“We’re All Going To Be Deadly”

January 7th, 2020

As the Buccaneers’ brass considers a quarterback change, or pretends to, one piece of the puzzle is the wide receivers corps.

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are true NFL superstars. How might they perform with a different quarterback? But a better question might be how would Evans and Godwin perform without America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

On Buccaneers Radio, Evans recently was asked about his connection with Jameis and what he sees from the quarterback’s work.

Evans sounded like a guy with a firm belief in the guy throwing him the football.

“Oh, man, I mean, [Jameis and I] have been doing this for a while now,” Evans said. “We obviously could have had a better season if I was able to finish it off. I feel like our connection is growing each year. And he developed a relationship with [Chris Godwin] now, and a connection with C.G. that we’re all going to be deadly now. We’re all going to be deadly. We need to be a little more consistent, especially me. And we can do that, tune some things up in the offseason and we’ll be fine.”

A “deadly” Bucs passing attack. That sounds like a lot of fun. In Evans’ mind, that’s with Jameis.

Joe finds it interesting that it’s been awfully quiet from various Bucs on social media regarding the subject of Jameis. Loads of Bucs surely see their QB getting skewered on various fronts. Joe would think the Jameis camp might even ask guys like Evans or Lavonte David to come out publicly on social media in support of their QB.

It’ll be interesting to see if Evans and others take to a bigger platform than Buccaneers Radio to sing the praises of Jameis in the coming days.

51 Responses to ““We’re All Going To Be Deadly””

  1. SteelStudBuc Says:


    ThatsGoodSports Jameis Winston 30 for 30

  2. Lavonte 1of1 Says:

    that’s tampering lol

  3. BigHog Says:

    And it’s all because you of wanting to to be the best with FAMOUS!! BUC YEAR 2020!!

  4. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    @Joe – AGREE! It will be interesting to see if ME13 and others lobby for JW…or stay quiet.

    ME13 is a BUC, and will go company line, JMHO. Godwin will be smart – stay silent and get his deserved fat extension. He deserves $$$

    The key for JW will be the Defensive players, who either speak up on his behalf or not.

  5. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    That 30 for 30 video is DAF man, all the same ol played out jokes from years ago.

    Dotson has already come to bat for JW, even going as far as saying he thinks Jameis will be back next year. I hope he’s right.

  6. MadMax Says:

    Cant wait to see them “be deadly” with our new QB Jordan Love…..probably gonna have to spend our 14th on him, IF still there…he’s rising and will rise even more after the combine. Ive seen him going top 10 in 3 mock drafts.

  7. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    “Ive seen him going top 10 in 3 mock drafts.“

    Well that seals the deal for me! 3 January mock drafts is about as solid proof as it gets that the Bucs are drafting QB Jordan Love!! Hop on the Love train.

  8. MadMax Says:

    @Steel, that was great….pretty much summed it up!

    Ready to work with a rookie QB Coach Arians? I hope so. Sign a vet to help him along and then just roll with it.

  9. MadMax Says:

    @Alaskan, the smart ones look at Love’s 2018 season more than 2019 and know the differences….but hey, you’re catching on little buddy 🙂

  10. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I’m just messin man, honestly IDGAF who the QB is anymore, I just want to win.
    I do want to draft a QB in the mid rounds to develop no matter what and who knows, you might just hit the big one. So if Love was there later I’d maybe take him but our first rounder HAS to be in the trenches imo. Not sexy at all but we must upgrade and get cheaper along the lines to build inexpensive depth. We can just keep buying lineman.

  11. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    We can’t just keep buying lineman**

  12. MadMax Says:

    Im about trenches too….if Derek Brown is there ( probably going around 6-11) then yes….If Wills is still there and we trade down 4-5 spots and still land him, yes. But dont forget the most important position is QB. Trenches can and are found all the time with later round picks, Safeties too, RB’s too.

    Its that one most important position that will bite you, QB! If you know you need it, and you know your guy, you go get him! You can try to bank on him being there later but what if he’s gone a few spots after you pick or a few spots before your 2nd round pick? To me, Love fits what this Arians offense is all about. Burrow too, but he’s out of reach.

