“I Want A Full Workload”

February 3rd, 2020

Ronald Jones put his foot down last week.

It seems having just 80 carries in the final eight games of last season isn’t sitting well with the young running back.

SiriusXM host Mike Dempsey caught up with Jones at the Super Bowl and Jones says he’s proud of his growth as a second-year player last season, and he’s committed to more offseason work to win a full-time role.

“It’s crazy. Basically, as your confidence goes up, your skills increase. I got that from Kobe Bryant and stays true to this day because when I didn’t know the full playbook and stuff like that, I was just playing slow,” Jones said. “You gotta play fast here.”

Jones said he hopes further reworking his body will have coaches believing in him more. “I went from 208 [as a rookie] to 218 like that [last season], didn’t lose speed. Next year I’m trying to get around 225. I want a full workload.”

While Joe doesn’t think Jones is someone the Bucs should bank on, meaning they should look to upgrade running back in free agency and/or the draft, he is just 22 years old and that makes him an exciting piece of the offensive puzzle.

As for those 80 carries in the final eight games, Bucco Bruce Arians should have gotten him more touches. After a 2-6 start that represented another lost season, did we really need to see Peyton Barber and Dare Ogunbowale as much as we did?

[Note: with the Super Bowl over, Joe is fired up as hell to deliver you zero-snooze Bucs coverage 24/7. The annual season of hope is underway and Joe is energized.]

37 Responses to ““I Want A Full Workload””

  1. Mr. Reality Says:

    Jones is too young and stupid to get it that he doesn’t deserve the touches. And we’lls see if Licht and Arians are too stupid to fix their problem at RB. Day after watching to wildly successful teams in the big game and this is just a reminder of how sad this team is….at QB, at RB, at leadership abd ownership.

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs offense is clearly designed to feature Winston, ME13 & Godwin. We had a number of other viable ‘weapons’ that for whatever reason weren’t featured last year … RoJo, OJ, Brate, even Perriman (until the last couple of games when Bucs had no choice).

    Both the Chiefs & 49ers showed that involving your RBs & TEs, along with your WRs, pays dividends. Plus diversity in your offensive attack scheme is essential in today’s NFL because it complicates the defense’s problems tremendously (as we all saw last night). Bucs have a lot of growing to do to compete with teams like the Chiefs & 49ers. And most of that growth is actually on offense.

  3. OneBuc55 Says:

    It’d be nice to have a 1000 yrd rusher…That alone helps your QB tremendously…

    I know most fans nowadays like to see 45 or 50 passes a game; personally, I think we need some balance in the offense…25 to 30 rushes a game coupled with 30 to 35 pass attempts imo is a much better ratio if we really want to be a playoff caliber team…

    There’s no excuse for the TOs by our QB but when the opposing defense knows you have no interest in consistently running the football it does make your QBs job a little harder….

  4. BucEmUp Says:

    Jones was clearly the best back on the field every week and Byron wanted dare getting the same number of carries

  5. mark2001 Says:

    DR…Last night should have convinced everyone that Jameis will never be a SB winning QB. He would have lost his composure last night, thrown the ball up for grabs, and destroyed any chance of a victory. He will always be what his is… a one big play QB, that will leave many Ints and losses in his wake. And if he hasn’t learned by now that that “ballin” isn’t a formula for winning games, or championships, I doubt he ever will.

    And with another quality running back instead of Barber and Dare, and better scheming, I think we will have a good running game. But one big difference between us and KC. Teams don’t want to take away their running game and put the game on Mahomes shoulders,.. or Rodgers… they will carve you up. Take away the Bucs running game and put it on Jameis shoulders? Why not?

  6. Jean Lafitte Says:

    First off if the team could better run block along with RoJo getting more touches we’d be better at running the ball.

    49ers RB Raheem Mostert was a walk-on for Christ sakes and he’s doing well. Why? Because they have an offensive line that’s committed to the run.

    We’ll probably draft another back but don’t expect much more until the O-line gets sorted out so in the mean time lay off of RoJo.

  7. mark2001 Says:

    And for the lovers..no…Jameis wouldn’t have done what Mahomes did last night in the last five minutes…he would have done what Garoppolo did by the end of the game, with maybe another TD and a couple more picks.

  8. mark2001 Says:

    Jean..why would teams not want Jameis to throw the ball 40 or 50 times a game? Seems like a recipe for their success.

    Our Running game will always have difficulties with Jameis at QB. He scrambles well, but isn’t a big running danger. And he throws the ball up for grabs every dozen throws. So why not let him “ball”? Take away the running game…and make Jameis beat you.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    OneBuc55 … Totally agree with your more balanced offensive approach. The number of offensive plays during each game vary considerably, but I’d like to see about a 45% run – 55% pass ratio … on the year. But it’s bound to vary game-to-game depending upon your opponent’s defensive strengths & weaknesses I’m sure.

