Titans End Tom Brady Interest

March 15th, 2020

UPDATE: 2:34 p.m. – Ryan Tannehill inked a long term deal with the Titans with $62 million guaranteed.

The quarterback market has changed, per a fresh report this afternoon.

A truly stunning number of exceptionally capable quarterbacks are about to hit free agency and one of them is (was?) AFC championship game quarterback Ryan Tannehill of the Titans. And another is Tom Brady, who had been rumored to be a target of the Titans to replace Tannehill. So the Tennessee decision is an important one to the market.

Adam Schefter of BSPN is reporting today that the Titans are out on Brady and moving swiftly on re-signing Tannehill.

This is fantastic news for Bucs fans who want Brady wearing pewter and red next season, and it’s not great news for Brady, who might have liked having the Titans job vacant for more leverage in the market.

Will the Bucs make a Tannehill-like, last-minute contract offer to retain America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, or will they continue to employ social distancing tactics with the NFL’s reigning passing leader?

127 Responses to “Titans End Tom Brady Interest”

  1. Ndog Says:

    Exactly the Titans choose Ryan freaking Tannehill over old man, washed up, crybaby, turtle ducking Brady yet you people want us to replace a far superior QB in every way with him. See folks this is why I call you CLUELESS.

    If anyone actually watched the Titans vs KC playoff game you would know that the second the Titans got into pass only mode IT WAS OVER! So knowing that the Titans still chose him over the great washed up one. Jameis is THE only option if we want to win going forward for THIS team.

  2. buc15 Says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if no team signs Brady? Maybe his demands are too high for any team at 42 years old

  3. Check your sheet Says:

    lil pup. STFU and go follow the turnover machine to wherever he goes. No one really cares about your love affair with the turnover machine. Enough of the same post over and over and over and over. We know bro, you love everything about the turnover machine. Nothing is the turnover machine’s fault. No accountability for your bro mance partner. Go Bucs! lol

  4. PuertoRicanBucFan Says:

    And per the Usual Ndog gives up his worthless uninformed opinion. In other news..

  5. MadMax Says:

    Such a joke you are ndog….they need the funds to keep a few other players, Henry to be exact….and need I mention they already had Tannehill? Good gosh what a clueless loser you are…smdfh

  6. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog we’re clueless but Jameis is far superior ok got it thx

  7. John.L Says:

    Ndog,you need help..

  8. soggy Says:

    @NDOG Your losing it man really you say ” turtle ducking Brady yet you people want us to replace a far superior QB in every way with him” Superior.. lol.. you should be out on a ledge somewhere..

  9. Youngbucs Says:

    How you use your own brain and stop letting some guy who hides behind a Twitter handle think for you none of you were saying Jameis is better and far superior till he said it now it’s fact beat it cult follower

  10. Youngbucs Says:


  11. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Npuppy just went on the floor in the house again!!!!!!! Someone needs to swat him on the nose with a roller up newspaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. stravenite Says:

    Yeah – lets put a last minute blockbuster offer for Jameis, this is what you are buying :-

    Jameis Winston 2019 interceptions:

    25 with clean pocket (most in NFL)
    23 within 1 possession (most)
    22 targeting WRs (most)
    19 when trailing (most)
    17 vs zone defenses (most)
    13 vs man defenses (most)
    13 vs blitz (most)
    11 on 3rd down (most)
    10 in 4th quarter (most)

    Can’t think of a more sure way of losing money !

    Go Bucs !

  13. Ndog Says:

    So guys think Tannehill is better than Jameis?

    Hahahaha hahahaha you guys kill me.

    You can’t make this crap up, the guy is a bum, as soon as they had to throw it was a disaster, but yeah he’s great.

    Get a CLUE fellas.

  14. Youngbucs Says:

    So u think Jamies is better than Brady???????

  15. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Social distance…don’t touch, even with 10 foot pool

  16. Bruce Blahak Says:


  17. Check your sheet Says:

    lil pup. Dude, end your bromance and please go wherever turnover machine goes because NOBODY CARES! Go Bucs!

  18. soggy Says:

    @NDOG This is the NFL and most anything is possible but you are losing any credibility you might have with statements like JW is better than Brady.. You do realize what JW would have to accomplish to make that statement true don’t you.. Do not think that will ever happen..lol.. You are good for a laugh though..

