February 26th, 2020

The Bucs better be careful or they may get what they wish for, and the result may just mean updating people’s resumes.

Before Joe gets rolling here, remember that the Glazer family has only allowed one coach to survive consecutive losing seasons.

That is the same coach who won the family a Super Bowl. And that same coach was eventually run after back-to-back nine-win seasons.

So with both Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians and AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht openly desiring a new quarterback while at the combine yesterday in the Indiana Convention Center (nee: Hoosier Dome) in downtown Indianapolis, the Bucs run the risk of alienating Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, the best quarterback in franchise history, before they have even replaced him.

Joe heard so much talk of “Door No. 2” from Arians and Licht yesterday, Joe thought it was a game show studio.

At one point, Joe asked Licht if he is concerned all this talk about looking for a better option at quarterback runs the risk of p!ssing off Jameis and he and/or his agent just may say, “Go ahead and work with the guy behind Door No. 2, we’ll take ourselves to a team that wants us.”

Licht brushed this notion off saying he has a good relationship with Jameis’ agent and talks to him often.

That doesn’t mean all this talk of replacing Jameis doesn’t enrage Jameis. He could his agent to break off talks with the Bucs. After all, the agent is employed by Jameis, not the other way around.

Are the Bucs really better off with over-the-hill Philip Rivers, who is little more than an old, immobile Jameis?

Can Tom Brady play in Arians’ offense as well as Jameis? Can a rookie quarterback lead the Bucs to the playoffs?

If the Bucs aren’t careful and don’t pull back on their public drooling on other quarterbacks they don’t (yet) have under contract, they just may paint themselves into a corner and wind up with Blaine Gabbert as their starting quarterback.

The way Arians and Licht were slobbering over Brady and Rivers yesterday, it was like some dude taking his steady squeeze to a trendy sushi joint, where the guy constantly scopes other chicks while playing with his chopsticks. He just might wind up with a cold beer thrown in his face if he isn’t careful.

As always, careful what you wish for.

79 Responses to “Danger!”

  1. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Bridge QB…and a QB of the future drafted in 2020…too much talent to leave exposed to Jamyth again

  2. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Well to use Joe’s analogy when your date is ugly, is late (inconsistent), unreliable and flaky (turnovers) it’s time to see what other options are out there.

    Jameis needs to realize his play created this situation if he played better this situation wouldn’t be happening. If he can’t properly self evaluate then yes, he’s delusional

  3. soggy Says:

    yes careful what you wish for, you might get a qb that will never see a playoff game..lol

  4. zzbuc Says:

    Joe I always disagree with you on JW……If you are a GM on the NFL you are always exposed to risky decisions….. That’s part of your job! The JW situation is not black or white…..On the opposite is pretty grey…..I am far away from being a Licht lover, but I think he is doing the right thing taking this risk…..
    a 30/30 QB with the good and the bad’s, with lazy eyes, is not worth 27/30 mm dollars, its as simple as that…..They need to explore some other options, and they are willing to take the risk, very simple…….I have to say I agree 100% with the strategy.

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    Playing for the Tampa bay Buccaneers is not a privilege nor an honor its a DISGRACE!!! Small irrelevant market. Proud owners Worst winning percentage in NFL history, decades between meaningful wins and the icing on the cake 6 pathetic postseason wins in 43 with 3 coming during the fluke championship run.

    Run Jameis Run

    Allowing licht and LOVIE 2.0 to make long term decisions for this franchise will set it back another decade….. glazer are 100% incompetent. Zero leadership in the building. BA has no track record building a winner or a consistent contender yet low standard bucfan slobers over his BS like a teenage boy over his first crush.

  6. Bruce Blahak Says:

    every post is pro WinSTUNNED….many teams have moved forward replacing a faulty QB…that should be a story…he’s no loss, anyone is better

  7. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Stat slupers…Help Me….remember when Jamyth ( Gunslinger) has brought the team back with a meaningful WIN ???

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    Bucs are such an embarrassment they will burn bridge with jameis…. hopefully they tag him and he joins tebow with the mets publicity outreach program then goes to a real NFL franchise. Jameis has risked enough behind those special Olympians bucs call an oline. Run jameis run. Don’t waste any more time or risk injury with this laughable minor league franchise.

