well, time for a new chapter.

    Maybe he hated those uniforms so bad he didn’t want to throw to them anymore?

  29. passthebuc Says:

    Joe: you continue to give the credit for the offensive accomplishments to JW. A review of the tapes shows that quite a few of the completions were aided by catches that were spectacular. If you give JW average receivers, his numbers would look pathetic.

  30. LaMarcus Says:

    I think they are expecting too much from Brady thinking just replacing the “turnovers” there are gonna be automatic wins…. IN April

    Even BA says he gonna make everyone better? BA …Brady cant do your job too so I’ll be interesting how this all works

  31. LaMarcus Says:

    Besides everyone knows with a football mind is that 43 is 43….

    Might still can play but your 43 years old

    Risking every biscuit now

  32. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Bucs/Brady Chapter absolutely must have the QB of the future on the roster in 2020 !!!….

  33. BigHog Says:

    Let’s see this post said something about a gamble…here’s the deal …30 picks vs TB-12’s 12 or 14 or whatever…that’s not the gamble …The Gamble is weather or not Mr.5,000 could have improved as a QB with a second year in the same offense, remember TB12 has been a PATRIOT his entire career, while Mr. 5,000 had no real coaching for the first 4 years in the league !!!! I believe that Mr. 5,000 could have cut those picks to 15 because the emphasis would have been placed there during the off season!! But we’ve already placed our bet on TB-12 and the dice is now rolling… hope we don’t come up snake eyes or then again SNAKE BITTEN!!! THE GAMBLE HAS BEEN MADE ON YHE GUN SLINGER!!!!

  34. BigHog Says:

    passthebuc: spectacular catches can’t and I mean can not be made without spectacular throws …and may I add the QB must have an incredible amount of faith in his receivers…..just as much as ME13 or CG14 have the mindset that if Mr. 5,000 says I’m calling your number…then those two would go get it!!!! They played well together…I don’t see a. better season coming anytime soon…

  35. MidwestBucsFan Says:

    Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston

    *Mr. Free Agent, an American Quarterback, former Pro Bowl Alternate Jameis Winston

    ^ fixed it for you

  36. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Tavis says: “Everybody loves to neglect context with Jameis. Keep complaining about his horrible December,”

    Okay, that’s four weeks. Now about those 4.7 years before that?

    Here is your context: No matter who, what, when, and where, Winston couldn’t get it done. He didn’t get it done for five years. He will merely be a footnote in Bucs history, but goes down in NFL history as one of a few to throw for 5K yards, was known for being wreckless in those yards with poor decisionmaking on and off the field, led the NFL by far in INTs, and was only the second QB in NFL history to get suspended for sexual misconduct conduct. He was a poor example and leader overall, and led his team to the playoffs. THAT is your context.


  37. BucsMinsterFueller Says:

    October 13, 2019 is the reason.

  38. Dapostman Says:

    I have to agree with BigHog’s take.

    Now the two year window is upon us.

    They’ve improved at QB, defense, kicker and the run game will be fixed so there are no excuses for playoffs. No playoffs then the coaching staff needs to get the AXE!

    Final 4 or bust is the bar.

  39. DBS Says:

    And as of today the alternate Pro Bowler is out of football. No NFL, XFL or CFL. Get the message yet.

  40. Ndog Says:

    Hethrew 30

    These guys ⬆️ don’t get it and never will.

  41. Tye Says:

    The most recent forrner bucs qb currently has absolutely no value (a big Zero) in the NFL…
    In a QB driven league where quality QBs are hard to find and are considered the greatest asset on a team, he has no suitors, no interest, no prospects…
    I will trust the experts who do the hiring and who has the most to lose rather than people who only have stats to go on…
    His accomplishment mean nothing, nullified by constant losing partially do with his propensity to be careless with the ball…
    So no one that does the hiring seems to care if he did better than others in some stats.. He will lose you games and get you fired… It has been proven and settled!

  42. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog……Who doesn’t get it? You and you little opinion have been proven wrong by not only the Bucs but the entire rest of the league.

    If you was right Winston would still be our QB. Simple as that. And now that you’ve been proven wrong you are squirming like a weasel and now blaming and trashing the front office.

    You will latch on to anyone or anything you can to excuse Winston. All fine and dandy when he was our QB but now that he’s not you are simply pathetic.

    One day you will have to face the facts.

  43. Ndog Says:

    Like I said he ⬆️ will never get it.

  44. Knuckle Sandwich Delivery Service Says:

    Nobody gets it except Ndog, as usual. Meanwhile JW still unemployed, still looking for the team he’s gonna lead to the super bowl, still checking the sheets.

    Yup, we’ll never “get it.”

  45. Knuckle Sandwich Delivery Service Says:

    Stockholm syndrome- when the captive becomes sympathetic to their tormentor.

    You got it dog.

  46. Knuckle Sandwich Delivery Service Says:

    If Christian Ponder was drafted #1 and had the same results as JW, Haynes and the Dog would be speaking a different language regardless of his FSU affiliation.

    Anybody know why?

  47. DBS Says:

    Maybe Direct Auto Insurance will let him do a commercial.

  48. Bucy Says:

    Please take the keyboard from the sloppy joe.

  49. BigHog Says:

    Dapostman : thank you sir ….that makes it a good day !!!

  50. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    And Brady did it work crap players while Winston had arguably the best offensive weapons in the league…. No comparison!! If Brady was with the bucs last year they go deep into the playoffs!! Stupid to even say Winston beat him in friggin ANYTHING!!!!