  19. JayMissEyes Says:

    Brady could be in a coma and still better than jay miss. Hahahao

  20. Ndog Says:

    For this team yes Jameis is better than Brady, not a doubt in my mind.

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So many clueless people here. Titans pulled out because they know Brady is going to re-sign with the Patriots.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    Jameis vs Tannehill is totally irrevelant. It’s actual nonsense to bring it up.

    It’s about Winston vs Tom Brady which looks like the top 2 options the Bucs have considered. Tannehill has no bearing on our situation because he is staying in Tennessee and is not a option.

    But the Bucs already know who their getting. It’s just not public info yet. We’ll find out in a few days.

  23. JohnnyU Says:

    i may not like jameis, but when is the last time a qb threw for 5,000 yards and 34 td’s then became a backup. That would kind of be unprecedented. Dude has more talent in his left nut than tribusky, josh allen or wentz

  24. Pit of Misery Says:

    I believe a fresh start is needed for both Jameis and the Organization. Too much water under the bridge. However, I also believe our options at QB lie elsewhere.

  25. BucBoy Says:

    Ndog you are speaking to mindless sheep. Who want a 43 year old washed up QB over a 26 year old who hasn’t peaked yet. Have anyone heard of FATHER TIME! Let’s get Emmitt Smith and Jack Hamm too.

  26. soggy Says:

    Things winston did better last year, Throw the ball away when needed and maybee a couple long balls, Wow 5 years, what could he learn to do right in the next 5 years, sky is the limit with this better than brady QB..

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    JimmyJack … Yes, we see Brady in the lead in the last quarter mile, but struggling to stay in front. And here comes Jameis & Old Man River making a run for it on the outside, with Teddy and Derek turning on the jets on the inside. Expect a photo finish.

  28. Youngbucs Says:

    Bucboy so when is Jameis going to reach this peak year 10 lol the excuses will never stop bucs please end this madness I don’t care who they bring in just end the madness

  29. Cannuckbuc Says:

    Amen Ndog

  30. BucEmUp Says:

    Bucs should follow that same path.Tannehill sucked before levaing miami and went to a team.with a defense and run game. Sign Jameis to a 2 year 1st year guaranteed and keep everyone on defense here

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    Something that stick out to me in one of Joe’s articles “Why would Jamie’s want to return?” From March 12th.

    Joe wrote that GM Jason and HC Bruce don’t want him……..I don’t know if that’s fact or a possible reason. But it stood out that Joe just put it out there like that. Maybe he knows something we don’t?

    All’s I know is if they don’t want Winston then he’s already gone. No chance to return.

  32. Ndog Says:

    Watch Brady will sign with us because we will be the only ones dumb enough to offer him a contract. It is pretty simple folks if the Patriots don’t think they can win with you why would anyone want you?

  33. Nate Says:


    You know how it isn’t believable that you have no doubt and just reacting off your luv for Jameis “way-miss” Winston

    You give no facts to why he wouldnt be better in this offense DEEP BALL argument right???

    Brady had 5 to 6 40 yard passes btw last season

    Well riddle me this on a 2 yr contract you dont think Arians would dust off the short plays in the playbook and ADJUST with routes Brady likes????
    It is just football right same sshiii**t diff terminology

    SO?? You wouldnt rather the bucs do that for 2 years with brady over waay miss / cant miss 30/30 jameis

    If so your just a Jameis FSU or nothing dissillusoned FAN..aka fake @ss Nancy lol

  34. Bobby M. Says:

    It ended days ago…..teams already know where they stand with Brady. The Bucs know where they stand with Brady and Bridgewater. The ducks are all lined up….the Bucs have done everything they can to avoid another Favre type scenario let down. If Brady deal falls through, Bridgewater is their guy. This fantasy that nothing starts until tomorrow…..not realistic. Too many moving parts on every roster to address them all in three days of calls/traveling.

  35. Ndog Says:

    Like I said yesterday I am 100% certain that Jameis is gone BUT it is curious that they haven’t just come and said they don’t want him. If he really is their “backup” if I was him I would take any deal that comes my way and never even talk to them again. If this organization is that classless to just trash him over and over publicly and not even want him what’s the point other than to hurt his value on the open market? Who does that to someone? What’s the point? It’s all very strange.

  36. gotbbucs Says:

    Teddy Bridgewater still makes the most sense to me, honestly. I think the public Brady love is a smokescreen.
    Keep stuffing the run and adding pass rush specialists on one year contracts and try to draft a ball hawking safety. Grant Delpit seems to be slipping, possible pick in the 2nd round. Hoping one of the top offensive tackles is available at 14.

  37. BrianBucs Says:

    Hopefully the Buc’s will bring in a REAL professional NFL QB as the Bucs haven’t had one in quite some time.
    Winston will find a cheap backup deal somewhere and end his career as a journeyman backup just like Leftwich did.

  38. Ndog Says:

    Who is more mobile Jameis or Brady?
    Who has a better arm Jameis or Brady?
    Who can take a beating better Jameis or Brady?
    Who has better chemistry with Evans and Godwin, Jameis or Brady?
    Who has a better future Jameis or Brady?
    Who can produce a top 5 scoring offense without a running game RIGHT NOW, Jameis or Brady?
    Who is more accurate under pressure Jameis or Brady?
    Who will stand in the pocket and stare down the gun barrel Jameis or Brady?

    So I ask you who is better for THIS TEAM Jameis or Brady?

  39. Nate Says:



    Bellicheck is salty about Brady retiring in a year or two n being left with no QB when the guy we r talking bout THEY HAD AND JUST BARLEY LOST a superbowl

    If that was brady not wanting to teach garopplo as they say n they forced traded him HOW would that feel Ndog????

    That’s why Bellicheck is mad and wants to draft a QB for POST BRADY since yall just traded away my lost SB runner up AGAINST my will

    Just what hes most likely thinking based on FACTS

    BRADY and/ordraftJORDAN LOVE.com

  40. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog. I have heard a couple Bucs fans say that. That the Patriots do not want Tom Brady. But I will have to call you out because you often love to pump your chest about all these “facts” that you bring to the table. Then you proceed to post stuff like this daily that isn’t factual at all.

    I’ve been following the the NFL news and never once have heard what you are saying. You are absolutely guessing here. And also to mention I have read that the he Pat’s did offer Tom a contract which prooves you wrong and just now heard a prediction on NFL Network that Tom returns.

    Please get your facts s straight buddy

  41. Ndog Says:

    Bridgewater what a freaking joke. But the dad thing is you are probably right these morons are probably going to bring in good old Mr. Glass and expect him to produce when he has only ever done anything with the likes of Adrian Peterson and Alvin Karma behind him. And oh yeah both times in addition to having those two he also had top 5 defenses as well. But yeah he’s going to come in here and carry this team. Moves like this is why we have sucked for so long folks.

  42. Nate Says:

    Mobility dont matter a lick with a quick release and pin point accuracy

    You never playing football fan boy

    With shorter throws out of the offense …you think the telephone book size playbook is all 50 deep posts and streaks DUMB ON!!!!!

    We are at a point with our DEFENSE that has top 5 potential as our old D

    That wins SB really offense gets you to the dance bold enuff to ask the girl out

    You probably know nothing about that but lol…back to what I was saying mobility is kool but

    With a pin point QB with using shorter plays to what he likes to do we can make our defense even better

    #1 with draft n free agency….not pay 35 mil 4 30/30 crap…at least brady brings best players to a team too

    DUMB ON!!!!!!

  43. Ndog Says:

    Yeah JimmyJack they offered him a contract that they new he would never sign for less than he was making last year. Do you really do that to someone you want back? We shall see but that is what I’ve heard, but bottom line is you all are going to get want you want Jameis will probably be gone and we all are going to suffer for it. So when we are watching Blaine Gabbert start for us next year by week 5 I don’t want to hear any of you crying that Bridgewater was the wrong pick.

  44. Nate Says:

    SIGN Nfog cant see the truth

  45. MarineBucsFan Says:

    I think the Bucs are really in play here!!

  46. Ndog Says:

    So Nate who on our roster are running these quick short routes? Riddle me that tough guy?

  47. soggy Says:

    It’s JW or bust with Ndog, Nobody in the world can keep us out of the playoffs like JW..Just can not replace a QB like that.. Can not be done..Never been done never will be done right Ndog.. JW for president..Love me some JW.. he’s the best just ask me. You all clueless losers.. Did I leave anything out?