    Kid has an arm. And despite some of the naysayers here who claim he doesnt look off his receivers, he didnt much in 2019 because he didnt have much to throw to. In 2018 he had a great core, knew the system, great coaching. 2019 everything pretty much turned upside down for him. And he’s basically still a kid. Yes he’ll be learning a new system again, yes he’ll make mistakes, yes he’ll have some problems along the way (thats why ive said many times, bring him along slowly). But he wont be a #1 overall whose been in the league with 5 years experience, still making the same mistakes over and over and over…. and he wont be NEAR as expensive. Sit him behind JW on a tag if need be, or sign a cheaper vet (my choice) if thats what we decide.

    Go look at his 2018 film….he slings it like JW and does so quite accurately.

  13. Stanglassman Says:

    This quote doesn’t sound much different than Jameis’s claim that they’ll be ‘ballin’ next year. Let’s see how many people jump all over Mike E. for this ‘outrageous’ comment.

  14. Big Tay Says:


    I love Evans and Godwin, do you think their success is because of Mr. Entertainment? or the other way around? And when it comes to Winston, I just don’t know who else you bring in to replace him? Bridgewater is the only name that I am remotely comfortable. Although I would be intrigued to see Alex Smith, his availability and his recovery timetable. I know that he announced he plans to come back and play.

  15. Says:

    Has anyone done the math – can we keep JW, Shaq, Suh, jpp, nassib and BP without cutting any 2019 starters?
    Really interesting QB market. Brees Bridgewater cam tb12 Dalton Eli rivers. Man tannehill looks good.
    Lot of good QBs out there. Mahomes Watson lj Allen minshew Carr Ryan bigben djones russwilson Jimmy gq cousins Mayfield, kyler Fitzpatrick Stafford Dak wentz
    Hard to imagine any of those guys not getting to 80% of JW positive production, at 40% of the turnovers, with BA at the helm and ME, CG and BP out there. That’s a formula for winning.
    Can you imagine fitzy in there? He LED the dolphins to 5 wins with a shadow of the personnel the Bucs have. Let him walk for no good reason, now the find have him locked up.

  16. Sports Guru Says:

    Jamies in pewter is totally tubular!!!!

  17. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Deadly…yeah if Jameis stops shooting himself in the foot….and I see NO indication he has or will…STAT that !

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    I love Mike Evans, but his view is very ‘focused’ as everyone should expect … ‘focused’ on the offense & in particular the passing game. It’s a lot easier for a player of Mike Evans talent to say ‘We’re all going to be deadly’ than it is for say Jason Licht to say ‘No problem, we can afford to keep that whole (VERY expensive) offensive group together AND improve it AND STILL have a Top-10 defense’.

    It’s great that the offense had over 5,000 passing yards & came in #3 in scoring with 458 points. That’s the MOST POINTS EVER SCORED by a Bucs’ team … by far. Even if you subtracted the 6 TDs scored by our defense, it’d STILL be the most points scored by a Bucs’ team. THAT’S impressive.

    But it came with a cost IMO, a high cost. Actually TWO very high costs. First, ours was the most expensive offensive unit in the NFL. No biggie to some, EXCEPT that limits what OTHER groceries you can ‘buy’ (defense, S/Ts). It also wasn’t a very balanced offensive unit. In particular, our RB stable was meh, part of our OLine was meh, our TEs were largely blockers, and our offensive depth was definitely meh. IOW, our starters were quite effective but when they started to go down, our offense faltered.

    The second ‘cost’ was turnovers. VERY COSTLY turnovers. LOTS of turnovers … mostly INTs (30), to include 7 Pick-6s which are REALLY deadly. Still, only puts Jameis SECOND on the all-time list of Bucs QBs in terms of INTs (Vinny Testaverde actually threw 35 INTs in 1988 … against 13 TDs). All of those turnovers by our offense cost us LOTS of points, and ultimately led to a 7-9 finish.