    Parole jameis he has served enough on the worst sports franchise on planet earth

  9. MadMax Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! THEY ARE DONE DUDE!!!!! Jeeze….”be careful, dont hurt Americas most sensitive QB’s feewings”…..good gosh i’ll be so glad when this is over!!!!

    Sign Brady, draft Gordon, thats all!

  10. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Risk???? Heck ALIENATE America’s Grop…..errr, Quarterback!!

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What Joe calls “alienation” I call “negotiation”…….of course the Bucs should lead with….”looking at other options”…..as Jameis led with “I want’ $30 mil because I am ballin'”

    Relax…..Bucs end the end can simply tag Jameis and there won’t be much he can do about it.

  12. MadMax Says:

    ^he can sit out TBBF! (one can hope)

  13. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jameis will be 2020’s Gerald McCoy

  14. MadMax Says:

    Speaking of a scenario….im hearing Burrow might tell cicnci to not draft him, work a trade! If thats true, i would be on the phone with them if i were Licht! Granted, we’ll have to sell the farm but for THAT QB and set for years, it’ll be worth it. Think of it, we can afford to sign O line, RB and a Safety, plus bring back our D. Yeah the kid will be thrown to the fire his first year but thats just what happens sometimes!

  15. Ocala Says:

    I agree Joe. Buc fans and management have run off Young, Dilfer and Williams only to see them win Super Bowls for another team.

    I would think Jamies is going to want to play for a team where the fans and organization want him.

  16. PSK Bucs Fan Says:


    Can we believe what anyone says this time of year? Is all the talk of Door #2 to appease the ByeByeJameis sect? I’m sure Jamie’s and his agent fully expected thus typical game playing. The only differ this year is there are actually the illusion of some big name QBs available. Stay calm until the smoke clears!


  17. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    Message to JayMiss: you did this to yourself. Had you played better last December, you would probably have a new deal already.

    You would be ballin’. Just check your sheets.

    Instead, you’ll be lucky to get a job at league minimum as a backup someplace.

    Grow up !

    Peace, out

  18. MidwestBucsFan Says:

    I guess at the surface of it all, I ask this:

    is the “Danger” yet another season with no playoffs?

    Because if so, we’ve already had that under the entire tenure of the “the best quarterback in franchise history.”

  19. Totally Exonerated Again Says:

    The entire point of negotiations is to make the other side think they’re not important to you. It’s just how it’s done. It’s a fine line to walk and it’s easier said than than done. But if you go into negotiations scared the other side will get pissed, you’re going to lose that negotiation. Every time.

  20. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:


    Bucs also let go of Glennon, Fitzpatrick, McCown, Gradkowski, Griese, Garcia, Zier, Johnson, Rob Johnson, Leftwich, Josh Johnson, Rattay and Simms and none of those guys won a Super Bowl.

    D Williams won a Super Bowl in a strike shortened season and then never made the playoffs again

    Dilfer was given a piggyback ride to a ring by a elite d

    Young is the only franchise QB the Bucs ever gave up on

    So the likelihood that Jameis goes somewhere and is a winner playing recklessly is unlikely

  21. Show me the TDs Says:

    Joe, in your scenario, Jameis might get angry, take his talents elsewhere, and the Bucs might lose. BFD! Look at the record since he’s been here. There is nothing else to lose. You also title Jameis with the moniker of “the best quaterback in franchise history”. Sure, if TDs and passing yards are your only measuring stick. I think Brad Jonson, Doug Williams, and Steve Young might disagree with you.

  22. JP_09 Says:

    The tag has to be applied between the 27th of Feb and the 12th of March, legal tampering doesn’t begin until a couple days after that. That’s what I’ve seen unless something changes with the new CBA. If Winston isn’t tagged or if they don’t get some sort of confirmation prior to the legal tampering period from Brady or Rivers or whoever door 2 & 3 they will go into free agency without a QB. Risky but so is having Winston as your starting QB next season. If Arians and Licht don’t make t playoffs next year with Winston they’re all fired, if they have a new QB they may survive a 8-8, 9-7 season. Will they put their careers in Winston’s hands? If it’s anything like putting the game in his hands we’ll be looking for a new GM & coach next offseason

  23. BrianBucs Says:


    Every consider that maybe Light and Arians want Winston to see what’s behind his own Door #2?

