Ronald Jones Says He Has Just One Season Goal

February 8th, 2020

Bucs running back Ronald Jones taught fans a lot about him last week.

Yes, he wants to play with Tom Brady. He also is inspired daily by Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

And Jones wants a full workload in 2020, as he gets his playing weight up to a target of 225 pounds.

It seems just 80 carries over the final 8 games didn’t sit well with RoJoe. Joe didn’t like it either.

Also during his chat on SiriusXM radio, Jones was asked what his personal goals are for a season. He was clear that outside of winning, it’s a singular goal: gaining 1,000 yards.

Jones turns 23 in August and, in theory, 2020 should be a breakout season for him. He acknowledges being a somewhat lost and unmotivated rookie under Dirk Koetter in 2018. Call it immaturity. And RoJo said he got his act together mentally and physically last season while still adjusting to a new scheme.

He finished 2019 strong and he’s primed (again, in theory) for those 1,000 yards in 2020. But Joe simply cannot rely on hoping RoJo makes a leap.

It’s irresponsible and illogical to count on the guy. The Bucs should find true competition by adding a legit running back in free agency and one in the draft.

There is no crime in having three good running backs on the roster. And if Dare Ogunbowale is so darn good, then the Bucs should trade him for a draft pick.

Anyone think the Bucs would find a taker?

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22 Responses to “Ronald Jones Says He Has Just One Season Goal”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    He’s not trusted by BA

    He doesn’t block well

    …….he’ll never get to 1000 yards as long as BA is the coach in these parts

  2. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    1000 yards? Bro, your first goal should be to earn that job! What does he think that job is gonna be there for him?
    I may be splitting hairs but it sounds like his mind still isn’t right. He made a big jump from his invisible rookie season but he was given every opportunity early on to have a breakout season. I still think he can put it together and breakout this year but that wouldn’t stop me from drafting a RB in rounds 2-4.
    Lots of RBs I like again this year.

  3. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    Ronald definitely improved but we need more.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    1000 rushing yards is a commendable goal, but IF it takes 20 carries a game – 320 carries a season – to achieve it then it wouldn’t be much of an accomplishment … that’s barely 3.1 Yards/Carry. And therein lies the Bucs’ traditional problem: the average YPC for our RB stable usually stinks.

    o 2019: 3.7 YPC (1521 yards rushing on 409 carries) … 1st Downs: 81 … 15 TDs
    o 2018: 3.9 YPC (1523 yards rushing on 389 carries) … 1st Downs: 80 … 11 TDs
    o 2017: 3.7 YPC (1448 yards rushing on 390 carries) … 1st Downs: 76 … 8 TDs
    o 2016: 3.6 YPC (1616 yards rushing on 453 carries) … 1st Downs: 80 … 8 TDs
    o 2015: 4.8 YPC (2162 yards rushing on 455 carries) … 1st Downs: 99 … 12 TDs
    o 2014: 3.9 YPC (1375 yards rushing on 353 carries) … 1st Downs: 72 … 7 TDs
    o 2013: 3.8 YPC (1612 yards rushing on 420 carries) … 1st Downs: 75 … 6 TDs
    o 2012: 4.4 YPC (1837 yards rushing on 416 carries) … 1st Downs: 89 … 13 TDs
    o 2011: 4.2 YPC (1458 yards rushing on 346 carries) … 1st Downs: 74 … 9 TDs
    o 2010: 4.6 YPC (2001 yards rushing on 431 carries) … 1st Downs: 97 … 9 TDs

    Over the past decade the Bucs have only broken 2,000 yards rushing as a TEAM TWICE … 2015 & 2010. BOTH years we had a very respectable 4.7 YPC average (4.8 & 4.6). BOTH years we neared 100 rushing 1st downs (99 & 97). And BOTH years the run-pass ratio was at its highest (45% run – 55% pass in both). A decent BALANCE ratio.

    IOW, a COMMITMENT to the run produced better average results per run. Wow, what a concept.

