Decision Jameis 2020 Made?

February 6th, 2020

Decision reached?

As internationally popular columnist Ira Kaufman stated on his podcast, the final ballot that counts in the turmoil that is Decision Jameis 2020 lies with one person.

Or a small, close-knit group of people. Siblings each, in fact.

Three weeks ago, J.C. Cornell of The Draft Network, who Joe knows has a direct pipeline to a heavy-hitting shot-caller high up the food chain at One Buc Palace, believed there was a “high possibility” the Bucs could walk away from potential free agent, Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Last night Cornell Twittered that he believes Decision Jameis 2020 likely already has been made behind the locked doors at One Buc Palace (within a conference room scattered with empty pizza boxes and drained cans of Diet Coke).

The folks with final say on Jameis are also members of the group that cuts checks to Jameis, and that is Team Glazer. And Cornell has concluded Decision Jameis 2020 is…

Team Glazer wants Jameis.

What this would mean as far as a contract, salary and/or a tag of some sort is unclear. In the end, Cornell suggests your starting Buccaneers quarterback is, for the sixth-straight season, Jameis.

Now Joe understands why Team Glazer would want to keep Jameis. Yes, the Glazer family covets wins, of course. And of course Team Glazer has invested untold millions (50?) into Jameis.

Short of the wins (and boy, have the Bucs been short of that the past decade), Team Glazer likes buzz, likes the Bucs discussed on a national level. Likes how Jameis is currently the only reason the Bucs are relevant. Likes splash.

Oh sure, Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians gives the Bucs a sense of splash, a celebrity coach of sorts, a big and respected and name. But Joe saw first-hand last week how Jameis is the only reason the Bucs are relevant.

Joe attended a FOX Sports media availability where all sorts of FOX Sports personalities were available to reporters for any sort of question. It was a mini-version of Super Bowl Opening Night.

Unless someone slipped in there that Joe did not recognize, Joe was the lone person from the Tampa Bay area in that room.

There, Joe walked up to where Jimmy Johnson spoke before about 15 to 20 people who crowded around the Hall of Fame coach (Joe would guess half the reporters were from South Florida, as Joe could hear savvy producers whisper to young on-air talent why Johnson was an important figure in the Miami sports scene). Joe was three rows back and heard Johnson talking about Jameis — the questions were coming from people outside the Tampa Bay area.

A few minutes later Joe walked to where Terry Bradshaw was stationed. A dozen reporters stood by him and Joe was in the second row. There again, the four-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback was talking about Jameis. And again, Joe did not notice a familiar face in the bunch.

Without Jameis, Joe would have been the only from among about 150 people asking any of these folks about the Bucs. But there were two of FOX Sports’ biggest stars talking to non-Tampa Bay reporters about Jameis. And the Bucs. And Bruce Arians.

The last thing Team Glazer wants is for the Bucs at the level of the Jags, a thoroughly nondescript, forgettable team that gets absolutely no buzz or chatter outside Northeast Florida.

So, yeah, Joe can fully understand why Team Glazer wants to keep a talented and recognizable guy who plays the NFL’s glamour position and put up MVP-like numbers last season.

125 Responses to “Decision Jameis 2020 Made?”

  1. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Wow Joe, just wow.

  2. isrBuc Says:

    Whatever they do, It absolutely cannot be a one year deal. Sign him long term or let him go. If you can’t make a decision step down and let someone else make it.

  3. BucsFan81 Says:

    Yea let’s keep him so the bucs can be talked about more. They will be talking about his new club the 30 / 40 club. That’s right we keep Winston I bet he throws 40 picks next year as his int numbers keeping trending up.

  4. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I was truly at a loss for words earlier.

    So by that rationale, all the talk about the Bucs and JayMiss during the Uber “hassle” was welcomed because we were relevant to the talking heads?

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “But Joe saw first-hand last week how Jameis is the only reason the Bucs are relevant”. Seriously Joe? At 7-9 the Bucs were a side-show at the circus. Having the media talk about your QB as the first guy in NFL history to throw 30 TDs AND 30 INTs doesn’t indicate RELEVANCE. Any more than putting up 30 TDs AND 30 INTs means that you “put up MVP-like numbers”.

    Jameis MIGHT be back, but it won’t be because Team Glazer “likes how Jameis is currently the only reason the Bucs are relevant”. When your ONLY winning season in FIVE seasons is 9-7 and even you attribute that to a ‘fluke’ of a defense, then THAT’S not relevance.

  6. Bob in Valrico Says:

    IF the Bucs tag Jameis, IMO its a stop gap measure to see if can fix his penchant for turnovers. The 20 % raise for the following year is something that has me worried. Protect the football and earn a payraise.

  7. BucBoy Says:

    That’s MY Quarterback! Go Bucs!

  8. Tom Edrington Says:

    Maybe the Glazers can enjoy the buzz about the lack of butts in the seats….

  9. pryda...sec 147 Says:

    Yesss Go Jameis and gooooo Bucs!

  10. SteveK Says:

    If this happens start mentally preparing yourselves for another year of excuses. I don’t expect any different results and that we will be outside the playoffs again. Then, we will be in the exact same spot next year where we are hearing how “entertaining” it is to witness a team that lands outside the playoffs.

  11. Bucsfanman Says:

    “Currently the only reason the Bucs are relevant”?!

    See, it’s statements like these that make me lose my mind. For what reason? Why? The 30/30 club? Breaking the ‘pick-6’ record?
    Off the top of my head, I can think of 3 players more relevant:
    Mike Evans (Record-breaker!)
    Shaq Barrett (NFL Sack leader!)
    JPP (Beast!)
    Jameis, at the most important position in the game has done…..what? Oh, that’s right, STATS! If that’s what we’re basing relevance on, it’s no wonder that we are, and will remain, a laughing-stock!
    Relevant?! Man, we haven’t been relevant since the Earth cooled! Please!!!