  51. NFL fan Says:

    Bucs home games were 51000, 3rd lowest in league, now will be 100% full, say add 19,000+ seats. Say, at $200 a seat X 8 home games will be $30M. Plus 3000% revenue from merchandise sales increase, high profile in national televised games to watch, raised morale of teammates and hopefully will save Jason job and win Bucco SB. Getting Tom is a huge win for the Bucs, pay for itself and more. Think the Chargers would want this deal with a new stadium to play and fill…

  52. Buczilla Says:

    Jameis had better numbers than Brady last year outside of picks while throwing to two all world receivers. What’s the point? Brady’s top receiver (Edelman) would have been 3rd or 4th string on our team last year. Let’s see what Brady (if he stays healthy, big if) does this year so we can compare apples to apples. If Brady doesn’t improve significantly on Jameis’s touchdowns and interceptions, then we may have screwed the pooch bigtime. I have a hunch that Brady will deliver though if our line keeps him intact…

  53. NFL fan Says:

    Bucs home games were 51000, 3rd lowest in league, now will be 100% full, say add 19,000+ seats. Say, at $200 a seat X 8 home games will be $30M. Plus 3000% revenue from merchandise sales increase, high profile in national televised games to watch, raised morale of teammates and hopefully will save Jason job and win Bucco SB. Getting Tom is a huge win for the Bucs, pay for itself and more. Think the Chargers would want this deal with a new stadium to play and fill…Glazers are laughing all the way to the bank.

  54. TheBradyBunch Says:

    NFL fan and Bucsfan – Please check the numbers at the end of the season when ME and Godwin were out for the season. Jameis made Perriman look like Jerry Rice. Perriman was basically a total bust until he had JW throwing to him. After Perriman, there were basically camp meat receivers he was throwing to. You guys need to shut up about the recievers carrying him. He disproved that concept when he put up big numbers with complete scrubs out there catching for him. He did throw too many picks, but you look like hating idiots when you don’t give him any credit. QBs don’t lead the league in yardage because they suck and the receivers are all making incredible catches. It is a combination.

  55. NFL fan Says:

    Hi TheBradyBunch: I am saying on the business side that TB12 is a good catch for Bucs and to the Glazers. Afterall it is a billion dollar business and if TB12 brings home the SB, that is another scoop. Agree with you what happens at the end of the season will see how TB12 plays out. If it is any other 42+yr old player but TB12, then it is questionable investment. If any player can pull this trick out for Bucs, then it has to be TB12. so, let’s see…..I still say, the Chargers would love to have TB12…sales, seats, national attention, full house in a new stadium to compete with the RAMs….

  56. NFL fan Says:

    IMO, TB12 does not cost the Glazers too much coins, it may actually yield $$$ to the Glazers. So, how much is the BUC worth now, with sales tops in NFL, TB12, hope, morale, etc….The Glazers know the business side and they already are winning before the games even start or who knows if it will start at all….TB12 $25M and Rivers same, Tannehill even more than Brady, and that Dak chap wants $40M not having won anything….if Glazers is picking from this group, who would Glazers pick if not TB12.

  57. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    >>Jameis beat Brady there, too. Jameis had 33 picks and Brady had eight.

    LOL Noice!

  58. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    @Hethrew 30

    LOL you said “reputable media outlet.”

    (Referring, of course, to other-than-sports media!)

  59. WillieG Says:

    To hell with the offensive stats! They mean nothing without the context of the entire season, specifically the win-loss record and post season play. Why can’t Joe figure that out? Every GM, HC, OC, QBC and water boy has taken a hard pass on JW and his “great offensive stats”, doesn’t that tell you anything?!

  60. NFL fan Says:

    Willie…Lombardi said ‘winning is not everything, it is the only thing’. If Bucs cannot make playoff for 5 years, forget dreaming about SB. Agree with you that all the offensive stats means squat if no playoff for 5 long years.
    I have a question, if there is no games in 2020, do players still get paid?
    If no pay, the Glazers laugh even louder, as they have all these coins pouring in from sales, and not paying TB12….Glazers gotta love this business.
    I bet all the other owners only can wish the same return for themselves when it appears the players costs $25M but actually the player is paying himself, and makes the club worth more.

  61. NFL fan Says:

    If JM is that great and the Bucs screwed big time in passing up on him, why other teams are not rushing to sign him, even for backup service…hmmmm..

  62. Kenny Says:

    Jameis: Offensive minded head coach, best weapons in the NFL
    Brady: Defensive minded head coach, worst weapons in the NFL

    We get it, you guys hate Brady and believe with all your heart that Jameis is the second coming, and turnovers do not matter….

    This site is getting worse and worse… Ira is amazing. I think the only thing keeping people coming back is just the need for Bucs content, even if its extremely biased and awful… and in most cases, fake news.

    You can twist any stats to fit your narrative.

  63. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    I liked Jameis but come an man, with Brady and 22 less interceptions would have most undoubtedly led to 4-6 more wins and a playoff game or two.

  64. 3rdGenNative Says:

    BigHog- That’s a ridiculous statement! Spectacular catches are definitely not reliant on spectacular throws haha! When a QB throws into double coverage and saving a TO, or behind a wide open receiver, or any other similar scenario..those are just spectacular catches that nullify HORRIFIC throws. And it happened often!