  24. German Buc Says:

    As I said repeatedly, it’s just a business decision. IMHO the last two games lowered Jameis market value to around 18 m/yr – including an emergency exit for the team after year 1.

  25. Fb Moderated! Says:

    LMAO, another jameis promotion piece. I was annoyed with the “America’s qb” monicker, but the bucs “best qb in franchise history” I flat out offensive. Be careful America’s joe, you may never get a hello from the next qb, when they see how many articles you wrote against them.

  26. This Guy Says:

    If Jameis Winston’s ego is this weak (which it is, he couldn’t handle the pressure from having Ryan FitzMagic on the bench) then he is not the leader a superbowl contender needs.

    Now if Jameis just brushes it off and is able to say this is part of the game, the business side and proves everyone wrong next year. Good for him, I hope he does.

  27. D-Rome Says:

    Unreasonable Joe,

    If Jay-Miss’ fee-fees are hurt over all of this talk then he is soft. This organization has coddled and protected him far more often than they should. He’s not special. Someone that flashes from time to time is not special.

    The fact that the Bucs (smartly) did not give him a contract extension last year tells you all you need to know about how the Bucs *REALLY* feel about Jay-Miss. He’s a bridge the gap QB, not a franchise QB.

  28. University of Seffner Says:

    Having Blaine Gabbert as the starting QB next year would be like having Jack Thompson at QB.

  29. LaMarcus Says:

    Man you guys will be crying to wives if your boss did that to guys. You will be looking for another job too

    JW should be looking for exit up outta here. Get a fresh start where he can “keep firing ” and be thrown under the bus. Seems BA had his excuse and needs to run with it. Yes it’s the 30 ints is why we lost narrative because he has to keep his boys employed as well

    What a disappointment BA was yesterday even if he doesnt like JW. Just say it and move on

  30. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Only time will tell…

  31. WyldKat Says:

    THIRTY interceptions. SEVEN pick-6s.

  32. Ndog Says:

    I’ve been saying this for awhile now. Regardless if they want Jameis or not the way they are handling this is poor and frankly unprofessional. They will get what they deserve and the problem is they get to stay millionaires while we have to deal with our football team not having a QB for the next decade or so. Arains flat out said yesterday, in his interview on NFL NETWORK, that he has a player in mind that he wants and if he can get them he will, but if they don’t want to come here they will bring Jameis back. If that isn’t a slap in the face i don’t know what is and again there is no need for that. Jameis should never want to play for this franchise again and again regardless about if you want him here or not (be it fan, GM or coach) this simply is not how you treat anyone you care anything about. This is making our entire franchise look bad and frankly every player should be watching this and take note that this could be you at any point in time. Lastly let’s say he does come back, you think all of this will just be forgotten? Of course not, so at this point this relationship is fractured beyond repair in my opinion as I know would never trust this coach again. I just hope these guys know what they are doing, but I am pretty sure they have no clue and we are all screwed, while Jameis will be just fine and flourish elsewhere.

  33. Bobby M. Says:

    Few things…..

    1. If Jameis were as good as he believes….he’d have a contract extension. There’s multiple QBs that have come in after Winston that already have extensions.

    2. We aren’t hearing all the details other then what Arians occasionally mentions. The Glazers may be completely fed up with a guy that blindsided the entire organization with his idiotic failure to report the Uber incident….who then come out publicly and orchestrate a total series of lies….then ultimately get suspended AND settle a lawsuit while never showing any ounce of accountability. On top of those issues….the Glazers have spent millions upon millions on new coaching staffs, free agents, etc….AND the best this buffoon can say after throwing 30 ints/7 pick-6s is he’s “balling” while asking for $30 million per year.

    The Glazers are smart businessmen….they have shown substantial patience….reality is this, Winston wants Tom Brady money with 3 last place finishes and one winning season. On top of that, Winston has ZERO marketability. You never know what idiotic comment will come out of his mouth, half the fan base despises him, women think he’s a disgusting human being, NIKE has dropped him. His claim to fame is passing yds in losing seasons…..I don’t know many teams that prioritize that as a franchise. Winning seems like the priority….at a minimum making profits….you have a QB that you cant formulate either with.

