Godwin Says Bucs “Are Right There,” Glad He’s Not Making Jameis Decision

February 1st, 2020

Bucs Pro Bowl wide receiver Chris Godwin is fired up for the 2020 NFL season, but he’s not sure who will be throwing him footballs.

Godwin was talking at the Super Bowl this week and acknowledged he’s been part of internal team discussions about America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

“We love Jameis. That’s our guy,” Godwin told WTSP-TV Ch. 10. Though strangely after saying that, Godwin added, “I’m glad it’s not my decision” when it comes to making the call on the Bucs future of Jameis.

Regardless, Godwin believes the Bucs are just a handful of plays from playing January football.

“We can feel that during the season. We can fell all of that. We’re right there,” Godwin said. “And we recognize the mistakes we made early in the season that came back to haunt us towards the end. The goal is to go in and learn from the mistakes so next season we come out of the gates and start firing on all cylinders.”

Is Godwin talking about fast start for the Bucs? What is that like? Not since 2008 have the Bucs been better than .500 at the midpoint of a season.

53 Responses to “Godwin Says Bucs “Are Right There,” Glad He’s Not Making Jameis Decision”

  1. SteveK Says:

    Good stuff Joe!

    I’d say we were a couple dozen turnovers away from the playoffs.

  2. JP_09 Says:

    @steve lol, but if that’s the case we need to get rid of godwin, Evans the oline, RBs, and our TEs because they are at fault for all of the turnovers

  3. El Buco Realisto Says:

    If they can play all backup qb’s for 16 games, like they mostly did during the end of the season last year, then who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JP_09 Says:

    I forgot the wind, we have to get rid of the wind too

  5. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    At the end of the day I don’t care who plays I just want to win the damn Super Bowl! I do believe Jameis give us the best chance with what’s available but if it’s someone else and we win the the whole thing I surely wouldn’t complain. I concur it’s a tough decision for someone. Better get it right! No pressure. Go Bucs! Go Jameis!

  6. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    There is only one type of answer you’ll get from anyone cashing Buccaneer checks

  7. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Next season there will be times where Jameis will look like he’s getting them over the hump just to pull them all back and destroy all their efforts. If Evans and Godwin use there clout to help bring Jameis back and next season Jameis starts out slow and lousy, you will start to see the beginning of the unraveling of a good football team. The stench will permeate all the way down to the team launderer.

    …and the coach killa will have offed another quality head coach.

  8. Ndog Says:

    Yes Jean it is the QBs fault our defense has been unbelievably horrid for the past 5+ seasons and those coaches got fired.

  9. Coburn Says:

    His teammates all seem to love him but none of them act like it’s a no brainer or anything. They’really not dumb and know turnovers are a problem despite the production. They know it could go either way

  10. Tbbucs3 Says:

    But NDog #1 run defense in a passing league and they played well for parts of the 2d half of the season.

    Never mind we were already eliminated from post season contention the last 2 games of the year.

  11. Ndog Says:

    Is it just me or is it more than a 90% chance they are going to royally screw this up no matter what they do? I am starting to truly believe Jameis doesn’t want to be here anymore and that is why he is asking for so much (if that’s true). Basically he is saying if I am going to stay and continue to take the blame for this team losing when we have zero running game, zero defense and zero kicker than you better damn well knows I am going to get paid for it. Otherwise I’m going to go to an organization that actually knows what their doing and that can build a TEAM.

  12. Adrnagy Says:

    Agree 100%. If we didn’t start slow the first 4-6 games we make playoff. Our defense being blow out 400 yds passing. No stops. Etc.
    What bothered me was Bruce coming out and saying 1- our defense if fix 2- we have a solid running game.
    Neither showed up until late I mean late in the season. The one area that Carry the team thru the season was rushing defense and passing offense.

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Glad he’s not making the decision? Talking about a non endorsement.

    Or perhaps he’s just passive aggressive.

    “We love Jameis. That’s our guy,” Why would he have trouble making the decision? Does he know something and perhaps doesn’t wish to offend BA?