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    If we’re bringing him back, lets just say we’re bringing him back and skip the hyperbole. It will be for the sole reason that there are few other, better options and strictly a business decision.
    It sure as heck won’t be for all of Jameis’ so-called “accomplishments!” For those keeping score we’ve had ONE winning season with this QB, ONE! We can lose with or without him.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So….let me get this right…..the decision on Jameis has been made (question mark)
    The Glazers are doing everything they can to find a replacement for Jameis…..but they will keep him….
    And, they like the news surrounding the no news?

  14. Ndog Says:

    This means nothing like his last post means nothing. But if he happens to be correct then I can HOPEFULLY prepare myself for less SteveK and his useless repetitive nonsense. Man that would be nice, to be able to talk football with someone who has not been brainwashed.

  15. whats the bucs plan 2020 Says:

    Oh great …. Your killing me Joe ….. so instead of winning Football games ….its the Jaymiss Winsnot soap opera we should be watching !! WTF !!!

  16. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    One guy….ONE stinking football groupie says “I think” and Joe plasters it on here like Moses was handed a tablet on the mountain top. If America’s Grop…..errrr, Quarterback is welcomed here by the Bucs, don’t you think ONE…..just ONE person in the organization would say SOMETHING positive? Along the lines of “America’s Grop……errrrr, Quarterback is OUR GUY!!”……what no? Even his freaking TEAM MATES are keeping their distance and giving America’s Grop….errrr, Quarterback the “fish eye”……

  17. Noles Says:

    If that’s the reason they keep JW, it solidifies my thinking that they have No Business running an NFL team….

  18. SteveK Says:


    I agree with you. The “only reason for relevance” assumption is enraging. Jameis is “entertaining”, but not a winning QB who takes care of the ball. We should be done and if a 6th year is brought upon the fans without playoffs- total house cleaning.

    I believe Arians and Licht want to start winning now so they don’t get fired at year’s end.

  19. SteveK Says:


    You’re a treasure! Please tell me where I’m wrong? 28-42 as a starter, and more turnovers than anyone since 2015? Don’t blame anyone but the guy turning it over.


  20. Ndog Says:

    Easy StevsK you’re wrong as you dont understand and never acknowledge the WHYs or simply are to blinded to see them. However it’s irrelevant if he is resigned we can all hope and wish you will be a real fan and FULLY support our QB, but based on all your comments I’m not expecting much.

  21. SteveK Says:


    What about Jameis turnovers, and historical NFL data that the team that wins the turnover margin wins the game 70% of the time.

    I’m not brainwashed, just fully aware of the COST of Jameis’ statistics. They come at the price of turnovers and losses.

    I like to think you are “turnover blind”, because deep down you know that there is no argument and you’re wrong as hell. Hence your “clueless”, “useless nonsense” and other retorts. Lord help you if you had to actually debate on statistics and not being a little baby about it.

  22. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    They can want him back but you can’t be stupid and pay him 30 million a year as I doubt any other team would give him a 10 million raise from 2019

  23. SteveK Says:


    I’m a real fan and root for the Bucs-always.

    My fanship doesn’t change with our without Jameis. Can you say the same? I don’t know.

  24. Brandon Says:

    I’m good with whatever the team decides… I have faith but let’s be real. There’s a huge difference between being FAMOUS and being INFAMOUS. If Jameis was anything this past season, it was infamous. Or famous for the wrong reasons.

  25. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    From JBF “morning cup”…..mock says we take Jordan Love in the first round. “I think” (since that is now reportable) America’s Grop….errr, Quarterback is GONE.

  26. Brandon Says:

    Or calling it like is is, Winston is the Donald Trump of quarterbacks. You either love him, or you hate him. I belong to the tiny third party on both. I appreciate the efforts of Trump and Winston but just wish they would both be a little bit better.

  27. Ndog Says:

    Again you say the same thing over and over again because you have nothing else to say and constantly ignore all the positive attributes he brings to the table. This is because you are brainwashed period end of story. You are not mentally tough enough or you don’t have enough football knowledge to understand the big picture of WHY things happen or how difficult it is to produce the way this QB has produced under these extremely difficult circumstances. I am at a point with you that it is pretty clear that you simply don’t have the compacity to truly understand this subject. Honestly it’s kind of sad cause you seem to have great passion but lack any real relevant points. Lastly to be clear I’m not trying to be insulting, but it is clear to anyone who reads these posts, that you bring one thing to the table and it is ALWAYS extremely surface level and that is truly useless you understand the WHY in every case which you refuse to acknowledge.

  28. geno711 Says:

    J.C. Cornell has always openly been a Jameis fan.
    A quote from him.
    I have been a huge Jameis supporter since I got here.

    This is the 1st that I have heard that he has an inside close source at the top of the Buc’s food chain (who Joe knows has a direct pipeline to a heavy-hitting shot-caller high up the food chain at One Buc Palace).

    It will be interesting to me to see if he is correct.

  29. Adrnagy Says:

    What a dumbass , Bruce Arians took the bucs job because of Jameis. Licht drafted Jameis and now they want to start winning?

    SteveK Says:
    February 6th, 2020 at 6:37 am

    I agree with you. The “only reason for relevance” assumption is enraging. Jameis is “entertaining”, but not a winning QB who takes care of the ball. We should be done and if a 6th year is brought upon the fans without playoffs- total house cleaning.

    I believe Arians and Licht want to start winning now so they don’t get fired at year’s end.

  30. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    “Compacity”?? LOL

  31. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Screw the trolls. Jameis had a winning streak when the defense finally showed up, fractured thumb and all. Screw the trolls. Better protection and an actual running attack would certainly help. Screw the trolls. A second season with this system and these coaches should be the next step, not starting over from scratch with another QB. Screw the trolls. 28 points a game should be enough get the Bucs to the playoffs. Screw the trolls. A dependable kicker would be nice. Oh yeah,……f**k the trolls. Sign Jameis to a five year contract.