  34. tmaxcon Says:

    WyldKat Says:
    February 26th, 2020 at 9:10 am

    THIRTY interceptions. SEVEN pick-6s.

    6 playoff wins in 43 years with 3 coming during the fluke championship year

    Lowest Winning Percentage in NFL history

    Proud owners of the majority of Worst OF NFL Records for TV Ratings, Attendance, Merch, Defense, Offense and Special Teams. There is only a select few WORST OF NFL HISTORY the bucs DON”T own YET!

    Last Meaningful l Game 13 years ago

    Last Meaningful Win 18 years ago

    8 Basement Titles in last 10 years

    Jameis was 7 when this team last won a meaningful game

    Blaming a 25 year old fine young man for a dysfunctional franchises failures is exactly why the nation looks at bucfan like the fools they are….

    This franchises failures go far beyond young jameis.

  35. Bruce Blahak Says:

    @Bobby M….well said, truth hurts the WinSTUNNED huggers…Glazers “should” be fed up at this point and ready to move on…

  36. Bird Says:

    Mr unknown quantity
    His own coach gave that name

    Why dont you guys keep it real so its no so obvious of the bias

  37. Jerry Says:

    Look I think if push came to shove he’d take our $20+ million offer with a chance to “ball out” and then drag us over the coals next year in extension talks

  38. Ocala Says:

    #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:
    February 26th, 2020 at 8:47 am
    Bucs also let go of Glennon, Fitzpatrick, McCown, Gradkowski, Griese, Garcia, Zier, Johnson, Rob Johnson, Leftwich, Josh Johnson, Rattay and Simms and none of those guys won a Super Bowl.
    D Williams won a Super Bowl in a strike shortened season and then never made the playoffs again
    Dilfer was given a piggyback ride to a ring by a elite d
    Young is the only franchise QB the Bucs ever gave up on
    So the likelihood that Jameis goes somewhere and is a winner playing recklessly is unlikely


    Jamies is more talented than any QB the Bucs have ever had with the exception of Steve Young. He also has produced at a very high level in the NFL. We all know he throws way too many interceptions, but to compare Jamies to the list above is not realistic:
    Jamies NFL records(and he is one of 8 QB’s in NFL history to throw for over 5,000 yards in a season)
    Most passing touchdowns in a single game by a rookie quarterback: 5
    Most passing touchdowns by a rookie quarterback in one half: 4
    Youngest player to pass for 3,000 yards: (21 years, 342 days)
    Youngest player to pass for 4,000 yards: (21 years, 363 days)
    Second youngest player to pass for 10,000 yards: (23 years, 303 days; 4 days older than Drew Bledsoe)
    Youngest player to pass for 40 touchdowns: (22 years, 312 days)
    Most seasons of passing for 4,000 yards to begin a career – 2
    Most touchdown passes before 24th birthday: 69 (23 years, 360 days)
    Most consecutive 450+ yards passing games: 2 (2019)

    I don’t think Rob Johnson has done anything close to what Jamies has done in the NFL.

  39. Pewter power Says:

    Damn so dramatic on this site. Who cares honestly if he get franchised what can he do? It doesnt matter if he likes it. The guy mentioned tom Brady which means no matter Winston who he’ll never come close to that resume no matter what team his is playing, anyone seeing a turnover prone quarterback suddenly going to a different team and that problem magically disappearing is more delusional than winston and definitely wont be getting 6 championships

    2 coaches have been fired with winston lol basically your saying be careful or you’ll get fired by letting him go. He said any quarterback can win with this team and yea anyone can go 7-9 with this defense. If ego’s rule in the NFL why would anyone be worried about their job? Look at the stress winston but Dirk through last year, that’s what’ll get you fired a blind quarterback

  40. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Oh silly Joe.

    If JayMiss didn’t toss that pick 6 in the final game, we would have been 8-8.
    I think the Glazers know who’s fault that was.

  41. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:


    Not comparing Jameis to any of those qbs as some of those QBs actually played playoff games. I’m bringing those names up as we can’t let a few anomalies that have been carried by good teams to championships impact a decision of overpaying a inconsistent turnover prone inaccurate QB.