  14. El Buco Realisto Says:


    It means that he likes hanging with Jw3, but knows how he is holding the team back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just give blameless one of those delicious WavemakerAmber Ale and jay-miss turns into “lampshade guy”!!!!!!! Its hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. SB Says:

    Shouldn’t he be saying ” I wish I were the one making that decision!” ??

  16. D-Rome Says:

    Wow, glad it’s not his decision? If Jay-Miss is really his guy then wouldn’t be gladly make that decision?

    There is clearly a belief at One Buc that Jay-Miss is not the future. If he was, he would have been extended already.

  17. AwShbucs Says:

    Realist really set himself up on this one. Because if we played 16 games against Backup QBs with Ol’ Smitty still running the defense, we’d go 0-16.

  18. Ndog Says:

    I’m a Bucs fan first and foremost BUT my heart is telling me just let the guy leave so he can go on and do what he was meant to as it will never be here. Even with this new staff it is very unlikely we win it all simply because they don’t put enough priority running the ball, controlling the clock, special teams and stopping the passing game. I would love to be wrong but when you don’t run the ball you probably don’t win in the playoffs.

  19. Jonzey Says:

    Sign JW, JPP, SB and Suh please

  20. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Ndog is right(or sober)!!!!!!!!! The Bucs will never be a great enough team to overcome and drag jay-miss to a playoff game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do the right thing Glazers!!!!!! It is time to unite this fan base so we all can get back to what is important!!!!!!!!!! And that is trashing the below average gm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. WestChap Says:

    I totally agree with the Blameless apologists… just let him go. Its not anything he’s done or not done… we’re just not the right team for his style of ballin.

    Whew! Glad to see the consensus building here. Lol.

  22. Craig Says:

    Ah, Jameis, bless his little heart. Must be a damn hard time to be a Bucs offensive player. Can’t say how pissed you are that Jameis threw away so many games because he might be back next year.

    I hope his agent is like Rasputin, whispering 100 million dollars into his ear every 30 seconds.

    BA wants to win yesterday and might not want to, but I think the Bucs need a new hope. The Bucs should be out there talking to graduating QBs, not preparing reports on Rivers, Brees, and Brady. Find someone who can manage the game, take care of the ball, and have better than a 3 on touchdown/interception rate.

  23. JP_09 Says:

    Bahahahha if you don’t run the ball you don’t win

    KC 99.9 yards per game ranks 22nd
    TB 95.1 yards per game ranks 24th

    Mahomes 5 INTs
    Winston 30 INTs

    Mahomes in the super bowl
    Winston at home pondering his future

    Yeah it’s the run game

  24. Bird Says:

    Godwin comment is not a ringing endorsement at all

  25. stpetebucsfan Says:

    JW has been snakebit here that’s for sure..lots and lots of bad luck according to his own supporters. Could it be karma biting JW in the butt for his AZ adventure and all that he’s already cost this team.

    Perhaps it would…will? be better for both JW and the Bucs to have him leave.

    I root for the Bucs so if it’s better I hope it comes to pass. If it’s not I hope he stays. I carry no animosity for JW but I certainly do not worry for his future.
    He’s made 46 million dollars and been totally self indulgent on and off the field.

    He talks a good stick but when it gets down to it…its always about him..on and off the field. If we can win with that fine…if not..I won’t miss the self indulgence.

  26. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’ve read so many if’s here…but they’re no longer amusing. How about a change of pace.

    IF the bullfrog had wings he wouldn’t bust his butt on the big rocks.

  27. Bucsfan951 Says:

    NPUPPY!!! 121 points scored off of Winston turnovers!!!! 121!!!! Blame the defense, kicker, lack of run game, receivers, lack of blocking, refs, or whoever. They are not the ones giving the ball to the other team! 121 points!!! 7.5 points per game!!! How many ints were on the Bucs first possession?

    To be a jameis fan is one thing but to be blind to the fact… yikes!

    30 ints isn’t anything to overlook!

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    Hahaha……I see above some of y’all giving up on this coaching staff after 1 season. What happened to the typical 2 years for Tampa Bay anyways?

    Sorry but y’all just aren’t paid good enough attention to the progress that was tangibly made last year. And I don’t have to spell it out for you. Ya had all season to see it for yourself.

