“In An Offense Where The Coach Literally Tells You, ‘You’re Going To Get F*%^’d Up This Year, But Just Hang In There And Keep Throwing The Ball Down The Field'”

February 12th, 2020

Egos often rule the day in the NFL.

The Coach My Scheme nickname hardly only fits Lovie Smith; many players, executives coaches like to puff their chests out in various ways.

Former Bucs quarterback Chris Simms, now a top NFL analyst for NBC Sports, touched on massive NFL egos in a chat about Bucco Bruce Arians and Tom Brady recently.

In fact, Simms, who was a Patriots coach in 2012, thinks the two would clash if Brady replaced America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston. Brady would want to adjust the Arians offense so he could get rid of the football quickly, Simms believes.

“That’s not the Arians way, Simms passionately explained, “in an offense where the coach literally tells you, ‘You’re going to get F*&^’d up this year,’ but just hang in there and keep throwing the ball down the field.”

Bucs fans remember how Big Jameis debuted about a year ago, and Brady actually worked to emulate the big-QB thing last offseason. Simms added that Arians ordered Jameis to add 20 pounds last season because he was going to get pounded.

This whole take reminds Joe of a former Bucs guard Ian Beckles saying Arians better adjust to Jameis or get rid of Jameis because he isn’t a great fit for this offense.

Would Arians really turn down a chance to sign Brady due to a clash of egos? The Bucs’ pass catchers certainly are flexible enough to handle anything.

Regardless, Arians, like any coach, needs a level of flexibility to be successful.

Joe wonders if Jameis would prefer a system that didn’t set him up to get drilled.

50 Responses to ““In An Offense Where The Coach Literally Tells You, ‘You’re Going To Get F*%^’d Up This Year, But Just Hang In There And Keep Throwing The Ball Down The Field'””

  1. footballjunkie Says:

    So there’s Tom Brady’s wisdom, and there’s BA’s vast wisdom. Both individually and combined.

    Then there’s…Chris Simms.

    I’ll roll with the guy argued as the GOAT and the “QB whisperer”. Over the one Simms who couldn’t stick around like Dad in the NFL.

    Anyone in their right mind takes the chance to work with Brady and that drive of is, plus BA’s drive.

  2. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    Jameis got Lasik surgery today, seriously. Can’t make this up.

  3. BFFL Says:

    There is a stat called “time to throw” to track how long on average a quarter takes to throw the ball.

    shortest time (1st) = Bress at 2.57s
    13th = Brady at 2.75s
    15th = JW at 2.77s
    16th = matt ryan at 2.77s
    22nd = mahomes at 2.82s

    try again…what’s the next excuse

  4. Steven007 Says:

    Buddahboy, that is exactly, verbatim, what I was going to say!

  5. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Arians is a joke

    The best coaches are flexible he isn’t and can’t expect a semi retired coach to change

  6. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Even more reason to bring Jameis back! He got his eyes fixed! Go Bucs! Go Jameis!

  7. CrackerBall Says:

    It’s pretty clear that Arians isn’t going to adjust his offense – and that should have been a question asked by somebody during the Brice Arians interview. “What if it doesn’t work – will you adjust?” seems a reasonable question, because keeping Jameis as the starter was clearly declared before the HC search began – so if that turns off any prospective HC candidates, don’t even bother showing any interest in Tampa Bay.

    (and they probably didn’t)

  8. Billy_45 Says:

    You mean like in Indy?

    Jameis would have all day there.

    Of course it only took like .7 seconds to throw his last pick, so who cares.

  9. Lord Corn Says:


    For one stat doesn’t include sacks of which Jameis had double vs Brady – most all of which were long developing plays.

    Also if you go by average air yards per completion and per attempt their #s are dramatically different. If you watched the Pats it was very much a quick short passing offense for the most part with some longer play action built in. The timing may not be different but the average passes were much shorter with way less deep lower % shots.

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    ‘You’re going to get F*&^’d up this year,’ but just hang in there and keep throwing the ball down the field.”

    I have been explaining this for months.

    Arians uses the method to improve his QBs more quickly. Consider this: At the end of 2018, fans were saying he was inaccurate throwing deep. 2019, Arians come in and tells him that no matter how bad things get, and they will get bad, “keep throwing the ball down the field”.

    By doing this, Jameis’ deep passing improved dramatically. So far as Jameis reading defenses, the tape he was studying was Palmer in the offense. Now he has an entire year of himself, against today’s opponents. This off season, Arians will work on fixing the rest.

    That’s why QBs traditionally do poorly in their first year in Arians’ offense everywhere he goes. It’s intentional.

    Which is why, dear fans, I know Jameis will return in 2020. It is going exactly as Arians planned.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    CrackerBall Says
    “It’s pretty clear that Arians isn’t going to adjust his offense – and that should have been a question asked by somebody during the Brice Arians interview.”

    How many usernames do you plan to use here, buddy?

  12. Licht Headed Says:

    This guy nails it:


  13. BrianBucs Says:

    Now matter where he’s coached or who his QB was, Arians’ QB’s have always taken a beating.
    Slow developing plays paired with the minimal number of blockers. It’s the way his offense runs.
    Remember, No Risk It – NO Biscuit.
    This past season’s verdict was Old, Cold Biscuit

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Buddhaboy19 Says
    “Jameis got Lasik surgery today, seriously.”

    No he didn’t. He got it on the 6th. Almost a week ago.

    And what did you expect??? It has been well known that he was nearsighted since college!

  15. Tye Says:

    Brady being as old as he is and basically riding 1 kind of system all those years would be the concern…
    Philip Rivers seems more plossable but concern is age…
    At least Dalton being much younger, if Arians gets him to quality level, would be for more than 1-2 years… But still need to draft for future…
    Carr still would be the most intriguing if the Raiders really do intend to let him go.. then the urgency to draft a QB early or to reach for one wouldn’t be so pressing and focus on other needs if the quality of player available…

  16. BucEmUp Says:

    Budda thats abad thing?

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How about his colorblind issue?

  18. BucBoy Says:

    Jameis is coming back. Along with the lasik surgery, Jameis also had meniscus surgery, which was injured early in the season but he continued to play. Another sign of how much he want to win instead of taking time off.

  19. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I heard the eye doctor who performed JayMiss’s procedure effed it up bad…..

    But not to worry.

    The doctor later stated in an interview that he just has to try harder and keep trying to get better.
    Oh…. and like he was saying ….. just truly blessed and God is good.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    OK, something doesn’t make sense here. So Arians tells Jameis to keep chucking deep no matter what, then runs Jameis over with a bus at the end of the season? And also never heard this thingie about BA ordering him to pack on 20 lbs for the 2019 season. Nothing’s adding up here. Not even the lasik surgery … these guys get elaborate vision checks I’m sure (just like I had to as a pilot), and we’re supposed to believe that it took FIVE years to fix what some have said is his nearsightedness? Nope, doesn’t compute.

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    @Dooshlarue … “I heard the eye doctor who performed JayMiss’s procedure effed it up bad.” Really Doosh? Why even make up stuff like that?

    And for your info, Jameis was one of only 32 starting NFL QBs in the world last year at age 25, and brought home a tad over $20 mil. I’d call that a blessing. Wish I was doing that good. How about you?

  22. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    If he got his eyes fixed, I think we should sign him up.

    Still a mystery why he threw 24 out of 30 picks at home. Solve that $35M question and you really got something.

  23. Pewter power Says:

    BA is no different than another other coach he has a scheme proven to work it’s stupid to blame the coach for 30 interceptions. Hey how about every doesnt have to be thrown in play, what happened to throwing the ball away instead forcing it? Evidenced by the offensive production scheme is not the problem it’s turnovers.

    What’s with all the excuses, get him a run game, get him more weapons, fire the coach, get a new quarterback coach, the defense let him down. Double digit interceptions every year in the league, it’s not everyone else its Winston he is his own worse enemy but hey he said check the stats cuz he ballin.

  24. Dapostman Says:

    That Doosh makes himself sound stupider and stupider with every post. Being a Doosh is one thing. Being a moron is another.

    Congrats you’re both!

  25. Ship Thief Says:

    I think that getting rid of DJax and letting CG12 get more involved was the biggest thing to help Jameis’ downfield accuracy.

    Just sayin’.

  26. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    I remember when they said Vinnie Testaverde’s pic problem was that he was color blind. When they benched him they said he fell in the bathtub. So if you guys run out of excuses just use one of Vinnies old ones. And We’ll all believe you, promise. lol

  27. DoooshLaRue Says:

    My dark, ironic humor isn’t for everyone.

  28. Ship Thief Says:

    ME13 and CG12 would have gotten a LOT more yardage last year if only HALF of JW3’s interceptions didn’t happen.

    I am not a Jameis hater at all, but it’s not like he is the only QB that can throw a deep ball.

    ME13 has been making QBs look good his whole life, now CG12 is helping.

  29. Atypical Informed Fan Says:

    This guy nails it:


  30. Mr. Reality Says:

    Who cares what Winston wants? It’s time to go with what fans want, and that is a QB who is not a turnover machine. Send this clown packing.

  31. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Assuming Winston had Lasik surgery to “fix” his nearsightedness, what is wrong with that?

    This should affect his ability and accuracy when throwing the long ball mainly in my understanding.

    Will this have anything to do with his decision making in the heat of the game?  Will he reduce the number of interceptions he throws?  Will he take fewer sacks?  Will he have fewer fumbles because his awareness of his immediate surroundings is improved?

    Anybody out there have any answers? Any comments?