  32. Stanglassman Says:

    The bottom line is Jameis gives the Bucs the best chance to win now and get into the playoffs in 2020.

  33. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    If Arians is such a big fan of America’s Grop……errrr, Quarterback, then he must be suffering from laryngitis since that last Pick 6.

  34. Ineffable Dullard Repairman Says:

    In today’s world there’s no such thing as bad press (see Howard Stern). Many of those that listen to Stern hate him, but they listen because they never know what he’ll say next.
    Now, look at Jameis. Half the people here want him gone. When Joe puts up a Jameis article the posts quadruple. Why is that so? Because they never know what he’ll do next?
    A few weeks ago we were visiting my wife’s friends in Stillwater, Minnesota. By chance the Vikings were playing the 49ers in the playoffs, so her group decided to avoid another arctic blast and watch the game in an overcrowded sports bar with a chockablock of Viking fans too numerous to count.
    As luck would have it, we were seated next to eight rabid Vikings fans. When the game got out of hand, the cursing of Kirk Cousins began and, to my utter shock, one guy started screaming, “we want Winston!” The others joined in.
    After realizing they weren’t pining for a cigarette I turned around and asked, “why?”
    The answer: “At least he’s entertaining. Cousins is boring and he sucks. We win with defense and Dalvin Cook. When I watch Winston, good or bad, I’m glued to the TV.”
    So there you have it. The story is absolutely true. Ironically, all the Jameis haters are putting money in Joe’s wallet and the NFL’s pocket.

  35. Buc believer Says:

    @Doosh….. Do you mean the same kind of “hassle” that Kobe had TWICE? Although now he is beloved and mourned.

  36. SteveK Says:


    Thanks for the reply. Just because our opinions differ does not mean one of us is not knowledgeable.

    I preach the same information about turnovers and losses because they outweigh the “good”: yards and points. Plus, nfl data suggests teams win games by winning the turnover margin.

    It’s easy to see 5,100 yards passing and 33 TDs with another TD rushing. But, what you need to see is a 2-6 start to the season, then rebounding to 7-7 only to give up the booty (6 picks and 2 losses) for the last two home games.

    Look at the turnovers at home. A big part of a playoff recipe is winning at home. What happened to Jameis at home last year?

    I hope you can accept that people can have different views than you. And I will concede that I point out turnovers and losses bc I feel the lack of real success is being spun to cover up these great deficiencies while celebrating 🥳 yards and points. Too Bad Jameis averaged 7.5 ppg for the opposing D and his 3rd leading receiver for TDs was the opposing D with 7- a new single season record.

    Love you bro! We are all Buc fans and can’t wait to see what we do next year.

  37. Jonzey Says:

    Please keep Winston he is a great Quarterback he just have to lighten up on the int

  38. SteveK Says:


    How was that dumb ass 7-9 and the first 30/30 season?

  39. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    “3rd leading receiver for TDs was the opposing D”………’nuff said.

  40. SteveK Says:

    Stanglassman Says:
    February 6th, 2020 at 7:00 am
    The bottom line is Jameis gives the Bucs the best chance to win now and get into the playoffs in 2020.

    Based on what? Fitzmagic and Jameis split season put up better numbers.

    Tom Brady is better for 2020.

  41. Adrnagy Says:

    Steve k. Your not listening!
    7-9 was the defense, kicker, penalties,Jameis

    It’s not one person. Listen !

  42. Bird Says:

    Mvp mvp mvp mvp

    Oh wait sorry . I was thinking of someone else

  43. Hodad Says:

    Geez I wish I worked for the Glazers. They over pay for little results. I find it hard to believe the Glazers are happy with Winston. After sticking their necks out to draft him because of his off field troubles, he lets them down with one Uber ride. That must have been a real gut punch to the three stooges. His suspension in 2018 basically ruined the season, and got his second coach fired. It also further divided a fan base that was divided enough already. The buzz of the Arains hire was gone after the first game at home when Jameis threw 2 pick sixes. Any momentum the club built in the second have of the season Jameis killed with two home losses the last one coming on a you guessed it, a pick six to end the season. If the Glazers truely love JW, and want him back, they love losing more then winning. They love half empty stadiums, and soured fans. Makes sense, he’ll be back.

  44. Bird Says:

    Yah jameis gives us the best chance to win …40% of the time

    You notice when bucs win …the same posters say “where are the haters at” and jameis is a hero who won the game . HOF er

    When the bucs lose …well its a team sport …one player doesnt lose a game. Excuse after excuse for this pick and that pick. I mean was it 6 turnovers the one game if i remember

  45. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    There was no secret. When Jameis 1 of 1 wasn’t fired but extended that was all the proof you needed. All this handwringing was nothing but a smokescreen for the gullible.

  46. Pewter Power Says:

    This is stupid because if true we are right back to where we believe the team is anyway and you dont have to be plugged in to have that common sense.

    If BA was younger he’d possibly take that chance but no one is confirming negotiations, its quiet because he will get franchised so duh yea he will be back next year.

    For the record rivers is night and day better, his down year still included less interceptions than Winston who couldn’t have a career year without throwing 30 interceptions. Just 2 years ago chargers were 12-4 and qb was close to 5000 with only 12 picks. Best options franchise and draft a quarterback and sign a free agent because winston will be to unaware of his own issues to show up at camp.

  47. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    The only way we get rid of Mr. Turnover is run Licht outta town.

  48. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    anybody got any money for billboard ads?

  49. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Terrible news, we are destined to be losers forever!

  50. Chris l Says:

    I’m so glad we’re making a decision based on making us news worthy than winners. Nobody cared about Kansas City when they were losing either. Winning brings attention. My god what a disaster. Bruce Arians needs to be the line decision maker here and if he wants him gone, he knows way more about football than any of us.