    Stats are fun for fantasy football but most of the youngest records you mention are unimpressive as not many other QBs come out as young as he did. The young excuse is good if you see potential and growth but with Jameis it’s hard to see that growth when at times he still looks like a rookie and gives both teams a chance to win

    Compare his stats, completion percentage, yards, turnovers and decision making to guys drafted within a year or so of him and you will see how far he has to go to become a consistent qb

  42. Robert Says:

    “Jameis Winston, the best quarterback in franchise history”


    Let jw getty puffy, we know he hates competition.

    Brad Johnson-SB nuff said. Jeff Garcia would be better in this offense as well.

  43. chris L Says:

    what are they supposed to say? if jameis cant handle this criticism then he really needs a sports psychologist. the guy is erratic and cost us games. was never blamed throughout the season and now the moment there is some honestly we should all freak out? joe you criticize players all the time as do i because as fans we expect more. but come on. one moment we want the press conferences to have some real answers and then when they do we criticize the honesty. can any of us unequivocally say he is the best answer for this team long term. key words: long term. we dont know. sure maybe next year but we cant focus on one year ahead. we need to build a winner. if he is it then great i stand behind hit but arians knows more about QBs than us so maybe we should “check his sheet”.

  44. Bird Says:

    They will search but no one is coming here to tampa. I would be shocked

    They will transition tag and let some team possibly give bigger offer and bucs will make decision then if that is at right value. Jameis wont take short deal . No one does unless they just are no good and that is not case here.
    And Especially after bucs have talked About him toward end of last year and this year…it could get interesante

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    First off no quote I read from Bruce was out ofine in the slightest. And second off Winston Don’t gotta like it. If we wanna keep him and he don’t like our offer he tag him then talk more.

    Bottom line is Bucs will get whichever avialable QB they want under center in 2020. And I highly doubt Winston got any issues with Bruce. Andybody who think that is fooling themselfs. Any player I ever heard talk about Bruce loves him.

  46. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    Get over it Joe. As fans, we all want the Bucs to win. And (in 5 years) Winston has proven that he is not a winner. Arians likes winners. (And so do Buc fans)
    Time foe a change.

  47. JimmyJack Says:

    Chris L. Absolutely. Very hypocritical. The funniest too me is when Shaq Barrett said his mind and was honest. He was blasted on these pages.

  48. JimmyJack Says:

    And when I say Shaq was blasted I mean by the fans. Not Joe. He just reported it.

  49. MadMax Says:

    @tmax, then why are you so obsessed with the “worst sports franchise on planet earth”. I mean i think the stinking dolphins/jags/redskins/browns are pretty terrible but im not on any blog of theirs posting nonstop how much they suck….i couldnt care less. yet you love doing this here.

    It must be a mental disorder and emotional flaw that you somehow enjoy…but whatever gets your little pecker excited i guess, keep at it….

  50. Cobraboy Says:

    To think the Glazers have not endorsed the GM/HC plan for QB is absurd.

    Why would anyone think the owners are not equally frustrated with Jameis Christ than anyone else…or MORE frustrated.

  51. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Bucs have the top 3 wide receiver set in the NFL, two above average pass catching TEs and a descent OL for pass protection. Most QB would excel in this defense. Winston is just a product of a good offense.

  52. tmaxcon Says:

    it’s funny how many of the same blind haters of winston are the same hypocrites who defended cancer93 who turned out to be the selfish fraud that I have been preaching for 7 years…. you people just like the franchise we love have a horrible track record yet the hater is always right!

  53. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Opps – meant offense. No damn edit button.

  54. Craig Says:

    I don’t think Arians is dancing in the dark. Licht I’m not so sure of.

    It is possible that he is aiming at Jameis’ agent to expect a less than Jameis friendly contract. I hope it is aimed at someone like Fromm, but we just have to wait and see.

    I think the Bucs would be stronger without Jameis, because with Jameis you don’t know what the game will look like until it is over. The team had started to look ready for prime time, there were only two games left…

  55. tmaxcon Says:

    Cobraboy Says:
    February 26th, 2020 at 10:12 am

    To think the Glazers have not endorsed the GM/HC plan for QB is absurd.