  48. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    gotbucs – If I had to guess the Glazers are all in on Brady. Not because he is the GOAT (he is def past his prime) and not because it is good long term for the team (the Bucs will be in QB hell once again in 2021 or 2022 once Grandpa Brady retires), but it is a splash play. Brady will sell tickets and put the team on the NFL’s radar again. This is all about the Benjamins. If I had to guess the football minds in the house don’t want an aging, deteriorating 43 yo taking over a young up and coming team. Two men own the team though and they are seeing dollar signs. My guess is that 2024 when we are 4-12 and Mike Glennon 2.0 is our QB everyone will realize that was a waste of time and money for a team that was on the rise in 2020.

  49. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Glazers are probably going to offer him $35M per and the team will be crippled under the cap. JW in year two for $20M would be the much better choice but the Bucs will do what the Bucs always do….Screw it up!

  50. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I don’t want Brady

  51. soggy Says:

    Oh I forgot”Idiots”

  52. Nate Says:

    Who has better accuracy tings and experience?…..one question without all that HOG WASH?

  53. Nate Says:


  54. Ndog Says:

    With who’s avalanche soggy yes Jameis is the best choice. You want to give me Rodgers or Mahomes sure but I don’t quite think they are available.

    But trying to convince me an old man that is on rapid decline or a brittle, weak armed, run dependent QB is better a 26 year old 5,000 yard passer, in this offense, that just led the number 3 offense in the league in scoring is not going to happen.

  55. Ricky Says:

    Joe, I love the use of “social distancing”. Well done sir. This society is turning into wussies.

  56. Ndog Says:

    Accuracy is debatable if they are not throwing five yard outs and don’t have all day to throw, like Brady has had most of his career. But rings mean nothing and he actually has less experience with this staff and also different situations because Brady has been with the same head coach his entire career whereas Jameis has had three head coaches. If you don’t think culture and coaching makes a difference than you are sadly mistaken sir and Brady has had the best of both his entire career, here he simply would not.

  57. soggy Says:

    Not trying to convince you I know that will never happen I am not a idiot like you call everyone who wants a better QB, just like giving back some of what you dish out with your Crystal ball all seeing what is best for the bucs..

  58. Adrnagy Says:

    It’s a good move by titans IF they keep Henry. And commit to a run smashing attack. But Tannehill cannot win games on his own or carry the team.

    Winston is the best choice for us. If we go with Brady it means in two years we will need to start ALL over head coach and QB no matter what.

  59. SB Says:

    Tannehill just got 118M

  60. Couch Fan Says:

    Theres a lot of reasons for why they choose to go in a different direction but heres Ndummy pretending he knows beyond any doubt while spewing stupidity such as the league leading turnover machine is far superior than the multi time super bowl winner and certain 1st ballot hall of famer. LMAO

  61. Adrnagy Says:

    Dude … 29.5m a year for Tannehill ! 4yr contract 62m gua …. no way !

    Wow …

    I guess jameis does deserve the 30M a yr.

    Pay the man !

  62. Adrnagy Says:

    Tannehill no way no way is better than Winston.
    If Bucs don’t sign Winston we are toast !

  63. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    @Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    “So many clueless people here. Titans pulled out because they know Brady is going to re-sign with the Patriots.”
    I’m been saying this all a long….. no reason for NE to let the best QB, that gave so much to the game, to go away…He is going to retired Patriots.
    That leave us with one less option…. but thats it….. we got, and should take any option left, just get rid of that joke,below average QB that is KILLING the team and the moral….I hope there is some common senses left among Glazers…just hoping…

    BA = LovieS 2.0

  64. Eric Says:

    Wait T-Hill gets 4 years 118 million but JW have to play for 20 lol what a joke

  65. Atypical Informed Fan Says:

    Imbeciles…leave it to the Bucs to be the only alternative for a washed up Brady. Winston then will become the fourth ex-Buc QB to win a SB. Arians is a joke and his “legacy” will be a laughingstock.

  66. Ndog Says:

    It just came out that the 49ers are also out on Brady. See fellas if we actually go after him we might be the only team doing so, yeah that doesn’t say anything does it?