  51. Bucemup Says:

    Me personally, I’m on the the fence with Jameis. I have this damned if you do damned if you don’t mentality. All the talent he has but I’m tired of the turnovers. I’m tired of him in the press conference telling us he can’t turn the ball over and then the next week he throws 3 more picks. But I love his passion and drive he possesses. At this point if we sign him it’s like meh… if he leaves and we sign let’s say a Rivers then I’m still like meh… I used to get so excited about this team. I still love me some Bucs but the little kid on Christmas excitement has gone away. I know we won’t get a running back that will excite me and we will most likely have Jameis back and fans will be waiting for the game Jameis throws 2 or 3 picks and the boo words will roar from the 10,000 fans seated at Ray J. Jameis will have to start 4-0 and even then fans will say it’s a fluke as they wait for his down fall. Just a sad situation for Jameis. He lost a lot of the wishey washey fan base.

  52. stravenite Says:

    No concrete here, just further speculation, JW will not be back,
    who took his face off the franchise, those same guys !

  53. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    So are the titans relevant because mariotta was on the bench and they are letting him walk or because that defense is top 5 in the nfl and they have built a legit playoff team. The glazers and the joe writing this must be sniffing glue if keeping a turnover machine, that should have been in line for nfl defensive mvp this year, is the best way the bucs can stay relevant

  54. miken Says:

    Let me know when Connell tweets again.

  55. mark2001 Says:

    So when will Connell start his own Bucs website? Since he is the one in the know regarding major Bucs actions, why go elsewhere?

  56. DoooshLaRue Says:


    I shed no tears for Kobe.
    He was a POS too.

  57. gotbbucs Says:

    If they keep him it better be because they think he can win games, not Joe’s messed up theory that he keeps them relevant with interception records and crotch grabbing.

  58. Matthew Fifer Says:

    Can one of the Jameis Defenders (“real fans” as they like to refer to themselves) explain to me how I’m not a real fan just because I don’t like the teams QB? I’d love an explanation because I can’t make any sense of that logic.

    To explain why I can’t make sense, let’s take a look at some other hobbies that people enjoy. I’ll start with music. My favorite band is TOOL, has been since the first time I heard the Opiate LP over 25 years ago. In 2019 they released their first new album in 13 years and honestly, I didn’t love it. By the logic of the “real fans” around here, that would mean I’m no longer a “real fan” of my favorite band? Despite the fact I can name every song, recite every lyric, and have seen them over 20 times live (including recently since the release of the album I didn’t love).

    Now on to film, my favorite film of all-time is Alien (Aliens is amazing but I prefer Alien more), am I not a real fan because I don’t like everything made after the second film?

    Let’s move on to another sport, baseball. I’m a Cubs fan, have been since I was 6 years old. Arguably the most important position on a baseball team is the Starting Pitcher, a solid rotation of 5 quality starting pitchers is going to lead you to a WS more often than power hitting/great defense/etc. I don’t currently love the starting rotation of the team, so according to the “real fans” around here, I’m not a true Cubs fan I guess.

    What I’m getting at is liking/disliking a single aspect of anything doesn’t make me any lesser of a fan of something than the next person. What does make me lesser of a fan would be to blindly support something that I disagree with.

  59. Allbuccedup Says:

    Reply the Glazers covets wins NOT they covet money and ticket sales thats it. If they can get the turnover machine for 20 mil they will 30 mil they won’t.

  60. adam from ny Says:

    basically there is a bit of a starting over process with any other solid veteran qb…

    with jameis there is at least some sort of continuity…

    so you will need some sort of clearly superior qb, like brady, to risk starting the whole process over again…

    i’m sure arians believes if he can’t organically stop the turn overs early on, they can then tie jameis’ hands a bit and tweak down the offense to at least limit some of the turnovers…

    this said, it’s prolly either brady or jameis…that’s it

  61. Sport Says:

    Joe – does this imply the Glazers are overriding a decision by the hired leadership? Aka BA. If so, then. I’ll be joining the sect of fans pushing for team Glazer to sell.

    The rationale you laid out is akin to the Glazers wanting National Enquirer type fodder rather than winning.

    In BA I Trustt!

  62. DBS Says:

    It’s not news. It has not been released by the Bucs. More heard it stuff. When the Bucs release it then you believe it.

  63. Elita Vita Says:

    Love Bruce Arians however I sometimes wonder that if Jameis stays could the former’s ego be involved. After all, how would it look if the quarterback whisperer has “lost”his ability to be able to “fix” a quarterback….just saying.

  64. tickrdr Says:

    “wants to keep a talented and recognizable guy who plays the NFL’s glamour position and put up MVP-like numbers last season.”
    Posted previously, but new and updated.

    Three criteria for elite playoff caliber QB play:
    1) TD/INT ratio of >2:1, at a MINIMUM.
    2) TD percentage >5.0%
    3) TD% minus INT% > 3.0
    The NFL MVP for the year usually has the highest number for
    TD% – INT%.
    For this year, Lamar Jackson’s numbers are:
    TD% = 9%
    INT% = 1.5%
    TD% – INT% = 7.5
    Lastly, most of the playoff QBs have a TD% minus their INT% = or > 3.
    In fact, the league MVPs have numbers like these:
    2018 Mahomes = 8.6% – INT2.1% = 6.5
    2017 Brady = 5.5 – INT 1.4% = 4.4
    2016 Ryan = 7.1% – INT 1.3% = 5.8
    2015 Newton = 7.1% – INT 2.0% = 5.1
    2014 Rodgers = 7.3% – INT 1.0% = 6.3
    2013 Manning = 8.3% – INT 1.5% = 6.8

    JW3’s highest number for TD% – INT% = 1.8 for his career.
    This year his number is 5.3 – 4.8 = 0.5.

    Do those look like MVP numbers to you?

    Yeah, …………………….me neither!


