“If I’m Teddy, I’m Going To Tampa”

March 13th, 2020

Don’t pass on it.

In the mind of one popular NFL analyst, if the Bucs offer Teddy Bridgewater a contract, he shouldn’t waste any time thinking about it.

Peter Schrager, co-host of “Good Morning Football,” seen and heard weekday mornings on NFL Network, was asked what team is the best fit for Bridgewater.

Schrager was first asked about the Raiders. Nice place to play for Chucky, Schrager said, but he advised Bridgewater to pass. Then Schrager was asked about the Bucs. “Oh!” Schrager said. “If I’m Teddy, I’m going to Tampa!”

You can watch the full segment below, video from NFL Network.

42 Responses to ““If I’m Teddy, I’m Going To Tampa””

  1. catcard202 Says:

    I could see it happening …Though, I’d TAG JW3 in 2020 & draft a QB to develop as Plan B.

  2. BrianBucs Says:

    Sounds good to me.
    It would be nice for a change seeing a Bucs QB not be careless with the football and give away games.
    It would be a nice difference of play, going to Teddy and away from the Human Turnovers Machine, Mr. Pick 6.

  3. Fred W Mcneil Says:

    Tagging Jamis is about 28 millon.

  4. bucfan999 Says:

    I agree he wouldn’t be careless but it’s hard to be careless when you don’t throw the ball past 5 yards 90% of the time. I say NO NO NO to Captain Checkdown Teddy Bridgewater!!! I don’t want to go back to struggling to score 14 points a game

  5. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Ten Yard Teddy, Old Man Rivers, or the Goat. I’ll take the laser eyed gunslinger with the laser rocket arm and an affinity for crab legs.

  6. LaMarcus Says:

    Who wants JW job?

  7. LaMarcus Says:

    If I was Teddy I wouldn’t blow my second redemption on coming to Tampa either. Bowles traded him off the Jets so this doesnt makes sense

  8. Adrnagy Says:

    Stevek, SB or jimmyjack. They want Jameis job.

    They know it all.

    Team turnovers margin= Jameis vs other team total.

    QB stats or I should say Jameis stats are bucs stats. Vs other teams.

    Jameis vs other team

  9. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I know this will be hard to understand Lamarcus but that was a great move for Bowles. Signed him, showed the world he was still able to play qb and got a 3rd rd pick for him.

    It’s what you call buy low, sell high.

  10. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:

    Free Jameis! The Buccaneers will forever be losers. Bruce Arians will have another heart attack and retire in shame while Jameis Winston wins super bowl after super bowl.

  11. GrafikDetail.com Says:

    be careful what you wish for… Bucs gonna Buc regardless of the QB

  12. CalBucsFan Says:

    🤔Hmmmm….TB, or TB?

    Either one, just not JW!

  13. westernbuc Says:

    I’d rather have Andy Dalton

  14. Iamabuc Says:

    I want us to keep Jameis. But since we are talking about “replacements” for him; I was wondering..why isn’t RGIII in the conversation?..he would be a good fit in Arians offense…imo

  15. JameisWin55 Says:

    I was thinking the same thing in terms of RGIII he’s mobile big arm doesn’t throw interceptions frequently he would be good bridge to rookie QB or at worst quality backup to hopefully Jameis or whoever starting QB.

  16. Buc727 Says:

    We have a QB and he’s a good one, Tough, resilient, with a great arm. And, only 26.
    Arians was brought here to help him get better, yet he’s helped him get injured and maligned. Thanks a bunch, you bald headed, kangol wearing bitch.

  17. Juggernautical Says:

    I’m down with Tampa Teddy. Go back and look at the 2015 Minnesota Vikings season, they only scored UNDER 14 points twice ALL SEASON. To be fair, the second time was in the playoffs. I’ll take Teddy, a RB, and money spent on the defense.

  18. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Anyone but Winston. The stain on the Bucs brand.

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    I laugh every time I hear someone refer to Teddy as a “checkdown” QB. It’s OK, we all tend to have short-term memories when we have something on our minds. The reason I mention this is because while he was anything but prolific in Minnesota or NO, people tend to forget his college career at Louisville. As a Viking he wasn’t asked to hurl the rock 40 times a game. In NO, he was a back-up. Go check his stats in college. Teddy was not known as a “running” QB. No, Teddy threw for 27 and 31 TDs in his sophomore and junior years. Those are passing TDs.
    I don’t know if Teddy is going to be our guy. Nobody knows right now. I’m not even a Teddy “fan”! Just please stop with this nonsense that he can’t throw the ball downfield. It’s misinformation and kind of makes you look uninformed.

  20. BucEmUp Says:

    Idiots, he will do.worse than Jameis unless Arians changes the entire offense.Go look at his td to.int rationhis first two years.in Minnesota and you wanna have him.forcing the ball down field 20 yards all game here?

  21. Bucsfanman Says:

    BucEmUp- Different scheme dude. He wasn’t asked to do anything more. It doesn’t mean that he’s not capable. Go look at his college tape at Louisville. Teddy can throw the football.
    “Worse than Winston”? More than 30 INTs? I have to kindly disagree.

  22. WhatTheBuc Says:

    Whether we keep Winston or not, why would you franchise him? There are zero teams looking at Winston as a starter. Show me one report of a team targeting Winston. If you want him back, let him test the market. If the Bucs value him, they will be able to beat all offers.

  23. WhatTheBuc Says:

    BucEm, You also have to consider that Bridgewater was a rookie. Very few QBs are prolific passers in their 1st season. That’s true of year 2 as well.

  24. Bird Says:


    Good observation
    Tb or Tb

    Honestly , peter schrager is one if the biggest buc fans of all the analysts
    He brings them up all the time
    He didnt hesitate with Bridgewater or say nah jameis is better qb for bucs

  25. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Dudes season high for tds is 14…

    Yeah he protects the ball but he’s not gonna win you a lot of games if the defense and run game aren’t good

  26. Tbbucs3 Says:

    RG3 is washed. He’s athletic and throws a nice ball that’s about it.

  27. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Teddy Bridewater has 38 total passing TDs in 5 years he’s been in the league.

    Jameis threw 33 last season.

    Do we really want that huge drop off in production cause we’re scared of interceptions?

    The Bucs have other holes to fill in this team, sign Winston and let’s move on with our lives already.

  28. John Says:

    As long a Winston is gone GREAT….

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Can Teddy make the downfield throw? That is the question

  30. 813bucboi Says:

    if INTs werent such a big deal, why have we been saying JW need to take care of the ball better for the past 5years?…lol….

    ive been saying what @bucsfanman just posted…..

    teddy was never asked to sling the ball down field 30+ times a game…..

    with the vikings teddy was in a run first offense…..

    jets signed him and then traded him after they saw their rookie QB sam daronld look competent enough to start…..who was the last 1st round QB to sit an entire season while he learns and develops?….lol….that dont happen anymore…..

    the saints are a run first/screen type offense…..plus they only have 2 weapons MT and AK…..in that offense he wasnt asked to throw down field a ton….and either was drew…..

    teddy is a perfect fit for this team….

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  31. WestChap Says:

    This year’s head-to-head matchup was a no contest… Teddy was the far superior QB even though Jameis had a clean game with 0 turnovers (with a little help from flags/drops avoiding 4 picks and a teammate hopping on his fumble). If Brady says no or wants some ungodly amount of money, Teddy is WAY more than just a consolation. Tommy or Teddy, count me in!

  32. Tbbucs3 Says:


    If Teddy Bridewater has never been asked to sling the ball around 30+ times, what possibly makes you think he will succeed in a complex air raid scheme that Bruce Arians runs that is traditionally very hard on first year QBs?

    Even Palmer who is an awesome QB. Teddy ain’t better than Palmer that’s a fact.