    BucEmUp … I don’t think that BL had confidence in RoJo to adequately pass block & that hurt him. He’s improved as a pass receiver & as a runner, but RBs have to be able to pass block to earn more time on the field. And if Bucs draft a ‘beast’ RB, RoJo probably won’t see any more carries or targets overall than he did this year.

    Mark2001 … It was actually Garoppolo who impressed me the most last night … for the first 3 quarters (at one point he was 18-for-22 which is pretty danged good). After that though, when the game was on the line, Mahomes excelled & Garoppolo faded somewhat. I thought that the difference was Mahomes being able to extend plays until one of his receivers got open, PLUS the 2 deep passes that led to TDs. Overall an awesome game, and very much a defensive struggle, despite the final score.

  10. Old School Athlete Says:

    The SB was a great game, but depressing when I think about how far away we still are. Are we even gonna sniff the playoffs in the next 5 years? BA says we’re gonna stop beating ourselves. Wow, I sure would like to see that.
    Mark is right about JW3. The mental composure to hold it all together in a moment like that just isn’t there. I like Jameis and I’ve defended him a lot on here, but the sad fact is there’s no improvement there.
    I’m just searching for some hope that somebody somewhere is doing something meaningful to make this team better and we’re not gonna see the same trash on the field next season. I can’t get the taste of that last play against ATL out of my mouth.

  11. mark2001 Says:

    Dr…. you can also scheme to take away the run. And with Jameis’s accuracy and tendency to put the ball up for grabs, why wouldn’t you? Mahomes did something I said franchise QB’s did…at crunch time, put the game on his shoulders. Something we don’t see in Tampa, And that doesn’t always mean a 50 yard bomb.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    15 carries per game for Rojo would have given him 1008 yards……at 4.2 per carry.
    Give Rojo the ball more often…..fix RT…..add a big back for short yardage and we are good.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Mark2001 … BTW, I think that Jameis could win in a SB, but obviously not turning the ball over like he did this past year. For him to go from an average of 15 INTs & 1 Pick-6 per year for his first 4 years, THEN blow up to 30 INTs & 7 Pick-6 in 2019 tells me that something was drastically wrong. It just doesn’t compute.

    The only thing that even remotely makes sense is that what Jameis was asked to do in BA’s offense last year was significantly different than what he’d been asked to do in Koetter’s offense. And Jameis didn’t respond well to those different demands in one aspect: giveaways. IF he stays (and I personally think he will for 1 more year at least), then I’m convinced that BA & his staff will make sure that Jameis gives the ball away a LOT LESS. A team can’t consistently win giving the ball away as much as we did last year.

  14. mark2001 Says:

    The more I see, the more I’m thinking a first or at latest second round QB in the draft. I think any high potential QB depth will disappear quickly in this draft…even faster than normally…many teams looking for the low salary cap hit next Mahomes, and many of the mainstay QB’s are nearing the later stages of their careers…. including the Packers.

  15. mark2001 Says:

    Dr… how can Arians or you or me make sure he turns the ball over less? Bench him? And who are you going to play then?

    The only way we should bring him back is a low base contract with incentives to make sure he at least has more than a chewing out/benching to encourage him to do so. I think he was better at throwing the ball away…but I think he is still balling, and his Int/TD ratio will always be high.

    And if that is the case, where do you go if nothing changes this next year? Waiting a year closer to Arians retirement and hope there is someone there in the draft? That the D doesn’t improve and we end up picking 20 next year? That doesn’t sound like a success formula to me?

    Low base and incentives…and draft a QB. That is the only way I see it having a good ending… Unless you think Jameis will truly change the way he approaches the game. And I’m talking what Barrett alluded to.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    TBBF … Bucs ran the ball 409 times last year (25.6 rushes/game), but had 1,086 total plays on the year (67.9 plays/game). So effectively passing plays accounted for about 42 plays/game (which includes sacks). That results in a ratio of about 38% run – 62% pass attempts. And when your run game is marginal to begin with, you really have become a one-dimensional offense.

    Add to that the fact that the Bucs really underutilized their TEs on the year, and even underutilized our RBs in the passing game, and we were REALLY one-dimensional. Might be wrong, but it seems like that simplifies the opposing defenses’ job considerably. Hmmm, wonder if that has any impact on the number of INTs our QB throws.