    IMHO: As JW3’s TD% goes up, so does his INT%.
    In other words, as he gets more reckless with the ball, sure his yards and TDs go up, but at the EXPENSE of more INTs.
    This past year 20.7% of every offensive drive ENDED in a TURNOVER.

  65. BrianBucs Says:

    Blah, Blah Blah.

    We Bucs fans have heard every speculation from every angle.
    Until we here something official from One Buc everything is just hot air.

  66. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    So…..Rumor has it that the Glazer boys want to keep our loser QB. This does make sense being they have been parsimonious and wrong since they fired Gruden. When the boys took over the Team from Malcolm they would not let Gruden spend any money to take the Bucs back to the SB. Instead, they took every penny they could take from the Bucs and elsewhere to purchase ManU. So being the genius owners (that never worked for their money) they proceeded to ruin 2 teams on 2 continents. So this really does make sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if they fired BA and brought Raheem Morris back. I hope that they realize that enough parsimonious and stupid moves makes them the dumbest NFL owners in the history of the NFL. This is what happens when kids never had to “make” their money instead of inheriting it!

  67. Matthew Fifer Says:

    @Formerly Tampa 2 Says:
    February 6th, 2020 at 8:57 am
    So being the genius owners (that never worked for their money) they proceeded to ruin 2 teams on 2 continents.

    You gotta give it to them though….that does take a certain level of skill/talent to do. It’s not a skill I’d personally want to have or be known for, but it sure does take something special to do that.

  68. tmaxcon Says:


    how did all that math you swore by work out for your hero heartless mikey Glennon…. Your hatred of Jameis rivals that of the Senile Mistress of Hate Skank in Washington… you might as well tear up that math and throw a fit when Jameis receives his deal. Clearly your math did not work out for heartless mikey glennon so why should anyone believe your biased jibberish calculations now.

  69. miken Says:

    This really has nothing to do with Jameis, but if the owner wants a player and if a coach with the credibility of BA doesn’t then thats a HUGE problem.

  70. Pete I Says:

    Man oh man NDOG is a pointless tool…

  71. Buczilla Says:

    Geez, I’ll be happy when this Jameis decision gets made. He is not a good quarterback yet. To say otherwise is complete and utter gibberish. He deserves one more year based on his sometimes stellar play, but that’s it. My nearly infinite amount of patience is just about tapped out and you can only beat a dog (i.e. me) so many times before it runs away. Also Buc’s front office, please bring in some serious competition for Jameis. F his feelings, I’m tired of going into a season half a$$ed at quarterback. 😬

  72. tmaxcon Says:


    I’m tired of going into a season half a$$ed at quarterback. 😬

    yet you worship a 1 dimensional half ass coach and man in dungy the clown…. wow what a hypocrite….

    that half a$$ savior of the bay owns every franchise qb record so what does that say about this minor league franchise….

  73. Chesapeake Bucco Says:

    JW gets the transition tag….with one more season to clean up the TOs and make the playoffs….book it

  74. WillieG Says:

    JW making the Bucs relevant is what helped David get into the Pro Bowl. And I think Lynch, Barber, and Rice need to thank JW too. Without the relevance he brought, they would not be in the Hall of Fame.

    (Sarcasm, dripping with sarcasm)

  75. Troy Says:

    And this is why the franchise is stuck in failure. Winners cut ties with losers. Just ask the Chiefs and the Titans. Not the Bucs. We continue to stick by our losers, through losing and more losing. Too scared to move on. Too scared of winning.

  76. MTM Says:

    Winston gives the Bucs the best chance of being mediocre for a decade. Stats geeks will be happy as Winston puts up 6000 yds, 40 picks and 10 fumbles next year. Then fans can discuss during the playoffs. The many ways to improve the team around Winston in hopes it will get them into the playoffs.

  77. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    One more thing Glazer Boys; if you do make the decision to bring the loser back, maybe you should offer to pay Old Buc fans to sit in those empty seats with that free money that Daddy earned and left to you to watch losing season #6.

  78. D1 Says:


    At the end of the day, no matter how well you support your opinion, there’s two opposing thoughts on winston. No one is altering their opinion based on stats , imaginary game outcomes, blame multipliers, 2018 4 game QBR ratings, ageism, race, wins vs losses, previous and current coaches and career Hall of Fame trajectories.

    Let’s accept that there’s no way to end this debate.

    Why not approach the subject differently and avoid the now needless and pointless “Winston is…………..or Winston needs……….or we would have been 16-0 if not for xyz. and e” debates.

    Granted, all Buc fans have an unusually high threshold for injuries sustained by multiple and repeated self induced and team induced head banging. So perhaps that’s why we see this insane behavior played out across the great jbf boards day after day after day with no resolve. But Gentlemen, it’s not like your heroic individual efforts are substantially enough to overcome anyone who falls into whatever camp is opposite of your own. The sides are what they are….SURPRISE!

    Why not just for fun, approach the topic differently. Tomorrow, resume the hang banging addiction like a pack of crack addicts. Like usual!

    A possible different approach maybe start with a question instead of an answer.

    if you were the Bucs GM, what would you do and more importantly, where would you start, what questions would you want answered and from whom?

  79. Kevin Says:

    Bucs have no excuse to not do their due diligence on the whole QB market. Perhaps Jameis is their best option but it can’t be a choice by default.

  80. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    I would love to have Jameis back! Go Bucs! Go Jameis!

  81. DM Says:

    D1 Says: Let’s accept that there’s no way to end this debate.

    the best comment ever –

  82. gotbbucs Says:

    The bottom line is this: time!

    They have one more year of Godwin playing for cheap if the wish, then he’ll cost the same as Evans if not more.
    Speaking of Evans, he’ll be another year older and closer to the end of a contract and potential injuries.

    Probably the biggest question of time. Arians is going to want to have another chance at a ring. Does he have it in him to potentially waste another year with Winston potentially playing the same as he did this year(I think turnover wise he’ll probably improve, but I think its painfully obvious that he isn’t a good enough QB to win a Super Bowl), and wasting the potential time that could be put into a QB that has a chance to push the team forward instead of setting them back.