    Bucs are not a very BALANCED TEAM to say the least, and THAT kept us from being competitive for a playoff slot IMO. Too much focus on the offense to the detriment of the defense. Todd Bowles made it work, but it took him half a season to get everyone up-to-speed to do it. And now Bucs have a choice to make: Be an OFFENSE-focused team, OR be a DEFENSE-focused team, OR be a more BALANCED Team. Personally I favor what’s behind Door #3.

  19. Casual Observer Says:

    Rules – Pretty good summary.

  20. Bucsfanman Says:

    Jameis CAN be replaced. Whether or not he will is the 30 million dollar question. But, anyone that thinks that another QB can’t do what Jameis has done with THESE WRs, you are crazy. And, it’s already been proven with Fitzy.
    Don’t fall for the ‘banana in the tailpipe’ trick!
    It’s funny how short people’s memories are. Last season when Jameis was suspended, it was all doom and gloom, “0-3”, “lucky to win a game”, “blah-blah-blah!” I seem to recall a bearded dude ‘ballin’ for the first 3 games. Must be a fluke, must be the beard!
    It CAN be done.

  21. mark2001 Says:

    I’m sorry.. but I don’t care if Mike loves Jameis or not. He is a pro. And if Jameis is replaced, will run routes and play just as hard for the next guy. If not, trade him for picks. Nothing personal..it is strictly business.

    Wow…these young men would be sad if Jameis left. Boo hoo….

    As if that means anything. It is a business…not a social club.

  22. mark2001 Says:

    I’ll tell you what is deadly, Mike. Pick Sixes in OT and at the beginning of the game, when in both cases, the D hasn’t even had a chance to take the field to defend our “house”. THAT is deadly.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Evans & Godwin along with other Buc players should stay out of the Winston situation…..this is a BA/Glazer decision and a very big one.
    Dotson is different….they are either going to let him walk or bring him back at close to vet minimum.

    As to whether or not we can win and our receivers can do well with another QB…..of course.

  24. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Sorry Max, but the Bucs will not be reaching for a QB at 14. #1 in yards, number 2 in TDs and #3 overall offense in 2019. Licht should be fired immediately if he wastes a #1 on a QB. This team is so close now that the defense has come around. Jameis will go back to his normal range of 10-15 picks next year and the Bucs will win a lot of games and finally reach the playoffs. You know deep down that Jameis gives us a better chance of winning that Jordan freaking Love. If you can’t stand Jameis and don’t want him to succeed with the Bucs I suggest you switch teams.

  25. Bobby M. Says:

    When in the history of professional football has a teammate come out and said….”I hope we upgrade our QB position”?

    Too much is made of players simply walking the company line, what else are they really going to say? They aren’t going to rock the boat and most understand the QB position, particularly a #1 picked player, holds more weight in the organization then an aging RT….or WR….or LB.

  26. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Better protection and better ground attack will mean fewer turnovers. Second season in new system will mean fewer turnovers. Starting over with a new QB sets the team back two or three years. Get a reliable kicker and win more games. Given a full season with a respectable defense, at the very least, we get a wildcard spot in the playoffs. Brees can’t play forever. Carolina is at square one. The fowlgoons are in turmoil. We have seen progress on both sides of the ball. There will be more next season. Better kicker and better returner and we have a contender. We’ve never had a great defense and a great offense at the same time. We’re close. Jameis is the key.

  27. Matthew Fifer Says:


    Where do you get off saying that 10-15 INT’s is Jameis’s “normal range”? In the 3 seasons he has played all 16 games, he has thrown 15, 18 and 30. Averaged out that comes to 21 a season. He’s only ever thrown less than 15 in the 2 seasons where he didn’t play a full season. If you add those in, he still averages out to 17.6 a season.

    You cannot call 10-15 his normal range because in a full season, he’s NEVER thrown less than 15. More importantly, the only way he would throw 50-60% less INT’s next season is if the playbook changed to a more cautious short range air attack AND our run game improved enough to not require him to throw as much. Since there is no way of knowing that will happen as of now, your bold claims that he will drastically improve are entirely unfounded.

