Another Busy Day In Snowy Indianapolis

February 26th, 2020

Joe is busy gathering content and knowledge and will be cranking out more content from the NFL Scouting Combine, aka the NFL’s winter convention, later this morning.

In the meantime, catch up on what you missed yesterday and a fresh Ira Kaufman Podcast posted about 8 p.m. last night.

4 Responses to “Another Busy Day In Snowy Indianapolis”

  1. Mr. Reality Says:

    I wonder what TBT is cranking out to tell the ever-dwindling Bucs fan base. Probably focusing on Susan Sarandon or the next climate change crisis. So, first with TBT, I don’t care. Second, probably not much. Third, would have to pay for it. So I’m back to “first, I don’t care.” Sure, dumping Tom Jones or vice versa was an improvement…going from a cynical garbage product to just garbage. Thanks for the updates Joe.

  2. TOM Says:

    Mr. Reality: DITTO

  3. Buczilla Says:

    Thanks for your hard work dudes!

  4. Joe Says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys.