“Telling Us How To Think”

January 8th, 2020

One fast way to change a bad football culture is to have a good coach get in players’ heads to overhaul loser mentalities.

Hopefully, that’s what’s happening at One Buc Palace. But that’s up for debate after the Bucs limped into the offseason with two home losses, including a 12-penalty, three-turnover performance in the season finale against Atlanta, in which the Bucs offense struggled mightily on third down and the Falcons dominated time of possession.

Safety Andrew Adams (11 starts) said late in the season that the Bucs’ collective head definitely was in the right place.

“Coach Arians does, you know, a great job kind of going over our mindset, telling us how to think,” Adams told Buccaneers Radio. “And as a pro, you’re going to do your job anyway, playoffs or no playoffs. I think everybody is in that professional mindset and ready to play.”

Adams elaborated to say Arians would never talk about anything other than each game being the very biggest to that point in the season.

Joe found it interesting how Adams noted Arians tells players how to think. Every coach has a different version of doing that, but it seems Arians is more direct and detailed than most, Joe has learned.

Whatever mentality Arians has developed will be put to the test quickly next season. The Bucs can’t afford another slow start, and there’s no reason for it.

Adams added there is so much complexity and required communication for defensive backs within Todd Bowles’ defense, that it “took time to gel.”

10 Responses to ““Telling Us How To Think””

  1. Bucsfanman Says:

    Bruce Lee to his student:

    “Don’t think. Feel!”

  2. H8JWLVEBUCS Says:

    Maybe thats why JW keeps throwing int’s, ever heard of “learning from your past mistakes” It bothers me that we have heard the same old song every year, somebody please answer this question for me. Where would the Bucs be this season if we had a Tom Brady, Drew Breese or Lamar Jackson, Russel Wilson I can go on…..? Im not saying its all JW fault but damn when do you learn that ints lose u games and u just cant forget about them and move on but learn from them and correct the problem.

  3. Robert Says:

    until he holds everyone equally accountable he will not hold the locker room.

    you can’t let your qb turn the ball over 1/2 dozen times a day and say nothing while blasting and booting other players for 1/10 the mistakes

  4. Pewter power Says:

    BA has the locker room not sure why anyone would question it. Nothing good would have come from publicly calling out winston with the back up veteran hurt unless you are too uneducated because you think ryan Griffin was the answer. You do what you can within reason because the goal is still winning games. I doubt winston will have the same cushion next year he had this year.

    Most of the good teams are who they are because of the quarterback. Winston needs a dose of reality that comes in the form of someone that could possibly replace him permanently, he never believed fitz was that guy but if you draft a guy with the first pick he will either check out or step his game up either way we will know what we need to know about him.

    I’m more worried about winston when he drops back to pass than I am the opposing quarterback at this point because defense showed clear progress unlike winston

  5. mark2001 Says:

    Robert…with Jameis I think it was more punish in private, praise in public. After the way the four previous years unfolded, and the fact we didn’t have a real vet. backup, I think that was appropriate.

    But this next year will be different if Jameis is here. And if Jameis plays like he did in about a half dozen games like we saw at his worst, and we have a good vet backup, the proverbial “gloves will be off”.

    Jameis has had every chance this organization can give him. And if he doesn’t grow beyond where he is regarding the Ints… it won’t be pretty.

  6. Robert Says:


    with jameis??? so, he is special/gets special treatment?

    We’ve already seen what he does when he has a capable backup or he is looking over his shoulder/under pressure. he crumbles. be that in games or when fitz made him look like a college qb.

    not saying I would not have him back, but ONLY if he was not the primary qb and was paid as such. at this point he’s only earned backup money at best after 5 years. so if he does take less, and you get a capable backup….we have a disgruntled qb with a proven mindset to crumble.

    cut bait IMO

  7. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    Insanity is trying something over & over again and expecting a different outcome. Five years, (80 games), of Jameis mistakes is enough proof that he isn’t going to change for any coach. BA is an old and wise coach & knows enough GM’s and HC’s that would think they can change Winston. If not, cut him and lets hope for a QB that can win games nstead of giving them away.

  8. Bucsdelight Says:

    To get rid of the losing culture you have to get rid of the losers. That’s why you all ran GMC off, right? So Jameis is next.

  9. Lavonte 1of1 Says:

    Five years later and we still have no f’n clue about Candyman. Yeah let’s all hope (of course without any certainty) that the Bucs don’t have another slow start.

    in other words, Jameis shat the bed.

  10. stpetebucsfan Says:

    This is an area that BA did not fix. Perhaps our stupidity is as unfix-able as JW’s turnovers.

    There are penalties and there are penalties. Dead ball fouls are absolutely inexcusable and indicative of lack of concentration of perhaps just brain dead play.

    No reason to be off sides…illegal formations…letting the play clock run down…here btw is an area I CAN praise JW…I don’t remember that this year.

    Plays of effort are different. Holding can be called on any play. Personal fouls…sometimes stupid but sometimes just the result of trying to be physical.

    We seem to historically not only commit the dumb penalties but at the worst time…take us out of FG range…make getting a 1st down doubly tough.

    Maybe BA can clean it up for 2020.