  17. mark2001 Says:

    DR..Barrett knows it…and you can believe Arians knows it. And opposing coaches know it.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Mark2001 … The only way to hold ANY QB accountable IMO is to have a viable backup QB ready to take his place if he consistently underperforms. A rookie QB isn’t a viable alternative in BA’s ‘Bombs Away’ attack scheme IMO (it’s too demanding & it sets the rookie up for failure).

    There are a number of viable backup QBs who’ll be UFAs this year, and even more who we could trade for if need be. Having no competition for Jameis in 2019 was ridiculous.

    And even though I personally think we’ll tag Jameis before March 10th, there’s still a possibility in my mind that BA & JL might trade him for another QB. Lots of time for this drama to play out.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think the deal with Winston could have already been done if they wanted him. Perhaps it is made more complicated because of our desire to keep Shaq & JPP…..and involves possible tags……

    I agree with Mark2001 that the only way it makes sense to bring Winston back is a lower salary and also drafting a QB. The transition tag is a bit above $23 mil….that should do the trick.

  20. mark2001 Says:

    Dr. From Toronto Sun…BA quote…now we would be at 14..but alot of similarity…

    “When you draft a guy No. 1, especially in the top 10, you draft your franchise,” Arians, who turned 66 on Wednesday, said this week in a phone interview. “I don’t think you learn by sitting on the bench. You learn from playing. If you’re sitting on the bench as a backup, you don’t get any reps in practice. So not only are you not getting any reps in games, you’re not even getting reps in practice. You’re basically just watching. You need to experience the game … and, yes, you’re gonna fail. But you’re also going to succeed. It’s finding out how to handle both success and failure.

    “Hey, Peyton Manning was 3-13 as a rookie, and in seven years went to 13-3 – because he learned, and we learned, everything about him that first year. And I think that’s what all rookie top-10 draft picks should go through”.

  21. mark2001 Says:

    Obviously we don’t want Jameis to fail…but if we can’t afford Jameis and that quality backup you mentioned..what..45 mil? And we put our franchise money in Jameis’s pocket and he doesn’t succeed? We need a relative low cap hit QB in the wings, with great potential.

  22. mark2001 Says:

    So lets look at a scenario where Jameis isn’t the future, and you pay him big money. We pay him 30. A “quality” backup is 10 to 12. So you have 40 in already. And the guy you want is gone in the second round. So where are you? Rebuilding again…and BTW… you couldn’t afford to keep the D together. Or you bring in a quality starter or back up for 12 to 20 mil, or low 20 base with Jameis, pay the D or a quality FA, and draft a quality guy in the first round of the draft…

    I think that the later is a safer and better alternative.

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    Mark2001 … Philosophically he’s spot on. Realistically, BA’s 66 like you said. He’s not gonna suffer through a rookie at this point in his career unless he has absolutely no choice. By our #14 pick there won’t be much left to choose from. And the Bucs are in no position to pay a king’s ransom to move up to grab an earlier one. We still have too many other needs on offense AND defense.

    TBBF … I still really don’t like the transition tag, but I don’t think we’ll have any choice but to franchise tag Shaq THEN work a long-term deal. That leaves Jameis with the transition tag. IOM he’s not worth $23-$24 mil after last year’s performance, BUT … we have little choice. IF we don’t tag him BEFORE free agency starts, we lose all leverage. We’d be entering FA with only Ryan Griffin on our roster, with no guarantees who our starting QB will be. That’s not the prescription for becoming a playoff team.

  24. mark2001 Says:

    BTW..If I’m the “G” men, I’d think my scenario gives the fans more hope than potentially having to start completely over at the QB position. And as I expect the D to be much better, if we can keep them together, we might not have as high a draft pick and chance for a top notch rookie QB the following year.

  25. 813bucboi Says:


    i was surprised by jimmy G’s play as well….he played well thru the 1st 3 quarters but when it was time to WIN the game, he didnt come thru….that deep ball that he missed put the nail in the coffin….sanders had both players beat….jimmy over threw him by 7 or 8yards…..

    at the end of the day, when it comes to big/must win games its all about, do you trust your QB to make the right decision and execute the play….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  26. doolnutts Says:

    I would like to have us draft or sign a fresh RB but I do not think it should be a lot of money or high draft choice. I dont think the OL is as bad as folks say it is but I think we can all agree it is definitely not dominant. If we keep Winston our picks 1-3 should be around the offensives and defensive lines.

  27. Beeej Says:

    Only problem w Jones is he’s too small to block a blitzing linebacker…would pumping more weights fix that?

  28. Ed Says:

    Maholmes is clutch. He proved it 3 games in a row when he brought his teams back. He showed leadership by running in the red zone and taking ferocious hits. The Niners defense has him reeling in the first 3 quarters but mentally he knew what he had to do. A leader at the helm.