    And do rememeber that we had to spent all of our investments(mostly) to fix one of the worst defenses to ever play the game(thanks Dirk and Mike). Players that were critical in that garbage defense had to be run off and new leadership established.

    This off-season they can put more emphasis in other areas like running game for example.

    As far as QB goes anybody worried over it is overreacting. Bruce knows exactaly what to do.

    Honestly though I don’t know why I let half y’all trigger me. I still vividly these message boards after the 2016 season. Y’all was calling for SuperBowls and some even saying multiple SuperBowls. I should have been more vocal against that nonsense but it’s not my style to rain on parades. I’m also one of the few that never once uttered the stupid phrase “Weapons for Winston”. Awful plan that only a awful HC would actually attempt.

    Point is y’all don’t always know what good football looks like. Dead wrong in 2016. Betting you wrong again.

  29. Pit of Misery Says:

    The one Buc that wants Brady here is Chris Godwin. “ So Tom, how much for my number”? 💰💰💰

  30. Joe D Says:

    Fact Check: The 2010 Bucs were never below .500

  31. NCPirate Says:

    Well said JJ. Stick Carriers for sure!

  32. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    JJ I am not sure but I think you were trying to say that the Bucs team has finally turned the corner? Am I correct in that assumption? If so I completely agree. The team should have won 9-10 games last year with JW having an uncharacteristically high number of interceptions. That number will definitely come down in year two running this offense. As a Buc fan I want them to win and I have no doubt that Jameis gives us the best chance to do exactly that. You have to be blinded by Winston derangement syndrome if you don’t realize that.

  33. Stanglassman Says:

    Jp-09- Lots of KCs passing yards just like we watched in the playoffs are flicking the ball forward to the running back or WRs. It’s a forward handoff or a 3-5 inch forward pass. The Bucs need production in their short forward handoff/passes and screens too.
    Either way KC is the outlier here. Its always been the case that the teams who can run the ball in the playoffs have more success.

  34. Bucs Guy Says:

    I like JW, but if he hasn’t done it in 5 years, he isn`t going to do it. Time to get a different QB through FA or the draft. My choice is Dalton for 2 years. Stock the team with the draft and resign our D.

    Go all in a QB in the 2021 draft.

  35. JP_09 Says:

    Stanhlassman, I agree usually that’s the case. I’m all for a strong D and strong run game which is why I’m not in favor of bringing Winston back for more than the transition tag.

    With that

    Mahomes 8.4 pass yards per attempt (554 total attempts)
    Winston 8.2 pass yards per attempt (626 total attempts)

  36. Stanglassman Says:

    Yeah Mahomes hits Tyeek Hill over the top early and often.

  37. Beans Says:

    Well said Bucs guy. Pick up Dalton as a bridge QB and trade JW. Hopefully we can fleece someone out of a 2nd and 4th.

  38. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Bucs Guy Says:
    February 1st, 2020 at 5:48 pm
    I like JW, but if he hasn’t done it in 5 years, he isn`t going to do it.

    Do what?

  39. AlanBucsfan Says:

    Fact- very 1st game this year vs Super Bowl team

    Defense holds 49ers to 100 yds rushing on 30 carries
    Defense gets a pick 6 and a fumble recovery
    Defense allows 0 TD’s to 49ers.

    How in the world did the Bucs lose that game?

  40. AlanBucsfan Says:

    1 Td to 49ers ^

  41. bojim Says:

    I don’t believe we have an excuse for not making the playoffs next season.

  42. JimmyJack Says:

    Alan classic Bucball game. That’s how we lost.
    -Gave up a blocked punt.
    -Winston threw a pick six
    -OJ fumbled
    -Winston threw another pick six to seal a loss.

    I happened to rewatch that game about a week ago and it was hard to stomache. OJ was completely useless as a blocker and did more harm then good as a pass catcher……And it sure did look like OJ was a big part of the written game plan. I am convinced that he lost trust by the coaching staff and never earned it back. That might be the true answer to the mystery of his lack of use.

  43. JP_09 Says:

    Another stat, TB average TOP per game 30:54 ranked 9th. So we can throw that excuse out the window too

  44. MadMax Says:

    No, you’re not there, not even close!!!! You always play with the mentality you’re going to lose if you dont give it your all, and will still probably lose anyway!!

    I remember we had this problem before, got over confident, and look what happened!

    Yes, looking back on this past season, we’re close….but we’re far from there. Need everyone on this team and the future players going forward to buy in that they are all losers every single week until they win that game, that week! Then after they won that week, the next week, youre still a freaking loser again, even up by 30 in the 4th, you’re still losing until those final 3 seconds tick off….losing, losing, losers! Do NOT get over confident. Ive seen this before goshdangit!!!

    You always play like you’re losing even if you’re winning to keep digging that much deeper and driving hard!

    BTW, Welcome to Tampa Mr. Brady! 😀

  45. D1 Says:

    (reply from a previous post )

    Just wanted to compliment you on a well reasoned reply. Well done Sir!

    I believe there’s more factors to consider, but you nailed down one of the most prominent. I believe the team is at a cross roads and decisions that will be made in the next few months will determine the course of team for the next few seasons .

    Unfortunately, most of the discussions possess a degenerative quality, reductionist to be precise. They all seem to bottom out with Winston and the question of whether to resign him or not.

    I’m suggesting that there’s other avenues to explore.

  46. T REX Says:

    That is NOT an endorsement at all. Wow. He obviously doesn’t think it’s a no brainer to bring him back otherwise you don’t say it like that at all.

    Spin Winston knob gobblers spin.


  47. Buc1987 Says:

    T REX…I have a a question.

    If the Bucs bring Winston back for 2020 and I support that decision, does that make me a “Winston knob gobbler”?

  48. D1 Says:

    Godwin said something very interesting that I have not heard until now.

    The fact a receiver was a participant in an internal discussion about winston, may be more evidence that there’s a difference of opinion between the parties involved in making a decision.

    If that’s accurate, I think it’s reasonable to assume that the discussion is not based on financial considerations.

    Two different players said they were glad they don’t have to make the decision regarding winston. Again, odd that a player would offer that opinion. But two players!

  49. 3isaBust Says:

    There is no other team in the NFL that wants Winston to “be ballin” in front of their fans. That’s because most of other teams actually care about winning and making the fans happy. But the trust fund boys do things differently in Tampa, namely, they are experts at losing football games.

    It sounds to me like BA has told Gump that America’s turnover machine isn’t fixable. And to that point is bringing in offensive players to share their opinions freely. This was not a ringing endorsement by Godwin. He’s saying that he’s friends with Winston, but wouldn’t bring him back.

    The only thing we have to worry about is the man love that our clueless GM has for JW. He obviously wants to bring back Mr No Playoffs at all costs. I hope the owners can muster some logic and finally move on.

    And if they bring him back again, it’ll be one big shit burger, and we’ll all have to take a bite.

    Have fun watching the Superbowl everyone. At least we have our 2002 championship DVD to watch. #NoPlayoffs

  50. T REX Says:

    87, if you want Winston back for another year you are a Winston knob gobbler. Dude is a loser. He’s been the same turnover machine since college. That’s not changing. So, we aren’t ever going to win anything under Winston. Ever. EVery year he sucks games 1-8 then has a mini run after we are eliminated and the Winston knob gobblers claim he turned some imaginary corner. Then he’s jameis again. How many winning streaks has he had in the first half of the season? None. He sucks out loud and yards don’t mean jack except to the losers. LOSERS. Time to start fixing this team and the 1st thing is dump that turnover machine. If all he ate was W’s, he’d starve to death. Losers.

  51. Ed Says:

    If I’m Godwin or Evans and I see that other quarterbacks can throw the ball with rhythm and timing instead of Jameis throwing bullets that they have to adjust to catch. Jameis make it hard on his receivers, those high balls are dangerous to go up and grab

  52. unbelievable Says:

    Lol at realist crying about playing backups….

    When for the last 5+ years, backups have actually been our kryotonite.



  53. Thomas Cook Says:

    Winsnone is very good at throwing the ball. Problem is he forgets who he is supposed to be throwing it to sometimes (like about 30 thing times)
    I really don’t think anyone can win with those sort of things. The defense had to work from behind and on short fields more than 50% of the time and offense had to work with an erratic QB all the time.