  28. zzbuc Says:

    In case what you Joe say about JW is right ( and I believe it is) they are truly disgusting….I want them far away from Tampa. This is not the first time it happens…they usually use the same old NFL insider to spread out stupid rumors ans comments and deslikes on the Bucs or with coaches …Remember what Mr Rappaport said last year?
    Simply disgusting, JW and his camp….Sick and tired of this crap!!!!

  29. 813bucboi Says:


    yesterday you stated: BL’s play-calling on the other hand seemed rather ‘erratic’ to me.

    but today you’re stating:It’s great that the offense had over 5,000 passing yards & came in #3 in scoring with 458 points. That’s the MOST POINTS EVER SCORED by a Bucs’ team … by far. Even if you subtracted the 6 TDs scored by our defense, it’d STILL be the most points scored by a Bucs’ team. THAT’S impressive.

    obviously, BLs playcalling helped guide us to 5k yards and the #3 scoring offense….

    how can you call TB a genius and disregard BL as being an offensive genius when BL has taken this bucs offense to a place where its never been before…..TB is good…happy to have him….but we’ve seen better defense in the past…..

    the defense was just as “erratic” as you claim the offense was…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  30. down in the dirt doug Says:

    Offer Jameis a two year team friendly deal with some serious bonus money if he meets certain goals.Tell him we will offer him a five year extension if he can cut interceptions in half.If Jameis wants to test the waters than–‘WE HAVE A REAL PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!YES I KNOW 60% OF YOU WANT WINSTON TO WALK THE PLANK IN SHARK INVESTED WATERS.

  31. 813bucboi Says:

    the 2 most deadly offenses are run first/heavy offenses…..ravens and 9ers….

    folks can talk passing league all they want but no one wants to play the ravens or 9ers and derrick henry and the titans defense just knocked brady and bill out the playoffs…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  32. Pewter power Says:

    Doesn’t matter who is throwing the ball to these guys especially mike Evan’s and it’s already proven. He’s had a 1000 yards every year in the league including before winston got here. If he can get a 1000 yards with mcclown he can with anyone including any other rookie

    Who are these people saying we could be successful with winston as an rookie but no other rookie could come in and have success.

  33. ColBucFan Says:

    “How might they perform with a different quarterback?”

    Remember Fitz? We have already seen how a different QB can perform.

  34. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Evans had a 1,000 yard season with McCown/Glennon throwing to him. jus sayin

  35. Deez days Says:

    Jameis is not coming back … so excited to see who our new quarterback will be … go Bucs

  36. tnew Says:

    Yes the Bucs will be explosive especially if Winston is the QB. However, I want them to win. To win they need to run the ball. The only way they run effectively now is off the pass. I’d rather see them pass off the run. Just finished watching the All-22 for every game. Holes that other backs hit, Bucs RB’s just don’t see. They run hard and I feel for them but neither is a zone blocking runner, and Dotson can’t run block without holding. Winston was effective, as most QB’s are, with play action. Leftwich seems to forget this is the QB’s best friend.

    Round about way of saying the Bucs need a quality RB. I was WRONG about the OJ80 draft pick and can almost guarantee the Bucs would be in the playoffs with Dalvin Cook, but I would have liked Licht to try for both of them. I don’t know how the Bucs don’t pick up a RB in the first two rounds especially with that mid round 2nd round pick.

  37. Buc1987 Says:

    down in the dirt doug…the INT’s will still be there no matter what his contract says.

  38. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Whether Jameis Winston is coming back I don’t know.  Until, BA or JL makes a public pronouncement or someone leaks from the organization to us we will not know.  It could be many weeks.

    What they have to decide is do they trust JW enough to lead us for the next three season let’s say.  Or will they decide to that bringing in someone else (through a trade, free agency or the draft) will be sufficient for the purpose under their next phase of the retool/rebuild.

    I have no doubt that BA has already shared his thoughts with the Glazers and with JL behind closed doors.

    What I think about JW, i.e. his pros and cons as I see them, is another matter.  What I hope and pray will happen is something I can talk about in the weeks that come.

    What will happen between now and our 2020 team’s first workouts is anyone’s guess. I am going to focus on free agency and the next draft for now.