  67. Eric Says:

    Atypical and Ndog

    Exactly on both points a guy who turns and handoff got 118 million who threw 16 passes in a playoff game wow and the “whisperer” is a straight joke clown use car salesman

  68. Bucsfan0784 Says:

    49ers are out on Brady and so are titans. No smart franchise including New England is about to give Brady a 43 yr old 30+ million plus control of the playbook and personnel. Well except the Bucs and some of their fans. Which is the definition of a dysfunctional franchise

  69. Stanglassman Says:

    I don’t know anybody who claims Jameis is better than Brady. The question is who is better for your team moving forward. I think it’s Jameis as do many. Brady wasn’t very impressive last year. Was it his age or lack of talent at Wr nobody really knows. The fact that we’ve never seen Brady in a different system without Belichick is another risk factor. Since Brady would be such a short term fix you’d have to consider the fact that it would be his first vs Jameis 2nd year in the system. How many years and qbs would it take after Brady leaves would it take to find a Qb as good as Jameis? It took the Bucs 38 years to find one that good id hope it would happen sooner than that but the grass isn’t always greener.

  70. THETRUTH Says:

    NDog calles Brady all washed up sorry so when is last time he wasn’t in playoffs and with no WR !!

    Shows he is clueless about football but respect the right to idiotic opinions

  71. Ndog Says:

    It’s funny isn’t it that the only teams now that are said to have an interest in the old man are the Chargers (joke franchise and joke owner) the Raiders (complete idiot owner and just wants wads and wads of cash above anything else including wins) and of course our CLUELESS Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Makes perfect sense when you look at these franchises and this is why they are what they are folks…


  72. Bucsfan951 Says:


    JW: completion %: 61.3
    Td: 4.7
    Int: 3.5
    Rating: 86.9

    Tannehill: completion: 63.5
    Td: 4.5
    Int: 2.5
    Rating: 89.8

    I would say they’re pretty similar! You can even argue tannehill is better but meh


  73. Ndog Says:

    Hey THETRUTH when is the last time he didn’t play for the greatest coach of all time, didn’t play in a ridiculously weak division and didn’t play with a top level defense?

  74. 941bucsfan Says:

    49ers said nah to brady. Titans said nah to brady… Patriots saying nah to brady…. lets see what idiot franchise is gonna sign tom brady… oh wait, we’re the idiots thats gonna do it. BA is gonna run us into the ground and its gonna take 2 decades to recover this time. Sign jameis 2yr 44mil amd call it a day. Dont be stupid arians

  75. Eric Says:

    Bucfan he plays in a short yardage passing attack that’s all the proof you need period

  76. Bucs Guy Says:

    Brett Favre 2.0. Brady has no intention of coming to Tampa. He and his agent are using the Bucs and any team they can to compete against each other to get the most money he can. He’ll end up somewhere with $35M — probably NE or LA.

  77. wantstastayabuc Says:

    Ndog, We’ll also be the only team going after Winston as a starter.

    Doesn’t that say anything?

  78. StAugBuc Says:

    Niners owe Garappolo 26 mil. They were never in unless they found a taker for him

  79. Ndog Says:

    951 your CLUELESSNESS knows no bounds does it. Let’s see one had the benefit of the NFLs leading rusher in the backfield with them this past year and if you take those numbers away how do they look then?

    With a elite running game he had his highest comp%, lowest Int total and highest rating. No that didn’t help him at all did it?

  80. Youngbucs Says:

    Maybe those teams are dropping out because Brady told them no already I mean that’s possible right ?????

  81. Bucsfan951 Says:


  82. Mike Johnson Says:

    I know many of you want Brady. But as a one of the oldest Buc fans here, I’m tellin ya..signing Brady would be a huge mistake for our franchise. We are not desperate guys. Brady is on his way out. One big hit away from a seasonal injury. And then who we got? He can’t run and has to learn a new system. Sure he will do alright. Until one of them D-ends silences him. I would stay the course with Jameis for now. This is unpopular I know. But he’s been in Arians system one year. He can cut down those interceptions to an acceptable level. Get him
    another RB and a couple of O linemen. This might be..his year. Besides, What have we got to lose? We are close.

  83. Bucsfan951 Says:


    Come on NPUPPY, you’re better than that!

  84. Youngbucs Says:

    Mike Johnson every player is 1 hit or play from injury smh

  85. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Ndog j still crying?

  86. Youngbucs Says:

    Jameis hurt his shoulder and missed gms is brittle also ?

  87. asdf Says:

    Attempts Comp. Comp (%) Yds Yds/Att Int Int (%). QBR
    RT 286 201 70.28% 2,742 9.6 6 2.1% 117.5
    JW 626 380 60.70% 5,109 8.2 30 4.8% 84.3

  88. Youngbucs Says:

    I’m gonna publish a book also
    “Blameless Winston The QB Who Never Threw A Pick That Was His Fault” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  89. nano107 Says:

    The Bucs will make a mistake taking what Bill B don’t want

  90. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Jameis Jameis Jameis Jameis….