  33. Beeej Says:

    If you tag JW you HAVE to divert $20+ million to him

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    Reality is that none of us know who’ill be the Bucs’ QB this fall. But if you look at some of the names being bantered around (Winston, Bridgewater, Carr, Dalton, Rivers, Brady), there’s a pretty good chance our offense can be successful with any of them at the helm … IF we fix the OLine & running game. IF we don’t, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll all struggle.

    Underlying all of that is the primary NEED to get our defense to pick up in 2020 where it left off in 2019. THAT’S a long way from being a given IMO. It won’t come cheap, but our best bet is to bring back JPP, Shaq, Suh & Nassib plus grab a quality veteran Safety in FA. Git er done Jason.

  35. GreatInBend Says:

    What’s interesting is that no other team is talking about JW as more than a backup or single year vet to develop a young QB.

  36. 813bucboi Says:

    Tbbucs3 Says:
    March 13th, 2020 at 9:16 am
    If Teddy Bridewater has never been asked to sling the ball around 30+ times, what possibly makes you think he will succeed in a complex air raid scheme that Bruce Arians runs that is traditionally very hard on first year QBs?

    his film from last year…..lol…

    folks act like teddy has never thrown the football over 10years since being drafted by the vikings in the first round….lol…

    you think sean paytons playbook was easy to learn and execute?….

    Sean payton is an offensive guru…you dont think his system is complex?

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  37. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    The Anybody But JW crowd does realize Teddy Bear was a backup journeyman with one bad leg outta the league before New Orleans…right?! He filled in nicely…5-0 even. I’d argue the Saints were the class of the NFC at the time. Thinking he’ll be anything more than Shaun King circa de 1999 is a wish.

  38. 941bucsboy Says:

    JW has a better arm and can scramble. Yes Teddy doesn’t throw many picks but he only throw short yards. The risk is more throwing in deep coverage. Watch the highlights of both and compare. JW makes impossible throws so too close for comfort. I’m assuming Sean Peyton didn’t make him throw deep because he knew what he could do and just played to his strengths. I say tag Winston draft a rookie QB to learn the ropes.

  39. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “Tough, resilient, with a great arm. And, only 26.”

    Agree he’s tough, resilient and has a great arm but you left out his most important attribute…he’s “excitable” as they might say now days…old schoolers just call it choking. For all his talent JW is simply a CHOKER!

  40. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Teddy Bridgewater DID have a horrible ACL tear. He worked his butt off to rehab but the Vikings found Cousins before Teddy healed and in fairness noone was sure he could come back. But he DID…reports in a Minnesota Newspaper from a Viking coach said Teddy was throwing the ball as well after he healed as before.

    And so I checked his injuries other than that…he missed ONE game…other than the knee injury

    He hasn’t played five years!!! He missed an entire year…came back and played in one game for NO…and then last year went 5-0!!! Yeah NO was clearly better than us…so I can hear the JW excuses already.

    But of course no matter what FACT anybody brings up JW supporters will have the handy excuse.

    Teddy has played in four seasons and one game…Teddy’s career record 22-12
    TEN games over .500…JW….28-42 a LOSING record. Yeah but blameless had nothing to do with that record…he was just playing QB.

  41. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey Teddy, I don’t want you. You’re a weak armed afraid to throw the ball downfield disaster. Stop pretending you’re Tom Brady and have your pick of teams to play for. The Bucs run a downfield offense, not a 3 yard screen offense, there is no Alvin Karama to dump the ball off too, Mike Evans isn’t running 2 yard routes like Michael Thomas on every route — and finally while you get to practice against the Bucs defense, you don’t get to play against them to inflate your stats.

    The Bridgewater talk is the dumbest talk I’ve ever heard. Literally the morons here want some guy who is just a game manger because they think we have the 2002 Bucs defense.

    Here’s a hint dummies, we don’t have the 2002 defense, and a game manager isn’t going to win you anything. All we’re going to do is have two p/o’d superstar WR’s who are going to be going nuts when every pass is a dump off to Dare for -2 yards.

  42. Rod Munch Says:

    stpetebucsfan – Hey dummy, what was the record of those teams that Bridgewater played for after he got injured or was on the bench? Answer that sweetheart then get back to me.