    Why would anyone think the owners are not equally frustrated with Jameis Christ than anyone else…or MORE frustrated.

    the organization is 100% void of leadership. No owners in their right mind and with hopes to succeed longterm put all their eggs in one basket with licht and BA…. if you needed any more proof that the glazers have zero intentions of fielding a competitor just look at the hiring pattern. BA has ZERO postseason success and is well past his prime…. he belongs in a nursing home not on a nfl sideline

  56. Adrnagy Says:

    Licht has been straight up even with Dotson. Now in the other hand …Bruce has been wiggling around with it.

    Bruce is a diva. That’s all.

  57. Mr. Reality Says:

    The Clown Joe on the Joe team should just go ahead and sign his name. That way those who understand can just not start reading. If it’s not in the title or first sentence though, the stupidity always rears its head in the first paragraph. Here is the bottom line on this one: If Winston his agent get ticked by the talk of door #2, Winston doesn’t have the mental toughness to be in college sports, not to mention pro sports. And it’s not like anyone is stupid enough to pay Winston what he allegedly says he wants.

  58. BucEmUp Says:

    Stupid, I can’t wait for Jameis to succeed somewhere else and watch all these haters back peddle their previous comments and opinions of him.Only qb of be ok with would be carr, or Bridgewater’s.

    Hard no on river, dalton, Tannehill.

  59. Ocala Says:


    Come on you don’t think Andy Dalton is going to take the Bucs to the Super Bowl?

  60. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:


    Your comments say your more of a Jameis fan than a Bucs fan then

    His game film doesn’t translate to winning consistent football

    Even in games where he has a strong run game or defense he still craps down his leg with bad decisions

  61. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    BrianBucs Says:

    Every consider that maybe Light and Arians want Winston to see what’s behind his own Door #2?”


    You & I have had our disagreements from time-to-time on things Jameis…. but man, this an incredibly intriguing thought. — I had not considered it that way, and it is pretty fascinating.

  62. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^^ Not only that they may want him behind his OWN Door #2… but more so that they maybe want him to see what the BUCS have behind Door #2. — Very intriguing thought.

  63. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    (to see)

  64. Aaron Says:

    The Bucs want to explore the TB12 lane but the Legal tampering period starts March 18th which is after the last day to Franchise a player March 12.

    The only way I see this working is if the Bucs and the JW camp agree that the Bucs will Franchise him…but JW won’t sign it…that way if the Bucs do find another QB – they’ll rescind the Franchise tag…and JW is free. If they don’t sign another QB – they can come back and negotiate. At some point, JW will have to either sign the FA offer sheet or sit out. Don’t see him sitting out with 27m guaranteed…

    JW is going to have to live with the fact that the Bucs would rather have the GOAT – if they can’t sign him, then the Bucs are only interested in JW for another prove it deal.

  65. Joe D Says:

    Why do I keep reading this stuff… One day it’s comparing Jameis to George Blanda, the next day it’s Licht kicking the tires on FA QBs makes him a drooling kid at a Sushi joint with wandering eyes…🤦🏻‍♂️

  66. gotbbucs Says:

    Who are the other teams that are going to be falling over themselves to sign Winston?
    Good coaches know that possession of that football is paramount to winning in the NFL. Winston has no appreciation for that fact.
    Quit using the “new offense” excuse. He was throwing interceptions on first read passes that every offense all the way down to pee-wee league have in the playbook. Comeback routes to the sideline aren’t some new fangled idea that Arians dreamed up. Those are throws that even JV quarterbacks know not to be late on and throw with no mustard on them.
    He doesn’t have a feel for the game or situational football. Move on, he will only bring you sorrow.

  67. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    JimmyJack Says:
    “And I highly doubt Winston got any issues with Bruce. Any player I ever heard talk about Bruce loves him.”


    I agree with you, JimmyJack. I really don’t think Jameis minds the “tough love” approach. I just think it probably sits with him as more genuine from Bruce than it did from Dirk. — I think Bruce is employing anything within his coaching bag to shake JW from what has ailed him…. including THIS.

  68. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Here is the point, that some seem to ignore!! If they settle and bring back jay-miss, they should all be fired within the same hour that the bucs are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!! The amateur gm and ole stale biscuit, can leave together on ole stale biscuit golf cart!!!!!!!!!!!! No after game press conference, no interview, no ride home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. TOM Says:

    I would offer Winsome 20mil. 1 year prove it deal. Yes another prove it deal. I myself don’t think he’s worth even that. Hell would rather take a chance with Dalton at 17mil. Who by the way has made the playoffs a few times. I’m sure the Bengals would let him go for a late round pick. Or maybe trade for Brate, freeing up more cash.