  91. Couch Fan Says:

    I think “Turnover Prone Messiah: A Tale of The Most Unlucky QB Who Ever Lived” would be more fitting YoungBucs

  92. Ndog Says:

    Um it’s pretty clear it’s career numbers, that’s why I asked if you take those numbers away from last year there tough guy. Now the question is can you read?

  93. mark2001 Says:

    Ndog…when a guy wants thirty million dollars a year and you don’t even give him the time of day, do you think they/we plan to have them back?

  94. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    @Ndog Says:
    “It’s funny isn’t it that the only teams now that are said to have an interest in the old man are the Chargers (joke franchise and joke owner) the Raiders (complete idiot owner and just wants wads and wads of cash above anything else including wins) and of course our CLUELESS Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

    name one team that wants JW…… anyone???? ONE F..ing team……??
    if not then Bucs are the dumbness organization if they keep him….

    BA = LovieS 2.0

  95. Bucsfan0784 Says:

    Crazybucs do you honestly believe no teams out there want Jameis? I get that a lot of you don’t like him but if you think other teams look at him and aren’t willing to take a chance on the potential there you are lying to yourself. There will be a market for Winston. Right now no one knows what that market will be but I guarantee there will be one

  96. Wesley Says:

    The funny thing is Ndog clearly already had his reply typed out and ready to paste into the comment box.

  97. Tval Says:

    The price just went UP, Bucco. No problem. Im POSITIVE Jameis can hand it off 40 times a game if you want. Lmao!!!

  98. wantstastayabuc Says:

    I believe that no one (including the Bucs) wants him as a starter. A backup with potential, maybe. Certainly no one else is going to hire him and say you are the starter and no matter how many games you cost us with interceptions, you’ll stay the starter. They certainly won’t get rid of any QB competition he might have so that his fragile ego won’t get busted.

    Will the Bucs bring him back? Maybe, if they don’t have alternatives that BA would want to work with.

    For the record, I hope that you are right and some team “steals” him away from us and live the dream we’ve been in for the last five years. Maybe he’ll have another “hassle” or two so that his new team can enjoy that.

  99. Dom>Licht Says:

    Tanny gets 118 mill… lol we will see what the rest of the NFL thinks about Jamies soon.

  100. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog the point is that you presented something as fact when it is nothing more the pure hearsay and conjecture.

    And you been doing same thing day and repeatly called out on it. And for most posters I would not care but you consistently tout yourself about facts. Gotta practice what ya preach bro.

    Get your facts straight.

  101. TexBuc Says:

    Doug Williams Curse

    Hope we don’t get left at the Altar again.

  102. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    “Crazybucs do you honestly believe no teams out there want Jameis? …”
    I honesty believe that there is NO team out-there that wants to start and end the season with interception… and a lot more in-between….
    back-up yes…. starter NO…… you dont want your organization depending on him, period.
    well… unless you are bucs and 5 years are not enough to clear your vision….

    BA = LovieS 2.0

  103. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Bucsfan – don’t worry about it. As a marketing gimmick the Glazer babys plan to bring in a 43yo QB on the decline to carry a young team on the rise. I mean that makes perfect sense! Until it happens I am holding out hope that Brady doesn’t even consider coming here and that the Bucs leadership comes to their senses and signs Jameis for at least one more year. Game managers like Tanneyhill are now getting $30 per year. Bridgewater will want more than that, Brady certainly will, and Jameis could probably be had for about that much and he is the best option (it’s not even close haters). I want to win in 2020 and beyond. I still have faith that Jameis will get us there. You guys ignore all the defensive meltdowns all you want, but it’s true that has been the primary reason for all the losing.

  104. wantstastayabuc Says:


    The Bucs defense never threw a pick-6.

    As far as age difference, Brady isn’t going to date the team, he’s going to lead them.

  105. Tye Says:

    King said he couldn’t find anyone that expressed interest in starting JW and I have not found any team’s fan sites that are clambering for him…
    The Bear were the only fan site I found asking their fans about signing Winston and the comment section absolutely roasted JW… 100+ comments and only 3 wanted JW… Many said they would rather keep Trubisky or get Case Keenum than bring in JW..