  39. MadMax Says:

    @TDTB, i didnt realize you had low emotional IQ like a little girl. Ive never stated anywhere that i cant stand him and want him to fail with us. But like a few of the typical stupid irrationally thinking people around here, you have to try to put words in my mouth and then have the nerve to tell me to switch teams as a fan because your low emotional IQ cant handle what I actually say. You see, im a Buc fan first. I cheer for all of our guys to succeed. If JW comes back, of course i want to see him play better than he ever has.

    Im not going anywhere little girl. Unlike you i can deal with disagreements of my opinions. Heres an idea, if i hurt your wittle girly feelings so bad, then just dont read anything i post. Just skip over it.

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    813bucboi … You apparently didn’t read everything I wrote. I believe in giving credit where credit is due (don’t remember seeing anyone else congratulating our offense on scoring the most points ever by a Bucs’ team, do you?).

    But I also don’t hesitate calling out our offense for having ‘issues’. And those ‘issues’ have been VERY COSTLY to our TEAM. If they weren’t we’d be in the playoffs right now. Football is a TEAM game, and in 2019 the Bucs were a 7-9 TEAM. Part of the blame for that goes to the defense. Part to the offense & part to S/Ts. Imagine that.

    Bucs had a LOT of passing yards because we passed … A LOT. More than anyone else in the NFL matter of fact. And since we were primarily a passing team (with some big money tied up in our QB, WRs, TEs & OLine) we scored primarily via the pass … 33 times to be exact. Jameis had a 5.3% TD percentage (which ranked #7) and 60.6% completion percentage (which ranked 25th). And oh ya, his 30 INTs ranked #1 and earned him the honor of being the only NFL QB with an INT% OVER 4.0% (Jameis came in at 4.8%). But having several top receivers obviously paid off in terms of putting up over 5,000 yards passing.

    But those ‘issues’ came back to haunt us bucboi. They almost always do. This last game (Falcons 28 Bucs 22) provides a good example. Score was tied at the end of regulation 22-22. Jameis was 13-for-24 (54.2%), a little below his 60.6% average. He threw 2 INTs, right on his average. But look deeper. Our offense only had the ball for 46 plays (21 rushes, 24 passes, 1 sack) plus the 6 ‘no-plays’ due to penalties. Meanwhile our defense was on the field for 89 plays … approaching TWICE as many as our offense was on the field. TOP numbers: Falcons 36:22 vs Bucs 23:45. Falcons punted 2 times & had 1 TO. Bucs punted 3 times & had 3 TOs. Bucs offense scored 2 TDs in their 46 plays while our defense scored 1 TD in their 89 plays.

    Yes, Matt Gay missed 3 FGs. Yes Jameis threw a Pick 6 in OT that clinched the win for the Falcons. But be honest, would you consider THAT a well-called game with a solid game-plan? The missed FGs cost us points but not TOP. Bucs had 12 drives but only 23:45 mins TOP and only 52 total plays (including the penalties)? Think about it.

  41. Wesley Says:

    I’ve heard this too many times.

  42. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Matt, google is your friend dude. Jameis has thrown 14 ints twice and 11 once. Combine that with 18 and you have an average of 14 threw his first four seasons. I would say that 2019 totals certainly aren’t the norm.

    Max, sorry I lumped you in as a hater. I didn’t think anyone other than a hater was dumb enough to think Jordan Love was a good alternative to Jameis. I guess I was wrong.

  43. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol @ Matt disregarding 40% of his career because that doesn’t support his argument.

  44. stpetebucsfan Says:

    With all due respect to my brethren who love JW…I “HOPE” ME feels this way.

    There is however an obvious conflict of interest. If ME says anything negative and JW comes back….and that is what I believe is also the answer to Joe’s question about why other players don’t wish to say anything critical…although it does not explain the absence of backup.

    Did everybody see the Minnesota locker room after their win. Cousins had the rep of not winning big games or leading his team to victories in those contests.
    After the win the team surrounded him hugging him up and some made snide remarks in post game interviews about the media/fans claiming Cousins couldn’t win the big one.