  70. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Mad Max

    Not to burst your bubble…who doesn’t love Burrow…but all the talk of him not signing with Cincy was an overblown comment. Burrow is simply not arrogant enough to claim he’s going to sign with anybody before they even draft him.

    He grew up playing two hours east of Cincy and has raised hundreds of thousands for the Athens OH foodbank. He is a modest totally class act and we all agree about his football prowess. He is the PERFECT choice for the Bengals and he’s not worried about playing there despite all the rumors.

    Joe had the bad news courtesy of USA Today in the morning roundup….

    Joe Burrow said him not playing for the Bengals is nonsense. [USA Today)

  71. Barbosa Says:

    99% of what comes out of coaches and GM mouths this time of year is BS.

  72. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Bucs run the risk of alienating Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston”.

    You’ve outdone yourself Joe. That is the best ‘set the stage’ lines I can remember you writing. When folks talk about ‘great entertainers’ (movies, TV, etc) they’re usually talking about actors/actresses who have a devoted following & who pull in the crowds when their new movies, etc hit the box office. Somehow I don’t think ‘Pick-6’ would qualify for that ‘Mr Entertainment’ moniker.

    And the ‘America’s Quarterback’ is also circumspect. Rarely does anyone mention Jameis’ name in the national media without associating it with ‘Mr Turnover’. And I doubt that being designated as an Alternate Pro Bowl QB because 3 others chosen in front of you passed on the game is anything that Jameis will hang his hat on. No, y’all need to come up with something more original. More descriptive. Oooh, maybe we should have a naming contest on JBF.com.

  73. danr Says:

    I almost wonder if we are involved as a favor to brady’s agent.

    Drive the price up, help out brady, and we negotiate… with someone?

    couldnt find any other people yee and dubin work for.

  74. Tye Says:

    When you have done settled it in your heart that you are done with someone, you lose all concern about ‘danger’ of losing them… You don’t want them so losing them is getting what you do want…
    If the Bucs WANTED JW then surely they could be more respectful about it, more vocal about wanting to work it out, more adement about their desire to have him return…
    Door #2 is only attractive when you feel you don’t already have quality at the position already…
    Arians wanted to work with JE and now he has and the outcome is Arians hoping to jump at the chance to hand pick his own QB…who could blame him…

    Get us a winning QB in Tampa, Coach!

  75. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I would like to add to the discussion but impossible while in purgatory

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  76. MadMax Says:

    Ok stpete, thanks for clearing that up. I heard it on sports radio yesterday on the way into work.

  77. Nick2 Says:

    Franchise tag solves all these problems. Next issue?

  78. BigHog Says:

    Be respectful…Mr. 5,000 is the name…(GUNSLINGER) is the mentality of his game …Turnovers are a part of the game, but he is working on it!!! For those who talk about accuracy ….check your state sheet! I know he is not the most accurate passer in the league but he ain’t the worst either but ya’ll do know our game (BUC BALL) is to throw the ball down the field and we do that better than anybody!!! Bring back Mr. 5,000, the only viable option!!!!!!!!!! BUCS 2020!!!!

  79. Buczilla Says:

    Jameis’s feelings are irrelevant and he has only himself to blame for the situation he finds himself in. He has been given ample opportunity to become a franchise guy and he has thus far failed miserably.

    The crazy good plays that he makes from time to time are the only reason why I think that he deserves one more chance and why I even bother to post here when Jameis is the subject. Arians and the front office have him by the balls and they can flirt and cheat all they want. Besides, does anyone think that if they bring Jameis back, that he is going to pout and act the fool? Jameis is too good for that nonsense and I bet he’ll work just as hard as he always has.

    Geez, the best quarterback in Buc’s franchise history is hardly something to be proud of and I highly doubt that the majority of fans would have preferred Jameis over Brad Johnson in our lone Superbowl.

    Sorry for the book, but ranting here is very cathartic and helps with my Jameis anxiety. 😛