    I have not found any team that would welcome him… So I can honestly say I would not be at all surprised if NO team wants to bring him in as their starter!

  106. JimmyJack Says:

    Hey and look at Ryan Tannehill contract y’all and try to learn from it. For months I argued with many of y’all who said to pay Winston 20M and under per year.

    Tannehill contract is proof that 20M is a totally unrealistic number. It’s clear that some of y’all don’t understand how NFL contracts work. Just like y’all said to pay D.Smith 8M per year last year and was totally unrealistic.

    Salary’s go up. Always have. Just listen to Joe’s podcast. He gets it. What’s a big number today is a good deal in a year or 2. He says it all the time. Don’t y’all even listen?

    Now maybe you can sign Winston and he only takes a CAP hit of 20M. That’s a option if you do a long term deal. But either way he’s still gonna averegae around 30M a year if he finds a starters job.

  107. wantstastayabuc Says:

    Its like baseball cards (or anything else for that matter), the fair price is what people want to pay.

    Many Buc fans only want him if he is bargain basement. If you say that is unrealistic, you will only make a sizable portion of us happy if it means that Winston leaves.

  108. JimmyJack Says:

    TouchDownTampaBay……At least you get it. I just dislike people throwing out these unrealistic numbers. And then when the team agrees on a realistic number everybody crys like the team overpaid……..No they didnt. That’s just what it costs.

    And with news of Dak Prescott turning down 33M and Mahomes/Watson looking at something closer to 40M signing Winston long-term now for 30M will be cryed about now and in a year or two will look great……..If he lives up to the expectations that is. Which I believe he will as we reach the playoffs for the next several years.

  109. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    OMG wantstostayabuc, you and all the other haters are freaking obsessed. That defense was historically bad most of Jameis’ time here. Every year Jameis would have 4 or 5 fourth quarter comebacks only to see the defense give it up. They have had two stretches where they were decent. In 2017 when the team went 9-7, and the last 6 games of last year, when the team finished the season at 4-2. I think many of you are more Jameis haters that actual Bucs fans. I didn’t go to FSU, I have no bias in looking at this. I have been a Bucs fan all my life and I want them to win. Jameis is the best option for 2020. It is that simple. He is better that two washed up QBs with one foot out the door. He is better than game manager Teddy. Now maybe it doesn’t work out and he throw 20+ picks. Then I would be ready to move on. What I think will happen is that he throws 15 or fewer picks and the Bucs go 12-4 next year.

  110. wantstastayabuc Says:

    You said:
    “Now maybe it doesn’t work out and he throw 20+ picks. Then I would be ready to move on. ”

    The only difference between you and me is that you have chosen year 6 to be fed up with a poor performance and I have chosen year 5.

  111. Tye Says:

    As much as the few keep bringing up 5000+ yards passing, if it is all that impressive, why is it JW might soon struggle to find work…
    I’ll explain it… Living with the best of someone is easy and no struggle at all… Having to put up with their worst is the difference… If their worst is more than you can tolerate, you will not want to be in that relationship..

    Simply put: if I got the best Baker in the world to bake you the finest cake and just add in the smallest measure of dog feces, would you still eat it?…
    Sometimes the bad FAR outweighs the good..

  112. JimmyJack Says:

    Wanttastay…….All’s I’ve been saying is that if you wanna say to pay Winston 20M per year you are better off saying to get rid of him. Cause 20M just aren’t happening. That’s just not what a starting QB costs anymore. Hate to break it to you. If you want Winston for 20M or less then you need to invent a time machine and go back to like 2012 or something. That’ll work.

    Just don’t like it cause it put a false narritive out there that fans jump on board with. It misinforms the fanbase and hurts the fanbase……….Sorta like those fans who say give Winston a contract that takes away money for INTs(stupid awful idea BTW)……..That rumor got so bad I actually heard somebody call into Tampa Sports radio and say it………Well truth is your not even allowed to write a contract like that. Violates the CBA.

    Just like this Corona panick these made up rumors and false narritive spread like a fire. End result it hurts anybody infected.

  113. kyle Says:

    brady is going back to new england. the tannehill signing officially, laid that to rest. tom was never going to come here. I believe we will make a real run at bridgewater. I will be completely disappointed if we roll out winston again next year. The guy is a clown, period.