    Jameis Winston is likeable to his teammates, he tries very hard and is competitive.

    He isn’t cerebral enough. He can’t even handle the pressure of playing in front of his home fans who are desperate to see some wins. He can’t execute plays when games are on the line. Many games this year he got the ball back and didn’t come they with game winning drives other than the Giants game which Gay blew.

  29. Sport Says:

    DR – solid points as usual. Underutilization IMO can be chalked up to 2 things. 1 – our wide receivers produce consistently. 2 – there is only one ball.

    Ruining game %’s are due to 3 things – 1 – scheme (this offense goes through s the (receivers). 2 – take what the D gives you (aka mismatch). 3 – when turnovers happen, especially scoopor pick and score, you tend to have to come back quickly. And abandon the run game.

    Mark – interesting article. But that writer clearly doesn’t know BA’s coaching strategy. They run 2 practices simultaneously. I think it’s a big reason why our young guys did so well. They are get tons of reps and they are getting graded on film. Every snap, every detail, every player.

    I think a lot of folks are missing something about BA and his age. This is his last stop. Everyone knows that. This large staff is designed to be a legacy. Also meaning the future HC is already on this staff. They will be handed the keys by BA.
    With that in mind it changes the prism of short term decision making. It’s a balance at best. Meaning, he might draft a QB high, if he thinks the he has a chance to win with him. But also has a strong incentive to help the next HC. This is an unusual position for his philosophy about taking Olineman ‘you draft olineman for they next coach’. He might just do that.

    It’s a wildcard theory but it’s based on years of management experience.

    In BA I Trust!

  30. Nick2 Says:

    He definitely deserved more touches. Peyton Barber was not a good reason to take the ball away from him. We have one good running back but I say draft another and if Ronald Jones plays better than the rook play the man pound the rock!!!

  31. stpetebucsfan Says:


    THANKS! I simply do not get all the ROJO hate here especially from Joe.

    D.R. made the ONLY point I’ve seen that has any accuracy. ROJO is not yet a solid blocker. And last night a KC back did through a block that picked up a blitz that enabled Mahomes to make the big play. I do not devalue blocking ability but then work on it!

    So compare ROJO’s numbers with two of the FA backs mentioned most frequently here..David Johnson and Melvin Gordon. The raw numbers must lie according to Joe.

    Fumbles…ROJO had 3 last year. Gordon had 4 on 10 fewer carries. Johnson had only a half season with 1 but his five year average is 3. He had FIVE in his great year. Gordon averages a whisker under 3 per season.
    Bottom line…all three of these players fumble at the same rate!!!!

    Hands or catching ability..ROJO catches 77.6% Gordon 75.2% Johnson 67.3%

    So I agree with D.R. ROJO is not an accomplished blocker. Perhaps as he gains size and maturity…he was a kid his rookie year..he’ll work hard to improve that.

    As far as fumbles…he’s EXACTLY on par with both Gordon and Johnson.

    As far as catching the ball he has BETTER numbers than Gordon or Johnson.

    BTW…on the next thread if Joe lets it through I put up a link that gives the most objective analysis of the JW debate including what I call the NDOG portion where they go through all 30 of JW’s picks individually.

    If you go to youtube and look for Jameis Winston Conundrum it will come up.
    You can fast forward to the 11 minute mark if you wish to see the NDOG portion of every pick reviewed on video

  32. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Man my old brain sucks on spelling homonyms and now I’ve turned throw into through. Growing older isn’t always fun but it beats the alternative.

  33. Jerry Says:

    If he can pick up a blitzer he can stay on the field. Simple as that.

  34. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree it is as simple as that. Let’s hope that is what he is working on in the off season.

  35. Admiral Redbeard Says:

    Give RoJo the ball 20-25 times per game, and he will become one of the best backs in the NFL.

  36. Isaac haggins Says:

    @ Admiral that is true and has been proven true for many many backs !! Look at San Fran this year , look at Kc in the Super Bowl , look at T Davis in Denver and the backs that followed, look at Tim Smith in the Super Bowl !!! If the line can block a little and a guy can consistently get the rock , many many backs will shine . Bruce Said , I guarantee you we will have a run game ?🤔 NOPE !!!

  37. Bucemup Says:

    I would love to have another RB in here to upgrade the position. Make Jones work for his carries. Allow our draft pick an opportunity to compete for carries as well. History tells us we don’t value the Rb position like fans do. There will be great backs on the board early and for some reason we will try to out smart everyone and pick one up in the 5th rd that nobody has heard of and he then will get to camp and the game will be too fast for him so he will need half the season to learn. I hope I’m wrong but who was our last draft pick at RB that got the town excited? Warrick Dunn?