    Time means nothing to us as fans unless you’re on your death bed. There will always be a “next year” for us. For players especially time is magnified.

    I wouldn’t consider myself a “hater” of Winston, it’s hard to hate someone unless you know them personally. What I am a “hater” of is what Winston represents to me, which is a waste of time. If something isn’t working I don’t believe in wasting more time with it than is necessary. The dollar figures being thrown around represent the necessity to move on. Nobody sober can say that he improved in the turnover area of his game(you know, turnover ratio, the single biggest contributor to winning or losing in the NFL), and nobody can guarantee that it will improve enough in the future to guarantee more winning than losing. Soooooo, this is a time and business decision.
    My decision would be to cut bate, and quit wasting everybody but one man’s time and money, and see what might be behind door #2. It’s going to take less faith on my part to move on and hope that what comes next is better than the amount of faith it’s going to take for me to believe that a guy that I’ve watched make the same foolish throws for five years is going to suddenly wake up and be a sound decision maker.
    ….and no amount of insults from the dreamer Joe will make me feel differently.

  83. NYbucsfan Says:

    That would be a great way to upset 50% of the fans.

  84. Buc4evr Says:

    Pretty interesting take on the situation Joe. I guess any publicity is good for the Bucs. Be it good or bad…. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jameis back as QB next season…. the window is closing and there is no way the Bucs get a proven veteran not over the hill. Best bet would be for the Bucs to kick the can down the road on QB, tag Winston and draft a Qb. They need to focus on re-signing defensive free agents.

  85. 813bucboi Says:

    i think he’s right…..

    i think the coaching staff wants one thing and the FO wants something else….

    imo, the silence is the coaching staff trying to convince the FO to trust them with their decision…..

    its not looking good for JW…..BA and the FO couldve came out and said he aint going anywhere just like they did with shaq…..

    the silence speaks volumes…

    GO BUCS!!!!!!!

  86. Matthew Fifer Says:

    Here’s a crazy thought, whether JW is back or not, the major veteran’s out there may cost us too much money. Whatabout taking a shot on Alex Smith? He has not played in what about a year and half, but he was a pretty solid QB after his first couple seasons. He may be a cheaper option and if he’s serious about coming back, I think it’s because he knows he can still play at a high level.

    That way if JW is still here, when he very likely throws 4 or 5 INT’s in a game, we have someone who can actually come in and play.

  87. 813bucboi Says:


    if JW returns on a TAG(1 year deal) do you consider that a W in your book?…..

    imo, anything less than a 4year deal is a L for JW, and shows the coaching staff and FO, after 5years still dont think JW is the long solutions….thats sad for a former #1 pick…

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  88. Isaac haggins Says:

    Isr , You are spot on !!!!

  89. Magaman Says:

    Shoot all I know is WinStunned is a darn menace to society. He needs to go, we need Phillip Rivers or another respectable QB like Tom Brady, Andy Dalton.

  90. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    Buc4evr, you said pretty much what I wanted to say. Tag Winston and draft a QB. I prefer to keep Jameis at least for next year, keep the chemistry between him and those receivers going. If Jameis falters at least you have someone on the roster that has set and got acclimated to the offense that you can plug in at the QB spot and this way the team shouldn’t miss a beat.

  91. Tye Says:

    At this point this is just media playing both sides of the coin waiting for confirmation…

    Until the Bucs release JW for a better tomorrow or totally destroy their brand by signing him, it could all be speculated both ways..

    In which places many ticket holders in limbo as to whether they even want to invest or not, waiting to see if the team actually wants to win games or just be ‘entertaining’…

  92. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    For the record, he ain’t no Patrick Mahomes.

    Never will be.

    Peace, out

  93. Mr. Reality Says:

    Terrible article. Whichever Joe wrote it doesn’t get it. Example: “Short of the wins (and boy, have the Bucs been short of that the past decade), Team Glazer likes buzz, likes the Bucs discussed on a national level. Likes how Jameis is currently the only reason the Bucs are relevant. Likes splash.”

    What planet are you on? How long have you been covering our team? The Glazers do not like NEGATIVE Buzz, especially when the national story is Uber, and INTs (that is NOT MVP), losses, and the like. Makes them look stupid. The last story they have milked is no one can say the Glazers did not give Winston ever fair opportunity. And he failed them, times over. On and off the field. LOL. The Bucs are not “relevant” and certainly much is not being relevant is the Winsoton drama. Like a bad TV series that thank God, will be canceled soon.

  94. Mr. Reality Says:

    The decision is made. It is “go shop for a new car.” That is the plan. Can it change? Um, yeah, but much has to happen to decide to keep Winston. Don’t forget. Right now, he is NOT coming back. And that is reality.

  95. BucEmUp Says:

    Bucfan81 ill take that bet

  96. Buczilla Says:


    I don’t make a habit of responding to manbabys with no relevancy to me (outside of you being a fellow human being of course and I’m sure you’re a good guy) on one of my favorite message boards, so I’ll keep it short.

    I’ve never advocated for or against Dungy on this message board, so why the hell are you calling me a hypocrite? Lol, worship him? No wonder why so many people here make fun of you. Trying to pick on someone new since most others just ignore you? I’m kinda flattered sweetie.

    I’m pro Jameis, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t call out his faults. He’s Dan Marino one moment and a complete buffoon the next. He should get one more year. Owning the Buc’s passing records is hardly impressive given the mostly terrible quarterback play we’ve “enjoyed” over the years.

    I’ll agree with you on the Buccaneers though. It is a fact that they are one of the worst franchises in the history of sports. That doesn’t change the fact that they are my favorite team though and I make fun of them all the time.

    Anyways, I don’t like being mean to people, but you are barking up the wrong tree dude.