  114. wantstastayabuc Says:

    I get ya JimmmyJack. What you said is true, many are spouting improbable/impossible numbers and contract conditions. That is irresponsible and a time waste. My thinking is that they are like me and don’t really want him back.

  115. Cobraboy Says:

    Looks like NDog is melting down now that his felching buddy looks to be given the apple and roadmap.

    Maybe he can pontificate about the lining of ATM’s lower digestive tract on a Bears Board while Jameis Christ runs second team there…

  116. gotbbucs Says:

    Winston has all the arm talent in the world, but what’s between his ears will never allow him to reach potential. That really is the bottom line.
    He will always have about 5 great games a year, 5 middle of the road games a year, and 5 outright horrible games a year. That 16th game is a toss up. He’s always going to be streaky like that.
    It appears that he will always have some accuracy issues all the way through from the short and intermediate, to the deep. I know this year he did well on deep balls, but next year could be the complete opposite. He doesn’t ever seem to know what speed to throw on certain routes. It’s almost like his mind changes halfway through the pass sometimes.
    Physically, most of the tools are there. Mentally, there’s lose screws in areas I’m not sure can be tightened.
    This past season we saw what I’m almost sure is the best he’ll ever do and possibly the worst that he can do, but there are a lot of ways that it can go from here. What happens if next year he throws for 4000 yards, 25 TD’s and 25 Int’s? Are we happy with that? I’m not.
    It’s also not just the number of interceptions, it’s the timing of them and the way he threw the ball that it resulted in a pick. I’ve said it a thousand times, he floats almost every comeback route. Nobody in their right mind floats comeback routes on the border. It’s almost a guaranteed interception and many times a pick-6, but every time without a second thought he floats another one out there.
    For however smart this guy may be in the class room and on the white board, it does not translate to the football field. There’s a wire loose or some nuts and bolts rolling around in there that prevent logic and common sense from getting through the system.
    I was hopeful until about a year and a half ago. Last year’s Bengals game was about my last straw.

  117. Bucsfan951 Says:

    NPUPPY says “ that’s why I asked if you take those numbers away from last year there tough guy. Now the question is can you read?”

    Who asks if they can erase history? What type of person asks that?

    “I’m sorry boss, I screwed by this entire year. Can we erase that?”

    Dude, you just hit an all time low!!!

    You’re a funny dude, NPUP! I really get a good laugh outta you. My wife actually reads this as well and she laughs with me. You keep being you. My family lives off of your jokes

  118. gambelero Says:

    I’m with Ndog on this decision. They better tag him or he’s gone. No way he signs with the bucs. Any team that wants Winston will hide their intentions until 12:01 tomorrow.

  119. Jmarkbuc Says:


    “you and all the other haters are freaking obsessed.”

    Let me introduce you to Ndog….

  120. Bucsfan951 Says:

    NPUPPY: let me know which one of Winstons years you would like for me to take away so I can compare the two together. Let me know 😉

  121. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Still waiting for news to break for a team to pay Jameis his asking price…

  122. 813bucboi Says:

    Teddy is the play


  123. Bucsfan951 Says:

    And just like that, NPUPPY is radio silent. Of course she is!

  124. Buczilla Says:

    Rofl, almost 30 million for Tannehill?!? What on earth has happened to quarterback salaries? Russell Wilson deserves his money since he is a superstar quarterback. Tannehill is average on his best day and not even worth half of that. Geez, the Glazers will have to give Brady the team and their very souls in this quarterback market. Not happening.

  125. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    lol “social distancing tactics”

  126. Oneilbucs Says:

    Ndog these people don’t know nothing about football . They really don’t care about the team winning . All they want is Jamies gone most of them . Next year we are going to lose regardless who the quarterback is . And then who are yall going to blame ? This franchise is a joke and this trash fan base .

  127. Oneilbucs Says:

    NAT when was the last time Brady played on a bad defense ? What’s the Patriots record without Brady being on the field ? And by the way Bill Belichect was trying to trade Brady 3 years ago but Kraft stepped in and made him trade Jimmy G . Facts….. but I hope they get rid of Jamies . And I don’t want hear about Jamies no more on this site. I don’t want to hear about the running game or the defense or the kicking game . Because all yall think that every lost was Jamies fault. And all yall think that he is the only problem with this team . Oh and I don’t want to hear about the offensive line not blocking . Man I can’t wait until the season starts . Lol lol lol lol lol