    Unfortunately those were only TWO out of 10 years. The OTHER years our running game was meh, averaging 3.9 YPC (only 1549 rushing yards on 397 rushes average per season, producing an average of 78 rushing 1st downs). Oh and for those other 8 years our run-pass ratio averaged 39% run – 61% pass. Not a very sterling run-pass BALANCE. What I’d love to see as a 2020 goal for our RB stable is 2,000 rushing on 450 rushes. That’d require a 4.5 YPC average to achieve. That’d also yield close to a 45% run -55% pass ratio. BALANCE.

    Oh BTW, the runners back in 2010? LeGarrette Blount (6′ & 247 lbs) gained 1,007 yards (5.0 YPC) while Cadillac Williams (5’11’ & 204 lbs) gained 437 yards (3.5 YPC). Our QB, Josh Freeman, added another 364 rushing yards (5.4 YPC). What a concept: Big back, fast back, QB who can tuck it & run when need be. (Almost sounds like Mike Alstott & Warrick Dunn in their heyday).

  5. alaskabuc Says:

    @Defense Rules- nice job on the research, that was good (c)hit. Getting to see the numbers laid out like that is a harsh reminder of just how bad we have been with our ground game over the last decade.

  6. Bobby M. Says:

    How does every other organization find players in the draft that can plug/play with immediate return on their investment….yet we are forever in a state of “developing”? Seriously….RB? Its the easiest position to transition in the pros, by year 2 its go time….we’re talking about making the leap in year 3! Same with corners, safeties, our linemen, d-linemen….OUR QB at FIVE YEARS!

    By the time they make the leap, its time to pay them free agent money. We get no true value out of their rookie deals because they are developing instead of producing. Look around the league, the teams making pushes in the playoffs maximize off of rookie contracts, then if the player becomes to expensive, they let them walk or tag them and bring up the next guy.

  7. Bob in Valrico Says:

    You would think after we had the thunder and lightning team of Dunn and Alstott,
    that we would have learned the value of a tandem back system. A lot of other teams are doing it,but we seem to be slow learners. we are more of a running back by committee team.

  8. Ineffable Dullard Repairman Says:

    Good posts guys.
    Apparently, most of the deranged psychotics sleep in on Saturdays.
    It’s good to read a few opinions from those that try to make sense instead of attempting to discern the ramblings from the mud slinging, padded cell lot.

    Keep it going before they wake up!

  9. Richbucsfan Says:

    Remember, in the 2002 season we had football-smart players. We don’t now. After 2 seasons RoJo still doesn’t get how to pick up the blitz. We need talented AND smart players.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @4.2 yards per carry……it would take 15 carries per game for Rojo to hit 1008 yards………only 15……that’s not too much to ask.

  11. Bucs Guy Says:

    Not sure why people are looking for faster RBs if we’re counting on Rojo or picking up David Johnson. A lot of people wanted Najee Harris from Alabama; but he decided not to come out for the draft. He would have been a great big, bruising back. I don’t see one among the other names being thrown around in the early rounds. However, on day 3 I see Patrick Taylor Jr (6’3″, 237) and AJ Dillon (6’0″, 249). Either of these would be an upgrade over Dare and fill a Bucs need for the Bucs. Taylor had a fantastic 2018, was hurt the first half of 2019 and finished strong in the 2nd half. Dillon had over1500 yards on a team with no offensive options. I`m anxious to see how both do at yhe combine.

  12. Mr. Reality Says:

    Like Winston (though Winston is not quite as bad), Jones seems very immature and backwards in his philosophy. Want to be a star? YES! Want to be the go to guy? YES! Want to make lots and lots of money? YES!!!! All of this “want to” doesn’t mean anything. It is knowing that you are not producing at the level you need…you need to see reality. You don’t get more touches when you don’t produce. You don’t get infinite chances. Winston should have improved over his rookie year. Instead, he got worse. Same basic passer rating, but with many more INTs to go with the extra thousand or so yards. UNSAT! Jones is going into year 3, and RB is one position where production is possible and expected the first year. Both of these entitled clowns need to hit the curb.