    Or will it only be Winston’s second year in BA’s scheme that has a bearing on these questions?

  32. Mr. Reality Says:

    My bet is Winston’s alleged eye surgery is a last-ditch BS effort (what it seems like he builds his whole life on…BS) to try to convince a team to take a chance on him. If team docs and others thought he’d ever had a problem, that would have been done when he first started squinting and throwing gazillions of picks. Man is full of lies and excuses.

  33. T REX Says:

    Did Winston get a lobotomy?

  34. Mr. Reality Says:

    If Winston gets a brain transplant so he has a remote chance of making better decisions with the football, he may have a chance at leading a team somewhere. Short of that, none of his other BS excuses are fooling anyone.

  35. Fb Says:

    Ready to run Arians out the door instead of jameis. Didn’t we bring in Arians to evaluate jameis? And Koetter was the first shot at developing jameis. When is it ok to question if we can improve over him?

  36. DoooshLaRue Says:

    T REX Says:
    February 12th, 2020 at 7:14 pm
    Did Winston get a lobotomy?

    IDK, but that ever growing forehead protrusion has me concerned. Putting a do rag on it is only a superficial bandaid to cover it up.
    But not to worry, he’s blessed and very rich as I’ve recently been made aware of, so he’ll be alright.

  37. Bird Says:


    So you just think jameis played with poor vision for all these years. A multi millionaire pro athlete who plays qb and needs to see downfield just went 5 years with poor vision?

    Pretty sure most people use contacts Who dont go the lasik route
    And Pretty sure i remember a game wherr jameis was on sideline where he was messing with getting contact looked at/ getting drops

    Ive worn contacts for 30 years and yes they do help you see

  38. Mitch Says:

    Hey Joe since Jameis got lasik surgery can his new nickname be…”Wild Thing?”

  39. Clean House Says:

    Arians sucks
    Jameis should tell him to eat s**t

  40. Dapostman Says:

    The stupidity of this fan base never disappoints.

    Take Mr Reality…….

    If he knew anything about LASIK he would know it’s not recommended until you are 25+ years old. Your eyes are still changing up until about that age.

    Google is your daddy Mr Reality.

  41. Bird Says:


    Wow…you are amazing
    You are so great you have a right to talk down to people
    And go noles man. Garnett and gold baby!

    Google eye contacts
    A millionaire would choose to be blind for years when contacts have been around for what 40 or so years.

    Thanks for the laughs

  42. SteveK Says:


    “Google is your daddy” lmao 😂

  43. LongSeason Says:

    Dapostman, Jameis Winston Born: Jan 06, 1994 (age 26). He’s right on the edge for Lasik. So you are spot on

    I know what happens when you vision deteriorates. You lose not only clear image but depth perception is also hurt.

    The question is can Lasik and coaching fix the Interceptions? If it can the results could be great.
    If only one reduces INTs then it would be good.
    If neither help, then it will be ugly whoever he plays for.

    Mr Reality, you don’t get Lasik to make an excuse. You have made my mind up for. I want Winston back to a long term deal.

  44. ATrain Says:

    Excuse Excuses


    I thought if Jamies didn’t have Jam Up year this past year the. he is done


    Now Excuses again and another chance

    How many chances???

  45. Dapostman Says:


    Some people see the glass half full, some people see the glass half empty and you look through the glass and see the fat chick from Shallow Hal.

  46. #1 BUCFAN Says:

    Jamis has eye surgery, Bucs need to sign him tomorrow. He is their best chance to come out winners. He knows the system he has the receivers. Build the O line to protect JW. Sign Jamis.

  47. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “You’re going to get F*&^’d up this year,’ but just hang in there and keep throwing the ball down the field.”

    And some people want 43 year old man Tom Brady to be the quarterback? HA! Sorry Tom no room for system QBs in this offense.

  48. BigHog Says:

    Mr. 5,000 is working his off-season program …which includes diving back into that play book so he can have a better understanding of the offense….studying film so he can better understand what the opposing DEFENCE is bringing to the table, you know (reading defenses) …and he will from time to time take a little 2 or 3 day break to gather up the receivers and fling the ball around a little bit!!! A focused and determined Mr. 5,000 will be ready for the 2020 season!!! Draft wisely and Keep Grinding!!! Mr. 5,000 will be ready!!!!!

  49. CrackerBall Says:

    Jameis is the first one in the in the building, and the last one out – but what is he doing? Playing Minecraft? He hasn’t seemed to retain much of it on the field even after all that film study. He is predictable and has been pointed out by opponents.

    … and to Buccaneer Bonzai – I have one screen name. I use it here, at Pweter Report, and at Bucs Nation. No idea what you’re referring to.

  50. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    @Licht Headed Says:
    This guy nails it:

    Thanks for the heads up. You are EXACTLY right, he nailed the dilemma that is Jameis!