    Why aren’t the Bucs coming out in support? Off season and they’re busy. Perhaps they do not read the sports news and realize their QB’s career here is being hotly debated?

  45. MadMax Says:

    TDTB, you and many others look at soon to be rookie QB’s all the time and think “na”. Then they come out and next thing you know theyre taking the team to the playoffs. Are you dumb for not seeing that happen the last 20 years? Deaf, dumb, and blind too? Wow, you’re awesome!!!!

  46. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Mitch Trubisky, number 2 overall. Blake Bortles, top 5 pick. Baker Mayfield, number 1 overall. Josh Freeman, Josh Rosen, Paxton Lynch, Marcus Mariota, Johnny Maziel, EJ Manuel, Robert Griffin, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Those are all first rounders taken in the last 10 years that have been complete busts. If you want to go back 20 years we can include Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, JP Losman, Jason Campbell, Kyle Boller, Rex Grossman, Byron Leftwich, David Carr, Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsey, Akili Smith, and Cade McNown. Those are most of the first round busts over the last 20 years and the outnumber the successful QBs taken over that time. But ok, I am sure your 4th rated QB in this year’s draft was going to be the breakout star because you seem to think they all turn out to be great.

  47. MadMax Says:

    I dont have much time, have to get up at 4am…Russel Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, Josh Allen….and oh yeah, Lamar Jackson! Those are just off the top of my head. Yes, its hit and miss.

    Its funny you didnt include freefree (josh freeman) in your above list, of all people. I was calling for us to move on from him 2 years before it finally happened, its in the archives and theres posters here who could back me up on that.

  48. MadMax Says:

    I dont know if Love will turn out to be great. I base my picks off of research and feel. Hard to understand for some i know. But its funny how ive picked D. White and Big V, months before the draft, promoted them heavy on here, we pick them, and they actually turn out to be dmn good picks!

    What have you done? Wheres your history on here?

  49. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    I was fully on board and advocating for White all off season after watching his film. Had no problem with the Vea pick. I also never wanted Mariota and knew he would end up being a bust. Winston turns the ball over too much but he also makes throws that only a few in the league can. I want to see him back next year. Even with was an outlier in terms of picks last year the team should have been 9-7 at worst if Gay makes a chip shot and 1 of 3 in the ATL game. I think next year they will be good and in the playoffs so long as they keep Jameis and he cuts down the turnovers to a more manageable number. I’m sick of the losing and I honestly believe he gives us the nest chance to win in 2020.

  50. MadMax Says:

    Dmn insomnia!!! Well, JW wont cut out the turnovers, hes just too wild and like ive said before, he’s just bad juju. Just realize that most of those throws he makes are also caught by top shelf guys. And i know, we need kicker help or something, but he was a rookie….refs stole a few games from us too. It is what it is but when you are a #1 overall, you’re expected to be able to overcome those scenarios. I feel like we’ve seen the best of JW and he is who he is. Ive already figured it out, and the ones in charge will to.

    Who do you think picks him up as a free agent?

  51. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Look, if he threw his average of 14 picks over the first four seasons that is a manageable number when you scoring over 28 points per game. Even with the 30 picks this year they should have been 10-6. I am including the blown call by the refs in the TN game and excluding the Seattle game because at that point in the season are secondary still sucked. That being said, do you really think management and BA will want to move on from a QB, in his first year in a new system, did enough to win 11 games even while throwing 30 picks. You don’t think Arians thinks he can bring the picks down to the average in year 2 in the system? I certainly think so. This year Jameis was a top 3 QB in all major categories with one glaring weakness. Jameis still averaged over 300 yards per game when his two pro bowl receivers were out with injuries. You don’t let that kind of talent walk away unless you think you’re not a good coach. Arians I am sure thinks he can help him lower the number of mistakes. If JW was released, there would be other coaches out there that would have the same mentality. I am sure Jax, Miami, Indy, and San Diego would be interested just to name a few. NE could very well be interested if Brady walks. I am sure BB has enough faith in himself that he believes he could get the best out of Winston.