  13. OBP Says:

    Got to give the young man an O-line to block for him first before there is any talk of 1k yards, he had so many big runs called back due to stupid penalties.

  14. footballjunkie Says:

    It’s the same guy…that all local media reported…couldn’t learn the play book in year 1. Awesome. And he’s just a RB. Guess those California schools like USC don’t do much for between the ears.

    Maybe Melvin Gordon on moderate with incentives 3 year deal.

    Maybe DJ if released of 2 year lower base high incentive deal. BA could resurrect him.

    Both are much better options week 1 than this dude. Too much is made of a player’s age, which is only relevant if your collective skill set is apples-to-apples with the competition.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    TBBF … IF the Bucs got back to the days of 450 rushes on a season (28 runs/game average) and IF they had TWO solid RBs, plus a 3rd as a backup (and a QB who logged SOME runs), then it’d be impossible for BOTH RBs to get even 15 carries/game. I think one of them would have a hot hand and probably get in the 18-20 range per game, while the other get 10 or less.

    If we draft a RB high, I would expect that either he or RoJo would become the primary dog. IOW, unless RoJo becomes the primary back, I doubt that he’ll see 1000 yards in 2000. He just wouldn’t get enough carries, even IF we became a more BALANCED TEAM (say 45% run – 55% pass).

    Of course the FIRST challenge is just to establish a respectable running game. And that’ll take improving the OLine AND improving our RB stable. And oh ya, developing a COMMITMENT to the run, at least in those game situations where a run can potentially get you a reasonable result.

  16. TexTrackFan Says:

    If you don’t shore up the O-line, I don’t care if you have Derrick Henry or Nick Chubb in the Buc’s backfield, they wouldn’t get nearly the production they got with their current teams and they sure as hell wouldn’t have led the league in rushing with the 2019 Buc’s O-line.

  17. BucEmUp Says:

    How many running plays did the Bucs attempt with more than two wide receivers lined up wide in 2019?

    How many running plays did they attempt with the tight ends spread out?

    Every time they ran the ball it was up the gut with extra guys blocking as if it were a goal line run or a 3rd and short. They rarely did sweeps with Jones speed seems like a no brainier.


  18. BigHog Says:

    It don’t matter if you run the Power-I or Wing-T or Spread …if your O/Libe can’t block and your running back can’t pick up a blitzing linebacker your offense will not be effective or efficient!! KEEP GRINDING BUCS!!!

  19. Big O Says:

    Can we get rid of the jerseys and digital clock numbers? I’m sure we can all agree that’s what needs to go!!!

  20. Buczilla Says:

    Rojo has proven to be a decent 3rd string running thus far. Cut Dare (we can’t get a stale Twinkie for this guy) and don’t resign Barber. Draft a real threat at rb after round one and pair him with a reliable vet with a pulse. Other teams do this all of the time, so I’m flabbergasted that we’ve failed at this year after year since the good Doug Martin days. Good running backs are a dime a dozen! It’s comical at this point and hopefully Arians/Licht get it fixed.

  21. Nick2 Says:

    I’m all for bringing in more depth but Jones was benched by Koetter who also benched Cappa. Odd both of them written off and now both are productive. Joe pounced on Koetters assessment and said he was a bust. That’s far from the case and BA knew that coming in. Lighten up on Jones Joe heck he had about 80 yards of running called back in the rams game alone and does seem to get better with more carries. I’ll take BAs endorsement over Koetter any day!!! Oh and one more thing he CAN catch!!!

  22. Owlykat Says:

    We need a big bruising back with good speed, RoJo as a change of pace back, and Ogunbowale too. He just started as a third down back last year and will get better. We just need a first round LT who can stop speed rushers and be a good blocking back. Move Smith to RG and Cappa to RT with Dotson as backup RT. Our Center has the best grade by PFF of our whole OL.