  97. McBuc Says:

    Some of you act like the defense played the same for the entire season as they did in the last six games. You also are not considering all of the injuries to the WRs in the last two games, or the sub par running game. If the defense played all 16 games the way they played the last six, the Bucs most likely would have been in the playoffs. Any QB playing in this down field big play offense that has no running game and throws the ball 50 times a game will throw ints. Also, when you average 29+ points a game you typically win more than you lose, unless your defense is horrible. JW will be better in this offense next year, and hopefully the defense continues to play well. We also need to find a running game.

  98. McBuc Says:

    The silence is a negotiation tactic on both sides. They have to come to an agreement on money. If a game manager comes in and the defense cannot atop anyone than the Bucs will be 0-16. Even if the defense plays up to the levek of the last 6 games, a dink and dunk game manager that is safe cannot win without a running game. This is a team sport. Everyone of those guys lost together as a team. A top offense that turns the ball over still wins if the defense can hold teams to less than 20 points, not giving up 35+ while the offense puts up 30. I just don’t understand why no one seems to talk about all the leads blown and poinys scored by the opposing teams in 2019. JW is not the running back, although at times he had more yards than our two in a game, and he does not play CB or S. Last I checked he was not missing FGs either.

  99. Mr. Reality Says:

    McBuc….WR injuries happen everywhere. Winners win with whoever they have. Winston does not lose because he doesn’t have 100% there. As is the record, he loses because of himself, including when all are healthy. Including when he does have a run game and defense.

  100. BucsFIRE Says:

    Pete I Says:
    “Man oh man I am a pointless tool…”

    We all agree.

  101. Licht Headed Says:

    Actually, if it’s one of the other, I’ll take Winston over Arians who had no business starting a QB with a fractured thumb on his throwing hand for two games. The hero on the coaching staff is Bowles whose schemes covered up a myriad of defensive liabilities. As for Buc fans, they are the dumbest in creation if JBF comments are the barometer. Not one QB mentioned in this thread as a possible savior is as good as Winston. NOT ONE!

  102. adam from ny Says:

    i think it would be really cool if jameis wore a star trek uniform like mr. spock or captain kirk at his bucs press conference when they sign him…

    he would look dam good in that uni…

    the blue shirt with black tights…like spock and dr. mccoy used to rock…

  103. SteveK Says:


    Did you miss my post about Tom Brady? Unequivocally a better 2020 option. Nice try! 😎

  104. MadMax Says:

    “Likes how Jameis is currently the only reason the Bucs are relevant.”


    You just snubbed the rest of the team including our very own NFL sack leader…and the best WR duo of all….and the #1 rushing defense!!!

    So naaaa, they have nothing to do with us being relevant. Its too early to be drinking lol.

  105. TOM Says:

    I hope the clueless Glazers don’t have the final say on keeping Winsome. They are totally clueless. IMO if the Bucs sign a QB it should be Dalton in a trade for Brate or Howard. Dalton can be had for 17mil. & throws a pretty good long ball.Doesn’t throw a lot of interceptions or turn the ballover on stupid decisions. Of course if the Glazers & the Bucs don’t mind an half empty stadium then sign Winsome & forget playoffs.

  106. T REX Says:

    More excuses. Sad freaking times in Tampa. We have the Winston knob gobblers that make excuse after excuse after excuse for him. They want to give him all the credit and none of the blame. MOST TURNOVERS SINCE ENTERING THE LEAGUE. THAT’S NOT A ONE YEAR PROBLEM…THAT IS A CAREER PROBLEM.

    Some real sad people in this world. Lack of accountability and excuse making. I doubt there are many successful Jaboo fans. They seem like the “pass the buck” types. Nothing is ever their fault. Bad luck. Perennial underachievers.

  107. KYBUCFAN Says:


    Man you should have your a$$ kicked for that one… Total disrespect for human life…SMMFH!!!

  108. JimmyJack Says:

    I’d love to be happy to hear this new but just about a week ago same guy said we probably were gonna move on from Winston. Now a week later it’s another story? Well I guess they don’t call it the silly season for nothing.

    The more and more I think about it the less excited I get with these old ass names getting thrown around…..Brady & Rivers…..I’m sure in a week we can throw Bress into the mix……..Quite frankly I don’t give a crap what how great them guys were outside of Tampa. They have proven nothing in a Buccaneers uniform. They would have have to show me something as a Buccaneer. I’m just not feeling it with them guys.

    Much more excited to see Winston return. Learning a new offense is a big deal in this league. Especially when it’s so complex. I give it a real good chance Winston enters next year well groomed and much more aware of what to do and what to look for. A lot of the hate is pent up over five years of frustration from fans. Fair but no patience with the learning curve was afforded because of that…….At the end of the day a lot of the mistakes really looked like an awareness issue. We didn’t see the forcing of the football into triple coverage type we have been used to…….I truely think many of the mistakes are and will be corrected and Winston starts to hit his peek next year!!!!!! Either way I am on the ship and if it sinks I will be aboard!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  109. Licht Headed Says:

    SteveK=perfect example of typical Bucs fan. Yes, I saw your laughable post. The Bucs are far better with Winston than the 2020 edition of Brady…smh.

  110. JimmyJack Says:

    @Hodad great comment……..Winston truely did kill so much monentum from the git go.

    And to watch the team dig deep and create more momentum and the end of the season only to watch Winston kill it again is literally sickening. Literally.

    It was pure fuel thrown on the haters fire……And for anybody who supports Winston it made it extremely difficult not to have serious doubts and questions.

    Seeing through the emotions of the season is the most difficult part of being a fan……It’s times like these they try our souls as Bucs fans.

  111. SteveK Says:


    I’ll bet Brady does better in terms of W-L, price vs production , and turnover margin.

  112. Stanglassman Says:

    Stevek-Under what metric did Fitz have a better season than Winston? Wins? Didn’t happen in college. The year they split the season starting for the Bucs it didn’t happen. Their careers it didn’t happen. This last year it didn’t happen. When has Fitz come close to being a better Qb than Jameis?

    I’m sorry, I enjoy reading your post even when I don’t agree but If you think If we signed Fitz he’d have a better chance at winning more games than Jameis next season you’re delusional.

  113. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    After 5 years of Winston losing seasons I’d take Fitz over Winston too. While at least one person says you have to be delusional to think that, my version of delusional is that if you think Winston is going to take the Bucs to the promised land, that is delusional & insane!

  114. JimmyJack Says:

    Fitzpatrick? Ummmm in case y’all didn’t never saw Fitzpatrick was a fine QB when he has a nice clean pocket…….But if you ask him to work in a dirty pocket with a little heat on him he crumbles. He basically becomes useless.

    That’s why he is a career backup. He can’t handle pressure. He can too easily be taken out of a game once you can hit him.

    Hey if you wanna move on from Winston I get it. But why would you be asking for backups? Rise your standards. Otherwise just get Marriota

  115. Anonymous Says:

    The contrast between the Joe’s is ridiculous but you always know when the overbearing Joe is writing. I think his level of Jameis worship is in need of therapy. And he will do the same damn thing next year after jameis does his own 30 for 30 again.

  116. Tvan101 Says:

    The contrast between the Joe’s is ridiculous but you always know when the overbearing Joe is writing. I think his level of Jameis worship is in need of therapy. And he will do the same damn thing next year after jameis does his own 30 for 30 again.

  117. SteveK Says:


    Sorry, I was referring to Jameis and Fitz splitting 2018 and throwing for more combined yards and touchdowns with less INTs than Jameis in 2019.

  118. tickrdr Says:

    @D1 says:
    if you were the Bucs GM, what would you do and more importantly, where would you start, what questions would you want answered and from whom?
    —————————————————————————————–Since you addressed me directly, I will try to answer this question.
    If I were the Bucs’ GM, and had only to answer to my owners, my first question re: the play of the first-string QB to my “brain trust” (coaches, assistants, consultants etc.) and to myself would be:
    1) How do you know if our team has a “franchise QB”, one good enough to take us to the Super Bowl? What criteria do you use for such an evaluation?
    2) Is our guy a “franchise QB”, i.e. has he played well enough to take us to the playoffs and Super Bowl. So far the answer to me for JW3 is clearly NO, as he has yet to even make the playoffs, let alone make it to the Super Bowl.
    3) If he is NOT yet a “franchise QB”, how soon or can we ever expect him to develop into one? If the answer is NEVER, then why are you wasting further time and money. The cost to sign that player seems totally irrelevant to me. For instance, if the Bucs wanted me to be that “franchise QB”, and then saw me play, they would immediately and correctly surmise that I was NOT that player, and signing me to any kind of deal would be foolish, even if I would be willing to play for a sandwich and cabfare (no Uber though)! So, a team-friendly deal for a player who is deemed not the future makes no sense.
    4) If he is not yet, but can become a “franchise QB”, how long will it take, and again how will we know?

    I completely agree with you that there are two sides to this discussion, each with their own valid points.
    The “productivity” Winston “fans and sycophants” care only about yards and TDs.
    The “turnovers” Winston “haters” care only about INTs, fumbles lost, and boneheaded decisions.
    As I’ve posted many times you need BOTH. Many TDs and few INTs.
    At a minimum, twice as many TDs as INTs. a TD/INT ratio of > 2:1.
    TD percentage 5% or greater.
    And it would be nice to have a future MVP on our hands.
    As posted above, I like to subtract their INT% from their TD% and generate a number, and hopefully that comes out close to these!
    2019 Lamar Jackson: TD% – INT% = 7.5
    2018 Mahomes = 6.5
    2017 Brady = 4.4
    2016 Ryan = 5.8
    2015 Newton = 5.1
    2014 Rodgers = 6.3
    2013 Manning = 6.8
    Winston’s best year to date was only 1.8, and last year that calculation yielded only 0.5!


  119. Pit of Misery Says:

    Can’t wait to be the most “exciting, bad team again”. I was on the fence to renew my tickets, but all in now! 🥺

  120. TexBuc Says:

    remember folks the Glazers fired Tony Dunghy because he would not open up his offense. It seems they like wide open offense and believe Winston can still mature as he just turned 26 last month.

  121. Losing hope Says:

    Hey stupid, they talk about him CUZ HE’S A RECORD BREAKING TURNOVER MACHINE! HIS NAME BUZZES MOSTLY FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS. Also, real smart how u indirectly insulted the rest of our factors on the team….
    EVANS, GODWIN, SHAQ, JPP etc. This dude Joe is is a real nut hugging idiot

  122. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Been saying all along that Winston will be our 2020 Quarterback.

    They only way that changes is if an established borderline elite QB around the age of 28 or younger becomes available.I

    Like if the Cowboys stupidly let Dak go. Or if Stafford is set free. Or something like that.

  123. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    SteveK, Brady won’t leave the Patriots unless it is to retire.

  124. catcard202 Says:

    I kinda feel like I’m having a “Draft Day” flashback with all the inferences to the Glazers being media whores for Bucs QB attention & Licht needing “Splash” to win the off-season.

    Sad thing is…It’s probably true. I can hear it now:

    “You see that? That’s the Dungeon Drop. Kids waited an hour to take it. It’s exactly 50 feet from the end of the slide right into the pool. Huge splash. Anybody within shouting distance would’ve gotten completely soaked. And people pay for that. I need you to make a splash, Jason. We need to sell tickets.”

    “You can help me, by making a splash. And if you can’t do it, then I have to do it, and… I don’t wanna have to do that, Jason.”

  125. lewis Says:

    He is stupid and i cant watch it anymore , and the bucs keep calling me for season tickets i told them get a qb and call me back .